PBKS vs RR HIGHLIGHTS, IPL 2021: Rajasthan stuns Punjab by 2 runs, Kartik Tyagi delivers epic final over win

RR vs PBKS HIGHLIGHTS, IPL 2021 Live: Catch the IPL live score updates between Rahul's Rajasthan Royals vs Sanju's Punjab Kings from Dubai International Stadium.


Kartik Tyagi defended four runs in the final over as he snapped Nicholas Pooran and Deepak Hooda to stun Punjab.   -  SPORTZPICS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the IPL 2021 encounter between KL Rahul's Punjab Kings and Sanju Samson's Rajasthan Royals from Dubai.


Kartik Tyagi, POTM: "Feeling happy. I was injured during the India leg of IPL 2021, and when I recovered the tournament got cancelled. Very happy to get the chance today. I have spoken to seniors for the last few years. Everyone has said that game can change anytime. I knew I have the death-overs skills."


Sanju Samson: "Somewhere we had that fight left. We knew we had some special bowlers. Kept Mustafizur's overs for the end. Tyagi was confident with his yorkers, especially wide yorkers. Executed them well against the new batters. And we had top fielding plans for every batter, we have planned till the last batter. We were happy with our score, on this wicket that was a good score. We are a better bowling/fielding team too. We could've won the game early if there weren't drops early on."

KL Rahul, losing captain: "Tough one to swallow," he says while putting on the orange cap. "We need to see how we can handle pressure better. It's happened to the best in the game. Tough one to swallow that you haven't learnt from your previous mistakes. We bowled decent lengths in the first six. Unfortunate that edges got it away from us. But we pulled this back nicely with the ball."


Honestly, lost for words to sum up this one! Quite possibly up there among the craziest finishes in cricketing history. That said, it was just a high class over from Tyagi under pressure. What. A. Steal. RR!

Bowlers defending less than six runs in the final over of an IPL innings:

Munaf Patel (RR v MI, 2009); Kartik Tyagi (RR v PBKS, 2021*)

PBKS 183/4 in 20 overs: Tyagi to Markram.
Full and straight and Markram hits to mid-off - no run. Tyagi slides one in and Markram nudges it fine for a single. Tyagi to Pooran. Full and angling away and Pooran tries to slice it. OUT! The ball springs up straight to Samson behind the stumps! Boy, is there a twist here?

Hooda, the new man.
Tyagi goes wide and Hooda misses. Dot! 3 off 2. Tyagi rushes in and Hooda nicks it to Samson! GOODNESS ME! This is CRAZY!!

Punjab needs 3 off 1 ball now.  A cracking yorker to finish!! RAJASTHAN ROYALS HAS PULLED OFF AN EPIC HEIST!!!

PBKS 182/2 in 19 overs: Mustafizur employs his cutters and Pooran is pinned down with the change in pace. He cuts one fine and the third-man fielder does well to keep to just one run. Samson nearly completes a cracking take as Markram edges one just past his reach. An excellent dive from Sakariya at short third prevents a sure boundary. This game's somehow boiled down to the last over, folks! Punjab needs four runs in 6 balls.

PBKS 178/2 in 18 overs: Morris dishes in a slower one and Markram absolutely fires it away from his presence. A cracking thud from the pad and the ball flies 96m over the long-on boundary for six. KL's men are nearly there!

PBKS 168/2 in 17 overs: Pooran power! Fizz begins with a cutter and Pooran opens the face of the bat and trickles it to the third man boundary. Mustafizur goes a bit short and Pooran instantly bludgeons it over cow corner for another six.

Mustafizur returns

PBKS 154/2 in 16 overs: 150 up for RR! Morris up with a neater over but perhaps a bit too late. The players head to the timeout with Punjab requiring 32 in four overs.

PBKS 148/2 in 15 overs: Tyagi keeps it straight and full. Pooran misses a couple of deliveries to the raw pace and finds a single. Markram finishes the over on a high with a pristine straight drive for four.

PBKS 142/2 in 14 overs: Parag unleashes his side-on ploy but fails to faze the batters. Markram finds the fine leg boundary first before Pooran launches him for a biggie over long-on. Well out of RR's hands now, this one.

PBKS 126/2 in 13 overs: Tewatia to Mayank. OUT! Slices the ball to deep point and Livingstone does the rest! Well bowled by Tewatia as he lures Mayank into this one. He eyes the extra cover spot but fails to time it and well Rajasthan has found two quick wickets. Mayank Agarwal c Livingstone b Tewatia 67 (43b 7x4 2x6)

PBKS 120/1 in 12 overs: Sakariya to Rahul. OUT! Outside edge and this time KL's a goner! Sakariya offers a hint of width and Rahul goes for the cut, aiming to slice it behind backward point. The ball clips the outside edge and flies to Tyagi at short third-man. Rahul luck-filled innings finally comes to an end.  KL Rahul c Kartik Tyagi b Sakariya 49 (33b 4x4 2x6)

Sakariya returns

PBKS 113/0 in 11 overs: Lomror keeps it tight, angling the bowl into both right-handers. KL and Mayank play it safe and tread in singles.

