India vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI Highlights: Fernando fifty helps SL beat IND by 3 wickets; Dhawan's boys win series 2-1

Sri Lanka vs India Highlights, 3rd ODI: Catch the live cricket score streaming updates between IND vs SL from R. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo

Updated : Jul 25, 2021 20:13 IST

Avishka Fernando hit his second fifty of the series to lead Sri Lanka's chase against India.
Avishka Fernando hit his second fifty of the series to lead Sri Lanka's chase against India.

Avishka Fernando hit his second fifty of the series to lead Sri Lanka's chase against India.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the 3rd ODI between Sri Lanka and India in Colombo. This is  Lalith Kalidas  bringing you the updates.


Sri Lanka did not seem to have shuddered the Indian batting order even as it saw off Samson, Shaw and Dhawan after a strong start. The rain stoppage came in at the right time for the home side as the bowlers employed the slower-ball to good effect to trigger a batting collapse in the middle and lower-middle order for India. Led by Avishka Fernando, the 227-run chase was well established before India chipped in with wickets towards the far end by which time the host had already marked the game in its name. An important win for Mickey Arthur's side as they would hope to polish and only get better from here.  On to the T20Is and we'll see you there! Good night, folks.

Sri Lanka's second ODI win since 2019
takes them off the bottom of the Super League table and Mickey Arthur's smiles assure that it means a lot to this makeshift side.

SL 227/7 in 39 overs: Sri Lanka finally registers a win against India!
Mendis with the sweep completes the winning runs. Big smiles in the Lankan camp even as India takes the series 2-1.

Free hit is conceded as not enough fielders are placed inside the circle. The ball also races to the boundary.

Chahar to Karunaratne. OUT! Samson flicks the bails in a flash and he's short of his crease. Chahar has his third wicket! He tosses up well once again and beats the outside edge off Karunaratne. Samson is true to his task this time as he rattles the stumps quickly and he's given the decision himself before the keeper. Top-class from the leggie on debut.   Chamika Karunaratne st †Samson b Chahar 3 (10b)

SL 219/6 in 38 overs: Sakariya continues to drill the ball into the stumps. Just the two runs off the over and Sri Lanka is forced to work its way through the remaining eight runs.

SL 217/6 in 37 overs: Chahar to Fernando. OUT! Edged and taken by Shaw at first-slip.  A soft dismissal for Fernando after a solid innings in the chase. Slow and loopy from Chahar as the bowl brushes the outside edge and falls straight to Shaw in the slip.  Avishka Fernando c Shaw b Chahar 76 (98b 4x4 1x6)

SL 213/5 in 36 overs: Sakariya keeps it sharp and attacks the stumps as only two runs come off the over.

SL 211/5 in 35 overs: Chahar dishes his leg-breaks and attempts the googly to Mendis with catching men on the off. Mendis easily puts the ball past square leg for a four with a sweep. Inching close to the finish as SL needs 16 runs to win.

SL 203/5 in 34 overs: 200 up for Sri Lanka! Hardik draws a poor line down leg and the ball races to the fine leg boundary off Avishka's pads. 24 runs to win for the home side.

SL 195/5 in 33 overs: Chahar to Shanaka. OUT! Lobs straight to Pandey at covers! Well, well is this game still alive for India? Chahar tosses one up outside off and Shanaka presents a half-hearted push towards the on-side. The leading edge carries to covers and a diving Manish Pandey gobbles it nicely! Shoddy batting from the Sri Lankan captain.  Mendis, the new man. Shaw drops Mendis first ball! What a moment in the game. Similar line from Chahar and Mendis goes for the hard push. The edge swiftly falls to Shaw at second-slip and he quickly moves towards his right but fails to hold onto the ball. Dasun Shanaka c Pandey b Chahar 0 (1b)

Chahar replaces Gowtham

SL 194/4 in 32 overs: Pandya to Asalanka. OUT! Some respite for Pandya as he traps Asalanka in front. The gentle slower-one crashes into Asalanka's pads on the full. Plumb in front and he's on his way as SL sits well in this chase.  Charith Asalanka lbw b Pandya 24 (28b 3x4)

SL 182/3 in 31 overs: India fails to hold onto its chances as Manish Pandey drops Fernando at mid-wicket. Pandey is dejected and so is the bowler Gowtham. Asalanka adds to the misery with a cheeky late cut that dissects the field between point and the fielder at backward point.

