Women’s World Boxing Championships: Simranjit, Pinki advance

Simranjit Kaur and Pinki Rani won their respective bouts and advances to the quarterfinals of the Women's World Boxing championships.

Pinki Rani (red) will face Korea's Chol Mi Pang in the Fly Weight 51kg preliminaries.   -  PTI


Results: (Indians)

- Sonia Chahal bt Stanimira Petrova (Feather Weight 57kg)

- Saweety Boora lost to Elzbieta Wojcik (Middle Weight 75kg)

- Pinki Rani bt Ebonie Jones (Fly Weight 51kg)

- Simranjit Kaur bt Megan Reid (Light welter weight 64kg)


- Germany's Sarah Schuerich wins by a 4:1 split decision against Mozambique's Rady Gramane in the middle weight category (75kg).

- And as expected, Amy Broadhurst wins by a unanimous decision. And her next opponent is none other than Simranjit Kaur. That'll be a good fight.

Ireland's Amy Broadhurst faces Armenia's Ani Hovsepyan in the light welter weight category (64kg).  Amy - Ireland's most successful boxer with 15 national medals - is the clear favourite. She's also the most successful in a family of successful boxers in Paul, Tony and Stephen Broadhurst.

It's a unanimous decision and Simranjit Kaur wins! She's into the quarterfinal.

Round 3

-What a start from Simranjit! She's gone all guns blazing here, throwing powerful hooks and jabs and laniding them clean.  She's kept her concentration and discipline very well and Megan Reid finds herself struggling to make good contact.

Round 2

- Simranjit has better in the seond round. She finished the round strong and has set herself up for a big finish in the final round.

Round 1

- It's been a cautious first round from both boxers. Megan Reid in the blue corner has been cleaner with her strikes than Simranjit.

Next up is Simranjit Kaur in action against Scotland's Megan Reid in the light welter weight catergory (64kg).  Simranjit is in red.

- Jemyma Betrian of the Netherland's defeats Korea's Aeji IM in the featherweight 57kg category.

- Italy's Alessia Mesiano defeats Ireland's Michaela Walsh by a split vote 4:1 decision. in the featherweight 57kg category.

-  AIBA has decided to bar Petrova's coach Petar Lesov from ringside for the remainder of the tournament for throwing a bottle inside the ring after her ward's bout against Sonia Chahal to protest the result.

More on Stanimira Petrova's 'corruption' controversy

- End of third-round: Ebonie's all-out approach may have proven to be her downfall. Pinki grew well into the bout by countering the English boxer's offence with blows of her own in the second phase of the contest. The judges vote for a unanimous 5:0 win to the Indian.

- End of second-round: That was a better comeback from Pinki after a strong start from Ebonie in the opening minute of the half. Ebonie, consciously forcing Pinki on the backfoot, but the Indian managed to land some punches towards the end of that round.

- End of first-round: Ebonie appears to have had the better of the earlier exchanges with a flurry of punches in the final stages of the round.

- India's Pinki Rani takes on England's Ebonie Jones in the flyweight 51kg category in the second session.

- The next session of matches will be from 5pm onwards, which includes Indians Simranjit Kaur Baatth and Pinki Rani in action. We will be back with the updates.

       “It is corruption by the judges. It is not a fair result." - an unhappy Petrova said after the bout. AIBA released a statement saying it's looking into her complaint. Her coach threw a water bottle and gestured at the Indian supporters. Full story.

- Controversy Alert! Stanimira Petrova, who lost to Sonia Chahal earlier today, has accused the judges of “corruption”.


- End of third-round: Elzbieta waiting approach pays off in the third round and she wins the bout in unanimous 5:0 points decision. Elzbieta will go on to face Lauren Price in the quarterfinals.

- Elzbieta lands a left jab on Saweety in the third round. Less than 30 seconds to go.

- End of second-round: Saweety comes strong in the closing stages of the round.

- End of first-round: Elzbieta narrowly edges the opening three minutes of the contest with a disciplined performance. Saweety fails to land any telling blows on her opponent.

- Saweety in the offence in the opening minute but Wojick manages to evade the punches thus far.

- Saweety will be in the blue corner.

- The next bout will see India's Saweety Boora take on Poland's Elzbieta Wojick in the middle weight 75kg category.

- Middle weight 75kg - Lauren Price of Wales defeats Ireland's Aoife Marie O'Rourke with an unanimous 5:0 decision.

- Light Welter 64kg - Australia's Jessica Messina defeats Algeria's Soumaya Tabarkokt with an unanimous 5:0 decision.

- Light Welter 64kg - Turkey's Sema Caliskan defeats Romania's Milana Safronova with an unanimous 5:0 decision.

- Feather Weight 57kg - Sonia makes it to the quarterfinal by beating Bulgaria's Stanimira Petrova by split decision 3-2

- Petrova ducks and weaves after being cornered by Sonia. So far the 21-year old Indian has kept her composure and forced her more experienced opponent to commit mistakes.

- The Bulgarian looks to use her long reach in the third round, but Sonia is evading her opponent's jabs swiftly.

- End of second-round: Petrova lands a right hook on Sonia and its an end of another cagey second round.

- Petrova is going for the attack in the second round and it has been a close contest so far.

- End of first-round: Petrova has been tried to taunt the Sonia throughout the first round, but the Indian did not take the bait and also managed to land two blows when she was able to get closer to her opponent.

- Petrova's caught for the first time in the match, as Sonia lands a superb left.

- Petrova goes for a right jab, but Sonia escapes the attempt. The Bulgarian has her guard down and is waiting for Sonia to get close to her.

- Sonia Chahal takes to the ring in the blue corner.

- Next up is India's Sonia Chahal against Bulgaria's 2014 World Champion Stanimira Petrova for a spot in the quarter-final.

- Feather Weight 57kg - Colombia's Arias Castenada Yeni beats Russia's Sartakova Maria with an unanimous decision of 5:0.

- Fly Weight 51kg - Poland's Sandra Drabik beats Sweden's Lise Sandebjer to enter the quarterfinal with an unanimous decision of 5:0.

- Fly Weight 51kg - Kazakhstan's Zhania Shekerbekova beats Colombia's Valencia Victoria by split decision 3:2.

Indian pugilists in action on Monday

1 PM onwards

(Bout No. 177) Preliminaries - Feather Weight 57kg - Sonia Chahal vs Stanimira Petrova (Bulgaria)

(Bout No. 181) Preliminaries - Middle Weight 75kg - Saweety Boora vs Elzbieta Wojcik (Poland)

5 PM onwards

(Bout No. 186) Preliminaries - Light Welter Weight 64kg - Simranjit Kaur Baatth vs Megan Reid (Scotland)

(Bout No. 191) Preliminaries - Fly Weight 51kg - Pinki Rani vs Ebonie Jones (England)