Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 7 Highlights: Sudhir wins powerlifting gold, Sreeshankar bags silver, India medal tally rises to 20

CWG 2022 Day 7 Highlights: Read all the updates, results and medals won on seventh day of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

CWG 2022 Day 7 Highlights: Read all the updates, results and medals won on seventh day of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s Highlights of Day 7 of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

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  • Para Powerlifting (Men’s heavyweight): Sudhir (134.5 points) won Gold
  • Long Jump (Men): Sreeshankar (8.08m) won silver
  • Women: 200m (heats): Hima Das (wins Heat 2, enters semifinal)
  • Badminton (round-of-32): Men: K. Srikanth bt Daniel Wanagaliya (Uga) 2-0; Women: P.V. Sindhu bt Fathimath Nabaaha (Mdv) 2-0
  • Hockey: Men (Pool B): bt Wales 4-1, enters semifinals.
  • Squash: Women: Doubles (round-of-32): Sunayna/Anahat bt
Medal Alert!
India wins its sixth Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham with Sudhir bagging the Gold in Men’s Heavyweight Powerlifting.


  • ⦿Sudhir fails to lift 217 kg in his final attempt, but wins the Gold Medal with 134.5 points.
  • ⦿ The Indian is top in the standings at the moment, eyeing a Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022.
  • ⦿ Sudhir lifts 212 kg in his second attempt, taking his points to 134.5 points and improves on his Commonwealth Games Record.
  • ⦿ Sudhir lifts 208kg in his first attempt, sets a Games Record and leads the standings with 132 points.
Sreeshankar and Laquarn Nairn of Bahamas were tied at 8.08m in the gold position. However, Nairn clinched the gold owing to a bigger second-highest jump of 7.98m, compared to Sreeshankar’s 7.84m. South Africa’s Jovan van Vuuren finished third with a best of 8.06m.
Historic medal for India as this is the first silver in long jump at CWG for the country. India now has a total of 19 medal - 5 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze - and sits 7th on the overal medal tally.
Sreeshankar comes for the final attempt. And he gets the red flag as he just clips the line. That will be silver for Sreeshankar.
Sreeshankar still in silver medal position with one final attempt remaining.
Anees comes for his final attempt. He gets 7.97m and that’s his best of the evening. He moves into fifth position and that’s the end of Anees’ campaign.
Fantastic jump by Sreeshankar of 8.08m and he goes level with Nairn, who is in the gold medal position. However, the Indian is second on the standings currently.
Anees comes for his fifth attempt. He managed 7.58m, still behind his best of 7.74m.
Sreeshankar clips the board by a whisker and is devastated as this was a good jump and would have put him in the top three. Not even a mm in it, sir’, he tells his coach. He still sits sixth with a best of 7.84m.
In his third attempt, Sreeshankar jumps 7.84m and is sixth in the standings now. Anees, with a jump of 7.72m sits eighth.
Sreeshankar jumps to fifth in the standings with the jump.
Anees jumps 7.65m in his second attempt, taking him to seventh in the standings with Sreeshankar jumping 7.84 in his second attempt.
Sreeshankar jumps 7.6m in his first attempt, while Anees’ first attempt is red-flagged.
Murali Sreeshankar and Md. Anees are in action in the long jump final.

Boxing - Men’s Welterweight - Rohit secures another medal in Boxing

  • ⦿Rohit wins the bout 5-0 to enter the semifinals and secures another medal for India.
  • ⦿ Rohit wins the second round with four 10s.
  • ⦿ Rohit wins the first round with five 10s.
  • ⦿ The match begins with Rohit (in Blue) playing cautious to an extremely aggressive opponent and is clinical in landing punches
  • ⦿ India’s Rohit Tokas is in action against Niue’s Xavier Mata’afa-Ikinofo
Squash: Women’s Doubles Round of 16
The Indian duo win the Round of 16 match in straight sets to enter the quarterfinals.
Dipika Pallikal and Joshna Chinappa win the second game 11-4.
The second game begins with India taking an early lead and has not allowed Barbados to open its account so far with the score 4-0 in India’s favour at the moment.
The Indian duo leads the first game 9-4 at the moment and finally seals the game 11-4
Joshana Chinappa and Dipika Pallikal are in action against Barbados’ Meagan Best and Amanda Haywood.

