Ranji Trophy Highlights, MUM vs MP Final Day 2: Madhya Pradesh 123/1 at Stumps; trails Mumbai by 251 runs

Ranji Trophy Final Highlights, MUM vs MP Day 2: Get the highlights and commentary from the second day of the Ranji Trophy 2021-22 final between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

Updated : Jun 24, 2022 08:56 IST , BENGALURU

FILE PHOTO: Yash Dubey of Madhya Pradesh in action.
FILE PHOTO: Yash Dubey of Madhya Pradesh in action.

FILE PHOTO: Yash Dubey of Madhya Pradesh in action.

Hello and welcome to  Sportstar's  HIGHLIGHTS of Day 2 of the Ranji Trophy Final between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.


Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma have put on 76 runs for the second wicket. Dubey has scored a dogged 131-ball 44 while Shubham has raced to 41 off 65 balls. With still some batting to come, MP might just think it might have the edge. Shams Mulani, in particular, has been expensive, going at over four runs an over. Intriguing third day on the cards tomorrow.

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MP 123/1 in 41 overs: Kotian into the attack after 37 overs bowling in the innings. Dubey and Shubham play out the last four overs of the day for nine runs. Off-spinner Kotian bowls a loose half-tracker on leg and Dubey goes back in his crease to pull it to the fine-leg boundary. Mulani bowls the last over of the day. Keeps it slightly short to impart more spin but the batters have been cautious towards the end of the day.

MP 114/1 in 37 overs: Huge appeal for LBW as Deshpande, angling into Dubey, takes the ball further in and Dubey shoulders arms, misjudging it a little. It thuds high on his thigh pad and just misses the top of off stump. Deshpande looks frustrated with the decision. He jags another one in sharply from outside off, but this is wider, and Dubey lets it go without fuss. Maiden over. Mulani keeps changing his lengths, not allowing the batters to settle into a rhythm. Just a couple of runs from the over. Deshpande keeps it mostly full in this over, trying to squeeze out a wicket before the end of day's play. Dubey drives a flighted delivery outside off to the point boundary off Mulani to end the 37th over.

MP 105/1 in 33 overs: The pacers have their tails up after the change in ball. Deshpande seams the ball in sharply into Shubham and cuts him in half as the ball whizzes past the inside edge. Maiden over. Avasthi was keeping it full outside off and then sent down a short one wide outside off and Dubey slashed it behind point for a boundary - the first since the ball was changed. Fifty partnership between Dubey and Shubham off 86 balls. A couple of full ones outside off by Deshpande and then a back of length delivery just outside off that jags in. Shubham hops to defend and gets an inside edge that almost trickles onto the stumps. He now comes around the wicket, strays on the pads and allows a single. MP 99/1 in 32 ovs. Mulani replaces Deshpande. Single at point and 100 up for MP in 32.2 ovs . Shubham takes a big stride and sweeps this along the ground to the boundary behind the keeper.

MADHYA PRADESH 94/1 in 29 overs: Mohit Avasthi replaces Deshpande and bowls a friendly half volley on the pads that's clipped behind square for four by Dubey. Sharma continues to take runs off Mulani, full toss on middle and leg is driven to the long on fence. New ball has been taken and it immediately shows sharp movement into the right-hander. Avasthi bowls a maiden with the changed ball.


MADHYA PRADESH 85/1 in 25 overs: Deshpande's bowling well but Sharma and Dubey are finding ways to score off him. Dubey collects four off the inside edge. Deshpande is getting good movement off the pitch. Meanwhile, Mulani replaces Kulkarni and is straightaway square driven for four by Sharma. Shams Mulani is going at more than 6 an over at the moment - MP's plan is to not let Mumbai's main wicket-taker settle into an even rhythm.

MADHYA PRADESH 69/1 in 21 overs: Sharma off the mark with a beautiful cover drive off Deshpande. MP has gone past 50. Sharma then slashes hard at a wide ball from Kulkarni and the outside edge goes over the cordon for four more. Sharma continues to collect boundaries; pulling Deshpande for another four.

MADHYA PRADESH 47/1 in 17 overs: 34 overs remaining in the close of play today. Tushar Deshpande to start proceedings. Deshpande concedes 4 byes first ball. Mantri is on strike. GONE! Mantri is plumb in front. Big breakthrough. Shubham Sharma is in next. Loud appeal for caught behind off the fifth ball but Sharma survives.



