IPL 2021, RR vs KKR Highlights: Samson, Morris guide Rajasthan to six-wicket win over Morgan's Kolkata

KKR vs RR Live Score, IPL 2021: Get the live cricket streaming, ball by ball commentary updates between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals from Wankhede Stadium.


Sanju Samson and David Miller led Rajasthan Royals home by six-wickets to gain its second win of the season against Kolkata on Saturday.   -  BCCI/IPL

Hello and welcome to the HIGHLIGHTS of Match 18 of IPL 2021 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Morris, Player of the Match: Just a clear mind (what worked for him). In the previous game with those guys going as well as they were, the mind gets cluttered. Today wasn't the easiest wicket to bat on as you saw in both innings. But to keep it as simple as possible with the odd change of pace. Just my turn to do well today I think. Obviously those guys are massive losses.

Samson, winning captain: The bowlers have been doing well in the last four-five matches - the youngsters as well as the seniors. I enjoy captaining them. I think we could see in Morris' eyes that we wanted the competition to get big batsmen out. My thought process is actually I don't come with a mindset. I just love to keep enjoying my batting, but nowadays I play according to a situation and try to win games for my team. We will take one day off and sit down and plan for the next game.

David Miller: The body gave in towards the back end, but it was nice to finish off the match well. Sanju batted extremely well, he actually did in the first game, came in, showed what he's got, was a good team performance, nice and clinical. In T20 cricket, everything happens rather fast, it was a tactical decision (batting down the order), and came off well tonight. The key is to finish off games, I will not mind batting anywhere, just want to help the team win. We have a good bunch of guys and a great set-up, There was a lot of positive energy tonight, today was a big win and we'll take confidence into the next game, hopefully get onto a nice little run.

Eoin Morgan, losing captain: The batting let us down. We lacked a lot of intent throughout the whole innings. Didn’t put the bowlers under enough pressure. RR adapted to the pitch much better. The wicket today wasn’t as good as it has been here at the Wankhede and that was a challenge in itself. Every time we tried taking an attacking option, we lost a wicket. Left us a lot to do at the back end, which we didn’t obviously do. Clearer the mind, the easier it is (to play with intent). We want guys to play free-flowing cricket. It wasn’t there today unfortunately.

RR 134/4 after 18.5 overs: And Samson guides his side to a six-wicket win! KKR has been dashed to the bottom of the table!
An uncharacteristic innings from the skipper finishes off the chase with minimal pressure for Rajasthan. Its second win of the season and the camp will be lifted after a thoroughly dominating performance with the ball first-up to set up the win.

RR 129/4 after 18 overs: Prasidh concedes the boundary early in the over and that must well be it for RR. Miller has looked solid and he cashes in with another stifling boundary through mid-wicket.

RR 121/4 after 17 overs: Cummins tries the cutter to Miller who simply glides it beside the keeper to the boundary. Eases the nerves and the Aussie paceman can't find a probing deliver to knock off Miller.

Pat Cummins is back. Can he offer a twist with the ball tonight?

RR 113/4 after 16 overs: Prasidh hits the hard length and keeps Miller wound down but concedes a loose delivery outside off. Miller swiftly pounces on it and heaves it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

RR 104/4 after 15 overs: A looong over comes to an end finally. Mavi tails the ball into Miller first-up in the over and goes up for the appeal. The umpire takes a whole good minute before the encore has died down and shockingly raises his finger! Miller takes it up and survives. A near action-replay follows as Mavi hits the pads again and sends up the review, only to see the ball pitch outside-leg.

RR 101/4 after 14 overs: Krishna to Tewatia. OUT! Tewatia pulls and sends it straight to fine leg! Snapping bumper from Krishna probes Tewatia to go for it. Had no way out of it and RR loses its fourth just on the stroke of reaching the three-figure mark.  Rahul Tewatia c sub (KL Nagarkoti) b Prasidh Krishna 5 (8b)

Prasidh Krishna up to bowl his first over!

RR 97/3 after 13 overs: Varun fends in the quicker ones to Tewatia while the sliders zip in to Samson. The duo have eased into singles and doubles with seven runs coming off it.

RR 90/3 after 12 overs: Samson and RR's cautious approach against Narine has kept him at bay. A couple of singles conceded in his final over as he finishes with figures of 4-0-20-4.

RR 85/3 after 11 overs: Chakravarthy to Dube. OUT! Dube heaves and gets a thick edge straight to Prasidh at short-third!  Big wicket and will that create a turnaround here. Credit to Dube nevertheless. Came in at a tricky period and helped his skipper rally back things in RR's favour.  Shivam Dube c Prasidh Krishna b Varun 22 (18b 2x4 1x6)

RR 80/2 after 10 overs: Another quiet over pushed in by Narine. No undue risks taken by Samson and Dube who are content with three singles at the moment.

