IND vs SL, U-19 World Cup: India beats Sri Lanka by 90 runs

Catch the live score, commentary, highlights, and more from Match 7 of the ICC Cricket U-19 World Cup at the Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein.

Sri Lanka has won the toss and will bowl first at the Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein.

Sri Lanka has won the toss and will bowl first at the Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein.   -  Twitter

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup match between India U-19 and Sri Lanka U-19. For live updates of India U-19's match against Japan U-19, click here.

This was Santadeep Dey, bringing you all the action as it unfurled at the Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein.




- Sri Lanka 207 after 45.2 overs: Dilshan welcomes Tyagi with a cracking boundary past cover. And next ball, well, it is all over! India wins by 90 runs as Saxena gets a direct hit post a mix-up between the striker and non-striker.

- Sri Lanka 203/9 after 45 overs: Excessive appealing by Akash, for no reason at all, whatsoever... The ball went miles down off to thud onto the batsman's pads. Akash, however, was somehow convinced, that he had got his man. Uncalled for... Only a run from the 41st over. There's talk about a slow over rate, as well.

Nipun heaves a sigh of relief, after he balloons one to the square leg region, and it falls just short of the fielder stationed there, in the 42nd over. However, Kavindu, at the other end loses his wicket, only two balls later. Castled! ... And another. Ashian goes too, the very next ball, caught plumb in front. That's two in two for Bishnoi!

Akash concedes three runs from his eight over, 43rd of the game. The umpire has a chat with Priyam Garg for excessive appealing, again.

Skipper Dhananjaya gets to his fifty [2x4, 1x6] in 43.2 overs. Meanwhile, two balls later, Amshi slashes it, only to get a thick outside edge. The ball goes high up only for Garg to pouch an easy catch.

Over 45: And finally, after all those appeals, the umpire raises his finger this time, as Akash gets his man. Dhananjaya, out, lbw. The big fish is in the net! A wicket maiden too.

- Sri Lanka 191/5 after 40 overs: Sri Lanka scores six runs off the match's 36th over of Bishnoi.

Job well done by Sushant! Two runs from the 37th over. Things had started to drift away from the scheme of things for Sri Lanka, starting the 25th over. Will they manage to get as good a finish as that of India's?

38th over: WHAT A SHOT! Dinusha heaves one over the top of the long on fielder for a maximum. 10 off Bishnoi's last.

Over 39: Akash, brought back, repays the faith put in him by skipper Garg, with interest. Dinusha, looking to just open the face of the bat, nicks it to the keeper.

Over 40: Six off Bishnoi's last over, which included a boundary, which came off an edge.

- Sri Lanka 161/4 after 35 overs: Nine runs from the 31st over, bowled by Veer, after Tyagi pulls off two heroic saves at the ropes, saving two more runs in the process. Time for the drinks break. Sri Lanka needs 154 to win from 114 balls, with seven wickets remaining.

Tyagi's action continues to amaze me in the 32nd over. I remember Allan Donald bowling wide of the crease during the initial part of his career. Shaun Pollock too. Two runs off the over.

Sushant back into the attack. With a wide, getting the odd bouncer all wrong, the wide count for both teams combined, has now gone up to 26. Just the one run from the 33rd over.

Tyagi gets Thavisha Abhishek with the extra bounce in the 34th over. Nasty! Thavisha couldn't get out of the way and ended up gloving the ball to the first slip.

Dhananjaya greets Sushant with a fine six over deep square leg in the 35th over. The bowler however gains a hold of things, giving away three off the remaining balls. India at this stage was at 188/3.

- Sri Lanka 135/3 after 30 overs: The 26th over from Yashasvi goes for six runs, which included a four. The ball picked up an edge, and lucky for Nipun Dhananjaya, in the absence of a slip, races away to the fence.

Veer does a good job. Walks in to bowl the 27th over and concedes just three runs and an extra.

Yashasvi concedes just three runs in the 28th over.

Veer mostly sticks to the channel outside off. Four runs from over number 29.

Tyagi has been brought back into the attack. The youngster has got all the fundamentals correct: a long run-up, good stride, and then finishes his action a bit wide off the crease. However, he gets the ball to land in the off-stump region, troubling most batsmen. Two off the 30th over.

- Sri Lanka 114/3 after 25 overs: Shubhang clearly struggling to get through with his action. Strange part, his action is one which is generally seen to be that of a good off-spinner's. A short run-up, a little jump and a pause during load-up, before the release. Plenty of dead balls now, including a no-ball, which gifted a free hit to the opposition. However, only three off the 21st over.

