Ranjit Singh, captain of the Bengaluru Torpedoes, said that the young players in the team felt excited to meet ace shuttler P.V. Sindhu, at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium here ahead of the Prime Volleyball League that starts February 5.

"Sindhu is the pride of the nation, so the youngsters were bound to feel motivated upon meeting her. It was a very enriching experience for everyone," he said on Thursday.

Ranjit also spoke about the advice from former volleyball player and Sindhu's father P.V. Ramana. "Ramana sir advised me to send long shots as a setter, so the opponent blocker finds it difficult to block. He also told me to keep the attacker free so that he is always ready for the rebounds. I felt quite good after listening to him, and they made us all feel we are ready for the tournament to begin," he said.

Bengaluru Torpedoes' Blocker Sarang Santhilal described the experience of meeting Sindhu as an "inspirational" one for the players and added that her presence also elevated the sport of volleyball.

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"Meeting a two-time Olympic medalist was purely inspirational and motivational for the team as a whole. It feels good to know that volleyball is being watched all around the country, and her presence at the tournament will further help in spreading the popularity of the sport," he said.

Vinayak Rokhade, who will be playing as a setter for the franchise, said that speaking to Sindhu was a learning experience for players. They learnt how to perform on the big stage despite the pressure. "After meeting them, we felt quite inspired. Representing India at the Olympics is such a big achievement. Winning two medals at the Olympics is an even bigger feat. If we hear even two sentences from an athlete of such calibre, we can learn so many things. So, it was a memorable experience meeting them, one that the players will cherish till the end of the tournament, and beyond," Rokhade said.