PBL Highlights: Delhi Dashers vs Ahmedabad Smash Masters

Get the live score updates from today's PBL match between Delhi Dashers and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

Updated : Dec 26, 2018 22:26 IST

Viktor Axelsen will be in action against Delhi Dashers tonight.
Viktor Axelsen will be in action against Delhi Dashers tonight.

Viktor Axelsen will be in action against Delhi Dashers tonight.

Good evening, welcome to Sportstar 's live coverage of today's Premier Badminton League (PBL) tie between Delhi Dashers and Ahmedabad Smash Masters.

— Ahmedabad Smash Masters win three matches today and sits second in the table. Delhi won two but takes only one point from the day's proceedings.

15-13 And Delhi has done it! The experienced Chinese pair has helped Delhi take a point from today's games.

14-13 Can this match get any tighter?

13-12 Satwik takes two points for Ahmedabad and reduces the lead.

13-10 Good play by Wang to win the point. He fools the Ahmedabad pair with a change in his shot direction at the last second.

12-10 The same from Satwik again, and Delhi gets a two point lead.

11-10 Satwik gets the return wrong there. Smashes into the net and Delhi has taken the lead.

9-9 Service errors from both sides levels things in the third game.

6-8 And Ahmedabad stretches the lead to two points before the break.

5-6 Ahmedabad stays ahead, just. The Chinese have been very good in the third game but Satwik and Reginald have stayed a step ahead. For now.

3-4 Uncharacteristic return from Satwick there, going way wide. Loss in concentration, nothing more.

1-2 Satwik is made to run all over but he is equal tot he challenge. The teenager seems to be in the mood to win his second game of the day.

9-15 Ahmedabad takes the second game and we are going to go to the third game. Satwick has been unplayable in this game and the Chinese pair have also had their share of errors. If Satwik continues to be in this mood, the match could well be Ahmedabad's.

9-13 Satwick shashes right through Wang's defences to take Ahmedabad two points closer to leveling this match.

8-12 And Delhi is now four points down. Looks like we are in for a third game.

8-10 Satwik's return to that serve is too quick for the Chinese pairing. Very very good reflexed from the teenager.

6-8 And Ahmedabad takes the lead into the break, with Satwik on top of his game here. He needs to continue to be at this level if Delhi has to be forced to a third game.

5-6 Ahmedabad takes the lead, with Satwik in good form in this game.

3-3 Satwik with a delightful smash to win the point. The 18-year-old has an incredible smash in his play and he uses it well too.

2-2 The second set ha started a lot more evenly here with both pairs winning their points from good play rather than errors from each other.

15-9 A good, clean win for the Chinese pairing of Delhi in the first game. Satwik and Reginald have to do a lot better to take this match to the third game.

14-8 Good net play from Wang and Delhi is a point away from winning the first game.

13-8 Service error from Reginald and the lead is back up to five points.

11-7 Satwick brings his smashes to the table finally. Good couple of overhead smashes helps Ahmedabad to a point and reducing the lead to four points.

10-5 Five unforced errors from Ahmedabad this game and it trails Delhi by five points in the first game.

8-4 Delhi takes the lead going into the break. Satwick has been kept silent so far. Can the pair continue this and win go on to win this match?

5-3 Good defence from Chai Biao but Reginald does one better and forces him to hit his return into the net.

4-2 The all-Chinese combination has its advantages for Delhi. The communication between the two has been spot on so far.

2-1 Ahmedabad gets into the lead quickly, good work by Satwik on the base line.

1-0 Satwik hits a return into the net and Delhi picks up the first point.

• Chai Biao and Wang Sijie vs L.C.H.Reginald and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy is the final match of the day.

7-15 Gilmour takes the match! What a brilliant comeback from her to win this. She looked like she was out of idea for much of the match but the third game from her came out of nowhere. Without an error, in complete control of the proceedings and a short game. She helps Ahmedabad win its Delhi trump match.