MP 43/0 in 16 overs: Maiden over from Awasthi. He had Mantri in a bit of trouble by angling the ball away on a length as the left-hander tried to poke in the channel. Mulani back into the attack. He has dragged his length back after bowling too full in his first over. Tossed up outside off and Mulani pays the price as Mulani steps out to get to the pitch of it and launches it over long-on for six. Consecutive sixes for him as the next flighted delivery on off is dispatched down the ground for another maximum. 13 runs from the over. He comes over the wicket for the last ball - which is defended by Mantri. Avasthi mixes his length this over. Starts off with the short stuff to Mantri, who collects a single with a hook, and then darts in a bouncer to Dubey, who ducks, before going full again. Last over before Tea. Mulani with the ball. Mantri taking a toll on the season's highest wicket-taker. He presses forward and drives a full one through covers for four. Short one next up and Mantri defends off the backfoot. Another front foot drive for a single at long-off and that will be Tea.

MP 23/0 in 12 overs: Avasthi replaces Kulkarni from the other end. Probing first over. He gets one to jag back in sharply from a fifth stump line, almost clipping Dubey's off-stump. Just one leg-bye from it. Drinks Break - MP 18/0 in 9 overs. Change of ends for Kulkarni. Mulani taken out after the one over. He comes from around the wicket to Mantri. He strays on the pads after keeping it wide outside off and Mantri steals a single with a clip to mid-on. Sharp movement in for Kulkarni and Dubey is in a fix trying to negotiate it and gets an inside edge to leg-side for a single, almost getting run out at the non-striker's end in the process. Good over from Avasthi, just a single off the last time owing to a mis-field at mid-off by Shaw. He seems to have twisted his ankle a bit in the process but is okay to continue. Kulkarni will continue. Mumbai is not happy with the shape of the ball and the umpire is running it through the gauge to check if it okay to continue with it. Looks like they will have to continue with the same red cherry. Two singles from the over as Kulkarni keeps his line straight.

MP 17/0 in 8 overs: Loud appeal for caught behind as Kukarni drifts a length ball down leg side and Mantri misses the flick. The keeper is interested but the umpire is unmoved. A thick outside for four to the third man fence as Mantri pokes a length delivery outside off. Next one is full outside off and Mantri is beaten comprehensively trying to drive off the front foot. Despande continues from over the wicket. Maiden over as the openers are still to find their rhythm. But they have looked confident in their defence so far. MP 11/0 in 6 ovs. Kulkarni keeps the slips interested as another outside edge off Mantri's willow flies past gully for a couple. Three slips and gully now in place. MP 13/0 in 7 ovs . Spin into the attack and it is Mulani with the ball. Tossed up on leg and Mantri ventures out and flicks it to the midwicket boundary.

MP 7/0 in 4 overs: Deshpande from the other end. Angling it across to left-hander Mantri. Five dots and then Deshpande bowls a short one that is pulled away by Mantri to the square leg boundary for four runs. Kukarni keeps attacking the stumps from his end but Dubey is solid in his front foot defence. Maiden over. MP 6/0 in 3 ovs. Another quiet over as just a single comes from Deshpande's second over.

MP 2/0 in 1 over: Himanshu Mantri and Yash Dubey are out to open the innings for MP. Dhawal Kulkarni with the new ball for Mumbai. On the money first ball. Full on the stumps and a bit of away swing. Defended by Dubey. On the money first ball. Full on the stumps and a bit of away swing. Defended by Dubey. First runs for MP with a drive through covers that fetches Dubey a couple as Kulkarni goes full outside off.


MUM 374/10 in 127.4 overs: Sarash drags his length back to Sarfaraz and the goes with a full one on middle and Sarfaraz hammers it down the ground for SIX! Avasthi is keen to show his batting partner that he too has the shots. Clears the cover boundary with a big heave off a wide outside the off stump delivery by Saransh. Sarfaraz is looking to get the runs quickly with a single wicket in hand. OUT! He pulls one to the square leg fence for four off Yadav and then holes out at deep extra cover off a slower one outside off going for the big shot again. Sarfaraz Khan c Aditya Shrivastava b Gaurav Yadav 134(243b 13x4 2x6).

MUM 357/9 in 126 overs: Saransh keeps it full in his second over of the day, allowing a couple of singles. Yadav misses his line and length a bit in this over. Over-pitches and goes too straight, but Avasthi misses the leg-side flicks that would have allowed easy runs. The last one is a length ball outside off and the No. 11 lets it go.

Sarfaraz and Deshpande continue after Lunch. Saransh with the ball for the first time today. Just a single from the over. Yadav operates from the other end. OUT! Another wicket for a MP pacer from around the wicket. He darts it in full and wide outside off, Deshpande takes a big swipe looking to go over covers and gets an outside edge which goes to the wicketkeeper. Tushar Deshpande c Himanshu Mantri b Gaurav Yadav 6(20b 1x4). Mumbai 353/9. The last man - Mohit Avasthi - in.