Bishnoi's back and he continues the good show, unfazed. Goes for the extra bounce once, which takes the batsman Kamil by surprise. Concedes five runs in the 22nd over. Time for the Lankans to accelerate a bit?

A flamboyant pull shot sees Rashantha score the first six of the innings, as Yashasvi is brought into the attack in the 23rd over. Obviously, this is not the start the young Mumbaikar wanted. But what happened in the fifth delivery is definitely what he would have yearned for. A big 'swing and a miss' sees Rashantha miss the line of the ball completely as it crashes onto the stumps to gift India its second wicket.

Tilak Varma into the attack. Six runs from the 24th.

25th over: Veer is back into the attack. And he makes sure he gets the better of Kamil, who goes for the unorthodox reverse sweep. The ball goes straight on to crash onto the woodwork.

- Sri Lanka 89/1 after 20 overs: Rashantha and Kamil have brought up a 50-run partnership off 73 balls. Only one run comes from the 16th over.

A wristy flick from Rashantha sees the ball speed away to the fence, after Akash resorts to a line outside the leg stump. Added to that, a wide and a single, makes it six off the 17th over.

Bishnoi leaks just four runs in the 18th over.

Shubhang Hegde has been brought into the attack, and he gives away seven runs, after being belted for a boundary by Rashantha in the second ball of the 19th over.

Another excellent over from spinner Bishnoi. Just three off the 20th.

- Sri Lanka 68/1 after 15 overs: Akash concedes five runs in the 11th over. Bowling in the 140 kmph range, Rashantha and Kamil has had to face some decent pace in the over.

Leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi has been called in to bowl in the 12th over. He concedes a four off a bye in his fifth delivery. A hint of turn not only outfoxes the batsman, but also slips in between the legs of the wicketkeeper to race away to the fence. Five off the over.

A good 13th over from Akash. Only two off it.

Bishnoi gets hit for a boundary over mid-on in the first ball of the 14th over, but he recovers well, to give just one more run in the over.

Akash does an excellent job, as well. Just one run from the 15th. Drinks are on.

- Sri Lanka 50/1 after 10 overs: Sushant nearly gets Kamil, but ends up conceding a boundary in the sixth over, instead. A thick inside edge sees the ball just narrowly miss the stump. Beats the keeper, as well. Unlucky!

Tyagi launches a full toss. Rashantha senses an opportunity and slams the second ball of the seventh over past mid-on for a boundary. However, Tyagi recovers well, to give away just six in that over.

Woah, so close! A collective gasp from the Indians on the ground as Sushant gets an inswinger to crash onto Kamil's left thigh; a few inches towards off stump and it would have rattled the furniture. Just two runs from the eighth over.

What was that? Akash Singh, bowling in the ninth, goes up, as does the whole team, as the ball rams onto Rashantha's pad. The umpire doesn't seem interested, but seemed plumb to me. Rashantha suffers a nasty blow to his helmet, a few balls later. There will be a concussion test, which has been made compulsory now. However, he is okay to continue. Six runs from that over.

Veer has been introduced into the attack, in the tenth over. Gets hit for a boundary by Kamil off the very first ball, but recovers well, to give eight runs from the over. Fifty comes up for the Lankans.

- Sri Lanka 21/1 after 5 overs: Sushant Mishra has been given the responsibility to bowl from the opposite end. And Kamil has driven him for a fine boundary towards point. With Powerplay 1 in place, there is absolutely no one outside the circle, square on the offside area. Six from the second over.

Tyagi is back for the third over. Four from it.

Kamil greets Sushant with a boundary in the fourth over, slapping it through cover. There is an additional wide, as well. But, what is this? Navod's gone. A poor delivery from Sushant, asking to be punished. But the Sri Lankan all-rounder, going for the pull-shot, gets a huge edge on it, and ends up skying it. Veer, at midwicket, makes no mistake.

Tyagi troubles new man-in Ravindu Rashantha. Only two wides in the fifth over. How many extras have we seen today?

- Sri Lanka 3/0 after 1 over: Kamil Mishara and Navod Paranawithana will open for Sri Lanka. Kartik Tyagi to start things with the ball. You might remember him from the Afghanistan warm-up match, where he had claimed a hattrick in the very first over.

