Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 2 Highlights: India wins four medals, Mirabai clinches Gold, Bindyarani wins Silver

CWG 2022: Read all the highlights, results, and medals tally from the second day of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

India’s Mirabai Chanu won the gold medal in the weightlifting 49kg final. Sanket Sargar and Gururaja Poojary clinched India’s first two medals at CWG 2022 on Saturday.

India’s Mirabai Chanu won the gold medal in the weightlifting 49kg final. Sanket Sargar and Gururaja Poojary clinched India’s first two medals at CWG 2022 on Saturday. | Photo Credit:

CWG 2022: Read all the highlights, results, and medals tally from the second day of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 2 highlights. India won four medals, with a Gold Medal by Mirabai Chanu, two Silver Medals, one each by Bindyarani Devi and Sanket Sargar and a Bronze Medal by Gururaja.


DAY 2 Highlights - COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2022

Medal Alert - Bindyarani Devi wins a Silver Medal in Women’s 55 kg Weightlifting
Bindyarani goes for 116 kg in her last attempt and succesffully lifts to set a Commonwealth Games record in clean and jerk. Her total weight stands at 202 kg and she secures a silver medal in the event.
Bindyarani Devi goes for 114 kg in her second attempt. She fails to lift it cleanly with Adijat comfortably on top at the moment.
Adijat Adenike tries her first attempt at 110 kg and lifts it on her second attempt, taking her total to 202 kg. In her final attempt, she lifted 111 kg.
Bindyarani Devi has lifted 86 kg in Snatch so far. Her clean and jerk attempts are yet to happen. Bindyarani Devi will now try 110 kg and she successfully lifts it, taking her total to 196 kg
Jenly Tengu Wini od Solomon Islands has had a forgettable day today with a 79 kg lift in Snatch, but she got some hope in clean-and jerk after to successive failed attempts and a final success in lifting a 105 kg
Cascandra Engelbert of Malaysia tries to better her 96 kg lift, but fails, ending her campaign with a total of 174 kg
Rachel Bazinet lifts 96 kg in her first attempt to go on top of rankings, with a total weight of 178 kg. The Canadian fails to improve on her lift at 101 kg, stays with 96 kg
Wadumesthreege Chamari lifts 90 kg in her first attempt and improves to 94 kg in her next attempt. Her total is now 164 kg.
Cascandra Engelbert of Malaysia lifts 91 kg, with her total to 169 kg
Jamaica’s Sky lifts 85kg in her first attempt. Nauru’s My-Only Stephen lifts 86kg. Sky lifts her tally to 88kg. My-Only Stephen fails to improve.

Weightlifting - Women’s 55kg final Snatch

Bindyarani Devi lifts 81 kg in Snatch in her first attempt and leads the rankings so far. She comes up for her second attempt, 84 kg and lifts without hesitation. In her third attempt, she steps up to 86 kg and lifts that up as well.

Commonwealth Games Record
Adijat Adenike Olarinoye lifts 92 Kg to set a Commonwealth Games

Women's gymnastics

The Indian team finished last out of nine nations

All-around final - Ruthuja qualified while Pranati was second reserve

Vault final - Pranati qualified (was 3rd best in qualifying)

Uneven bars - Ruthuja is third reserve

Swimming - 100m backstroke - Final

Srihari Nataraj will play for India, starting from Lane 1. Srihari starts and finishes fourth after 50m. However, at the end of 100m, he is seventh at 54.31 seconds, with a better timing than that he had at the Olympics (54.33 seconds)

Badminton - Group A - India vs Australia

  • ⦿ Indian mixed team beat Australia 3-0 to move into the quarterfinals
  • ⦿ Smashes one after the other is too much for the Australian duo as India wins the doubles in straight games 21-19
  • ⦿ The Indian duo makes a comeback securing a two-point lead at 12-10, but Australia is still trying to earn a point. India, however earns another soon. 13-10 so far
  • ⦿ The second set begins with Australia trying to make a comeback with the score 5-3 in favour of Australia at the moment
  • ⦿ The Indian pair seals a win in the first game 21-16
  • ⦿ India looks to be making a comeback with 15 points on the board, but the Australian duo pulls two points back. India still maintaining the lead 17-14
  • ⦿ The Indians are putting a tough fight, but the Aussies are in the lead. The pair of Reddy and Shetty, pull bacl two points to make it 10-10 now.
  • ⦿ Sumeeth Reddy and Chirag Shetty are in action in the Men’s doubles against Australia’s Tran Hoang Pham and Jack Yu


Sanjeet loses to Ato Leau Plodzicki-Faoagali to get knocked out of the Round of 16.

