Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy fixtures 2020-21: Full schedule, timings, venues

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy will feature 38 teams across six different groups in action between January 10-31. Here is the complete schedule of the tournament.

Defending champion Karnataka won the previous two editions in 2018/19 and 2019/20. It is the joint-most successful team alongside Baroda and Gujarat with two titles.   -  VIJAY SONEJI

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy will mark the return of cricket in India with the tournament being held between January 10 and January 31.

The tournament will be held across six venues- Alur (Bengaluru), Indore, Vadodara, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. The knockout stages will be played in Ahmedabad from January 26-31

A total of 38 teams will feature in the tournament across six different groups - five Elite groups and one Plate group.

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Here is the complete schedule of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2020-21.

(Matches in '*' will be telecast in the Star Sports Network and Hotstar)

January 10, SundayElite AKarnataka vs J&K12:00 PMAlur
January 10, SundayElite APunjab vs Uttar Pradesh12:00 PMAlur
January 10, SundayElite ARailways vs Tripura12:00 PMAlur
January 10, SundayElite BBengal vs Odisha12:00 PMKolkata
January 10, SundayElite BJharkhand vs Tamil Nadu*12:00 PMKolkata
January 10, SundayElite CGujarat vs Maharashtra12:00 PMVadodara
January 10, SundayElite CChhatisgarh vs Himachal Pradesh12:00 PMVadodara
January 10, SundayElite CBaroda vs Uttarakhand  12:00 PMVadodara
January 10, SundayElite BAssam vs Hyderabad *  7:00 PMKolkata
January 11, MondayElite DSaurashtra vs Services*12:00 PMIndore
January 11, MondayElite DRajasthan vs Vidarbha12:00 PMIndore
January 11, MondayElite EAndhra Pradesh vs Haryana12:00 PMMumbai
January 11, MondayElite EMumbai vs Delhi*12:00 PMMumbai
January 11, MondayPlateChandigarh vs Nagaland 12:00 PMChennai
January 11, MondayPlateMeghalaya vs Manipur12:00 PMChennai
January 11, MondayPlateBihar vs Arunachal Pradesh12:00 PMChennai
January 11, MondayPlateMizoram vs Sikkim12:00 PMChennai
January 11, MondayElite DMadhya Pradesh vs Goa*  7:00 PMIndore
January 11, MondayElite EKerala vs Puducherry*  7:00 PMMumbai
January 12, TuesdayElite AKarnataka vs Punjab12:00 PMAlur
January 12, TuesdayElite AJ&K vs Tripura12:00 PMAlur
January 12, TuesdayElite ARailways vs Uttar Pradesh12:00 PMAlur
January 12, TuesdayElite BBengal vs Jharkhand*12:00 PMKolkata
January 12, TuesdayElite BHyderabad vs Odisha12:00 PMKolkata
January 12, TuesdayElite CChhatisgarh vs Maharashtra12:00 PMVadodara
January 12, TuesdayElite CGujarat vs Uttarakhand12:00 PMVadodara
January 12, TuesdayElite CBaroda vs Himachal Pradesh 12:00 PMVadodara
January 12, TuesdayElite BAssam vs Tamil Nadu*  7:00 PMKolkata
January 13, Wednesday Elite DSaurashtra vs Vidarbha*12:00 PMIndore
January 13, WednesdayElite DGoa vs Services12:00 PMIndore
January 13, WednesdayElite EAndhra Pradesh vs Delhi*12:00 PMMumbai
January 13, WednesdayElite EHaryana vs Puducherry12:00 PMMumbai
January 13, WednesdayPlateMeghalaya vs Mizoram12:00 PMChennai
January 13, WednesdayPlateChandigarh vs Manipur12:00 PMChennai
January 13, WednesdayPlateBihar vs Sikkim12:00 PMChennai
January 13, WednesdayPlateArunachal Pradesh vs Nagaland12:00 PMChennai
January 13, WednesdayElite DMadhya Pradesh vs Rajasthan*  7:00 PMIndore
January 13, WednesdayElite EMumbai vs Kerala*  7:00 PMMumbai
January 14, ThursdayElite APunjab vs Railways12:00 PMAlur
January 14, ThursdayElite AJ&K vs Uttar Pradesh12:00 PMAlur
January 14, ThursdayElite AKarnataka vs Tripura12:00 PMAlur
January 14, ThursdayElite BAssam vs Jharkhand12:00 PMKolkata