Early signs of swing on the ball. Sri Lanka batsmen in no hurry though.


- India 297/4 from 50 overs: India brings up its 250 in 45.3 overs, as Ashian bowls out his 10 overs. He has been the most economical among the Lankans, giving only 39 runs.

It has been a poor display of fielding from the Lankans. Matheesha fails to stop yet another boundary, not getting down in time as the ball slips from between his legs. Three fours from Dilshan's ninth and the game's 47th over. 300? Very much possible.

Veer welcomes Amshi with a boundary off the 48th over. With fine leg and third man up in the ring, Veer goes for a scoop shot. No one was getting there; absolutely no chance. And we also get the second six of the match, as Veer takes his own sweet time and hammers it over the cow corner. Up, up and away! 15 runs of that over.

Jurel gets to a fifty off the first ball of the 49th over. Off the second ball, Veer scoops again, to get another boundary. And with that shot, up comes the 50-run partnership between Jurel and Veer. Eight runs from the over.

Two dots to start the last over. But does that stop Veer? He is going 360-degree. A reverse sweep sees the ball race to the ropes again! However, Dilshan has done a decent job to keep it down to only eight runs off the last over.

- India 246/4 after 45 overs: Priyam Garg brings up his half-century off 63 balls (the fifth ball of the 40th over). Six runs off that last Navod over.

Three runs, 41st over. Two well-set batsmen in the middle, but they are yet to get firing. At which point will they decide to cut loose and attack the Lankan bowlers?

Into the 42nd over, at the current run-rate, India will just be able to manage a total of 269. Provided the quick outfields, will that be enough? And the first six of the innings is here! Jurel, using his feet nicely, launches it over cover. What a delightful shot that was!

43rd over: And Garg, looking to go leg side, hops down the wicket, to miss the line of the delivery completely. Stumped; the second stumping of the day and the first wicket for Kavindu. Garg goes for 56 (72). Siddhesh Veer is the one joining his vice-captain on the crease.

A loud appeal from Ashian in the last ball of the 44th over, but the umpire looked hardly interested. Clearly going down leg.

The running has been very impressive for the Boys in Blue, throughout, putting the pressure on the boundary riders throughout the innings. Five from the last Kavindu over [45], as the leg-spinner completes his quota with figures of 10-0-58-1.

- India 209/3 after 40 overs: The spinners, operating in tandem, are working wonders, and averaging less than a run-a ball an over. But will that be enough? The Lankans need to get wickets at regular intervals, as well. As of the 36th over, they have conceded only 19 off the last five. Not just that, they have picked up a wicket, as well.

The 37th over, goes for just one run. Kavindu has been brilliant!

Navod, however, gives away eight in the 38th over. Garg, on 42, nears a half-century. Question is, when do the Indians step on the gas here?

Dilshan comes back, at the other end, and he has bettered his performance with each over. 200 up for India in the 39th over. It has been sixty deliveries, since Garg hit his first and only four. And he seemed to have heard me. The very next ball (sixth of the over) raced away to the boundary, as the fielder at the deep makes a mess of the ball.

- India 188/3 after 35 overs: Another bowling change as Dhananjaya introduces Navod Paranawithana into the attack. Five runs from the over as both Tilak and Garg motor on.

Well, Tilak's got to go as Ashian finally gets his reward, in the 32nd over! Tilak unable to read the turn, steps out and misses the line completely. Wicketkeeper Kamil Mishara collects the ball and dislodges the bails in no time. In walks Dhruv Jurel, who slams a boundary off the very second ball he faces.

Kavindu's sixth over [over number 33] goes for just three runs. Have the Lankans managed to curb the run-flow again?

Dhananjaya brings Navod back for the 34th. Only three singles from the over.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of turn the spinners have managed to extract from the surface. Leg-spinner Kavindu , in the 35th over, has given out seven runs.

- India 166/2 after 30 overs: Over number 26 - Matheesha getting it all wrong. A faster delivery on the pads this time, and Tilak plays a wristy flick behind square. Four!

Five runs, with a lone dot coming off the fifth delivery of Kavindu. The 27th over sees the batsmen resort to just the singles. Do they need to go for the big hits, just yet?

Garg beautifully lifts Matheesha over the 30-yard circle fielder, off the fourth ball of the 28th over, to find the fence at the midwicket region.

Tilak, knowing the square leg is very, very fine at the boundary, sweeps Kavindu and finds the gap. The ball races away to the boundary. Nine off that over [29].