SL 175/3 in 30 overs: Inching slowly towards the goal. Asalanka and Fernando see off Pandya's short-ball barrage with attempting a rash stroke. Four singles come off the over and just about 50 runs needed for a win.

Hardik is back

SL 171/3 in 29 overs: A quiet over from Gowtham but he fails to nail the finish as Asalanka rocks back and nudges it past short third-man for four. Players head into drinks and SL needs 56 runs from 18 overs. A win in sight unless they emulate the Indians from the first innings.

Gowtham replaces Sakariya

SL 164/3 in 28 overs: Couple of quiet overs as Saini takes up the slow-ball fest. Asalanka stays back in his crease and offers a solid push to see off the deliveries that tail in to the stumps.

SL 162/3 in 27 overs: Sakariya bowls a couple of no-balls on the trot but there's no harm done as he continues to vary his pace and surprise the batters.

At this stage, India was ahead of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was just brilliant post the resumption after the rain delay.

SL 154/3 in 26 overs: Saini is back and hits the deck hard against Asalanka. The batters rotate strike with a few singles and Fernando is almost in trouble as he runs to the non-striker's with a sharp throw from covers. A direct hit and Fernando is a goner.

SL 151/3 in 25 overs: Sakariya to de Silva. OUT! A cracking delivery from Sakariya helps him snap another! Sakariya is visibly upbeat after his wicket and surprises de Silva with a splendid back-of-the-hand slower ball that freezes the batter in the crease. The ball just sits up sharply from the crease and Sakariya runs forward to complete an easy catch.  Dhananjaya de Silva c & b Sakariya 2 (9b)

SL 149/2 in 24 overs: Chahar attacks de Silva with a fine length and draws him forward. He bowl a no ball but does well to keep the free hit down to a single against Fernando.

SL 144/2 in 23 overs: Sakariya to Rajapaksa. OUT! Gowtham completes a splendid catch at fine leg and Sakariya has his first ODI wicket! Right after Rana drops a sitter at midwicket off a similar pull from Rajapaksa, Sakariya induces another hook off the short ball. The ball flies quickly towards the boundary but Gowtham covers good ground to complete a tumbling catch.  Bhanuka Rajapaksa c Gowtham b Sakariya 65 (56b 12x4)

SL 138/1 in 22 overs: 100-run partnership for Fernando and Rajapaksa and the left-hander posts it with a sly late cut off Gowtham to the third-man boundary.

SL 132/1 in 21 overs: India fails to put pressure on the duo at the middle as they continue to find at least one boundary each over. Sakariya goes for the short ball and Rajapaksa dismisses it from his presence to the fine leg boundary for four.

That kind of day for India on the field.

Sakariya is back

SL 127/1 in 20 overs: Rajapaksa brings up his fifty with two boundaries as a tough catch goes down at midwicket. Sakariya fails to hold on and Rajapaksa slog sweeps Chahar off the next ball to bring up his maiden half-century. A couple of false strokes, but it has been a well-rounded innings from the left-hander to set up this chase alongside Fernando.

SL 117/1 in 19 overs: The batters are scoring freely off Rana, rotating strike casually through the over. Rajapaksa has his heart in his mouth for a moment as he attempts the slog sweep that nearly falls on the full to Gowtham at midwicket.

SL 111/1 in 18 overs: Chahar continues to trouble the batsmen with and generates a couple of poor strokes from Rajapaksa. Six runs come off the over as Rajapaksa finds a boundary with a streaky boundary off the edge through fine leg.

SL 105/1 in 17 overs: Fifty for Fernando! A well composed innings from the opener and he takes the lead in the batting charts for the series. Dhawan drops a tough chance diving to his left at mid-on as Rajapaksa attempts to loft Rana over the Indian skipper

SL 101/1 in 16 overs: 100 up for Sri Lanka! Measured batting from Avishka and Rajapaksa and the chase seems stacked well in their name. India misses a big opportunity as Samson misses a stumping chance off Rajapakse. Chahar is in despair. The leggie draws Rajapaksa forward and the ball clips an edge off an attempted sweep and trickles to the boundary behind Samson. Tough chance but a certain grab at this level.

Rahul Chahar is back

SL 92/1 in 15 overs: Rana keeps it simple and tight, attacking the stumps with fligth and the batters manage a solitary run before heading to Drinks.