5-13 Gilmour, who has looked off-colour for much of the game, has come out for the third game in a different mood. She has not made a single error, has forced Kosetskaya to make multiple ones and is two points from taking the match.

3-12 Kosetskaya rips her forehand into the net and Gilmour increases her lead. Not a single good rally in the game so far.

3-10 Kosetskaya picks up points finally. Three on the trot.

0-10 Another Kosetskaya error and it is a massive ten point lead.

0-9 Things haven't changed after the break. Gilmour increases her lead.

0-8 Bad returns, serves going beyond the base line and Gilmour's well-places returns in this game sees Gilmour race to a eight point lead. Kosetskaya's turn to make all the errors now?

12-15 And Gilmour takes the second game. She has looked clueless for most of it but cutting down on the errors and keeping things simple has helped her take the game.

12-14 Kosetskaya smashes well wide to see Gilmour go a point away from taking the game.

12-12 Kosetskaya levels things in the game but Gilmour has not made an error since her injury scare.

10-11 Gilmour has forced Kosetskaya to keep things tight and keeps the lead.

9-10 Well well well. Gilmour has takes the lead. Kosetskaya looks surprised with that.

9-8 Funnily, Gilmour seems to be moving far better after that injury scare. She makes Kosetskaya run around before winning the point with a cross-court drop shot.

9-7 Looks like Gilmour is alright! She follows up two smashes with a drop shot to take the point.

9-6 Gilmour dives to get to Kosetskaya's smash. It was quite far, she doesn't reach but stays on the floor. This doesn't look good. She is up but is holding her right leg as she limps around.

8-6 Kosetskaya loses her focus after the break and sees her lead reduced to two points.

8-4 Kosetskaya takes the lead at the break, as she did in the first game. Gilmour has a mountain to climb. But going from the kind of errors she has made in the match so far, it's difficult to see her take this to a third set let alone win the match.

6-4 An error from Kosetskaya now, for a change. and the lead is down to two points now.

5-2 Kosetskaya is making Gilmour move well on the court, forcing her to make an error again.

3-2 Focused smash from a jump to Kosetskaya's legs there from Gilmour. The most confident shot she has taken all game so far.

3-0 Erratic play from Gilmour sees Kosetskaya take an early lead in the second game.

15-12 And Kosetskaya takes the first game.

14-12 Kosetskaya moves to game point with a good rally, making Golmour chase the return through the rally.

11-11 Deceptive change in pace from Gilmour to win the point.

10-10 Kosetskaya wanted to hit it onto the line but the angle was too tight and it lands slightly wide. Gilmour needs to make sure the lead doesn't go back to the Russia.

10-9 Kosetskaya looks far more settled here, although the lead is only one point. Golmour has had an error-strewn game so far and that could be the reason she loses this game. Maybe even the match, if it continues.

8-6 Kosetskaya takes a two point lead into the break. Gilmour has been good but she has had too many errors in the game, which have allowed the Russian to take the slender lead.

7-4 But an error from Gilmour immediately makes it a three point deficit again.

6-4 A 24 shot rally ends with Gilmour reduce the deficit to 2 points.

4-3 And Gilmour's errors sees her lose the lead immediately.

2-3 Kosetskaya's return doesn't get past the net and Gilmour takes the lead.

1-1 A point each with the returns going well beyond the base line on both occassions.

• Next up, it is Evgeniya Kosetskaya vs Kirsty Gilmour. It's the trump match for Amedabad. Gilmour leads 2-1 head-to-head.

15-8 And Sugiarto wraps things up and gives Delhi its first win of the day.

14-7 Sugiarto picks up the pace and gets himself a point away from winning the match.

12-7 An exceptional rally from the both, with 35 shots, and Axelsen takes the point. He sits on the sign board to take a sip of water but is asked to get off the board before he could take a second sip.

12-6 The odd error from Sugiarto sees him lose the point but he still has a comfortable six point lead.

11-5 Good deception from Azelsen on a reutrn. Goes for a smash but plays a drop shot instead to pick up the point.

