National boxing championships: Tokas wins as Railways dominate

Rohit Tokas knocked out Dalvir Tomar in a 64kg pre-quarterfinals bout on a day that opened another chapter of the Services-Railways rivalry.

Rohit Tokas of the Railways after his pre-quarterfinal bout.   -  Y.B. Sarangi

Rohit Tokas knocked out Dalvir Tomar in a 64kg pre-quarterfinals bout on a day that opened another chapter of the Services-Railways rivalry in the National boxing championships at the Army Sports Institute here on Tuesday.

In a fiercely-fought 81kg contest that invited controversy, another Railways boxer Manish Panwar managed to beat Gagan Narwal of Services.

The Tokas-Tomar bout was biggest highlight of the day because of the dramatic collapse of the latter.

Tomar went all out and attacked Tokas from the outset. The home boxer's well-directed left punches gave him the momentum and built pressure on Tokas in the first round.

Tokas, who has the experience of competing at international events including the World Series of Boxing, was smart enough to adopt a more watchful approach. He resorted to counter-attacks in the second round and delivered a full blooded right when Tomar dropped his guard.

The Services boxer spectacularly fell on the canvas landing on his back.

It was a rare occasion of a Railways boxer knocking out a Services rival. Nevertheless, the wild celebrations by the Railways supporters lacked sensitivity as Tomar was in a miserable state and barely managed to leave the ring.

Narwal too dominated through a show of early aggression and made Panwar experience two counts in the opening round.

The Railways' pugilist fought back as Narwal received a cut on his forehead and was attended to by the doctor thrice in the second round. Services complained when referee stopped the contest in favour of Panwar.

A competent Boxing Federation of India (BFI) committee retained the decision following a review.

Rajpinder Singh of Punjab was lucky to survive two counts and three falls to emerge as the winner against an over-aggressive Akshay of Haryana in a 56kg bout. Rajpinder won the duel 3-2.

Other important results:


56kg: Madal Lal (SSCB) bt Roshan Sain (Raj) 5-0, Madhan R. (TN) bt V. Vinod (Tel) 4-1, Gaurav Bidhuri (RSPB) bt V. Bharany (Pud) RSC-R2.

60kg: Manish Kaushik (SSCB) bt Vijay Kumar (Pun) 5-0, Kartik (Kar) bt Ravi Soy (Jha) 5-0, MoovendranM. (TN) bt H.C.Lalramfela (Miz) 5-0, Ankush Dahiya (RSPB) bt S.Wanbuddien (AIP) 5-0.

64kg: M. Srinivasa (AP) bt Chander Mohan (HP) 5-0, Rohan Patekar (Mah) bt Pappu Tamang (Sik) 4-1, Jimil Thomas (Ker) bt Sabari J. (TN) 4-1.

69kg: Dinesh Dagar (RSPB) bt Nishant Singh (Bih) RSC-R2, Chander Bahadur Tomang (Kar) bt M. Elangbam (Man) RSC-R1.

69kg: D.S.Negi (SSCB) bt Dharampal (HP) 5-0, Manish Solanki (Del) bt Jobanvir Singh (Pun) 3-2, Mohd. Rahil (Mah) bt Himanshu Solanki (Utk) 3-2.

75kg: Manjeet Singh (SSCB) bt Bonel Singh (Man) 5-0, Prayag Chauhan (RSPB) bt Karan (Tri) 4-1.

81kg: Brijesh Yadav (Raj) bt Sanjay (Chd) 5-0, M.Saikalyan Goud (Tel) bt S.C.Chaudhary (Odi) RSC-R1, Rahul Rathi (Del) bt Rajinder Singh (Man) 5-0.

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