At the end of Round 3, the Samoan is declared the winner. In spite of Sanjeet leading in the first two rounds, Ato Leau Plodzicki-Faoagali managed to secure a win as Sanjeet is eliminated in the round of 16.

Sanjeet wins the second round 3-2 by split decision.

In the second round, the Samoan continues to land punches one after the other, but Sanjeet looks more composed and secures a win.

Sanjeet wins the first round by unanimous decision.

India’s Sanjeet will be in action for India against Ato Leau Plodzicki-Faoagali in the Heavyweight category. The bout begins with the Samoan boxer on the offensive. But Sanjeet dodges his right punch and lands a few punches on the boxer in red.

Weightlifting - Women’s 55 kg
Bindyarani Devi is set to compete for India in the final weightlifting event for the day. India has won three medals today, with all coming in weightlifting. She is expected to try and lift 80 kg in Snatch.

India wins in Lawn Bowl Women’s Fours

The Indian women’s fours lawn bowling team finished the group stages, beating Cook Islands and Canada. It is through to quarters with six points, sitting second in Section D, behind England.


  • ⦿ PV Sindhu wins the women’s singles in straight sets 21-10, 21-12
  • ⦿ The Indian continues to build on the lead with the score 18-12 now
  • ⦿ PV Sindhu gets her foot back in the driving seat with a two quick points. The score 11-8 at the moment
  • ⦿ India and Australia, initially level at 5-5, sees Australia earn a quick point as the Aussies look to get back into the match
  • ⦿ Sindhu wins the first game 21-10 against Australia’s Hsuan-Yu Chen
  • ⦿ Srikanth won the first singles in straight games against Ying Xiang Lin of Australia
Squash - Round of 32, Anahat and Abhay out in the Round of 32
Anahat Singh vs Emily Whitlock: Whitlock had taken the lead in the first two sets, but Anahat makes a comeback in the third set, winning it 11-4. Whitlock had won the first two sets 11-7, 11-7. In the fourth game, Whitlock leads 9-6 at the moment, with two decisive points needed for the Wales woman.
Emily continues to build on the lead, winning the match 11-6.
Abhay Singh vs Alan Clyne: Clyne seals the first game, winning it 11-3. The Indian retires in the second set, with the Scotland player getting a walkover into the Round of 16.


  • ⦿ Lovlina Borgohain beats Ariane Nicholson by unanimous decision to reach the quarterfinals whre she will face Rosie Eccles - the 2018 silver medallist.
  • ⦿ Lovlina maintains her aggression over Nicholson who tries hard to forge a comeback.
  • ⦿ Lovlina wins Round 2 by Unanimous Decision!
  • ⦿ Lovlina dominates proceedings early on with sharp strikes over Nicholson.
  • ⦿ Round 2 begins.
  • ⦿ Round 1 ends. Lovlina wins Round 1 by Unanimous Decision.
  • ⦿ Lovlina and Nicholson go neck-and-neck in Round 1. Lovlina follows up with a barrage of punces to Nicholson’s face.
  • ⦿ The bout begins.

India now has three medals at the Commonwealth Games 2022, with the latest coming from Mirabai Chanu in the 46 kg women’s weightlifting category, where she won the Gold Medal!!


Anahat Singh loses the first set 11-7.

Anahat Singh is set to start her Round of 32 match against Emily Whitlock of Wales.