RR 77/2 after 9 overs: A Sanju Samson Special! Cummins runs in full stead and he is dealt with absolute nonchalance by the RR skipper! A towering flick sails over the deep mid-wicket for six and Morgan's plan to rush Samson with pace has been foiled instantly.

RR 64/2 after 8 overs: A much better over from Narine. Narine concedes a free-hit but has it under control by darting in a quick yorker to Dube. KKR would want to break through quickly before the pair could narrow down the chase pretty quickly.

RR 59/2 after 7 overs: A fine over from Varun is spoilt by the last ball of the over. Dube rocks back and punches through the vacant covers and Nagarkoti lets the ball through his hands to the boundary. Poor fielding there from the substitute and the bowler is not pleased at all.

RR 50/2 after 6 overs: Dube gets going with an absolute monster of a hit over mid-wicket. Narine drifted in a fuller delivery and Dube sends his arm in a helicopter-like arc to raise it far into the stands. RR brings up 50 within the Powerplay in style despite losing its openers.

Sunil Narine into the attack

RR 41/2 after 5 overs: Mavi to Jaiswal. OUT! Slashed over point and straight to the fielder! Some amateur batting there from Jaiswal. A needless risk with the fielder out at square after absolutely walloping a cut over point the previous ball. Mavi has his man finally and Dube comes into join the RR captain.

RR 30/1 after 4 overs: Chakravarthy to Buttler. OUT! And there's a wicket straightaway! Buttler is trapped plumb in front. There's no mystery on that one as Chakravarthy slides one in. Buttler makes the mistake of moving back into the crease and the ball thuds into his pads. The umpire raises his finger instantly and Buttler does not opt for the review. In walks skipper Sanju Samson, who creams a delectable drive through the covers first ball. Chakravarthy is leaking runs as Jaiswal cuts and finds the fence off the final ball.  Jos Buttler lbw b Varun 5 (7b 1x4)

Chakravarthy replaces Cummins

RR 17/0 after 3 overs: Jaiswal gets on top off the bounce and flicks it gorgeously to the mid-wicket fence. Pristine timing as he just uses Mavi's to redirect the ball.

RR 12/0 after 2 overs: OH! Cummins rams one into Buttler's helmet and he seems to be in some pain.  All in good stead after a long break. Buttler blocks the final ball off Cummins. The over had two fine shots from Jaiswal, one to the on-side and one through point as Cummins fell off radar initially.

Pat Cummins up and running

RR 2/0 after 1 over: Fiery start from Mavi! He tails the ball in sharply to Buttler who manages to sneak in the single. Mavi then unleashes some cracking zippers to Jaiswal who is beaten thrice. Mavi snaps Jaiswal nearly off the last ball but Shubman Gill has dropped him at point!  Gill returning a favour perhaps after Jaiswal dropped earlier tonight.

Back for the chase. Yashasvi Jaiswal and Jos Buttler walk out to the crease for RR. Shivam Mavi up with the ball for KKR


Chris Morris gets his joint-best IPL figures - 4-0-23-4 - and that was just the tale from over 18-20. Morris, however, bagged the biggies Karthik, Russell and Cummins before adding another off the last ball. The pressure got to the fearsome trio as the KKR top-order crumbled once again to some poor batsmanship.

Sanju Samson's execution with his bowlers was spot-on as Mustafizur Rahman, Jaydev Unadkat and Chetan Sakariya built pressure in the Powerplay. The results were soon to be seen as Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Sunil Narine and skipper Eoin Morgan fell in a haste. Rahul Tripathi put up some fight before the need to go for the biggies holed him out too. RR has done half the job in a clinical manner but the chase wouldn't come against Pat Cummins and Co.

KKR 133/8 after 20 overs: Morris to Cummins. OUT! A cracking pull but straight to Parag deep mid-wicket! Morris has three to his name! Mesmerising over from the Proteas paceman as five dot balls follow the six that Cummins hit first ball. Morris finishes on a high as Mavi's stumps are shattered as well. Brilliant finish for RR as it restricts KKR below 140 on a Wankhede belter.

KKR 127/7 after 19 overs: Excellent spell from Mustafizur. A wily cutter nearly gets Cummins as he sends it straight above. Three fielders converge but fail to get to the ball.