Nitish Rana into the attack

SL 91/1 in 14 overs: Delicate play from Avishka who is leading the chase for Sri Lanka here. Gowtham rushes a flat ball off length and Fernando simply opens the face of the bat and guides behind short third-man to the boundary. This is Sri Lanka's game at the moment as Dhawan frets with the choice of bowlers on his sleeve. Wonder why a genuine wicket-taker like Chahar has not been brought back into the attack.

SL 81/1 in 13 overs: Runs coming thick and fast for Sri Lanka! Pandya's sharp nip-backer once again slashes Rajapaksa but the inside-edge sails past a diving Samson behind the stumps.  Pandya pushes one full and Rakjapaksa leans in quickly to smash it through extra cover and a diving Sakariya fails to stop a boundary at the fence.

SL 70/1 in 12 overs: Gowtham darts the ball in to keep Rajapaksa back in his tracks. Gowtham hits the pads with a decent off-break on length but the ball shoots up sharply to miss the stumps and Dhawan does well to opt against the review.

SL 68/1 in 11 overs: Pandya's long over goes awry as a couple of bouncers flies to the third-man boundary. It comes off the edge of a jittery Minod but Sri Lanka is moving ahead firmly at the moment.

Hardik Pandya into the attack - just one over for Saini in his second spell

SL 55/1 in 10 overs: Gowtham pushes the ball a lot fuller in this over. He attempts the arm ball that slides in but Rajapaksa backs off and places it nicely through point to the boundary.

SL 50/1 in 9 overs: 50 up for Sri Lanka with an unlikely boundary. Saini's length delivery hits the toe of Rajapaksa's bat and zips past the bowler to the boundary. The outfield seems a lot quicker now. Saini cuts Rajapaksa in half with his final delivery that steams in through just a shade above the middle-stump.

Saini replaces Chahar

SL 43/1 in 8 overs: Gowtham keeps the ball on length and draws the batters forward to push for singles. Just the three runs in the over as Gowtham seems to find his rhythm on the big stage.

SL 40/1 in 7 overs: Chahar bowls a lot fuller to the left-hander and does not attempt to draw the batsmen forward through the over. Surprising to see this after the leggie drew fair deviation off the pitch in his first over.

SL 35/1 in 6 overs: Gowtham to Minod. OUT! Caught at square leg! Gowtham redeems himself instantly after giving two looseners. Fernando smashes the first ball from Gowtham on the shorter side to midwicket and the offie follows with a poor ball down leg which Samson misses. Minod gets on strike and Gowtham wafts the ball with the southpaw attempting the sweep. Unlucky for him as he smashes it straight to point and Gowtham has a wicket in his first over for India.  M Bhanuka c Chetan Sakariya b Gowtham 7(17)

Spin from both ends. K Gowtham replaces Sakariya

SL 25/0 in 5 overs: Prodigious turn off the length for Chahar in his first over. He squares up Fernando with a beauty that pitches on leg and darts past the blade over the off-stump.

Rahul Chahar replaces Saini

SL 24/0 in 4 overs: Sakariya continues to hit the channel outside off-stump and brings the ball in sharply to the left-handed Minod. He touches a bit full off the fifth ball and Minod slashes it over the bowler to the boundary. Sakariya cuts through his defense with a sharp nip-backer to finish the over.

SL 20/0 in 3 overs: Avishka gets going with a thumping whip off his body for six over fine leg. Saini's all over the place here and Fernando smashes a ball through covers but the dampened outfield does not take it all the way to the fence.

SL 10/0 in 2 overs: Fine start for the left-armer as he keeps the line tight for all but one ball that Fernando creams through covers to the boundary. Sleek run-up onto the crease and Sakariya does well to keep things simple in his first over in international cricket.

Chetan Sakariya up from the other end. What a moment for the young lad!

SL 5/0 in 1 over: A long over to start proceedings in the chase. Saini is on the mark first-up as Minod flashes the first ball of the over in the air off a leading edge. The covers are a bit squarer and that saves him. Saini follows up with a no ball and a wide but there's no harm done as he gets his length back on the spot.

Navdeep Saini with the new ball

Back for the chase! Avishka Fernando and Minod Bhanuka walk out to the middle as Dhawan's boys take their positions.


Sri Lanka needs 227 to win in 47 overs as per D/L calculations.