Table Tennis Women’s quarterfinals updates

TT women’s quarterfinals - Ying Ho vs Reeth Tennison, Malaysia seals semifinal spot, IND 2-3 MAS
Malaysia seals semifinal birth with firth set win 11-9: Malaysia earns two early points, but India equalises soon. Ying Ho is enjoying a significant lead at the moment, but Reeth pulls a point back with the score 7-4 at the moment. India makes a comeback to equalise to 8-8 in the match now. Ying Ho, however, makes a comeback to seal a win in the final set.
Malaysia wins fourth game 11-9: Malaysia starts with early points on board, but India tries to make a comeback, and reduces a three-point gap to just one, The score 5-4 at the moment. Though India gets back level to eight points, Malaysia pips Reeth to 10-8 at the moment. Ho seals her second win in this match with a two-point deficit in the end.
India wins the third Game 11-6: India earns two early points, but Malaysia makes a comeback with four points now. Malaysia leads 4-2. India claws back into the match with two points to make it 4-4, but Ho makes every error count, taking a one-point lead soon. Reeth beats Ho on another rally to take the lead eventually. India 7-4 Malaysia so far.
Reethe takes a significant lead eventually with the score 10-6 at the moment and finally seals the win.
Malaysia wins second game 11-8: Malaysia starts the second game with two early points, but Reeth pulls two back to get on level terms now. 2-2 the score at the moment. The contest is still going neck-to-neck, with Malaysia pulling one point back to make it 5-5. At Time-Out, Malaysia leads 8-7, with the second match on the brink of deciding the fate of the Indian women’s Table Tennis team.
Ying Ho takes the lead further, sealing the win eventually with the score 11-8.
India wins first game 12-11: India starts the first game strong with an early point, but Ho pulls two back, with Reeth finally on top at the moment. The score 3-2 in favour of India. Ho forces an error by Reeth and makes it all square at 4-4. Ying Ho looks resilient now and increases the point deficit further at four points now. India 4- 8 Malaysia at the moment. India is making a comeback with a faster rally and cuts the difference to level on points. The score 8-8 for now.
Reeth wins the first game 12-11.


The Indian women are playing Wales in a Group B in the Commonwealth Games 2022. Follow the match live here below

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Indian women’s scores in floor exercise: Pranati - 9.65, Ruthuja - 10.65

TT Quarters - Women’s singles: Malaysia wins Match 4; MAS 2-2 IND
Malaysia wins the third game 11-9: Manika Batra continues to trail with Karen brimming with confidence. Though the Indian earns a point, the Malaysian is still two points ahead for now. The score 7-5. At time out, the difference has gone down to just one point with Manika eyeing a comeback. And the Indian surpasses Karen, but Malaysia pulls back a point to equalise again. IND 9-9 MAS. Karen’s shot is missed by Manika as Malaysia wins the third game.
Malaysia wins second game 11-3: Karen looks to have resumed right where she ended the first game, with the points deficit three points now. Manika fails to match to the pace of the Malaysian and goes down in the second game 11-3.
Malaysia wins first game 11-6: Manika Batra and Karen sit level on points, shortly after which Malaysia takes the lead with the point 3-1 in Karen’s favour. In spite of Manika earning a point back, Karen continues to build on her lead, with the two separated by four points now. Karen ends the match with an overshot hit of Manika gifting her the point.


India’s scores on Balance Beam: Pranati - 11, Ruthuja - 11.35

Medal Alert!
Mirabai Chanu has won the first Commonwealth Games 2022 Gold Medal for India in Birmingham, lifting a combined weight of 201 kg. Her 88 kg in Snatch is a Commonwealth as well as Commonwealth Games record.
“I am very happy, Previously I competed in the 48 kg category, now I competed in the 49 kg category. After Olympic this was the largest competition and I am very happy. There cannot be anything happier for me,” Mirabai said after winning the Gold.
“I had prepared for the competition. I know the commonwealth games was relatively easy and so I prepared with the intention of competing with myself.”
TT Quarters - Women’s singles 2: Sreeja Akula wins Match 3; IND 2-1 MAS
India wins third game 11-9: Sreeja seals victory in the third game with Chang’s shot missing the table. Malaysia looks to make a comeback in the third set, with Chang enjoying a narrow lead at time-out. The score 7-6 in favour of Malaysia at the moment.
India wins second game 11-6: Sreeja wins the second set with the same margin with India one set away from taking a lead in the quarterfinals overall. The Indian singles player looks unshakeable with lightning quick reflexes, increasing the points deficit from two to four points now. The score 6-2 in favour of India. Sreeja starts the second game with two points.
India wins first game 11-6: Sreeja just lost to Chang in the doubles earlier in the evening and tasted sweet revenge in the first game, winning it 11-6. Sreeja is going very fast in setting up the Malaysian, but Chang pulls back a point to reduce the deficit to two points. India take an early lead and continues to maintain the narrow lead at 4-2 at the moment.