Badminton - Men’s Singles Round of 32: Lakshya Sen into the Round of 16

  • ⦿Lakshya wins the second game 21-5 to win the match 2-0 and sails into the Round of 16.
  • ⦿Lakshya Sen wins the first game 21-4 to take a one-game lead
  • ⦿ The Indians starts the first game with an early lead and continues to build on it, with the score 10-4 in India’s favour now.
  • ⦿ Lakshya Sen will be in action against Vernon Seed of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Squash - Women’s Doubles Round of 16

  • ⦿Sara Kuruvilla and Anahat Singh’s run in the event is over.
  • ⦿ Australia wins the second game 11-4 to get into the quarterfinals.
  • ⦿ Australia looks to be taking away the match with a seven-point advantage now. IND 4-10 AUS
  • ⦿ In the second game, Australia continues to stay in front with the score 4-2 in Australia’s favour
  • ⦿ Australia seals the first game 11-4 to take a 1-0 lead in the the Women’s quarterfinals.
  • ⦿ Anahat and Sara pull back two points to get to 4-3 now
  • ⦿ The Australian pair is leading the first set 4-1 at the moment
  • ⦿ India’s Sara Kuruvilla and Anahat Singh will be in action Rachael Grinham and Lobban
Table Tennis
Men’s Doubles Round of 32: Sharath Kamal, G. Sathiyan into Round of 16; IND 3-0 GUY
Sharath Kamal and Sathiyan complete a whitewash with a 3-0 win against the Guyana duo to book their place in the Round of 16.
The Indians win both the games with a score line of 11-2 and 11-5 in the first and second game respectively and leads the third game 2-0 at the moment.
Sanil Shetty and Harmeet Desai enter the Round of 16 with a 3-0 whitewash
Men’s Doubles Round of 32: Sanil Shetty, Harmeet Desai, IND 3-0 CYP
India wins third consecutive game 1-11.The Desai-Shetty pair looks relentless with the difference in points up to 10 points now. India wins three games in a row and needs just one more game victory to seal a spot in the Round of 16.
India wins the second game 11-5: The Indian duo continues to establish dominance in the second game and secures a win with a six-point advantage.
India wins the first game 11-6: India is leading 6-4 at the moment and takes the lead further to 9-6 in its favour. The Indian duo seals the first game to take a 1-0 lead in the match.
Manika Batra sails into Round of 16
Women’s Singles Round of 32: Ching Nam Fu 0-4 Manika Batra
India wins the fourth game 11-6: Manika’s lead continues to be the definitive factor in this match, with the two separated by four points currently with India in front. Manika does not waste any more time, securing a comprehensive win the fourth game, winning the match en route to the Round of 16.
India wins the third game 11-7: Manika’s agility and skills are still no match for the Canada player with India sealing its third game in a row with a four-point advantage.
India wins the second game 11-2: Manika looks more dominant in the the second game, going eight points up without allowing Nam Fu to open her account. The lead goes to 10-0 now. Ching Nam Fu earns two points, but Manika makes her elad count to win this game with a nine-point advantage.
India wins the first game 11-5: Manika starts the first game with three early points, but Nam Fu tries to comeback into the match with two point. Manika continues to build on her lead with a four-point advantage now. The Indian seals the first game 11-5 to take a lead in the match.
Badminton - India 1-0 Pakistan - Women’s Singles Round of 32 - Aakarshi Kashyap into Ro16
Mahoor will not be able to continue in the match anymore and Aakarshi gets a walkover to enter the Round of 16.
Injury! India was leading 8-1 against Pakistan, but Mahoor looks to have injured herself mid-match and is being carried out of the court. Not the sight sports wants during games. But the match is not over yet, with the shuttler being treated of an ankle sprain at the moment.
Second Game begins
India wins the first game 22-20.
The score is back level at 20-20. India earns back two points to get back on level terms and Aakarshi earns another point to take her point tally to 21.
Pakistan is ahead now, with a two-point lead until Aakarshi earns another point. Mahoor retains the lead with the score 19-17 to Pakistan now.
Mahoor edges closer to levelling the Indian with the deficit cut to a solitary point now and then goes level at 15-15. What a contest this!
After Pakistan goes level at 7-7 against Pakistan, Aakarshi builds on the lead with a five-point advantage over Mahoor.
First Game Begins
Aakarshi Kashyap of India will be in action against Mahoor Shahzad of Pakistan in the Roundof 32 Women’s Singles Round of 32.
Table Tennis
Women’s Singles Round of 32: Sreeja Akula into pre-quarters; IND 4-1 MAL
