PBL 5: North Eastern Warriors pips Chennai Superstarz 4-3 - As it happened

Catch the live score and commentary from the Hyderabad leg of Premier Badminton League (PBL) Season 5 between North Eastern Warriors and Chennai Superstarz.

Updated : Feb 04, 2020 19:03 IST , Hyderabad

North Eastern Warriors and Chennai Superstarz go head-to-head in the top of the table clash.
North Eastern Warriors and Chennai Superstarz go head-to-head in the top of the table clash.

North Eastern Warriors and Chennai Superstarz go head-to-head in the top of the table clash.



Well, this brings us to the end of the first match of the day. Next up, Bengaluru takes on Mumbai. Do join us on the blog as we bring you the live action.




Game 2: 12-6: Lee with a brutal down the line smash past Sanjana's backhand.

Game 2: 11-5 After Lee's service error, Kim hits a parallel forehand drive wide.

Game 2: 11-3 A bit of luck for the winning team as Lee's half-smash catches the tape and trickles over.

Game 2: 10-3 Great rally, a long one, that ends with Sanjana netting her flat return.

Game 2: 9-2 Dhruv's attempted cross-court drop finds the net.

Game 2: 8-2 A huge lead for Lee and Kim on the turn as Sanjana's backhand flick is netted.

Game 2: 7-2 Lee lets Dhruv's smash alone as it floats long off the baseline.

Game 2: 5-2 What a return from Lee. Pushes the shuttle over Dhruv and the placement on the service return is perfect.

Game 2: 4-1 Next, Lee sends down a fierce smash down the line.

Game 2: 3-1 Kim to Dhruv and the latter flicks the service return long.

Game 2: 1-0 Lee's return was wide but it caught the racket of Sanjana on the way out and the first point of the game goes to NE.

Game 1: 15-11 Kim Ha Na and Lee Yong Dae take the first game 15-11 and it's an important start for North East in the decider.

Game 1: 14-11 Clever shot, right in the middle, from Dhruv from the baseline.

Game 1: 13-10 Good judgement from Dhruv, who realises that Kim's cross-court push is flying wide and leaves it alone.

Game 1: 11-8 Kim's tumble at the net fails to cross over.

Game 1: 10-7 Lovely hands at th net from Kim Ha Na, overhead drop is never easy to execute and covert into a winner. But Kim did it with ease.

Game 1: 8-7 Kim and Lee with the lead on the turn in the mixed doubles.

Game 1: 7-7 Once again, the drift carries the lift long.

Game 1: 6-6 NE levels the score.

Game 1: 5-6 Kim Ha Na intercepts a loose lift from Dhruv at the net and digs a smash past Sanjana to halve the deficit.

Game 1: 4-6 No mercy from Chennai as Dhruv unleashes a mighty smash, right between the two players.

Game 1: 4-5 What a comeback from Chennai against the mighty pair of Kim and Lee Yong Dae.

Game 1: 4-4 Sanjana Santosh has been mighty impressive on debut so far.

The deciding match of the tie is up next. The mixed doubles. Kim Ha Na and Lee Yong Dae vs Sanjana Santosh and Dhruv Kapila


Game 2: 14-11 Match points for Lee. A big smash down the line.

Game 2: 13-11 Sankar is pumped now. A flat exchange at the net and comes out on top. Brilliant show of defence by the young India.

Game 2: 13-10 Well, a lapse in concentration by Lee? He nets his backhand drop.

Game 2: 13-8 Another unforced error from Lee, who flicks the birdie into the net.

Game 2: 13-7 Lee fails to return a smash from Sankar's smash over the net.

Game 2: 13-6 Just two points away from levelling the tie score, is Lee.

Game 2: 12-6 Lee's forehand push ends up into the net.

Game 2: 10-5 Great response from Sankar, who drills a down the line smash for a winner.

Game 2: 10-4 This time, Lee goes parallel with the big smash.

Game 2: 8-3 Lee is in a hurry to finish the game as he is beginning to unleash one smash after another. Another forehand, cross-court smash for a winner.