The Lankans' brilliant use of the slower delivery on a 'two-faced' pitch put the young Indian batters on the backfoot. After the resumption from the rain stoppage, India lost a flurry of wickets as the spinners Dananjaya and Jayawickrama flailed the batters with the slower-ones that induced numerous false strokes. Right, with 225 on board, can the Indians offer a similar line of attack? The series is in the bag and the focus will be on how big a punch can Dravid's boys give when the odds are against them.

IND 225 all out in 43.1 overs: Chameera to Saini. OUT! The quick bouncer does the job as Saini sends it straight up and offers an easy catch to point. Sri Lanka has bundled India for the first time in the series and will need 226 to get on board in the series.

IND 225/9 in 43 overs: Karunaratne to Chahar. OUT! Flashes hard and the ball flies straight up. Karunaratne steams in and grabs the ball and roars in delight. So no Chahar magic with the bat tonight and India's hopes of seeing through the full overs diminish. Rahul Chahar c & b Karunaratne 13 (25b)

IND 222/8 in 42 overs: Saini continues to spring up and down as Chameera seamlessly varies his length. Just one run in the over and the batters continue to go about their dead-bat parade.

IND 221/8 in 41 overs: Karunaratne runs in with purpose and Saini continues to nudge about the inner-circle. Just the three runs but the Chahar and Saini are doing well to frustrate Lanka and force the pacers to give every bit of effort into their deliveries.

Karunaratne from the other end

IND 218/8 in 40 overs: Well, Saini and Chahar keeps the scoreboard ticking and the partnership moves towards 20. Sri Lanka dropping the anchor once again and who knows, a bit of pressure here could help them curtail the innings and the absence of it could well cast its downfall later tonight.

Chameera back into the attack

IND 212/8 in 39 overs: Dananjaya bowls out after a top spell of 3/44. Just the three runs in the final over and likely to see the pacers back in action soon. Chahar and Saini would hope to survive the next seven.

IND 209/8 in 38 overs: The spinners pushing through the overs without much harm done. Sri Lanka wouldn't mind this at the moment.

IND 207/8 in 37 overs: Chahar surives.  Dananjaya goes short as Chahar toe-ends the ball as he rocks back on the crease. The ball lobs and falls between cover and midwicket and an excellent full-length dive from the fielder isn't enough to gobble it.

IND 202/8 in 36 overs: 200 up for India and nobody would have imagined the state in which it would reach there. Sri  Lanka would hope to close this out quickly and not offer Deepak Chahar's cousin to repeat at least half of his exploits from the last ODI.

IND 199/8 in 35 overs: Dananjaya is fired up and it's evident with some sharp deviation that he manages to derive against a wobbly Saini. Just a single and India crawl towards 200.

IND 198/8 in 34 overs: Excellent decisions on the field and some tight bowling from one end. Shanaka is keeping Sri Lanka on top and is doing well to trigger loose strokes from the batters at the opposite end.

IND 195/8 in 33 overs: Dananjaya to Gowtham. OUT! Plumb in front! Gowtham goes for a late review but there's no doubt about this one. Three reds and he's packed early on debut. Stunning comeback from the home side. Rana is on strike now. Ranaedges and gone! Dananjaya gets two in the over and India is in tatters!  He draws the left-hander forward, well away from his actual reach. Just beautiful bowling from Dananjaya as the ball brushes the edge and jumps onto Minod who completes another fine catch.  Nitish Rana c †Bhanuka b Dananjaya 7 (14b), Krishnappa Gowtham lbw b Dananjaya 2 (3b)

IND 192/6 in 32 overs: Shanaka continues to enforce pressure on the batters. Just two runs in this over.

IND 190/6 in 31 overs: Dananjaya to Suryakumar. Another lbw appeal and review as Dharmasena denies another one! Replays suggest three reds and Suryakumar is on his way! What a turnaround for Sri Lanka as three big wickets fall in eight overs since resumption. Add to that a brilliant review from the Lankans to snap Surya here!  Dananjaya wafts the ball into Suryakumar who pushes forward with a tentative defense. The ball brushes the pad first and the home side has forced two debutants - Rana and Gowtham - to rebuild the Indian innings. Suryakumar Yadav lbw b Dananjaya 40 (37b 7x4)

Dananjaya back into the attack

IND 187/5 in 30 overs: Shanaka with another neat over. Three runs in singles and Sri Lanka slowly crawl back into the game.

