P.V. Sindhu's lockdown workout buddy - her 13-month-old nephew Aaryan

P.V.Sindhu is spending time in lockdown keeping her fitness levels up, and assisting the world champion is her 13-month-old nephew, Aaryan.

Can your personal trainer beat this 13-month-old who's monitoring P.V. Sindhu's ab crunches?

Athletes aren't exactly enjoying time off from sport due to the lockdowns in place to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. However, for the world champion, P.V. Sindhu, this is turning out to be a phase she says she will cherish for a long time to come.

The down time is giving Sindhu the opportunity to dedicate time (otherwise spent whizzing across the world) with her family.

While the 24-year-old ace shuttler has barely gotten a break from the grind -- working out and keeping her fitness levels up -- she has the company of her 13-month-old nephew, Aaryan (her elder sister’s son) helping her out with her exercise routines.

Aaryan gives her company and is a great mood-lifter, especially during those hard ab crunches. Sindhu's nephew lives a few houses away from her own and makes a two-hour appearance in the evening every day, much to the delight of Sindhu and her parents


To her delight, Aaryan gives her company and this in a way is lifting the mood of Sindhu and from the video clip it is evident that she is really enjoying every moment.

Luckily, Aaryan stays few houses away from Sindhu’s and makes a two-hour evening appearance in the evening daily to the delight of Sindhu and her parents.

“Yes, there is no doubt that Aaryan is a bundle of energy and a big source of immense joy,” says P.V.Ramana, Sindhu's father.

For his age, Aaryan shows great composure in keeping Sindhu company as she does the abdominal exercises at home (this apart from the more rigorous training sessions in the mornings).

During the lockdown, the Olympic silver medallist has been following a very strict physical conditioning regime prescribed by her trainer, M.V.Srikanth of Suchitra Academy. She isn't attending any other online training sessions during this period.

“I have my own training schedule and being monitored by my father (P.V. Ramana, himself a former Asian Games medallist in volleyball and Arjuna Awardee),” Sindhu said recently.

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