Game 2: 6-3 Cross-court, forehand smash from Lee to increase his lead.

Game 2: 5-3 Sankar with an unforced error as he hits the forehand push long off the baseline.

Game 2: 4-3 A small, little comeback from Sankar as he wins three points on the trott. Lee's drive finds the net.

Pullela Gopichand is in the commentary box.

Game 2: 4-0 Lee running away with the second game.

Game 2: 2-0 Long rally and Lee wins the point as Sankar lets the shuttle alone.

Game 2: 1-0 Lee begins the game with a serve and a down the line smash laden with serious pace.

Not a bad game from Sankar. He has shown good movement on the court and his strength, which is defence. He is not sceptical about playing long rallies and is getting great experience by taking on Lee Cheuk Yiu.

Game 1: 15-8 LEE CHEUK YIU TAKES THE FIRST GAME 15-8 as Sankar nets the flat return.

Game 1: 14-8 Great defence from Sankar to keep out a Lee smash but the Hong Kong player plays a drop that Sankar is unable to return.

Game 1: 13-8 Lee's backhand drop falls just wide.

Game 1: 13-7 Overhead, forehand drive from Sankar falls wide.

Game 1: 11-7 Very nice point from Sankar. Very cool at the net with his tumbles, one of which even caught the tape and trickled over. Then, goes back to finish the point with a smash.

Game 1: 11-6 Lee's jump smash slams into the net.

Game 1: 10-5 Sankar is drawn closer to the net by a drop from Lee and he tries to push Lee back with a flick, but finds the net.

Game 1: 9-5 Lee gifts a point to Sankar as his cross-court drop fails to cross over the net.

Game 1: 9-4 Good exchange but Sankar's flick finds the net.

Game 1: 8-4 Lee with a four-point cushion at the break.

Game 1: 7-4 Unforced error from Sankar as he hits his flat backhand into the net.

Game 1: 6-4 Lee with a great drop from the baseline. Sankar get there, but cannot keep the shuttle in play.

Game 1: 5-3 Service error form the 16-year-old.

Game 1: 4-2 Lee takes the lead with a huge down the line jump smash.

Game 1: 2-2 Great shot, smash down the line, but just falls wide.

Game 1: 1-2 Sankar into the led.

Game 1: 1-1 First point for Sankar as Lee's cross-court drive falls wide.

Game 1: 1-0 Muthusamy nets the tumble.

Game 1: Muthusamy to serve first.


The youngest-ever player in the PBL at 16 years and 22 days, Sankar up next as he makes his league debut.

Next up, Lee Cheuk Yiu takes on Sankar Muthusamy. Lee has called the Trump on Sankar.


Game 2: 11-15 KIRSTY GILMOUR WINS HER TRUMP MATCH 15-12, 15-11 AND GIVES CHENNAI A 3-1 LEAD. In this season so far, Kirsty has bagged four points from two matches, winning both her Trump matches.

Game 2: 11-14 Service error from Kirsty.

Game 2: 10-14 Four game points as Ashmita's drive is wide.

Game 2: 9-12 Too good from Gilmour. She lines up for a smash and then plays a delightful cross-court smash and she completely outfoxed Chaliha there.

Game 2: 9-11 Ashmita's tumble finds the net.

Game 2: 9-10 Ashmita keeps up with Gilmour, who returns a smash from Ashmita way wide.

Game 2: 7-8 One more. Loose return from Kirsty and Chaliha is all over it with a brutal down the line smash.

Game 2: 5-8 Good start at the turn by Ashmita, who drills her down the line smash to perfection and Gilmour couldn't even move.

Game 2: 4-8 Unforced errors continue to creep in Chaliha's game as she rams her smash into the net.

Game 2: 4-6 Kristy still with the lead.

Game 2: 3-5 After hitting her smash wide, Ashmita now trails by two points as her drop fails to cross over the net.

Game 2: 3-3 Lovely tumble from Gilmour and Ashmita tries the same, but her tumble finds the net.