LUNCH: Mumbai have moved to 351/8 at lunch, thanks to that man, Sarfaraz Khan. He is unbeaten on 119, having racked up his fourth hundred of the season. He managed to sneak a single off the last ball before lunch, which means he will be on strike when action resumes in the afternoon session. He got to his 100 off 190 balls, joint-slowest for him in first-class cricket. We will be back at 12:40.

Relish this Sarfaraz scoop during your lunch break!


MUM 332/8 in 115 overs: Sarfaraz Khan takes centre-stage again: gets to his fourth hundred of the season by smashing Kartikeya down the ground for four. He got to the three-figure mark off 190 balls. After a watchful stint on Day 1, Sarfaraz opened up today and took the attack to Kartikeya, in particular. He reached his 50 off 152 balls and took just 38 balls for his next 50!


WICKET! Mumbai lose eight as Kulkarni is caught behind off Agarwal. Left-hander Tushar Deshpande is the new man at the crease.


MUM 310/7 in 111 overs: Khan into the eighties with a streaky four. He drove at a wide ball from Anubhav and the edge flew between between the diving wicketkeeper and the wide first slip. Had the slip been a conventional first slip, he would've pocketed it with ease. Instead, four more have been added to Mumbai and Khan's total. Two slips for Kulkarni, who is holding one end up.

MUM 301/7 in 107 overs: Plenty happening in that phase of play. Sarfaraz pulled Gaurav Yadav for four and was running down the pitch, but was looking at the ball instead of where he was going and crashed into the bowler. He was on the floor and needed some medical attention. One dot ball later, Sarfaraz rode the bounce and guided a length ball outside off between deep point and third man for four. Meanwhile, Anubhav Agarwal replaced Yadav. Sarfaraz took Mumbai to 300 with a single off Agarwal.

MUM 288/7 in 103 overs: Kumar Kartikeya replaces Anubhav Agarwal. He was taken for plenty in his first spell on day one. Sarfaraz swept Kartikeya twice for four. Along the way, he tucked one off his pads to square leg to reach yet another fifty, off 152 balls. He then played the shot of the morning when he straight drove Gaurav Yadav for four. However, Yadav picked his second of the morning when he clean bowled Kotian with one that moved after pitching. A 40-run stand for the seventh wicket comes to an end. Dhawal Kulkarni joins Sarfaraz.

MUM 263/6 in 99 overs: No sign of spin yet. Agarwal and Yadav continue to operate in tandem. Yadav has looked more dangerous of the two, beating the outside edge a few times. In between, Kotian carved an authoritative drive through the covers for four.

MUM 255/6 in 95 overs: Khan brings up the team 250 with a sliced shot to deep point for four. Yadav has been at the batters from ball one: pitching it up and swinging it. Kotian can hang in there but that early wicket would've boosted MP's morale. MP operating with pace from both ends with the new ball still six overs old.

MUM 248/6 in 91 overs: Mulani, batting on 12, will take strike. Gaurav Yadav with the ball. Two slips and a gully. Yadav goes round the wicket and generates exaggerated seam movement straightaway. GONE! Yadav strikes off the second ball of the morning, traps Mulani in front. Slightly full and came in sharply. Mulani was late to the ball and paid the price. Tanush Kotian on strike. He is yet to open his account. A wicket maiden to start the proceedings.

Out come the Mumbai batters, Sarfaraz and Mulani. The MP fielders make their way to the middle. The new ball was taken late on Day 1.

PITCH REPORT: "It's a still good wicket to bat on. The sun's not out yet, so the cracks haven't opened up. There are a few rough patches but that shouldn't worry the batters," reckons Rajat Bhatia.

Welcome to Day 2. The conditions around Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru are still overcast. MP will believe if it can take an early wicket, especially that of Sarfaraz, it will gain an early advantage. On Day 1, Yashasvi Jaiswal struck a brilliant 78, before falling short of what would have been four back-to-back hundreds.



Mumbai: Prithvi Shaw (c), Yashasvi Jaiswal, Armaan Jaffer,  Suved Parkar, Sarfaraz Khan, Hardik Tamore (wk), Shams Mulani, Dhawal Kulkarni, Tanush Kotian, Mohit Avasthi, Tushar Deshpande.

Madhya Pradesh: Yash Dubey, Himanshu Mantri (wk), Shubham Sharma, Rajat Patidar, Aditya Shrivastava (c), Akshat Raghuwanshi, Saransh Jain, Anubhav Agarwal, Gaurav Yadav, Kumar Kartikeya, Parth Sahani.



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