Thanks for tuning in to Sportstar's  LIVE coverage of the women's singles semifinal of the India Open 2022 between India's P V Sindhu and Thailand's Supanida Katethong in New Delhi. This was Netra. V taking you through the action as it unfurled.


14-21, 21-13, 10-21 SINDHU LOSES! Supanida will face her compatriot Busanan Ongbamrungphan in the finals of the India Open 2022. The match went on for 59 minutes, though the Indian showed resilience in the second game, Supanida proved to be the better player as she kept the Indian on her toes.

14-21, 21-13, 9-17 A nine point lead for Supanida.

14-21, 21-13, 9- 14 A brilliant forehand cross court shot for Supanida.

14-21, 21-13, 8-12 A service error for Sindhu, first in this game as she give the Thai a four point lead.

14-21, 21-13, 7-11 A four point lead for Supanida as Supanida lifts the shuttle across to the baseline, while Sindhu fails to return.

14-21, 21-13, 6-8 Down the line shot from Supanida to the corner making it hard for the Indian to receive.

14-21, 21-13, 4-4 After making mistake while playing the net shot and losing the previous point, Supanida makes up for her earlier mistake and gets a point.

14-21, 21-13, 2-3 Playing similar shots to her first game, Thai deceives Sindhu to make unforced errors.

14-21, 21-13, 1-0 Sindhu gets the first point of the final game.


14-21, 21-13 Sindhu wins the second game, giving her another chance to advance to the finals of India Open.

14-21, 17-12 A five point lead for Sindhu as she deceives Supanida to move to the right while smashing to the left side.

14-21, 15-12 Sindhu maneuvers Supanida around the court and finished the rally with a classic cross court smash. 

14-21, 13-11 An error of judgement from Supanida as the shuttle falls in.

14-21, 12-11  A 32 shot rally ended when Supanida hit a cross court shot.

14-21, 12-10 An unsuccessful challenge for the Thai as the shuttle goes wide.

14-21, 11-10 A slender one point lead by the Indian as the two players head to a mid-game interval.

14-21, 9-10 Supanida smashes to the corner making it difficult for Sindhu.

14-21, 9-8 Sindhu makes an error while trying to get the shuttle over the net.

14-21, 7-7 A brilliant cross court net shot by Supanida.

14-21, 6-4 Supanida gets too aggressive leading her to make a mistake while trying to smash the shuttle.

14-21, 4-2 A sudden smash by Sindhu stuns Supanida as the Thai is unable to return.

14-21, 2-2 Drop shot by Supanida gives her a chance to equalise early in the game.

14-21, 0-1 The Thai gets the first point as the shuttle goes wide


14-21 Defying expectations, Supanida defeats PV Sindhu in the first game. Sindhu needs to win both the games to enter the finals.

14-18 Another angular cross court smash by the Indian seems to be too hard for the Thai player.

11-18 Supanida's powerful shots makes it hard for Sindhu to catch up.

11-16 A cross court smash by the Indian, makes it hard for Supanida to reach the shuttle.

8-14 Another service error for Supanida as it's the second time she's made a service error in the game.

7-13 A brilliant rally by the two but Sindhu gets the upper hand .

5-11 A down the line shot from the Thai player and errors by Sindhu leaves her with a six point deficit at the mid-game interval.

4-9 An error for Supanida while trying to smash.

3-9 A service error for the Thai.

1-7 Seven consecutive points for Supanida, she is off to a brilliant start. Sindhu needs to make up for the errors made in the early stages of the game.

1-3 Confident start from the Thai as Sindhu's lift goes too wide.

1-1 Supanida gets back to equalise quickly

1-0 Sindhu gets the first point with a down the line shot.


The two shuttlers have entered the court and begun their warm-up. Supanida wins toss.


Favourite P. V. Sindhu needed 36 minutes to end the impressive campaign of Ashmita Chaliha 21-7, 21-18 in the quarterfinals of the India Open 2022. Sindhu looked like racing away to victory against Chaliha when she pocketed the opening game 21-7. But if she was looking for yet another easy outing, her opponent wasn’t ready to just surrender without a fight.

Chaliha has for long been considered a special talent among the next generation shuttlers in the country and the 22-year-old from Assam showcased some of her attacking skills to put her much illustrious compatriot under pressure.

However, the experience of Sindhu made the difference at the business end of the second game with the score tied at 15-15. The top seed started moving her opponent a lot more and though Chaliha jumped and dived to keep the shuttle in play, it wasn’t enough to force a decider.

Sindhu will now face Thailand’s Supanida Katethong, who received a walkover in the quarterfinals after Singapore’s Jia Min Yeo conceded the match due to high fever.

Where to watch?

Women's Singles semifinals of India Open 2022 between India's P V Sindhu and Thailand's Supanida Katethong will be live telecast on on the Sony TEN 1 SD and Sony TEN 1 HD TV channels and live streamed on Sony Liv on Saturday, January 15.