Akula beats Karen in the fifth game with an identical scoreline to seal a spot in the Round of 16.
India wins the fourth game 11-8
The Indian continues to build on the lead and wins the fourth game to seal a victory in the game.
Sreeja has taken the lead in the fourth game with a 8-6 score initially, until Karen earns another point to close the gap to a solitary point.
Karen wins the third game 11-4 to get a game in Malaysia’s favour.
The third game begins with Karen Lyne taking an early lead and is four points ahead of the Indian at 2-6. Karen seals the third game, trying to make a comeback in the match.
The second game ends in favour of Sreeja as well with the same score line as the first. India 12-10 Malaysia.
Sreeja comes back into the match, getting level at 9-9 now. The second game looks similar to the first one and might just go down to the wire. The Indian trails in the second set 4-7 against Malaysia Karen Lyne at the moment.
Sreeja Akula has won the first set 12-10 after an extremely tough contest.
Women’s Singles Round of 32: Reeth Tennison beats Charlotte Bardsley 4-1. storms into Round of 16
Reeth wins the third game after a well-fought contest, with the scoreline 12-10 in her favour and prevents Bardsley to make any comeback in the fourth with a convincing win the fifth and deciding game. The scoreline 11-3 in favour of India.
India wins the second game as well as the third game 11-6 and 12-10 to earn a two game advantage over the England International.
The Indian increases the deficit to six points now, with the score 9-3 in India’s favour now. Bardsley earns three more points, but the wide lead helps India earn two more points to seal the game with a 11-6 scoreline.
In the third game, Reeth shows hope, earns an early point and build on the lead to go 5-1 up against the Bardsley.
England wins the second game 12-10 to get level with India.
The Indian earns three more more points, but the England player is way ahead at 10-7 in her favour. Reeth makes a comeback, earning six points to get level at 10-10, until Bardsley earns a quick point to go one-up to game point and seals the game 12-10 to get back into the match.
‘Reeth trails the second game so far, with Bardsley enjoying a four-point lead at the moment. The score 5-1 to India.
The Indian seals the first game 11-8 in India’s favour to take an early lead in the match.
Reeth leads Charlotte Bardsley of England 8-1 at the moment in the first game.
Mixed Doubles Round of 32: Sharath Kamal, Sreeja Akula win 11-7 11-6 11-9.
Phew that was close! Trailing 9-10, Early goes for a forehand smash. She lands it out of bounds, however. India take the game and the match.
Northern Ireland are getting closer. India are just 10-8 up now
India drop two out of the six match points. India lead 10-6.
And just like that India break out into a 8-4 lead.
Akula with a brilliant cross-court forehand to get India to parity.
India now trails 2-4.
Achanta yet again with class! He gets one point back for India. 1-3
Northern Ireland open out a three point lead.
Akula on serve to get the third game underway. Another game will seal the win for the Indian duo.
Early’s back hand goes long and that seals the second game for India. India wins the game 11-6. They are 2-0 up.
A pacy rally. Cathcart goes for a long range forehand but fails. India up 9-6.
Sharath Kamal tries a forehand but only to find the net. India leads 6-5.
Northern Ireland’s Cathcart with a backhand shot that beats Akula’s rubber. India leads 2-4.
Sharath Kamal starts the second game with a brilliant forehand winner. India leads 1-0.
Game point for India after which India seals the first game 11-7.
The Indian duo was on a three-point lead, which reduces to two after an error by Sharath. The score 4-2 to India. But Akula and Sharath goes better in the next rally to improve on its lead to 6-3 in India’s favour.
India’s Sharath Kamal and Sreeja Akula will be in action against Sophie Early and Owen Cathcart of Norther Ireland in the match starting at 9:10 pm.
Mixed Doubles Round of 32: Manika Batra, G. Sathiyan sail into Round of 16
The Indian duo wins the match in straight games, beating Seychelles 3-0.
In the third game, Seychelles tries to make a comeback, with an early point after a Manika Batra error. However, India looks too good for the team at the moment, with a seven-point lead now. The score 8-1 to India now. India seals the third game 11-1 as well to secure a spot in the Round of 16.
India wins the first game 11-1. India starts the second game with three early points and makes it four now. The India duo continues to maintain its dominance in the second game as well, winning it 11-3.
India’s Manika Batra and G. Sathiyan will be in action against Mick Crea and Sinon Laura of Seychelles in the Round of 32.