11-4 Sugiarto challenges and loses. Axelsen's return was well on the line.

10-3 A good smash from Axelsen but lands just wide. Things haven't gone his way so far in this game and seems uncomfortable. Is his back causing him problems?

8-3 The break did its magic? Axelsen takes the first point after the restart.

8-2 That was quick from Sugiarto. Axelsen will be happy with the break to gather his thoughts as Sugiarto has raced to a six point lead in this game.

3-0 Sugiarto comes back strong in the third game and picks up the first three points.

10-15 Axelsen holds on to his lead to take the second game 10-15 and we're now heading to am exciting third game.

7-11 What a point! Axelsen draws Sugiarto to the net and smashes the return as soon as it crossed the net. Sugiarto complains to the umpire but the point is awarded to Axelsen.

6-10 Axelsen looks good post the break and maintains his four-point advantage.

4-8 There's the lead. Much like the first game, Axelsen holds a healthy lead at the break. Can he hold in and seize the second game?

4-6 What a point! Both players give it their all in what was the longest point of the match so far and Axelsen has the last laugh as his lob falls perfectly on the base line.

4-3 Sugiarto takes the early lead with a fine smash directed to Axelsen's body.


15-12  Sugiarto makes a remarkable comeback from being 10-12 down to take the opening game 15-12.

14-12 Oh boy, Axelsen has made three unforced errors in a row and Delhi Dashers' Sugiarto is now a point away from taking the first game!

12-12 We're on level terms for the first time in this game! Axelsen's forehand goes long and we now have a game on our hands!

10-12 Lovely! Sugiarto returns Axelsen's serve with a stunning cross-court smash and Axelsen has no reply.

8-11 How close was that? Axelsen sends Sugiarto across the court and the latter makes a diving attempt to return a drop but his shot is inches off the line.

8-9 That's some clever play from Sugiarto. He fires some quick body shots at Axelsen and claws his way back into the game.

5-8 Another smash, another point for the Smash Masters. Axelsen goes into the lemon-break with a three-point cushion.

5-6 Ooh, this is interesting! Sugiarto finally gets into his groove as he claims four points in the trot to reduce the deficit to one point.

1-6 It's been a pretty easy start for Axelsen here. Sugiarto has struggled to find his rhythm while Smash Masters' Axelsen seems to be in fine touch.

0-3 BOOM! Axelsen fires a huge forehand smash to race to a three-point lead.

Here's the match we've all been waiting for: the big clash between Tommy Sugiarto and Viktor Axelsen!

13-15 After all that, Prannoy hits a shot into the net and Daren takes the match.

13-14 No. Prannoy disagrees. He dives, gets to a smash and then has a backhand winner. Daren wants to change the shuttle but the referee says no.

12-14 Daren, with four match points, tries to be adventurous with his returns but loses two points. Time to end this match now?

10-14 Prannoy loses his patience with his returns and is a point away from losing the match.

10-11 Prannoy makes up for those errors by reducing the deficit to one point.

8-11 Three errors from Prannoy and Daren has taken the lead again. The Indian did well to fight back but he gives away three silly points here.

8-8 Magnificent net play from the both of them but Daren works his shot placement well to win the point.

8-6 Prannoy with the lead heading into the break. He has done well to fight back from going down early in the set to take the lead here. Good comeback.

6-5 Another error from Darren and Prannoy has taken the lead in this set for the first time. The rallies have become shorter too.

5-5 A backhand unforced error, Daren's fifth of the match, sees Prannoy level the set.

3-5 Daren with a cross-court drop shot to win the point.

3-3 Prannoy challenges, thinks his shot has not gone out. And that's a successful review!

2-3 Prannoy smashes a return cross-court and a diving Daren doesn't get to it. Daren looked bemused at the return, he wasn't expecting that.

1-2 Daren wins his second point in the same fashion.

0-1 Daren watches Prannoy's return go well wide at the base line. Takes the first point of the second set.

12-15 If it was, it worked. Prannoy loses the first set.