Game 1: 12-15 Ashmita's serve return travels long Kristy digs deep to win the first game 15-12 in the Trump match. Chaliha challenges the call but it's a futile one.

Game 1: 12-14 Kristy with two game points.

Game 1: 12-11 Brilliant smash from Chaliha, forcing Kristy wide on her forehand that shoots wide.

Game 1: 11-11 Chaliha finds the baseline with her return and levels the score.

Game 1: 10-10 Kristy levels the scores as Ashmita's forehand drive travels long.

Game 1: 9-8 Kristy clawing her way back into the first game.

Game 1: 9-7 Wild smash from Ashmita, goes cross-court, but hits wide.

Game 1: 9-6 Kristy's smash is returned into the net by Chaliha.

Game 1: 9-3 Delightful drop from Ashmita. She is drawn forward by Kristy and responds with a cross-court flick over the net for a winner.

Game 1: 8-3 Ashmita with a 322 kph smash, down the line off her forehand, and she finds the corner with ease and leads at the turn.

Game 1: 6-3 Good start from Chaliha, as she pulls off a great drop shot to extend her lead.

Game 1: 5-3 Kirsty's powerful down the line smash, seeking the line, falls just wide.

Game 1: 4-3 Unforced errors all around so far.

Game 1: 3-2 The drift take the service out from Gilmour and lands out of bounds.

Game 1: 2-2 Chaliha makes the same error to concede the point.

Game 1: 2-1 Kirsty's backhand return finds the net.

Next up, we have two back-to-back Trump matches. First up the women's singles. Ashmita Chaliha takes on Kirstie Gilmour, who has called the trump.

Game 2: 14-15 AND CHENNAI WINS IN STELLAR FASHION. What a later turnaround to closeout the match. A winner off the serve to give level the tie score at 1-1.

Game 2: 14-14 Deciding point and match point for Chennai as Krishna nets the return.

Game 2: 14-13 Sumeeth saves one with a smash past Krishna's forehand.

Game 2: 14-12 Two game points.

Game 2: 13-12 Bodin and Krishna with the lead.

Game 2: 12-12 NorthEast is back level as Bodin's vicious smash is returned long by Dhruv.

Game 2: 10-12 Krishna flicks the serve wide off his backhand, but to be fair the shuttle had clipped the net. Which is what set him off.

Game 2: 9-11 Good interception from Sumeeth, who shows quick feet at the net to shuffle to his left and win the point with a jab.

Game 2: 9-9 Oh! Late reaction from Sumeeth, who is at the baseline and plays the lift late. Bodin is at the net and latches on to the loose lift with all his might as he puts the point to bed with an easy put-away smash.

Game 2: 8-8 Brilliant rally between the two pairs and in the end, Chennai wins the point as Bodin's down the line return falls wide.

Game 2: 8-7 Krishna and Bodin with the lead at the change.

Game 2: 5-6 Krishna with two consecutive smash at Dhruv, who returns them with ease off his backhand and then Krishna charges to the net for a drop but instead, Dhruv plays it up and over him.

Game 2: 5-4 This time, Krishna goes cross-court with his overhead, forehand smash and nails it perfectly.

Game 2: 4-4 Krishna errors as his overhead forehand is netted

Game 2: 3-2 Krishna whips the shuttle back hard and flat at Dhruv, whose flat return finds the net.

Game 2: 2-1 Loose serve from Dhruv and Bodin is smart in dropping it across the court, between Dhruv and Sumeeth.

Game 2: 1-1 First point of this game for Chennai.

Game 2: 1-0 Bodin's smash is returned wide by Dhruv.

Game 1: 13-15 Sumeeth and Dhruv take the first game to give Chennai an advantage in this match.

Next up is the men's doubles: Bodin Isara and Krishna Prasad Garaga vs B. Summeth Reddy and Dhruv Kapila.

Game 2: 15-11 And that's that. Kaushal sticks to the defensive game, pushes Sathish into making errors and wraps up the second game, and the match. North Eastern Warriors start the tie positively and that's a win on debut for Kaushal.