Uneven Bars - Indian women scores - Pranati : 9.25, Ruturaj Natraj: 11.95

Indian Women gymnasts are in action in the team final and individual qualification - Subdivision 3. Pranati Nayak, Ruthuraj Natraj and Protishtha Samanta have come up with best efforts of 13.6, 12.3 and 12.9 respectively on the vault.

TT Quarters - Women’s singles: Manika Batra wins decider; IND, MAS level 1-1 after Match 2
India wins fifth game 11-3: Manika Batra scores the match point and seals the match with a 11-3 win. Manika is using all her pace and sees Ho slip with a overhit shot. India 9-3 now. The deciding game is swinging both ways at the moment, with Manika taking the lead and losing it, and gets it back yet again. The score 5-3 in favour of Manika. India, after taking a narrow lead, loses it with Ho equalising almost immediately; 2-2 for now.
Malaysia wins fourth game 11-9: Manika is trying to make a comeback in the match from 9-5 to 9-8 ,but Ying Ho secures another point, edging closer to a successive game win in the match. Malaysia continues to be in front with her reflexes, with the score 6-3 in favour of Ying Ho now. Malaysia earns the first point, but Manika equalises soon. 1-1 for now.
Malaysia wins third game 11-8: As the match resumes, Malaysia is still in the driving seat with Ying Ho, securing the win. At time-out, India has tried to come back into the game with the deficit one-point now. Malaysia is looking to make a comeback in the match, with a three-point lead in the second quarterfinal game so far. Manika starts the third game on the same note she ended the second game, with a point, but Ying Ho attempts a comeback, with the score 3-1 at the moment.
India wins the second game 11-5: Manika sets up Ying Ho and forces her to make another error with India cruising further in front - 10-5 now. Manika Batra makes another comeback, from 2-4 to 6-4 now. With a great smash, she makes it 7-4.
India wins the first game 11-8: In spite of a late attempt by the Malaysian, Manika proves her mettle, winning the first game. The Indian continues to dominate the first game and gets closer to victory in the first game. The score 9-4. Manika Batra is trying to make a comeback against Malaysia’s Ying Ho and completes it, taking the lead, with the score 6-4 at the moment.

Cycling - men’s keirin repechage: Beckham finishes second in the first round repechage; so does Esow.


Mirabai Chanu lifted 84 kg in the first attempt and 88 kg in the second attempt, equalling her personal best and set a Commonwealth Games record in snatch at the Birmingham Games 2022.

Table Tennis Women’s quarterfinals updates

Women’s quarterfinals: India loses 3-1 to Malaysia in doubles (MAS 1-0 IND)
Malaysia win fourth game 11-6: Malaysia seals the match point with a strong blow and win the match. India trails Malaysia 7-6 at the moment, with Malaysia earning another point again. 8-6 to Malaysia at the moment.
India wins the third game 11-5: Malaysia starts the third set in with India trying its best to make a comeback and leads 9-4 at the moment. India has its chance to seal the set and wins the third set as the final shot by Malaysia flies beyond the table.
Malaysia wins the second game 11-6: Malaysia makes a comeback and wins the second set 11-6, with the Indians slipping later in the second set. The team is one set away from registering its first win in the quarterfinal. The second set begins with India trying to make a comeback, with Akula ad Tennison taking an initial lead, with the score 5-2 at the moment.
Malaysia wins the first game 11-7: Malaysia wins the first set 11-7 with the girls in red securing the first set victory in the Birmingham Games quarterfinals. Though Malaysia took an initial lead, the Indian women’s doubles team made a comeback from 1-5 to 5-5 at the moment.

Sreeja Akula and Reeth Tennison start the women’s campaign against Malaysia, represented by Karen Lyne and Li Sian Chang.