12-14 Daren takes a review for what looked like an easy call for the referee. Needed the break, did he?

11-14 Prannoy isn't letting go without a fight. Two good forehand winners.

9-14 Daren smashes into Prannoy's midriff and is one point away from taking the first set.

8-13 The longest rally of the day so far and Daren takes the point. He has manoeuvred Prannoy all over the court, played smashes with quick returns at the net before finishing it off with a smash.

6-11 Daren has come refreshed after the break! Prannoy has run a lot for all three points but Daren doesn't break a sweat. The last point sees Prannoy dive and hit the floor - without getting a return in.

6-8 Ahmedabad with the lead at the break. Prannoy has been good, despite doubts on his knee, but Daren has played to his strengths, made the Indian run a lot and disguised his smashes well.

6-7 The last smash from Daren went wide and this time, it stayed in the court but only manages to meet the net.

4-7 Daren challenges after his shot is deemed to have gone wide. Good call as the review is successful.

4-5 Another smash from Daren but it goes wide this time. And that ends his service.

3-4 Daren jumps and lets loose a cross-court smash that Prannoy had no chance of getting to.

2-3 Daren lets a shot go wide now and wins the point. The match has been mostly about getting the call to not touch a return and hope it goes wide, so far.

2-1 Prannoy lets it go for a third time but gets it right again.

1-1 This time, his call is right and it drifts well wide.

0-1 Prannoy ducks a shot thinking it will go out but that lands safely inside.

0-0 Daren Liew with the serve.

• Next up, it is the trump match! H.S Prannoy vs Daren Liew.

10-15 Satwik and Sikki take the first match in comprehensive fashion. Scoreline might make it look like it was closer than it is but it was a well played game by Ahmedabad.

9-14 Sikki shamshes a return into the net with Ahmedabad a point away from taking the match.

8-11 Sikki calls for Satwik to take the return continuously and he does as asked, before forcing Jongjit to crash the shuttle into the net. Not doubt about who the vocal one for Ahmedabad is!

7-10 Delhi takes a review and sees its challenge overruled, the shuttle clearly landing beyond the line.

7-9 It is Sikki's turn to show off her smashes and she hits a forehand smash into the ground.

6-8 And Sikki wins the next point to take a small lead into the break. Sportsmanship rewarded.

6-7 Good sportsmanship from Siikki, accepting that the shuttle touched her shirt as it went out. The referee takes a review and overrules his original decision.

3-5 Sikki is making all the calls in this match. Asks her partner to let a serve go out and, as he does, it sails just wide of the line. Good judgement or extremely lucky this game?

2-3 Two errors from Satwick this time and Delhi is back in this set.

0-1 A 340 KMPH smash from Satwick that goes into the ground before either Delhi player could react. Ahmedabad takes the first point of the second set.

11-15 The Indian duo takes the first set with relative ease, though the scoreline doesn't reflect that.

10-14 Intelligent play from Sikki, playing to both sides of Lee in succession and forcing her backhand into the net.

9-12 Sikki with some good calls in the match. Plus, their left-right hand combination is working well for the team so far.

9-11 Quick reaction from Sikki to return a serve well beyond Jongjit's reach.

8-9 Lee Chia Hsin and Satwik with a small rally of smashes to each other before she hits it into the end.

8-8 Two errors from Sikki and Satwick puts Delhi on level terms.

6-8 Ahmedabad takes a narrow lead into the first break. Delhi has done well to come back after losing the first few points in quick succession.

5-7 Sikki calls for Satwik to let a shot go and it was a good call. Goes just wide. He was lining up another smash before that call.

3-5 Satwiksairaj is enjoying playing behind Sikki, getting to everything that goes long and has a good smash in him.

1-3 A good rally ends with Jongjit smashing into the net, Satwiksairaj with two good smashes there.

0-1 Sikki Reddy wins the first point of the day. Good start for Ahmedabad.

• The first match is between Maneepong Jongjit and Lee Chia Hsin vs Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and N.Sikki Reddy.

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