KKR 118/7 after 18 overs: Morris to Russell. OUT! Big Mo has DRE Russ for the fourth time in the IPL! Morris was rocketed into the stands with the full ball first-up into Russell. Morris does not stop as he pushes a searing, fuller delivery as Russell tries to smash it over long-on but fails. David Miller is no mug at long-on and completes a safe catch to send the big man on his way. Double delight for Morris as he gets Karthik as well. Karthik attempts to slog over cover and holes out to Sakariya. Excellent full-length jump from the youngster to complete the catch. KKR very well in tatters.  Andre Russell c Miller b Morris 9 (7b 1x6), Dinesh Karthik c Sakariya b Morris 25 (24b 4x4)

KKR 110/5 after 17 overs: Young Sakariya oversteps and then concedes a boundary off the free-hit to Karthik. He then bowls to wides to Russell but keeps the Caribbean powerhouse in control with the slower-cutters.

KKR 98/5 after 16 overs: Mustafizur to Tripathi. OUT! High into the sky and Riyan Parag gobbles it with an extremely cool catch! This is a brilliant for Rajasthan in the field. However, Fizz dishes a short ball which is smashed to the mid-wicket fence by Karthik with disdain.  Rahul Tripathi c Parag b Mustafizur Rahman 36 (26b 1x4 2x6)

KKR 94/4 after 15 overs: Sakariya makes good use of his variations and Karthik gets the sole boundary clipped through backward-square leg. Rajasthan keeping the batsmen tight even as Russell is yet to come out with five overs to go.

KKR 84/4 after 14 overs: Karthik whacks Tewatia for a boundary with a sweep. The leggie gets back his line and forces the batsmen to rotate strike as the runs have been hard to come by for KKR tonight.

KKR 76/4 after 13 overs: Fine over from Dube. Just his second of the tournament. He hits the right length and has forced Karthik and Tripathi to deal in singles.

Shivam Dube into the attack.

KKR 71/4 after 12 overs: Tripathi goes for a massive lofted drive over the stands off Tewatia and attempts to build on. Karthik has come into join him and the two batsmen have an uphill task to lift the KKR innings.

KKR 62/4 after 11 overs: Morris to Tripathi. OUT! MORGAN IS RUN OUT! What a bizarre end for the KKR captain. Morris drills in the ball to Tripathi who smashes it straight back at the bowlers'. Unfortunate for KKR, the ball hits Morgan's bat as he walks out towards the striker's end and a certain mix-up between the pair meant that Morris had enough time to snaffle a run out! Misery for KKR as the captain goes back without facing a ball.  Eoin Morgan run out (Morris) 0 (0b)

KKR 55/3 after 10 overs: Unadkat to Narine. High into the night sky and an excellent diving catch from Jaiswal sends him back! Excellent piece of cricket from Rajasthan all-round. Unadkat uses the deft off-cutter that hits the deck and climbs onto Narine who attempts the hook. The ball takes the edge and flies straight up. Jaiswal who dropped Shubman Gill early in the innings, redeems himself with a stunning catch. Sunil Narine c Jaiswal b Unadkat 6 (7b 1x4)

KKR 51/2 after 9 overs: Sakariya to Rana. OUT!  Edged and Gone! The pressure got to Rana and some incisive bowling from Sakariya. Short and tight to the left-hander from Sakariya and Rana did not get enough room to slash through point. KKR has sent in Sunil Narine at No.4 and there's only one intention to that. Narine goes for the slog over long-off first ball and gets it to the boundary.  Nitish Rana c †Samson b Sakariya 22 (25b 1x4 1x6)

KKR 45/1 after 8 overs: Tewatia keeps the ball on the money as Rana and Tripathi finds to break free. They settle for some good running between the boundary to sneak in eight runs from the over.

Rahul Tewatia into the attack

KKR 37/1 after 7 overs: KKR steps on the gas. New man Tripathi rushes down to send a length delivery from Unadkat to the boundary over him. Rana then gets into the act with a cracking pull for six over deep mid-wicket as Unadkat errs in length for the first time tonight.

KKR 25/1 after 6 overs: Mustafizur to Gill. OUT! Run out! Jos the Boss, you beauty! He sends the KKR opener on his way with a cracking piece of fielding from Jos Buttler. Gill, anxious to exchange the strikes, nudges it to Buttler at cover, who steams in and parries it to the stumps with a classic under-arm release. The ball hits bang on the stumps and Gill's full-length dive was not enough to save him.  Shubman Gill run out (Buttler) 11 (19b 1x4)

KKR 23/0 after 5 overs: Fine start for Morris. Just the two runs of the over as he hits the deck hard and unsettles Gill with the shorter stuff. On a flying deck, this is a below-par start in the Powerplay for KKR.