Men’s Lightweight Para Powerlifting

  • ⦿ Parmjeet Kumar fails at her second attempt as well.
  • ⦿Parmjeet Kumar fails to lift 165 kg in his first attempt and will try to lift the same in his second attempt.
  • ⦿ Richard Lubanza of Zambia lifts 70.9 kg in his first lift with a Rack Height of 16 to earn 97.5 points -- the highest so far in the standings
  • ⦿ India’s Parmjeet Kumar is set to compete for India in the powerlifting final and is expected to lift 49.10kg with a rack height of 14.

Hockey - The Indian Men’s team beats Wales 4-1 to qualify for the semifinals.

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Para powerlifting Women’s Lightweight

  • ⦿Manpreet and Sakina fail in their final attempts to lift 90 kg and 93 kg respectively and India is out of medal contention in this event.
  • ⦿ Manpreet finishes fourth while Sakina finished fifth in the final.
  • ⦿ Manpreet Lifts 88 kg in her second attempt to sit fourth in standings with a score of 89.6.
  • ⦿ Sakina successfully lifts 90 kg with a rack height of 11 and goes to fifth, just below Manpreet with a score of 87.5
  • ⦿ Both lifters of Nigeria have been disqualified.
  • ⦿ Zoey Newson of England lifts 97 kg in her first attempt and goes right on top with a score of 98.2
  • ⦿ Sakina Khatun fails to lift 90 kg with a rack height of 11.
  • ⦿ Manpreet Kaur lifts 87 kg in her first attempt with a rack height of 12, taking her points to top with 88.6 points.
  • ⦿ India’s Manpreet Kaur and Sakina Khatun are in action in the para powerlifting final.
Boxing - Men’s Super Heavyweight Quarterfinals - Sagar secures another Boxing Medal
Sagar of India is in action against Keddy Evans of Seychelles. The Indian wins the first round 49-46. Sagar improves himself in the second round with five 10s to win the second round.
The Indian wins the third round with fives 10s as well and is through to the semifinals. He secures another medal for India.

What’s in store now?