Game 2: 14-10 Inexperience showing in Sathish's game. He again gives Kaushal all the time in the world to place his smash and Kaushal obliges.

Game 2: 12-9 Sathish sends a tight net shot high into the air and immediately realises the opportunity he gave Kaushal. He positions himself to return the smash but with the entire court available, Kaushal places his return well.

Game 2: 9-8 Spoken too soon? Impressive range of shots from Kaushal to claw his way back to the lead with a 375 kmph smash.

Game 2: 7-8 Much better from Sathish in the second game. He has frustrated Kaushal by keeping a check on his aggressive returns and while that has seen long-drawn defensive rallies, it has also brought back the 16-year-old into this match. He takes the lead at the break and has momentum on his side.

Game 2: 3-3 Sathish goes into a batlle with Kaushal at the net and he can't stay as cool as tthe 24-year-old. He spots an opportunity and tries to get a winner with a crosscourt smash. Puts too much power into it though and that brings the score back to level terms.

Game 2: 1-2 Losing track of how many times we have crossed the 50-shot mark in the rallies. Another one ends with Kaushal's drop shot failing to clear the net.

Game 2: 1-0 Sathish starts by missing the sideline. Kaushal sticks to the defensive game that won him the first game.

Game 1: 15-3 And Kaushal wraps up the first game with ease after Sathish puts too much power in his smash and sends the shuttle well beyond the base line.

Game 1: 14-2 Kaushal is happy to be on the defensive and why wont he? He is taking in everything thrown at him by Sathish, returned with ease and is showing fantastic control and rage with his shots. Another 50+ shot rally sees him move to game point.

Game 1:8-2 Sathish goes long with his return and that sees Kaushal with a deserved lead at the break.

Game 1: 6-2 What do you get when two youngesters are at it on the court? Long, long rallies. The latest, a 28-shot one, ends in Kaushal stretching across the court to get to a return and failing. No points for effort but that was some try from the 24-year-old.

Game 1: 5-1 Kaushal loves the net! He is happy getting in some tight returns and forcing Sathish to also get to the net and to try and match him, which he can not. Being on the defensive wins him two points and then he lines up to go aggressive and then surprises with a drop shot to take a fifth point.

Game 1: 1-1 Good start from Kaushal to force the first point but Sathish Kumar see through a 30 shot rally to level the scores right away.

The first match of the tie is the men's singles between Kaushal Dharmamer (North Eastern Warriors) and K. Sathish Kumar (Chennai Superstarz). The former is making his PBL debut today.

Order of play:

  • Men's singles: Kaushal Dharmamer vs K. Sathish Kumar

  • Men's doubles: Bodin Isara and Krishna Prasad Garaga vs B. Summeth Reddy and Dhruv Kapila

  • Women's singles: Ashmita Chaliha vs Kirsty Gilmour (TM)

  • Men's singles: Lee Cheuk Yiu (TM) vs Sankar Muthusamy

  • Mixed doubles: Lee Yong Dae and Kim Ha Na vs Dhruv Kapila and Sanjana Santosh

North Eastern Warriors team: Ashmita Chaliha, Bodin Isara, Kaushal Dharmamer, Kim Ha Na, Krishna Prasad Garaga, Lee Cheuk Yiu, Lee Yong Dae, Michelle Lirutuparna Panda, Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk

Chennai Superstarz team: Sumeeth Reddy, Dhruv Kapila, Gayatri Gopichand, Jessica Pugh, Kristy Gilmour, Lakshya Sen, Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian, Sanjana Santosh, Satish Kumar Karunakaran, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, Tommy Sugiarto

Teams will be looking to seal their spot in the last four as we come to the business end of the tournament. The first clash of the day is between North Eastern Warriors and Chennai Superstarz in what is a top of the table clash. Later in the day, it will be Bengaluru Raptors vs Mumbai Rockets, with both teams' chances of making the semis almost negligible.

In the first clash, we expect both Chennai and North East to test their bench strength with their semifinal spot all but sealed.

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