The women’s table tennis team is in action in the quarterfinals of the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham now. The team consists of Manika Batra, Diya Chitale, Sreeja Akula and Reeth Tennison


David Beckham finished fourth in his Men’s Keiren first round heat and will next compete in the repechage round. Esow Alben finished third in the Men’s Keiren first Round - Heat 4, and he also qualifies for repechage round. The first round repechage will begin at 9:14 pm.

Table Tennis women’s quarterfinals to begin soon

  • ⦿ Tokyo 2020 Olympics silver medallist Mirabai Chanu will be in action in the Women’s 49 kg final at 8 pm - LIVE ACTION
  • ⦿ Indian Women’s table tennis team will be in action in the quarter finals at 8:30 pm
  • ⦿ Men’s Keirin first Round - Heat 2 - David Beckham at 8:37 pm
  • ⦿ Men’s Keirin first Round - Heat 4 - Esow Alben
  • ⦿ Indian Women’s team final and individual qualification - Subdivision 3 at 9 pm


Saurav Ghoshal beats Shamil Wakeel in straight sets 11-4, 11-4, 11-6 to enter the Round of 16 at the CWG 2022.

Shamil Wakeel gets his highest points in a set in this match with six points, but Saurav is still ahead 10, and eventually seals the set, 11-6.

India starts with a commanding three points with Wakeel clawing back with a solitary point in the opening minutes of the third set.

The third set begins with Saurav just one set away from sealing a spot in the last 16 of the Men’s singles at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

India wins the second set with the same margin 11-4 as well.

Saurav takes the lead after points go level at 3-3, with the score 6-4 at the moment. The 35-year-old Indian looks well in control in court at the moment.

The second begins India and Sri Lanka going neck-to-neck at 1-1 initially as Wakeel looks to come back into the game.

Saurav seals the first set 11-4.

Saurav’s agility is too much for the Sri Lankan as the points’ difference widens further to 7-1. Wakeel tries a comeback and earns two points eventually, but it remains to be seen if the comeback is too late for now, as action continues.

The match begins with Saurav earning the first two points of the match as India leads 2-0 at the moment. Sri Lanka makes a come back with a point, but India earns one back again, with a two-point lead.

Saurav Ghoshal will be in action, next, playing Shamil Wakeel of Sri Lanka in the Round of 32.

Joshana beats Meagan Best in straight sets in the round of 32, 11-8, 11-9, 12-10 and moves int the round of 16 with ease. She will play Kaitlyn Watts of Australia in the Round of 16 on July 31.

Medal Alert
Gururaja won the second medal for India at the Birmingham Games, winning a bronze with a cumulative weight of 269 kg, lifted in snatch (118 kg) and clean-and-jerk (151 kg).


Joshana Chinappa is in action against Meagan Best of Barbados and India has won both the opening sets, while on the in the other Women’s singles match, Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla lost to Malaysia’s Aifa Azman in straight sets, getting eliminated in the round of 32.


Vishavjeet Singh and Dinesh Kumar finished 18th and 19th in the men’s 4000m individual pursuit qualifying and is out of medal contention in Birmingham.


Commonwealth Games record
Aznil Muhammad successfully lifts 153 kg after lifting 127 in snatch and his combined lifted weight goes to 280 kg - a Commonwealth Games record, with the Malaysia man, clear in competition for the gold medal.

Youri Simard, inhis third atempt, lifts 149 kg and pips the Indian to get back on top. Gururaja steps up to lift 151 kg now, and successfully lifts 151 kg. Gururaj is back on top! With a total weight of 269 kg, Gururaj is goes past Youri of Canada.

Gururaja lifts 144 kg successfully in clean and jerk. Gururaj lifts his personal best of 148 kg in the second attempt of clean and jerk. He tops the rankings for now, with a total weight of 266 kg.

Table Tennis

The Indian women’s quarterfinal will start at 8:30 pm.

India’s Harmeet Desai is level at 2-2 against Owen Cathcart, with the seventh game on right now! India beat Northen Ireland 3-0 with allowing Indian men’s table tennis team entering the quarterfinals.