  • ⦿8:00 pm: Men’s Super Heavyweight - Sagar vs Keddy Evans of Seychelles
  • ⦿8:30 pm: Mixed Doubles Round of 32 - Manika Batra / G. Sathiyan vs Crea Mick / Sinon Laura of Seychelles

7:14 PM: Hockey

  • ⦿ Hockey - The Indian Men’s team beat Wales 4-1 to qualify for the semifinals.
  • ⦿ India is leading at 2-0 at halftime. You can catch all the LIVE action here
Squash: Mixed Doubles Round of 16 - India through to Quarters
The Indian duo wins the second game, and secures a quarterfinal spot with a win in straight games.
Second Game: Wales starts the second game with two early points, eyeing a comeback in the match. India pulls back two points to draw level, till Whitlock’s shot puts Wales back in front with a one-point lead. India makes a comeback in the game and takes a six-point lead, followed by a win in the second game.
The duo seals the first game 11-8 taking a 1-0 lead in the match against Wales.
India wins the first Game: India takes the lead initially, but Wales pulls back two points to go level at 3-3 so far. Wales goes in front temporarily, but Saurav and Dipika take the lead eventually back to 6-5 in favour of India. Dipika’s shot is too low for Whitlock as India wins another point to go two-points ahead of Wales. The score 9-7 to India.
India’s ace mixed doubles pair of Ghosal and Pallikal is underway with its Round of 16 contest.
India vs Wales
India have their noses in front at halftime. India 2-0 Wales.
Harmanpreet makes it 2-0! India converts another penalty corner.
India take the lead 1-0! Harmanpreet converts a penalty corner to take India ahead. He now has 12 goals in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

6:47 PM: Squash - India’s mixed doubles pair of Joshna Chinappa and Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu lose their Round of 16 match to New Zealand and bow out of competition. The second Indian pair of Saurav Ghosal and Dipika Pallikal plays later today.

6:39 PM: Hockey - India’s men’s team is in action in their last group stage match. It needs at least a draw to secure the first spot. A loss, on the other hand, could lead to its exit. You can catch all the LIVE action here.

6:35 PM: Boxing - It is yet another medal for India! Jaismine hung by a thread in the third round but got the win in the women’s lightweight category. She becomes the latest boxer to assure a bronze medal.

Jaismine vs Troy Garton
Round 3 : Garton started well and had Jaismine on the back foot for the opening exchanges. The New Zealander came pretty close to stealing the contest and had Jaismine pushed on the ropes multiple instances. This was, however, not enough to get her the win. Jaismine won the bout via a 4:1 split decision.
Round 2 : Garton knew she needs to catch up and came with an aggressive approach to start the next round. Jaismine tamed her opponent’s aggression by shuffling across the ring. The Indian defends and defends well. She gets the split decision and retains the lead after two rounds.
Round 1 : The round started with both boxers assessing each other, and not taking any risks. Jaismine’s long reach allowed her to land meaningful blows. This allows her take the first round with all five judges ruling the decision in Jaismine’s favour.

6:15 PM: Squash - After a positive start in the women’s doubles, Joshna Chinappa and Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu will take the court in Round of 16 of mixed doubles.

6:15 PM: Boxing - India’s Jaismine is in action in the quarterfinal of the women’s lightweight category. A win will ensure another medal for India.

6:07 PM: Rhythmic Gymnastics - Team Final and Individual Qualification - India’s Bavleen Kaur manages a score of 18.750 on the apparatus ‘Ball’ and sits in ninth place.

6:05 PM: Squash - India’s women’ doubles team of Sunayna Kuruvilla and Anahat Singh advance to the Round of 16.

5:46 PM: Table Tennis - Aravindan Alagar wins the third game 11-2 to seal the contest. Aravindan seals the match with a 3-1 win and makes it to the quarters.

5:50 PM: Table Tennis - Dan Bullen fights back to take the third game. This one went right down the wire and the Englishman edges past 9-11.

5:43 PM: Table Tennis - Alagar pushes a gear higher and wins the second game with a bigger point difference. He takes the game 11-2 and leads 2-0.

5:36 PM: Table Tennis - Alagar sails through the first game with ease, and wins 11-5. He leads the contest 1-0.

5:30 PM: Table Tennis - India’s Raja Aravindan Alagar in action men’s singles classes 3-5 .

5:25 PM: Rhythmic Gymnastics - Team Final and Individual Qualification - India’s Bavleen Kaur finishes 12th (out of 13) on the apparatus ‘Hoop’ with a score of 18.100.