Ashian seems to be bowling a lot flatter since the change of ends. It seems to be working too. Four off the last over [30], as we head into the drinks break.

- India 134/2 after 25 overs: A bowling change in the 21st over sees leg-spinner Kavindu Nadeeshan takes charge. And a boundary sees Yashasvi reach his fifty in style. Wonderful how he goes deep into the crease and meets even the fuller balls with a straight bat!

Dilshan gets the big wicket! Yashasvi is on the way back, scoring 59 off 74 balls. He tries to go over the top, but has edged it to 'keeper Kamil Mishara instead. The skipper, Priyam Garg, walks out. Finally, a right-handed batsman to bowl to in the 22nd over.

Will Garg's first-class experience come handy here? We will get the answer to that later. Meanwhile, it is time to sit back and enjoy Tilak's fine boundary off the final ball of Kavindu's over (23rd). He waits, and waits, and finally whacks Kavindu's slower one towards extra cover.

Garg's mantra be simple: convert the 1s to 2s, and the 2s to 3s. Witnessing some fine running-between-the-wickets here. Tilak giving him good company too. Eight runs come off Dilshan's last over (24th).

The fans are jamming to some seriously good tunes here. Who gets to decide the playlist? From Reggae to Classical Rock to EDM, just ask for it, and they have it all. The South Africans sure do know how to party, don't they?

Kavindu's over (25th) goes for four runs. Going at a run-a-ball, Tilak and Garg will be looking to build a partnership here.

- India 98/1 after 20 overs: The extras just don't stop coming. And it is Amshi again. Will this come back to haunt the Lankans at the back end of their innings? Good thing is that he has recovered well. Three from the 16th over.

Ashian continues to trouble the left-handers. Five from over number 17. He has just given 18 off his five overs.

India has continued to find ways to keep the scoreboard ticking. Yashasvi, meanwhile, nears a half-century, and is just three runs short of the mark. Three runs from the 18th over. The sun continues to play peek-a-boo.

Jaiswal seems to be in no hurry to get to his 50. 48 off 67 now, after Ashian completes yet another good over (19th), giving away just the three runs.

20th over: Dilshan, in his four overs, has given away 25. Sri Lanka has managed to curb the flow of runs, quite well, since Divyaansh's dismissal.

- India 81/1 after 15 overs: And when you do not have any other answer to a spin bowler, you tend to go for a sweep, I remember Kumar Sangakkara had said. Jaiswal does it and it reaches the ropes in no time. Saxena joins in on the fun, smacking it, this time, towards the covers.

What a comeback from Amshi! Starts off the 12th over with a wide, but bounces right back to bowl a number of dots before springing on a surprise, bowling a fuller one to Saxena. Saxena tries to go for the pull, but doesn't manage to connect well. A sitter for the Sri Lanka skipper Dhananjaya at mid-wicket. Tilak Varma is the new man in.

Bowling in the 130's, Matheesha goes for six runs. Tilak would consider himself lucky, to have spotted the menacing yorker off the fourth ball of the 13th.

Amshi's deliveries working wonders now, out of the blue! Just the one run conceded in the 14th over, before we head into the drinks break.

Did the switching of ends bring about a change in the Lankans' fortunes? Well, it did bring a wicket for starters. It has successfully contained the run flow to a great extent, as well. Great move by Dhananjaya! Thing to be pointed out, it is getting dark out here already, by the 15th. Wasn't there 'no rain chances' in the forecast? By the looks of it, I might be inclined to think otherwise now.

- India 54/0 after 10 overs: 1000 runs up for Jaiswal in U-19 cricket, with a well-placed boundary through the off side in the sixth over. Good lord! And in the very next ball, Yashasvi gets hit on the elbow by an awkward bouncer from Matheesha. Hope it is nothing too serious. He is clearly in some sort of discomfort, but he will be okay to go.

Over number seven is a maiden from Ashian. The off-break bowler has just given two runs off his two.

Guess who will bowl the eighth from the Loch Logan End?! Answer: Dilshan Madushanka. Well, a Malinga action-guy first, and then another Sri Lanka great namesake. What else do we have in the arsenal? Dilshan, however, has been steered for a boundary off the very first ball, putting the pressure straightway on the Lankans. Another boundary and a single later, India ends up with nine from the over.

Another brilliant over (nine) from Ashian. Just one from it. But is Sri Lanka using up its spin option, too early? Time will tell.