INJURY UPDATE: Some bad news coming in for Team India as Ramit Tandon withdraws from his men’s singles match due to injury.


Heading into the Clean and Jerk, Gururaja is placed fourth in the standings with 118kg.

Muhammad fails 130kg in his last Snatch attempt but his 127kg is enough to put him well in the lead and set a Games Record for Snatch in the 61kg category.

Gururaja registers a best of 118kg in Snatch. He is joint-third in the standings currently. Muhamad of Malaysia surges ahead with 127kg in his third attempt. Morea Baru is second with a best of 121kg in the Snatch. Youri Simard is third with 119kg.

Gururaja is off to a perfect start in the Men’s 61kg as he successfully lifts 115kg and then 118kg in the Snatch. However, he fails 120kg in his third and final Snatch attempt.

India has won its first medal of CWG 2022 in weightlifting and now another Indian will be in action. Gururaja Poojary will compete in the Men’s 61kg Final.

And Aniq does it in the third attempt, lifting 142kg, and takes the Gold with a combined 249kg, which is also a Games Record for the Men’s 55kg category. Sanket Sargar of India settles for the silver medal with 248kg.

Aniq fails to lift 142kg in the second attempt and Sargar still leads the standings.

Yodage of Sri Lanka ends with a total of 225kg and Sargar is now assured of a silver medal. Only the Malaysian is now in the hunt for the gold.

But he goes for the third attempt and his elbow gives way. Sargar ends with 248kg (113kg + 135kg) but still leads.

Sargar fails to lift 139kg in the second attempt and seems to have hurt his elbow in the process. But the Indian is still in the lead with 248kg.

Aniq lifts 138kg in his first Clean and Jerk attempt and goes second with a combined 245kg.

Sargar has done it as he lifts 135kg successfully in his first attempt. He now leads with 248kg.

Sargar will start Clean and Jerk with 135kg. Stay tuned for further updates.

Sargar leads after the end of the Snatch with 113kg. He lifted 107kg, 111kg and 113kg in his three attempts. Aniq is second with 107kg and Sri Lankan Yodage is third with 105kg. Clean and Jerk round up next.

Failure again for the Malaysian again and Aniq ends Snatch with a best of 107kg.

And success for Sargar again as he clears 111kg in the second attempt but the Malaysian fails to register a clean lift. Sargar in the lead.

Sargar’s Malaysian Aniq also clears 107kg in his first attempt. Sargar up next for the second try.

Sargar clears 107kg in the first attempt with ease. He will lift 111kg in the second attempt.

Sanket Sargar of India will be in action soon. He has the joint-highest entry weight of 107 kg, thus we will have to wait a bit before we can see him. Remember, he is the reigning 55kg national champion. He won the title in March this year with an aggregrate of 249kg - 111 kg in the Snatch and 138kg in Clean and Jerk.

Kgaswane of Botswana registers a best of 70kg in the Snatch. Emile of Mauritius puts 80kg on the board in the Snatch.

Kenya’s Ochoma manages a best of 65kg in the Snatch after failing to lift 70kg in the second and third attempts.

Weightlifter Sanket Sargar will begin his Men’s 55kg campaign with 107kg in the Snatch.


Mohammed Hussamuddin down South African Amzolele Dyeyi 5-0 in the Men’s Featherweight Round of 32 match. The Indian will take on Salim Hossain of Bangladesh in the Round of 16 match on August 1 at 1:30 PM IST.


The Mixed Team now sits on top of Group A with two wins from two matches and will take on Australia in the last group match at 11:30 PM IST today.

Another 5-0 sweep for India as Tressa and Gayatri put in a clinical performance in the second set to win the Women’s Doubles match 21-18 and 21-6. India beats Sri Lanka 5-0.

Treesa and Gayatri take the first set 21-18 and inch closer to a 5-0 sweep.

The pair is level at 12-12 in the first set against the Sri Lankan duo of Hendahewa and Vidanage.

Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand are next in the Women’s Doubles as India eyes a 5-0 sweep of Sri Lanka.

Sumeeth and Chirag win the Men’s Doubles match 21-10, 21-13 and India goes up 4-0 against Sri Lanka.