5:20 PM: Lawn Bowls - Mridul Borgohain loses his final Section D game 13-21 to end in fourth place. He fails to qualify for quarterfinals.

5:07 PM: Badminton - The mixed doubles pair of Ashwini Ponnappa and B Sumeeth Reddy crash out in the Round of 32 with a 18-21 16-21 loss to the England duo.

5:00 PM: Table Tennis - Sonalben Patel advances to the semifinal in the women’s singles classes 3-5 with a 3-1 win over Nigeria’s Obiora.

4:57 PM: Boxing - Amit Panghal advances to the semifinal of the men’s flyweight category and assures another medal for India.

Amit Panghal vs Lennon Mulligan
Round 3 : Mulligan throws the kitchen sink at the bout in an attempt to reverse his deficit, but the Indian is clever enough to navigate it. Panghal takes the bout 5:0 on a unanimous decision.
Round 2 : Mulligan starts on the front foot and land a few clean hits on Panghal. The Indian, however, comes back and takes the attack to the Scot. The judges award another 4:1 split decision to Amit Panghal.
Round 1 : Amit Panghal relies on his footwork and is actively moves around the ring. He manages to land a few clean hits. The judges feel the same and award him the first round 4:1.

4:38 PM: Boxing- Amit Panghal in action in the quarterfinal of men’s flyweight category.

4:38 PM: Badminton - The mixed doubles pair of Ashwini Ponnappa and B Sumeeth Reddy loses first game 21-18.

4:33 PM: Badminton - Kidambi Srikanth beats Uganda’s Daniel Wanagaliya 21-9 21-9 to advance to the second round.


  • ⦿Final Score: Kidambi 21-9 Wanagaliya
  • ⦿ Wanagaliya is asked to stretch to pick a drop shot but he fails to do so. Kidambi leads 15-8.
  • ⦿ 11-4 lead for the Indian.
  • ⦿ Kidambi is in the lead again. He is up 9-4.
  • ⦿ The second game is underway.


  • ⦿Final Score: Kidambi 21-9 Wanagaliya
  • ⦿ Kidambi now leads 17-9.
  • ⦿ The Indian leads 11-6 at the half way point of the first game.
  • ⦿ A comfortable point for Kidambi as he gently nudges the shuttle past the net while the Ugandan struggles to place himself at the right spot.
  • ⦿ The Indian leads 5-2 in the early stage of Game 1

4:10 PM: Badminton - Kidambi Srikanth begins his singles campaign against Uganda’s Daniel Wanagaliya in the round of 32.

4:04 PM: Table Tennis - Bhavina Patel is through to the semifinal. She beats her Fijian opponent 11-1 11-5 11-1. Meanwhile, her compatriot Baby Sahana Ravi loses 0-3 to Australia’s Qian Yang.

3:58 PM: Table Tennis - Bhavina Patel doubles her lead. She wins the second game 1 1-5. Patel just needs one more game to advance to the next round.

Squash Update
Ramit Tandon ruled out of the 2022 Commonwealth Games due to an injury.

3:55 PM: Table Tennis - Bhavina Patel takes little time to win the first game 11-1.

3:45 PM: Athletics - Manju Bala has qualified for the women’s hammer throw final which will be held on Saturday. Manju finished 11th in the qualification round with a best throw of 59.68m. However, her compatriot Sarita Romit Singh finished 13th and failed to make the cut.

3:40 PM: Table Tennis - Sanil Shetty and Reeth Tennison have been knocked out of mixed doubles after losing their round of 64 match 2-3 (6-11, 10-12, 13-11, 11-8, 8-11) to the Malaysian duo of Wong Qi Shen and Tee Ai Xin.

3:28 PM: Badminton - PV Sindhu is through to the round of 16 with a comfortable 21-4, 21-11 win over Abdul Razzaq of Maldives.

3:10 PM: PV Sindhu begins her singles campaign against Maldives’ Abdul Razzaq in the round of 32.