IND 184/5 in 29 overs: Jayawickrama to Pandya. LBW appeal. The umpire Dharmasena goes against the Lankan appeal but Jayawickrama forces his captain to go for the review . Replays suggest three reds and OUT! Pandya is on his way.  Brilliant bowling from the youngster. The ball pitches in length on middle stump and straightens to beat Pandya's defense. Pandya misses it completely and the left-armer has his third. Nitish Rana joins Suryakumar who slices the final ball of the over through the vacant point region.  Hardik Pandya lbw b Jayawickrama 19 (17b 3x4)

IND 179/4 in 28 overs: Shanaka continues to ace the stump to stump length well. Suryakumar and Hardik are forced to play straight and manage only three runs in the over.

Shanaka replaces Chameera

IND 176/4 in 27 overs: Hardik is smooth in approach today. Jayawickrama slides one on to his pads and Hardik quickly glides it down leg. He is eager to retain the strike and gets a single off the last ball.

IND 168/4 in 26 overs: Hardik off the blocks! Chameera steams in and offers a quick bumper but Hardik stands on top and creams it through midwicket. Chameera is quick to correct his length and attacks the stumps off the good length but Hardik rolls his wrists and sends the ball through midwicket for another four. Impeccable timing and Hardik seems to have put his last performance behind him already.

IND 158/4 in 25 overs: Jayawickrama to Pandey. OUT! Edged and caught behind! Clever bowling from the left-armer. He pushes the ball forward much slower through the air as Pandey aims for the off-side fence. Pandey leans forward with his bat away from the body and his shoddy footwork helped the ball bite the outside edge. Excellent grab from the keeper Minod and Pandey misses out on another big opportunity to make a difference.  Manish Pandey c †Bhanuka b Jayawickrama 11 (19b)

Jayawickrama into the attack

IND 155/3 in 24 overs: India passes 150 on return! Suryakumar regains his touch almost instantly as his deft wrist work produces two boundaries on the on-side.

Action resumes. SKY and Pandey at the crease. Chameera takes the ball on return.

6:21PM IST: Suryakumar and Pandey have had a solid break just when the home side strode back into the game with three quick wickets. The spotlight will be more on Pandey. He has struggled to rotate strike freely and a big score here is a must for him to retain a chance at the top of the pecking order for a middle-order spot moving ahead.

6:00PM IST: UPDATE - The match will resume in 30 minutes
with action reduced to 47 overs.
5:41pm IST:
Groundsmen are working on removing the puddles clogging over the large outfield covers before proceeding to remove them completely.

Covers come off and play is expected to resume soon.

5:26pm IST: The rain has stopped and the covers are coming off slowly.
Huge puddles remain and it would take a while to resume action.

5:06pm IST: Looks like the showers are quite strong with the whole outfield covered. Long delay expected.


Well, we are headed for a break as strong showers hit the ground.

IND 147/3 in 23 overs: Jayawickrama to Suryakumar. LBW appeal and the umpire Dharmasena adjudges it OUT! Suryakumar waits and opts for the review. A long halt as the replays have not yet loaded on the big screen. Well, worth the wait for Suryakumar as the impact is outside the off-stump. The Lankans jump up in joy as they see the ball hitting the stumps. Bit of a brain fade there as Surya returns after thinking he was on his way as well. Lots of drama in this one and SKY comes back to connect the sweep to the boundary this time. No nerves whatsoever!

IND 142/3 in 22 overs: All too easy for Surya! Shanaka zips one in and Surya simply stands put and bashes it past mid-on with minimum fuss. He follows it up with another cracker over the slip cordon as Shanaka opts for the bouncer.

IND 132/3 in 21 overs: The left-armer bowls with a better channel in sight after picking Samson's wicket. Pandey is forced to push hard as Jayawickrama darts the ball in quickly.

IND 127/3 in 20 overs: Suryakumar is in and pummels Shanaka to set off the blocks. Just a touch outside the off-stump and Surya simply drills it past mid-off to the boundary nonchalantly, oozing confidence.

