Short of match practice after recovering from a nagging back problem, 2014 champion H.S. Prannoy said the initial rounds will be most challenging as he eyes another podium finish at the USD 120,000 Indonesia Masters Grand Prix Gold to be held from September 6-11 at Balikpapan.

Two years ago, Prannoy stood at the podium with the glittering trophy in his hand but a right foot injury after winning the Swiss Open early this year derailed his progress. He made a comeback in US and Canada Open but his back problem once again came back to haunt him.

“I am better now. I am feeling my game is back. I went to play in Canada and US after recovering from the foot injury. But then I had some issues with my back,” Prannoy told PTI.

“I had injured my back in 2012 but it didn’t bother me for next 2-3 years but then it seemed to come back and it took me two and a half weeks to recover. Both the foot and back injuries are issues which will never be healed completely, I just need to strengthen my body.

“The good thing is that I had a good three weeks of training. It was a good break and my body is feeling okay now. I am feeling confident of my game again.

“I had won the Indonesia Masters in 2014, so it is one of the sweet memories. I want to get back to the same position and hope it happens in the coming months. I’m playing Japan and Korea and then after a gap of two weeks will play at Denmark and France. I really want to win a Super Series,” he added.

Prannoy said the initial rounds will be most challenging as he is short of match practice now. “I think the initial rounds at the Indonesia Masters will be tough as I am short of match practice and also the draw is looking tough,” he said.

Prannoy was ruled out of the Thomas Cup due to an injury to his right toe which he sustained at the Singapore Open just after he had clinched the Swiss Open Grand Prix gold. After rehabilitation, he played at the Canadian Open and US Open but made early exits.