Sumeeth Reddy and Chirag Shetty are in the lead in the Men’s Doubles fixture with a 21-10 win in the first set and a 16-10 lead in the second.

Thumping win for Aakarshi, who wins 21-3, 21-9, and India is 3-0 ahead against Sri Lanka in the Mixed Team Event.

In the Women’s Singles match, Aakarshi Kashyap wins the first set 21-3 and leads in the second.

Sen wins 21-18, 21-5 in his Men’s Singles match and India now leads Sri Lanka 2-0 in the Mixed Team Event.

Sen took the first set 21-18 and leads 17-5 in the second against Niluka Karunaratne.

Lakshya Sen will play next in the Men’s Singles match.

India takes the match, winning the second set 21-9 and the match 21-14, 21-9. India 1-0 up in the tie.

The duo maintains a healthy lead in the second set, up by 16-6.

Satwik and Ponnappa have won the first set 21-14 and are in the lead in the second.

The Indian pair now leads 17-14 in the first set as the Sri Lankan duo leads a fightback.

Satwik Sairaj Rankireddy and Ashwini Ponnappa have begun their mixed doubles fixture against Sri Lanka in the Mixed Team Event Round 3 match. The pair leads 9-5 in the first set.


The second set finishes, with the scores still level at 2-2. Harmeet Desai is level 1-1 in his singles match. He lost the first set 5-11 before bouncing back to win the second 11-9.

Shetty wraps up his singles match in straight sets 11-5, 15-13, 11-6 to put India 2-0 up against Northern Ireland.

Sanil Shetty begins his singles match.

The Indian pair wins in four sets 11-3, 9-11, 11-6, 11-1 to give India a 1-0 lead in the Men’s Team Event.

Sharath and Desai take the first set 11-3 and lead in the second.

The Men’s Team is in action in its Group 3 match against Northern Ireland. India begins the tie with the doubles pairing of Sharath Kamal and Harmeet Desai.

Tennison wins her singles match 11-7, 14-12, 13-11 and India has won the tie 3-0 and tops Group 2 with three wins in three matches in the Women’s Team event. On Friday, India had beaten South Africa and Fiji. India is through to the quarterfinal along with Guyana from Group 2.

Reeth Tennison leads 11-7, 14-12 in the singles match against Chelsea Edghill.

Manika Batra has thrashed Thurai Thomas 11-1, 11-3, 11-3 in her singles match. India leads Guyana 2-0.

Batra makes short work of her Guyanese opponent by taking the first two sets 11-1, 11-3.

Akula Sreeja and Reeth Tennison have won their doubles match 11-5, 11-7, 11-7 in the Women’s Team Event against Guyana. Manika Batra will be in action next in the singles fixture.


Meenakshi (3:49.596s) failed to make it to the top four in the Women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying Round and is out of medal contention. She finished last in a field of 15 riders.

India’s Mayuri Lute (11.542s) and Triyasha Paul (11.813s) finished 20th and 23rd, respectively, in the Women’s Sprint Qualification Round and failed to make it to the 1/8 Finals as only the top 16 riders make the cut.

Meanwhile England has won the first gold medal of Day 2

Quite a few events coming India’s way at 1:30 PM IST, starting with Nitendra Singh Rawat in the Men’s Marathon, Sanket Sargar in the Men’s 55kg Weightlifting event and the Badminton Mixed Team in action against Sri Lanka.


Rawat finishes 12th out of 19 competitors in the Men’s Marathon with a timing of 2:19.22 seconds.

Rawat moves up to 12th after 30 kilometres.

Nitendra Singh Rawat is 13th in a field of 19 in the Men’s Marathon after 25km into the race.

Watch this vlog from our man in Birmingham, Santadeep Dey, who recaps action from Day 1.

You could also glance through our compilation of the top 10 moments from Day 1 in case you missed the action.