Two back-to-back boundaries from Yashasvi brings up the 50-run partnership for the openers in over 10. That will be the end of the first Powerplay, as well.

- India 29/0 after 5 overs: Matheesha Pathirana has come in to bowl in the second over. For those who aren't exactly aware of who the young pacer is, you might remember the "young Lasith Malinga" going viral on social media a few months ago. Blessed with a slinging action that resembles the Sri Lanka senior side's skipper's, Matheesha walked into the spotlight after finishing with the figures of 6/7, playing for Trinity College.

And the lad even wears a '99'. No secret as to who is idol is, is it?

A quick outfield in the Mangaung Oval helps Saxena guide Amshi's delivery to the sweeper cover area for the first boundary of the day, in the third over. Amshi, still sticking to the leg stump channel, ends up conceding three extras in the over, all of them wides. He switches to bowling around the wicket midway into the over. An added overthrow doesn't help the Lankans.

Matheesha's back for the fourth and straightaway asks some serious questions of Jaiswal with his low release angle. Six runs from it.

After Amshi's expensive third over, Dhananjaya introduces spin from one end. And the trick seems to have worked well, with off-spinner Ashian Daniel conceding just the two runs in the fifth over.

- India 5/0 after 1 over: Yashasvi Jaiswal, left-handed, walks out to the centre alongside Divyaansh Saxena. The young Amshi de Silva, from Galle, has the new ball in hand.

And in the very first ball, there is a hint of movement, as the ball swings in towards Jaiswal, who flicks it past mid-wicket for two runs.

Three more runs come in the over, with Saxena running a single off the last delivery.



Weather report: It is a gorgeous day at the Mangaung Oval: sunny, clear and breezy. The clock shows 9am and the temperature is a pleasant 24 degree celsius. There are close to no chances of rain. An exciting match on the cards? Yes, is the call!


News from the toss in Bloemfontein. Sri Lanka has won the toss and will bowl first.


Defending champion India, with five new IPL recruits in its ranks, will be the overwhelming favourite when it starts its campaign against Sri Lanka in the ICC U-19 World Cup today.

India has time and again shown at the junior level the gulf that exists between it and other teams, the testimony being its two titles and one runner-up finish in the last four editions.

Even in the run-up to the ongoing edition, India has won a bilateral series against South Africa, followed by a Quadrangular contest. The ‘Boys in Blue’ also beat Afghanistan comprehensively in a practice game.

Robust structure

Since Rahul Dravid took over the mantle of junior cricket, the robust structure created has produced many talented players. In this edition, India’s campaign will be headlined by left-handed opener Yashasvi Jaiswal, who recently landed a Rs 2.4 crore contract with IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals. Jaiswal is already touted as the next big thing in junior cricket, having hit a double hundred in the country’s Sr National One Day Championship (Vijay Hazare Trophy).

His skipper Priyam Garg, who also has a multi-crore IPL deal, is by far the most experienced player with 12 first-class and 19 List A games to his credit. The tall fast bowler Kartik Tyagi will also keep everyone interested with his pace.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has some players who have played senior representative cricket but in recent times, including in the junior Asia Cup, the Indian team has proved to be a far superior opposition.

Where and how to watch live coverage of India vs Sri Lanka U19 World Cup?

The India U-19 vs Sri Lanka U-19 World Cup match will be aired live on Star Sports 3.

How to watch India vs Sri Lanka U19 World Cup match online?

The online streaming of the India U-19 vs Sri Lanka U-19 World Cup match will be available on Hotstar.


India U-19: Priyam Garg (captain), Yashasvi Jaiswal, Tilak Varma, Divyaansh Saxena, Dhruv Chand Jurel (vice-captain & wk), Shashwat Rawat, Divyansh Joshi, Shubhang Hegde, Ravi Bishnoi, Akash Singh, Kartik Tyagi, Atharva Ankolekar, Kumar Kushagra (wk), Sushant Mishra, Vidyadhar Patil.

Sri Lanka U-19: Nipun Dhananjaya (C), Kamil Mishara, Navod Paranawithana, Ahan Wickramasinghe, Ravindu de Silva, Sonal Dinusha, Mohamed Shamaz, Thaveesha Abhishek, Chamindu Wijesinghe, Ashian Daniel, Dilum Sudeera, Dilshan Madushanka, Amshi de Silva, Kavindu Nadeeshan, Matheesha Pathirana