IND 120/3 in 19 overs: Jayawickrama to Samson. OUT! In the air and caught at cover! Oh no, Samson, what have you done? Samson attempts to smash another boundary over the off-side circle and steps out to carve an inside-shot. Jayawickrama notices Samson and wafts the ball through the air. Sanju has to reach for it and fails to connect with enough power to cross Fernando at cover.  Sanju Samson c Fernando b Jayawickrama 46 (46b 5x4 1x6)

IND 114/2 in 18 overs: I'm still surprised as to why Shanaka as undervalued the bowler in him in the series. Pandey is constricted to a tight line on the stump and Shanaka surprises with a bouncer that forces Pandey to attempt a shot in the air towards point. Touch and go and Pandey escapes this time.

IND 110/2 in 17 overs: Exquisite from Samson! Mendis offers a tinge of room and Samson steps up a few paces and smashes it through covers for four. He smashes another as Mendis offers it a little more fuller outside off and Samson simply stands in his strides and swings his arms through the line.

Ramesh Mendis replaces Jayawickrama

IND 102/2 in 16 overs: Shanaka to Shaw. OUT! Lbw appeal and the umpire raises the finger! Shaw goes for the review and the replays suggest three reds. The Sri Lankan captain does it again. Brought himself on in the last game and snapped two in his first over and now here. Shaw shuffles a tad too much to the off-stump and misses the flick. Unlucky for the youngster as he loses a chance to notch up his maiden fifty. Prithvi Shaw lbw b Shanaka 49 (49b 8x4)

Dasun Shanaka into the attack

IND 101/1 in 15 overs: 100 up for India as Shaw moves into cruise control! Three boundaries as Jayawickrama balls short and Shaw uses the conventional and slog sweeps to good effect to wreck the leg-side fence.

IND 87/1 in 14 overs: Some positive footwork from both batsmen as they exchange strike comfortably against Dananjaya. India is setting itself up for a big, big total and Shanaka will be desperate for a quick shift of balance right now.

IND 81/1 in 13 overs: Samson on the charge! The left-armer darts the ball in but Samson makes quick room to loft the ball over covers from a tough angle. Brilliant from Samson as he grows in confidence in this innings.

Jayawickrama into the attack

IND 76/1 in 12 overs: This measured approach from Shaw and Samson who are renowned for their manic strokeplay augurs well for India. Dananjaya's leg-break offers a good test to Shaw. He approaches with a soft hand and gently nudges it down to backward point.

IND 71/1 in 11 overs: Another quiet over finishes with a poor ball. Samson smacks Karunaratne as he offers a bumper that offers some width. Samson pulls with sheer disdain as the ball hits a bird and rolls onto the boundary!


IND 66/1 in 10 overs: Samson goes downtown! A measured charge down the ground from Samson as Dananjaya opts for a loopy delivery. Samson goes for the biggies and connects as the ball races over the boundary for six.

IND 59/1 in 9 overs: Karunaratne follows up with the short ball against Shaw and it seems to be working at the moment. Shaw looks a bit fidgety and follows the bouncer with a rash hook that misses. Samson gets a loose ball outside off and he puts it over the inner-circle with wayward control and it somehow manages to beat the third-man fielder to the boundary as well!

Karunaratne on from the opposite end

IND 54/1 in 8 overs: Much better length from Dananjaya this time as he forces Shaw on the backfoot. Shaw continues to present a solid defense and lively footwork to see off the over with a single.

Dananjara replaces Karunaratne

IND 52/1 in 7 overs: High class, Shaw! Stand and deliver from the young gun as he simply puts Chameera's pace to good effect.  Chameera begins with a full delivery angling in but Shaw simply pushes forward and creams it down the ground.  Chameera offers certain width and Shaw's manic blade dissects the off-side field with ease.

IND 44/1 in 6 overs: Karunaratne starts off with a delivery that gets Shaw's outside edge that moves past the second slip.  Samson is having certain jitters even as he flicks elegantly through mid-wicket. Sanju keeps a watchful eye as he leaves a couple of probing deliveries outside the offstump to see off the over.

IND 40/1 in 5 overs: Chameera continues to unsettle the batsmen with his extra pace. Samson offers the leading edge early on in the over while Shaw treads carefully against Chameera.

IND 35/1 in 4 overs: Shaw begins the over with a flashy drive off a ball that cramps him for room. Good pace as well from Karunaratne as he keeps Shaw quiet for a while. Karunaratne leaks a ball outside off, a hint of room and Shaw frees his arms and smashes it through point to the boundary.