Here is how the medals tally looks after Day 1

Position Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Australia 8 4 4 16
2 New Zealand 3 3 1 7
3 England 2 5 2 9
4 Canada 1 2 1 4
5 Scotland 1 1 4 6

JULY 30 SCHEDULE (All timings in IST - Indian Standard Time)


Men’s marathon - Final - Nitendra Singh Rawat -  1:30 PM


100m Men’s Backstroke S9 (Para) - Final - Ashish Kumar -   12:18 PM

100m Backstroke - Semifinal - Srihari Natraj -  1:15 AM

200m Freestyle - Heat 3 - Kushagra Rawat -  3 PM


Women’s Team final and Individual Qualification Sub-division 3  - 9 PM

Indian women’s team - Pranati Nayak, Ruthuja Natraj, Protishtha Samanta


Mixed Team Event Qualifying Round 3

India vs Sri Lanka -  1:30 PM

India vs Australia -  11:30 PM


54kg - 57kg - Featherweight - Round of 32 - Hussamuddin Mohammed vs Amzolele (South Africa) -  5 PM

66kg - 70kg - Light Middleweight - Round of 16 -  Lovlina Borgohain vs Ariane Nicholson (NZ) -  12 AM (July 31)

86kg - 92kg - Heavyweight - Round of 16 - Sanjeet Sanjeet vs Ato Leau Plodzicki-Faoagali (Samoa) -  1:00 AM (July 31)


2:30 PM - 6:15 PM

Women’s Sprint - Qualifying - Mayuri Lute, Triyasha Paul

Women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit- Qualifying - Meenakshi

Men’s 4000m Individual Pursuit - Vishwajeet Singh, Dinesh Kumar

8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Men’s Keirin first round - Esow Alben


Women’s Pool A - India vs Wales - 11:30 PM


1:30 PM - 6:15 PM

Men’s 55 kg - Final - Sanket Mahadev Sargar

Men’s 61 kg - Final - Gururaja

8:00 PM - 10:15 PM

Women’s 49 kg - Final - Mirabhai Chanu

12:30 AM (July 31)

Women’s 55 kg - Final - Bindyarani Devi


Women’s Team Event Qualifying Round 3 - India vs Guyana -  2 PM

Men’s Team Event Qualifying Round 3 - India vs Northern Ireland -  4:30 PM

Quarter-Finals - 8:30 PM - 1:30 AM (July 31)

Indian entries: Women’s team: Diya Chitale Manika Batra Reeth Tennison Seerja Akula

Men’s team: Harmeet Desai Sanil Shetty Sharath Kamal Sathiyan Gnanasekaran


Men’s Singles Preliminary Round of 32 - Ramit Tandon vs Christopher Binnie (Jamaica) -  5 PM

Women’s Singles Preliminary Round of 32 - Joshana Chinappa vs Meagan Best (Barbados) -  5:45 PM

Women’s Singles Preliminary Round of 32 - Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla vs Aifa Azman (Malaysia) -  5:45 PM

Men’s Singles Preliminary Round of 32 - Saurav Ghoshal vs Shamil Wakeel (Sri Lanka) -  6:15 PM

Squash Indian entries (all categories)

Men’s team: Singles: Saurav Ghosal Abhay Singh Doubles: Senthilkumar Valavan/Abhay Singh Ramit Tandon/Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu

Women’s team: Singles: Joshana Chinappa Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla Anahat Singh Doubles: Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla/Anahat Singh Joshana Chinappa/Dipika Pallikal Karthik

Mixed: Saurav Ghoshal/Joshana Chinappa Ramit Tandon/Dipika Pallikal Karthik


1:00 PM - 6:15 PM

Men’s Triples Sectional Play - Dinesh Kumar, Navneet Singh, Chandan Kumar Singh

Women’s Singles Sectional Play - Tania Choudhury vs Laura Daniels (Wales)

Para Women’s Pairs B6-B8 Sectional Play - Round 3

7:30 PM - 12: 45 AM (July 31)

Women’s Fours Sectional Play - Round 3 (Lovely Choubey, Tania Choudhury, Rupa Rani Tirkey, Pinki)

Men’s Pairs Sectional Play - Round 3 (Sunil Bahadur, Mridul Borgohain)

Where and when to watch the 2022 Commonwealth Games Live?

The Commonwealth Games 2022 will be telecast live on Sony TEN 1, Sony TEN 2, Sony TEN 3, Sony SIX, and Sony TEN 4 channels. The live streaming of the Games will be available on the Sony LIV app or website.

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