January 14, ThursdayElite BOdisha vs Tamil Nadu*12:00 PMKolkata
January 14, ThursdayElite CBaroda vs Chhatisgarh12:00 PMVadodara
January 14, ThursdayElite CGujarat vs Himachal Pradesh12:00 PMVadodara
January 14, ThursdayElite CMaharashtra vs Uttarakhand12:00 PMVadodara
January 14, ThursdayElite BBengal vs Hyderabad*  7:00 PMKolkata
January 15, FridayElite DMadhya Pradesh vs Vidarbha*12:00 PMIndore
January 15, FridayElite DRajasthan vs Services12:00 PMIndore
January 15, FridayElite EDelhi vs Kerala12:00 PMMumbai
January 15, FridayElite EMumbai vs Haryana12:00 PMMumbai
January 15, FridayPlateBihar vs Meghalaya12:00 PMChennai
January 15, FridayPlateChandigarh vs Mizoram12:00 PMChennai
January 15, FridayPlateNagaland vs Sikkim12:00 PMChennai
January 15, FridayPlateArunachal Pradesh vs Manipur12:00 PMChennai
January 15, FridayElite DGoa vs Saurashtra*  7:00 PMIndore
January 15, FridayElite EAndhra Pradesh vs Puducherry*  7:00 PMMumbai
January 16, SaturdayElite ATripura vs Uttar Pradesh12:00 PMAlur
January 16, SaturdayElite AKarnataka vs Railways12:00 PMAlur
January 16, SaturdayElite AJ&K vs Punjab12:00 PMAlur
January 16, SaturdayElite BHyderabad vs Tamil Nadu12:00 PMKolkata
January 16, SaturdayElite BBengal vs Assam*12:00 PMKolkata
January 16, SaturdayElite CHimachal Pradesh v Uttarakhand12:00 PMVadodara
January 16, SaturdayElite CBaroda vs Maharashtra12:00 PMVadodara
January 16, SaturdayElite CChhatisgarh vs Gujarat12:00 PMVadodara
January 16, SaturdayElite BJharkhand vs Odisha*  7:00 PMKolkata
January 17, SundayElite DGoa vs Rajasthan*12:00 PMIndore
January 17, SundayElite DMadhya Pradesh vs Saurashtra12:00 PMIndore
January 17, SundayElite EMumbai vs Puducherry*12:00 PMMumbai
January 17, SundayElite EAndhra Pradesh vs Kerala12:00 PMMumbai
January 17, SundayPlateBihar vs Manipur12:00 PMChennai
January 17, SundayPlateArunchal Pradesh vs Meghalaya12:00 PMChennai
January 17, SundayPlateChandigarh vs Sikkim12:00 PMChennai
January 17, SundayPlateMizoram vs Nagaland12:00 PMChennai
January 17, SundayElite DServices vs Vidarbha*  7:00 PMIndore
January 17, SundayElite EDelhi vs Haryana*  7:00 PMMumbai
January 18, MondayElite AJ&K vs Railways12:00 PMAlur
January 18, MondayElite APunjab vs Tripura12:00 PMAlur
January 18, MondayElite AKarnataka vs Uttar Pradesh12:00 PMAlur
January 18, MondayElite BAssam vs Odisha12:00 PMKolkata
January 18, MondayElite BHyderabad vs Jharkhand*12:00 PMKolkata
January 18, MondayElite CBaroda vs Gujarat12:00 PMVadodara
January 18, MondayElite CChhatisgarh vs Uttarkhand12:00 PMVadodara
January 18, MondayElite CHimachal Pradesh v Maharashtra12:00 PMVadodara
January 18, MondayElite BBengal vs Tamil Nadu* 7:00 PMKolkata
January 19, TuesdayElite DMadhya Pradesh vs Services*12:00 PMIndore
January 19, TuesdayElite DGoa vs Vidarbha12:00 PMIndore
January 19, TuesdayElite EKerala vs Haryana*12:00 PMMumbai
January 19, TuesdayElite EDelhi vs Puducherry12:00 PMMumbai
January 19, TuesdayPlateArunachal Pradesh v Chandigarh12:00 PMChennai
January 19, TuesdayPlateMeghalaya vs Sikkim12:00 PMChennai
January 19, TuesdayPlateBihar vs Mizoram12:00 PMChennai
January 19, TuesdayPlateManipur vs Nagaland12:00 PMChennai
January 19, TuesdayElite DRajasthan vs Saurashtra * 7:00 PMIndore
January 19, TuesdayElite EMumbai vs Andhra Pradesh
 7:00 PMMumbai
January 26, Tuesday TBA  - 1st Quarter-final 12:00 PMAhmedabad
January 26, Tuesday TBA  - 2nd Quarter-final  7:00 PMAhmedabad
January 27, Wednesday TBA  - 3rd Quarter-final 12:00 PMAhmedabad
January 27, Wednesday TBA  - 4th Quarter-final  7:00 PMAhmedabad
January 29, Friday TBA  - 1st Semi-final 12:00 PMAhmedabad
January 29, Friday TBA  - 2nd Semi-final  7:00 PMAhmedabad
January 31, Sunday TBA - Final  7:00 PMAhmedabad
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