  • ⦿ Sindhu takes the second game 21-11 and moves to round of 16 easily.
  • ⦿ Sindhu shows her class. Wins nine points on the trot to lead 18-9.
  • ⦿ Razzaq equalises at 9-9.
  • ⦿ Much better play from Razzaq in second game. However, Sindhu leads 8-4.


  • ⦿ Sindhu takes the opening game 21-4 in next to no time.
  • ⦿ Sindhu further extends her lead to 13-2.
  • ⦿ Superb start for the Indian shuttler. Leads 5-0.

3:03 PM:Athletics - Hima Das is in action in the women’s 200m Heat 2. She starts in lane number 5. Hima Das, despite a slow start, wins her heat with a timing of 23.42s and automatically qualifies for the semi-finals!

2:45 PM: Paddlers Sanil Shetty and Reeth Tennison are about to begin their mixed doubles campaign against Malaysian pair of Wong Qi Shen and Tee Ai Xin in round of 64.


  • ⦿ Sanil’s backhand shot hits the net and that’s it for the Indian pair. Malaysian pair wins 3-2.
  • ⦿ Three match points for Malaysian pair at 10-7. Can the Indian pair repeat what it did in the third game?
  • ⦿ The match is running away from the Indian duo. Three consecutive points take Malaysians to 8-4.
  • ⦿ Excellent stuff from Sanil. Cross-court forehand from the Indian takes the pair to 4-5.
  • ⦿ Malaysians move quickly into a 4-1 lead.


  • ⦿ Reeth and Sanil convert at the second time of asking. Win fourth game 11-8 to force a one-game shoot-off.
  • ⦿ Three game points for Reeth and Sanil as they lead 10-7.
  • ⦿ Sanil and Reeth wins three points in a row to level the score at 6-6 in the must-win game.
  • ⦿ Just like that, the Malaysians have reeled off six points in a row to lead 6-3.
  • ⦿ The Indian pair carries the momentum in fourth game. Leads 3-0.


  • ⦿ Sanil and Reeth come back from the brink of defeat to take the third game 13-11. This match is not over!
  • ⦿ Sanil saves third match point at 10-11 with a round the net shot.
  • ⦿ Sanil and Reeth save two match points and the score is 10-10.
  • ⦿ An incredible rally at 7-9 and Sanil comes up with a brilliant forehand winner while losing his balance.
  • ⦿ Malaysian’s had a 6-3 lead in the third game as well but Sanil and Reeth have reduced the gap and now trail by one point at 6-7.


  • ⦿ From 9-10 down, the Malaysian pair wins three points in a row to clinch the second game as well.
  • ⦿ The Malaysians close the gap and the score are level at 9-9.
  • ⦿ Indians have turned it around to move 7-5 ahead.
  • ⦿ Much closer start to the second game. The Malaysians lead 4-2.


  • ⦿ Wong and Tee take the first game 11-6
  • ⦿ Lots of unforced errors from the Indian duo and the Malaysians are 9-4 up.
  • ⦿ Malaysian pair has a 6-3 lead.

2:30 PM: Here we go. Time for live action. Women’s Hammer Throw qualification in which 17 athletes will compete to make it to the top 12 for Saturday’s final.

Women’s Hammer Throw Qualification
The women’s hammer throw qualification is over. Manju Bala, who finished 11th, has qualified for Saturday’s final while Sarita Romit Singh with a 13th-place finish fails to make the cut.
Manju Bala fails to register a valid throw in her third and final attempt. The Indian is placed at 11th at the moment which means she can still qualify for the final.
Sarita’s final throw measures at 56.62m. She is currently at 13th and hence, will not make it to the final.
Like Sarita, Manju Bala’s second attempt too is invalid.
Sarita’s second throw is an invalid one. She has only one more attempt left. Meanwhile, Canada’s Camryn Rogers has set a new Games Record of 74.68m.
Sarita’s first throw goes only as far as 57.48m, way off the automatic qualification mark of 68m. Manju Bala does better than her compatriot with a first throw of 59.68m.

