Meet Shiva Singh – the 360 degree bowler

The Uttar Pradesh spinner defends his rotational run-up, says he was not stopped in the Vijay Hazare Trophy.

Shiva Singh garnered attention at the C. K. Nayudu Trophy for his unique bowling style. Photo: Special Arrangement

If a batsman is allowed to play 360 degree shots, why will the bowlers be left behind? Shiva Singh — the U-19 World Cup winner from Prithvi Shaw’s side — has raised a strong point to defend his 360 degree bowling act in the C. K. Nayudu Trophy.

On Thursday, the slow left-arm bowler from Uttar Pradesh hit the headlines as soon as the BCCI released a footage of the seemingly supernatural delivery he bowled against Bengal in the U-23 tournament three days ago. There is no suspect action as the release is clean. But he rotates 360 degree in his run-up to distract the batsman. Umpires Vinod Seshan and Ravi Shankar dismissed it as a dead ball.

“I have recently started experimenting with this delivery. I tried it out in the Vijay Hazare Trophy as well. The umpire didn’t call it a ‘dead ball’ then. When I bat, I like to reverse sweep. One day, while batting, the idea came to my mind. I tried and I saw the action was fine, so I went ahead with it,” Shiva told Sportstar.

'No reason'

Shiva and his captain, Shivam Chaudhary, tried to reason it out with the umpires. “We asked him why is it a dead ball as I had used the same tactic before. Unke paas kuch reason nahi tha. Woh sirf mana kar rahe the daalne ke liye (the umpire had no reason, he just told me not to bowl like that).”

Shiva, who idolises Daniel Vettori and Shahbaz Nadeem, has decided not to give up as the move is a part of his variation while trying to unsettle the batsman. “When I move, the ball stays in my left hand only and the delivery is also clean. Even my skipper thought it was a legal delivery. I will bowl this delivery in the future, but I would like to consult the umpires and match referees if possible,” said Shiva, who picked up four wickets in the match as UP beat Bengal.


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