The number of runs scored by Virat Kohli this decade, becoming the first batsman in cricket history to achieve this landmark in international cricket. The previous best was 18,962 runs by Australian Ricky Ponting during the earlier decade 2000-2009.

Most international runs scored in a decade


Most international runs scored by decade

+ Also appeared for other sides.


The number of runs scored by Virat Kohli as a captain in all international games. He became the sixth captain in cricket history to reach this landmark, which he is the quickest to reach in terms of innings.

Runs as captain in international matches

+ Also captained other sides.


Fewest innings to reach to 10,000 international runs as captain



The number of consecutive ODI centuries scored by Virat Kohli in the Caribbean, becoming the first batsman to achieve this feat. Six other batsmen have made two consecutive centuries in the West Indies.

Two or more consecutive ODI centuries registered in the West Indies

Note: Rohit Sharma is the only batsman to register three consecutive ODI centuries in England, achieving this recently during the World Cup.

Note: All figures are updated as on August 16, 2019.