Roger Federer press conference - “You always want to play forever...”

Wearing a blue blazer with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a white polo shirt, Swiss tennis star Roger Federer attended the press conference at the 2022 Laver Cup in London on Wednesday.

Roger Federer during a press conference ahead of the Laver Cup at The O2 Arena on Wednesday in London, England. Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
Federer insisted he will end his career this week with no regrets even though his record of 20 Grand Slam titles was overhauled by Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic.Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
Federer took questions for about a half-hour, occasionally smiling or chuckling at his own jokes.Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
Federer said, "You always want to play forever... [but] I know everybody has to leave the game."Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
"I'm happy, because I know it's the right decision" to walk away from the game, Federer said.Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
On his decision to retire in London, Federer said, "This city has been special to me, maybe the most special place with Wimbledon down the road and here at the O2, having played here and qualified for so many years and winning here as well. I just thought it was very fitting."Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
"Having Bjorn Borg on the bench with me for my final game resonated also in a big way with me. Having all the other guys around, just felt like I wasn't looking to be lonely while announcing my retirement," said Federer.Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
Federer said it took him a bit to get used to the idea of stepping away from competition. He said,"You're sad in the very moment when you realize, 'OK, this is it.'"Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
Federer: "....I always looked to the Michael Schumachers, Tiger Woods, all the other guys that stayed for so long at the top that I didn't understand how they did it. Next thing, you're part of that group, and it's been a great feeling."Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
Federer: "I'm happy I don't have flashbacks at tough moments in my career. I see more the happiness, me with a trophy, me winning, and I'm happy that my brain allows me to think this way."Photo: Getty Images for Laver Cup
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