Karunaratne replaces Dananjaya

IND 29/1 in 3 overs: Chameera to Dhawan. OUT! Edged and taken! Chameera finally has something to show for his effort and jumps in joy. A nagging delivery just outside the off-stump on the full and Dhawan couldn't resist attempting the drive. The ball clips the outside edge and easily flows to the keeper Bhanuka. Samson, the new man in. Starts off with couple of positive strokes on the front.  Shikhar Dhawan c †Bhanuka b Chameera 13 (11b 3x4)

IND 23/0 in 2 overs: Dhawan on the charge! Hat-trick of boundaries through the covers to welcome Dananjaya! Poor start from Akila as Dhawan easily puts the loose deliveries to the fence. Dananjaya tightens his line and wraps one on Dhawan's pads. SL wastes a review as Dhawan plants his leg outside the off-stump to defend. Akila hits the pads off the last ball, this time it looks more closer but the Sri Lankans decide against the review.

Akila Dananjaya up from the other end.  Interesting call from Shanaka.

IND 11/0 in 1 over:  Chameera's poor fortune continues.  Chameera starts off with a wide that sails to the boundary and then comes up with a strong line attacking the stumps against Dhawan.  Shaw is up next and Chameera's nip-backer clips the edge and zips through the slips to the boundary.

Dushmantha Chameera to begin proceedings for the home side

We are all set! Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw walk out to the middle alongside the Sri Lankan side led by Dasun Shanaka.


2:55pm IST: Despite all the changes in the Indian side which also sees vice-captain Bhuvneshwar Kumar being rested, the opening combination of Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan will feature in their third straight game at the top. Batting first, the duo can set Colombo on fire if they have their eye in against Shanaka's men.

2:50pm IST: The last time India had as many debuts as today was 41 years ago!



TOSS TIME: India wins the Toss, elects to bat first

6 changes for India - Navdeep Saini is the sixth addition!

3 changes for Sri Lanka -  Ishan Jayaratne, Akila Dananjaya, Ramesh Mendis.

2:22pm IST: INDIA ANNOUNCES 5 DEBUTS! Sanju Samson, Nitish Rana, Rahul Chahar, Chetan Sakariya and K Gowtham are the debutants! Wow! What a moment for this young gun squad while the Lankans continue to fret over their composition.

2:15pm IST: Hardik Pandya in conversation with the broadcaster: Our roles are very clear, even in the main team. The kind of talent which the Indian team posses right now, I think we can pick two more teams and win any competition in the world. I understand that in life you have to keep growing. As a cricketer and a person you need to keep growing. You tend to make mistakes, you fail, but I like to celebrate my failures. I like to celebrate my bad days, it is a part of the sport and it teaches you a lot of things. I like to remember it. I am 100% (on fitness), the more I play, the more I'll get better .

2:11pm IST: UPDATE: Wanindu Hasaranga has suffered a muscle tear and will not feature in the third ODI - massive jolt for the home side as things get worse by the minute.

Numbers Game


Series in the bag and the exciting young Indian team churned well under the guidance of Rahul Dravid has put the daggers to Sri Lanka with a nervy finish in the second ODI.

The Lankans put out a better display with the bat, however, managing well below par with 275 on the board. A confident Indian top-order was then shuddered with quick jolts - Shaw, Dhawan and Kishan falling in succession.


Shanaka seemed to represent himself with a captain that knows his cards well - rotating the spinners and the part-timers while bringing himself to snap a few quick wickets. With seven wickets and India requiring 83 runs to win, surely, the home side was firm in the driver's seat before Deepak Chahar and Bhuvneshwar Kumar scripted an incredible comeback. Sri Lanka lost the plot and Shanaka's dubious calls ensured the lower-order pair had it easy as India snatched the series and took a 2-0 lead.


The win also holds India in good stead to experiment with the young guns on the bench - Sanju Samson and Ruturaj Gaikwad/Devdutt Padikkal lead the hopefuls for an ODI debut among batsmen while the spin roster could see a shake-up with Rahul Chahar, Krishnappa Gowtham and Varun Chakaravarthy in the mix. The home side will still feel the weight despite the dead rubber as every match counts in the ODI Super League in the lead-up to the 2023 World Cup.




When will the 3nd ODI between Sri Lanka and India start and where to watch?

The third ODI between India and Sri Lanka will begin at 3pm IST at the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. The Toss will occur at 2:30pm.

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