2PM: Just half an hour to go for the first day of the event - women’s hammer throw qualification. India’s Manju Bala and Sarita Romit Singh will be in action.

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1:20 PM: ICYMI, check the highlights of Day 6 where India won five medals: Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 6 Highlights: India wins four Bronze and one Silver to take medal tally to 18

1:10 PM: Here are the top moments from Day 6 of CWG 2022.

The Commonwealth Games  2022 in Birmingham take place from July 29 to August 8 with Indian athletes competing in events across 15 sports. Here are all the events Indians will be participating on Day 7 in Birmingham.


2:30 pm: Women’s Hammer Throw Qualification - Manju Bala, Sarita Romit Singh

3:03 pm: Women’s 200m Round 1 Heats - Hima Das

12:12 am: Men’s Long Jump Final - M Sreeshankar, Muhammed Anees Yahiya


3:00 pm: Women’s Singles Round of 32 - PV Sindhu vs Abdul Razzaq (MDV)

4:00 pm: Men’s Singles Round of 32 - Kidambi Srikanth vs Daniel Wanagaliya (UGA)

4:00 pm: Mixed Doubles Round of 32 - B. Sumeeth Reddy/Ashwini Ponnappa vs Callum Hemming/Jessica Pugh (ENG)

10:00 pm: Women’s Singles Round of 32 - Aakarshi Kashyap vs Mahoor Shahzad (PAK)

11:30 pm: Men’s Singles Round of 32 - Lakshya Sen vs Vernon Smeed (SHN)


4:45 pm: Men’s Flyweight - Quarterfinal - Amit Panghal vs Lennon Mulligan

6:15 pm: Women’s Lightweight - Quarterfinal - Jaismine vs Troy Garton

8:00 pm: Men’s Super Heavyweight - Quarterfinal - Sagar vs Keddy Agnes

12:30 am: Men’s Welterweight - Quarterfinal - Rohit Tokas vs Xavier

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Women’s

4:30 pm onwards - Bavleen Kaur


5:30 pm: Women’s Doubles Round of 32 - Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla, Anahat Singh

6:00 pm: Men’s Doubles Round of 32 - Abhay Singh, Velavan Senthilkumar

6:00 pm: Mixed Doubled Round of 16 - Joshna Chinappa, Harinder Pal Sandhu

7:00 pm: Mixed Doubles Round of 16 - Saurav Ghosal, Dipika Pallikal

11:45 pm: Women’s Doubles Round of 16 - Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal

Table Tennis

2:35 pm: Mixed Doubles Round of 64 - Sanil Shetty, Reeth Tennison

8:30 pm: Mixed Doubles Round of 32 - G. Sathiyan, Manika Batra

9:10 pm: Mixed Doubles Round of 32 - Sharath Kamal, Sreeja Akula

10:00 pm: Women’s Singles Round of 32 - Reeth Tennison

10:00 pm: Women’s Singles Round of 32 - Sreeja Akula

10:45 pm: Women’s Singles Round of 32 - Manika Batra

11:30 pm: Men’s Doubles Round of 32 - Harmeet Desai, Sanil Shetty

12:10 am: Men’s Doubles Round of 32 - G. Sathiyan, Sharath Kamal

Para Table Tennis

3:45 pm: Women’s Singles Classes 6-10 - Baby Sahana Ravi

3:45 pm: Women’s Singles Classes 3-5 - Bhavina Patel

4:20 pm: Women’s Singles Classes 3-5 - Sonalben Patel

5:30 pm: Men’s Singles Classes 3-5 - Raj Aravindan Alagar


7:30 pm: Women’s Lightweight Final - Sakina Khatun

9:00pm: Men’s Lightweight Final - Parmjeet Kumar

1:30am: Men’s Heavyweight Final - Sudhir

Lawn Bowls

4:00 pm: Men’s Singles Sectional Play — Mridul Borgohain

Men’s Hockey

6:30 pm: India vs Wales

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