ISSF Rifle/Pistol World Cup, Day 4: Yashaswini bags gold, wins Olympic quota place

Catch all the live scores, updates, highlights and commentary from Day 4 of the ISSF Rifle/Pistol World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

Yashaswini Singh Deswal tops Qualification to enter the 10m Air Pistol Final.
Hello and welcome to the highlights of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Rifle/Pistol World Cup at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

This was Santadeep Dey bringing you all the action as it unfurled at the range.



10m Air Pistol Women Final:

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.1

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.5

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.1

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.1. She slips to fourth place with that shot.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.3. The first series of Competition Stage 1 is over. Third now.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.6. WOW! 2nd now.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.1. Back to 1.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.0.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.0. Down to 2 again.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.3. Jumps back to 1. She ends the first Competition Stage at 1.


  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: A 10.4 is greeted by loud cheers from the crowd.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.0.

  • Germany's Julia Hochmuth eighth with 112.2. No Quota for her.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.0. But her lead is good enough to keep her at the top spot.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.4.

  • Iran's Golnoush Sebghatollahi has to settle for the seventh place with a score of 133. She fails to win a Quota as well.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.1. She slips to the second spot again now.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.8. After that we do not need to mention her place, do we?

  • What? Qian Wang shoots an 8.5 to exit the final with 153.7. A shocker!

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.4.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal:  9.4

  • Latvia's Agate Rasmane bows out with 173.1 points. Fifth!

  • That just confirms India's Quota! Oh yes!

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.2

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.9

  • Yoo Hyunyoung fourth. Score: 195.0

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.7

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 10.9

  • Bronze for Jasmina Milovanovic. Score: 215.7. But she has won her country a Quota.

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.2

  • Yashaswini Singh Deswal: 9.6. Deswal takes gold and that too against the World No. 1 Olena Kostevych. Cool as cucumber! Total Score: 236.7

  • 10m Air Pistol Women: Esha Singh finishes with 577 in MQS Extra, three points behind Bhaker.
50m Rifle 3 Positions Women:

Gold: Seonaid Mcintosh (461.2), Silver: Kim Jehee (458.4), Bronze: Pei Ruijiao (448.1)
  • 10m Air Pistol Women: And Yashaswini does finish first to qualify for the Final! Annu Raj Singh (572) and Shweta Singh (568) bow out.

  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men: Adarsh Singh finishes Qualification Stage 1 with 291.

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: ELIMINATED! Saini finishes with a score of 1167 at 22nd. Tejaswini is placed 47th with 1156 points.

  • 10m Air Pistol Women: The Relay 1 is over and guess who has taken the top spot?! Yes, it is Yashaswini. She has all but qualified for the final.

    Now we have to wait for the second relay. She has scored 582, seven points short of Anna Korakaki's and Olena Kostevych's World Record.

  • 10m Air Pistol Women: Bhaker completes the MQS section with 580. The par score for this event is 550.

  • 10m Air Pistol Women: Yashaswini scores 99, 97 and 96 in the first three series and has leapt up to the No 1 Spot! Can she stay at the top and finish Qualification?

  • 10m Air Pistol Women: Bhaker scores 94, 100 and 96 in the first threes series of the MQS Extra round.

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: Sawant completes the Qualification round with a score of 1156. She is all but eliminated.

  • 10m Air Pistol Women: Yashaswini Deswal Singh is shooting in the first relay. Annu Raj Singh and Shweta Singh will be participating in the second. Manu Bhaker has started in the first relay of the MQS.

  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men: Anhad Jawanda finishes Qualification Stage 1 with 281.

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: Sawant stages a comeback to shoot 398 in Prone. But is that too late? She is placed 41st now. 

    , however, has put up a much better performance today, to finish the Prone and Kneeling round with a total of 785. She is placed 18th and a strong performance in Standing is necessary for her to make the Final.

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: Saini finishes with 388 in Kneeling (99, 95, 96 and 98)

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: Sawant completes the Kneeling round with a 97 and 93. The scoreboard says 380.