Chris Morris into the attack

KKR 21/0 after 4 overs: Gill attempts to break the shackles with a wristy flick through mid-wicket for a four. The Fizz comes back with a couple of off-cutters and gets Gill to go for the aggressive shot and induce a thick-edge. Yashasvi Jaiswal runs in from sweeper cover and drops it!  Well, well..will that turn out to be costly for Rajasthan?

Mustafizur Rahman replaces Chetan Sakariya

KKR 14/0 after 3 overs: Rana aces a deft cut between short-third and backward-point. Unadkat gets back to keep it tight as he follows a stump-to-stump length, choking the batsmen down.

KKR 8/0 after 2 overs: Sakariya follows his senior Saurashtra teammate Unadkat with a tight line to the KKR openers. They have bowled well with a field in mind, forcing Gill and Rana to tread on singles.

Chetan Sakariya into the attack

KKR 3/0 after 1 over: A fine start from Unadkat. He gets a hint of shape away from Rana who gets off the mark with a couple of shots through point. Unadkat keeps it simple against Gill as he pushes the ball in to the young right-hander who offers a solid block.

Game On! In walk the Rajasthan brigade as Kolkata openers Nitish Rana and Shubman Gill stride down to the middle. Jaydev Unadkat up with the new ball.


07:25PM: Five minutes away from the start. Rajasthan has brought Unadkat back into the XI as the side continues with its three left-arm pace attack besides Chris Morris. A big break for youngster Yashasvi Jaiswal in the place of an out-of-form Manan Vohra.  RR will hope its bowling is on track against a menacing KKR batting line-up in the next hour or so.

Rajasthan XI: Jos Buttler, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Sanju Samson (c & wk), Shivam Dube, David Miller, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Chris Morris, Jaydev Unadkat, Chetan Sakariya, Mustafizur Rahman

Kolkata XI:Nitish Rana, Shubman Gill, Rahul Tripathi, Eoin Morgan (c), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Pat Cummins, Shivam Mavi, Varun Chakravarthy, Prasidh Krishna

Toss: Rajasthan wins the Toss and elects to Bowl first

Eoin Morgan: We would have liked to bowl first. I think everybody would be in the same boat. We did play a game the other night where 220 seemed to be enough. We are playing our second game at the Wankhede and we are better off knowing the conditions. We have one change to our line-up, Shivam Mavi comes in for Kamlesh Nagarkoti. Just a change of gameplan and it is a match-up change. The record here traditionally is seam works better than spin, we are in a unique position of having two mystery spinners who can curb that trend a little bit.

Sanju Samson: We are going to bowl because it has helped the bowlers bowling first here in these conditions. I like to appreciate the team members, management and everyone in the team, they are coping up with it really well as there are a lot of positives even after losing few key players; Jofra, Stokes and Liam just left.  We have two changes - Jaydev Unadkat comes in for Shreyas Gopal and Jaiswal comes in for Manan Vohra.



Jos Buttler - I have been here for a while with the England national team, looking for a good performance today and set the winning ball rolling for the Royals. I put a lot of responsibility on myself and I expect to perform in the best possible way for my team. The mood is good in the team, everyone loves playing in the IPL, none more so than the young Indian players. This is the best place for them to grow and learn, we have got some exciting young players in our dressing room. Probably Chetan Sakariya (when asked about one RR player he's impressed with), he's got some fantastic skills with his left -arm bowling and he has taken some great wickets so far, but more so it is his attitude, has a great smile, he's fun to be around and he's inspiring to be around him.

Dinesh Karthik speaks to the broadcaster: Very happy with the knock (vs CSK). Personally I like batting in Mumbai especially coming from Chennai. We were in a bit of a crisis but to pull the team from that situation and try to make a match out of it, I felt happy about that and would have been much happier had we crossed the line. I was really happy with how Shahrukh Khan was doing, just the fact that there are so many players from Tamil Nadu, 13 of them right now, happy to see them and they will learn a lot.

RR lost the most wickets in Powerplay in IPL 2020 and so far have lost the most in IPL 2021 as well. The captain Samson has been a pale shadow of himself since his dashing 119 against Punjab in the first match. A rejuvenated Sanju will be the key for Rajasthan's top-order in the absence of Ben Stokes for the rest of the season.

Pitch Report: Darren Ganga and Nick Knight suggest that the pitch was used twice previously and both matches resulted scores in excess of 200. Runs are surely coming thick and fast on this track. There's an even covering of grass and that will just suit the batsman's shots. The bowlers will need to use their slower deliveries and cutters.

Right, is this the night for Samson and Co. to snap their misfortunes? They have an opponent who has won just one of its nine encounters ever at Wankhede.