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: However, Saini shoots 95 and 96 in the next two series to slip to the 36th place. Sawant, meanwhile, shoots a 95 again.

  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men: Anish shoots 291 (97, 98 and 96) in Stage 1 of the Qualification.

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: Kajal Saini shoots 99 in the first series of Kneeling. However, there would be pressure on Tejaswini Sawant, who has started the Qualification stage with a 95.



50m Rifle 3 Positions Women: Tejaswini Sawant and Kajal Saini

25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men: Anish, Anhad Jawanda, and Adarsh Singh

10m Air Pistol Women: Manu Bhaker (MQS), Yashaswini Singh Deswal, Shweta Singh, Annu Raj Singh, and Esha Singh (MQS)



India tops the medal tally with 4 medals (2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze)   -  ISSF


Time of event (in IST)Event name
05:30 pm - 08:15 pm 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women
05:30 pm - 10:30 pm25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men Stage 1
07:30 pm - 08:45 pm10m Air Pistol Women Relay 1
09:30 pmFinal 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women
09:30 pm - 10:45 pm10m Air Pistol Women Relay 2
10:45 pmVictory Ceremony
11:45 pmFinal 10m Air Pistol Women
12:30 pmVictory Ceremony



Elavenil Valarivan clinched the gold medal with 251.7 points in 10m Air Rifle on Wednesday. This was the first senior World Cup medal for the 20-year-old from Cuddalore.

Great Britain's Seonaid Mcintosh and Taiwan's Lin Ying-Shin, meanwhile, grabbed the silver and bronze medals, respectively. Ying-Shin, additionally, also won an Olympic Quota place for her country.

Valarivan, who shot 629.4 in the qualification round and placed fourth, to join her senior Anjum Moudgil in the final, earlier, had a series of 105.8, 106.0, 105.4, 103.4, 103.9, and 104.9.

Moudgil, on the other hand, finished sixth.

As it happened

Earlier, the two-time World Cup gold medallist Apurvi Chandela crashed out of the qualification after being placed 11th with a score of 627.7.

Mehuli Ghosh, who took part in the Minimum Qualification Score (MQS) section, had a total of 629.1.

In women’s 25-metre sports pistol, Chinki Yadav shot 290 in the precision stage, while Abhidnya Patil pocketed 286. Annu Raj Singh, later, in the last relay, scored 292. In the MQS section, Manu Bhaker and Rahi Sarnobat finished with 293 and 289 points in Precision, respectively.

In men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions, Sanjeev Rajput finished at 14th with a total score of 1170 in Elimination Relay 1. Chain Singh, on the other hand,  placed 27th with 1163.



Olympian Sanjeev Rajput clinched the eighth quota place for Tokyo 2020 with the silver medal in men’s rifle 3-position event on Thursday. Added to that, Abhishek Verma continued his surge this season, pocketing another gold medal in the 10m Air Pistol event. Compatriot Saurabh Chaudhary, also bagged bronze in the same.

It was a brilliant performance by the 38-year-old Sanjeev, who had been denied a chance to compete in the Rio Olympics, as his Olympic quota had been exchanged for a shotgun quota by the National

Sanjeev had the gold within reach, but a below par last shot saw him miss his second World Cup gold, after the one he had won in 2011, by a slender 0.2 point margin to Petar Gorsa of Croatia, who had won the Olympic quota in air rifle.

It was a brave effort by Sanjeev, as he had to endure the suspense of a "zero" credited to him on the 39th shot in kneeling position, in the qualification phase. Eventually, he qualified in style with 1180,
after the protest of the Indian camp was upheld.

Climbing steadily to the top, after the kneeling and prone stages, in the final, Sanjeev was quite composed till the anti-climactic last shot.

Sanjeev, with this feat, has joined the elite quota holders list having Anjum Moudgil, Apurvi Chandela, Saurabh Chaudhary, Abhishek Verma, Divyansh Singh Panwar, Rahi Sarnobat and Manu Bhaker.