6:15PM: 45 minutes away from the Toss. Seems like Lockie Ferguson is in the mood. Will Bazz McCullum and Eoin Morgan unchain the speedster tonight?

Will KKR unleash the beast Lockie Ferguson alongside Pat Cummins tonight?   -  BCCI/IPL


Numbers Game

  • Morris v Russell in IPL:   Balls - 23, Runs - 34, Outs -3
  • KKR captain Eoin Morgan needs 43 runs to become the fourth England player to reach 7000 T20 runs.
  • Dinesh Karthik is eight runs away from completing 1000 runs for KKR.
  • Andre Russell needs 28 runs to complete 6000 runs in T20 cricket.
  • Win % at Wankhede:    RR - 41.66 %, KKR - 10%

H2H - RR vs KKR: (23 MATCHES - RR 10 | KKR 12 | NR 1)

Top Performers in the fixture in IPL history

RankBest BatsmenTeamRuns Scored
1.Ajinkya RahaneRR: 2011-15 and 2018-19338
2.Shane WatsonRR: 2008-15304
3.Gautam GambhirKKR: 2011-17255
RankBest BowlersTeamWickets taken
1.Sunil NarineKKR: 2012-Present10
2.Siddharth TrivediRR: 2008-139
3.Shakib Al HasanKKR: 2011-17, 2021-Present9


Streaks of brilliance and heaps of glaring mistakes - the brief summary of the starts of Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders do not show up in good reading for their fans.

With a win apiece from their four opening encounters have put Sanju Samson and Eoin Morgan on the spot early on in the season. Rajasthan's results have also resulted with a mix of ill-fortune. The side has lost two of its premier players in Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer and a like-to-like replacement is nowhere in the offing. Reports have suggested South African batsman Rassie van der Dussen is on his way to India to join the Royals as a replacement for Stokes or Livingstone who left after suffering from bio-bubble fatigue.

IPL 2021 preview: Knight Riders favourite against fragile Royals  

The trouble, however, does not end there for the Royals. After suffering a drubbing at the hands of the Royal Challengers Bangalore on Thursday in a 10-wicket loss, Rajasthan will have worries aplenty in its batting as well as bowling departments. The top-order, including skipper Sanju Samson have misfired after a positive start in the first game. RR's middle-order comprising youngsters Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia and Chris Morris have salvaged a few cameos to carry the side to targets that are just about par. However, the Royals will hope that its top-order stars Jos Buttler and Samson pick up form pretty soon.

Predicted XIs

The Knights, on the other hand, came pretty close to its second win in a thriller against Chennai Super Kings on Wednesday. The lower middle-order trio of Dinesh Karthik, Andre Russell and Pat Cummins waltzed the CSK bowlers - saving the side from shambles. Morgan's men would be content with the balance in the squad, however, the results have not been their best companion yet this season.

Captains Speak

"We need to be honest with ourselves and come back better. Need time to look into what went wrong and understand, I am sure we will comeback well. This game... It puts you down but you need to find a way and come out better." - Sanju  Samson after Rajasthan's 10-wicket loss to RCB

"We have to be proud of getting so close, and actually putting ourselves in a winning position. Particularly, Pat Cummins towards the end played beautifully. It's everything about the process. The way I'm going about things at the moment is extremely positive. I've been here a long time now and I've been practising well and it's a matter of time before something comes together." - Eoin Morgan after Kolkata's 18-run loss to CSK


Kolkata Knight Riders Squad: Nitish Rana, Shubman Gill, Rahul Tripathi, Eoin Morgan(c), Dinesh Karthik(w), Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Pat Cummins, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Varun Chakravarthy, Prasidh Krishna, Harbhajan Singh, Shakib Al Hasan, Ben Cutting, Karun Nair, Pawan Negi, Kuldeep Yadav, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Sheldon Jackson, Sandeep Warrier, Tim Seifert, Lockie Ferguson, Rinku Singh, Venkatesh Iyer, Shivam Mavi, Vaibhav Arora

Rajasthan Royals Squad: Jos Buttler, Manan Vohra, Sanju Samson(w/c), David Miller, Shivam Dube, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Chris Morris, Shreyas Gopal, Chetan Sakariya, Mustafizur Rahman, Jaydev Unadkat, Andrew Tye, Liam Livingstone, KC Cariappa, Mahipal Lomror, Mayank Markande, Anuj Rawat, Kartik Tyagi, Kuldip Yadav, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Akash Singh


When: Saturday, April 24, 2021


The IPL 2021's 18th match between Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders begins at 7:30 PM IST at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.


IPL 2021 will be shown Live on Star Sports channels - Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 3 and Star Sports 3 HD. It will be streamed live on Hotstar.