He had shot 392 in kneeling, 398 in prone and 390 in standing in the qualification phase, to emerge the second best, one point behind Zhang Changhong of China.

As it happened

In the final, only five were eligible to win Olympic quota. There were two Serbians who were eligible to win one quota, apart from Simon Claussen of Norway and Jan Lochbihler of Switzerland.

When the second Serb finished fifth, Sanjeev and Simon had automatically confirmed their Olympic quota in the event.

In men’s air pistol, Saurabh (584) and Verma (582) qualified for the final, while Gaurav Rana stood eliminated after he finished 44th with 571 points.

Saurabh did not have the brightest of starts in the final, scoring three nine pointers in the first series of the first stage of competition. However, he slammed the acceleration soon, staying just a point behind then and eventual table-topper Verma at 101.6, after the completion of the first stage.

After Saurabh made an exit losing to Turkey's Ismail Keles by one point in the Elimination, Verma made sure to keep his calm and shut down all paths for Keles by shooting an eventual 10.7 to finish things off.

In women’s 25-metre sports pistol, Hungary's Veronika Major bagged her second gold this season. China's Xiong Yaxuan and Chia Chen Tien bagged silver and bronze, respectively. Yaxuan, additionally, clinched an Olympic Quota as well. Korea's Kim Jangmi got the fifth place and a quota. India's Chinki Yadav shot 584 and missed the final by one point to finish tenth. Annu Raj Singh (579) and Abhidnya Patil (572) placed 25th and 53rd, respectively.

The results:

Men: 50m rifle 3-position: 1. Petar Gorsa (Cro) 462.2 (1177); 2. Sanjeev Rajput 462.0 (1180); 3. Zhang Changhong (Chn) 449.2 (1181); 49. Chain Singh (Ind) 1161, 57. Parul Kumar (Ind) 1148.

Women: 25m Sports Pistol: 1. Veronika Major (Hun) 35; 2. Xiong Yaxuan (CHN) 33; 3. Chia Chen Tien (TPE) 28; 10. Chinki Yadav (Ind) 584, 25. Annu Raj Singh (Ind) 579; 53. Abhidnya Patil (Ind) 572

Men: 10m Air Pistol: 1. Abhishek Verma (Ind) 244.2; 2. Ismail Keles (Tur) 243.1; 3. Saurabh Chaudhary (Ind) 221. 9; 44. Gaurav Rana (Ind) 571



Asian Games silver medalist Deepak Kumar, who qualified for the 10m Air Rifle Finals on Friday, with a score of 627.9, finished seventh, missing out on both a podium finish and an Olympic Quota. Of the eight finalists, only three were eligible to get a Tokyo 2020 Quota.

Kumar, who had to beat either Slovakia's Patrik Jany or Australia's Dane Sampson to get a Quota place, had to make do with his final score of 143.6, following some sensational shooting by Jany. The 31-year-old shooter from New Delhi, was the best among his compatriots in the Qualification event where Yash Vardhan just missed out, scoring 627.7. He was placed ninth in Qualification. Kiran Ankush Jadhav, on the other hand, managed to score 627.5 , finishing 11th.

As it happened

Jany eventually went on to win the bronze and Sampson finished fourth to secure the Quotas even as the gold went to Yu Haonan of China who broke both the senior and junior world records with a stunning 252.8 finish.

Petar Gorsa of Croatia added a silver to go with his Thursday's gold in the men’s 50m Rifle 3 positions, where he pipped Sanjeev Rajput.

In women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions, Tejaswini Sawant finished seventh with a score of 1172 in the first relay of Elimination, whereas Anjum Moudgil, who had been fielded in the Minimum Qualification Score (MQS) section fetched 1169 points, the par score for the event being 1115. Gaayathri Nithyanadam placed 32nd with a score of 1155 in Elimination - Relay 2. Kajal Saini, in the first relay, had a better showing, with 1166.

India, presently, with two gold, one silver and a bronze, tops the medals tally with five more finals to go.

The finals of the events will be live streamed on ISSF's Youtube handle.