Lomror into the attack. Samson's last roll of the dice?

PBKS 106/0 in 10 overs: High class stuff from Mayank! Brings up his fifty and crosses 2000 IPL runs! Morris is treated with disdain as Mayank nonchalantly flicks him behind square for two massive sixes. He's regained his touch after a slow start and boy, this is a treat to watch.  Morris is all over the place as he bowls three wides in the over. He tucks one to the legs once again and Mayank flicks it behind square leg for another boundary. And that's a 100-run partnership for KL and Mayank! Morris is ripped apart as Mayank finds another boundary, creams the bowler over extra cover for another boundary. Top draw stuff!

PBKS 81/0 in 9 overs: Mayank continues to drill the bowlers down the ground. Tewatia bowls into middle and leg. Mayank adjusts himself to find the arc and swings his blade fiercely for another four. Delectable strokeplay from him as Punjab frustrates RR.

PBKS 72/0 in 8 overs: Three in a row! Agarwal smacks Tyagi left, right and centre for boundaries. He's found his flair once again and RR's seeing no option of a breakthrough at the moment. Sanju continues to shuffle his bowlers with minimal result.

Tyagi returns

PBKS 57/0 in 7 overs: Fifty up for Punjab. Thrills and spills and Rajasthan's gifting this away. Mayank sets himself well and creams Tewatia for four down the ground.

Tewatia to resume after the timeout

PBKS 49/0 in 6 overs: LIFELINE NO.3 FOR KL! This is insane. Mustafizur tucks KL up with a fine short delivery towards the hips. Rahul attempts to nudge it fine but the ball lobs up off his bat and moves towards a diving Sakariya at short fine leg who tumbles the ball while diving to his right. Surely, Rahul would want to make the most of this rare hat-trick now.

Fizz is back

PBKS 41/0 in 5 overs: Dropped again! Rahul finds another reprieve and this time's it's Parag at mid-on. Full and straight from Morris and Rahul attempts to scoop it over Parag. He flips to his right but fails to keep control over the ball and spills over.

Chris Morris into the attack

PBKS 35/0 in 4 overs: 3000 IPL runs for KL Rahul and he brings it up with some style. Sakariya is walloped over midwicket for two massive sixes.

PBKS vs RR, IPL 2021: KL Rahul becomes second fastest to 3000 Indian Premier League runs  

PBKS 16/0 in 3 overs: Rajasthan loses a review. Tyagi bumps one in to Mayank outside the off-stump. The ball whiffs past the hanging blade outside off and Samson goes up for a review without much deliberation with his peers. Tyagi's pace unsettles Mayank as he mistimes another shot and finds the inside edge. Sedate start this for Punjab.

Tyagi replaces Fizz.

PBKS 9/0 in 2 overs: DROPPED AT POINT!  Sakariya takes the ball away from Rahul who attempts to slash it square. A fierce cut and Lewis puts its arms out but drops a tough chance. Now, will that grow on to hurt RR tonight.

Sakariya into the attack

PBKS 4/0 in 1 over: Mustafizur packs his off-side pretty well as he runs in to Rahul. Rahul gets a loosener outside off but fails to put it past cover. Just a couple of singles to start the chase.

Mustafizur to open the bowling.

The chase begins. KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal walk out to the middle.


PBKS vs RR: Arshdeep finishes with fourth best figures by uncapped Indian player in IPL  

RR 185 all out in 20 overs: Cracking finish for Arshdeep. A well deserve fifer as he snaps Sakariya and Tyagi. Remarkable comeback at the death led by Arshdeep and Shami and Punjab's restricted the target within 200.

RR 178/8 in 19 overs: Shami to Tewatia. OUT! Smashes the stumps! Full and straight and Shami beats Tewatia with sheer pace. The ball takes a late edge off the bat to the pads and clips the leg-stump. Sakariya, the new man, does well to flick the ball fine and hand the strike to Morris. Morris goes downtown high and long but there's no distance on it. Markram's beneath it and gets another catch. Shami ends his spell on a high with two wickets that's derailed the finish for RR. Rahul Tewatia b Mohammed Shami 2 (5b); Chris Morris c Markram b Mohammed Shami 5 (5b)

RR 175/6 in 18 overs: Arshdeep to Lomror. OUT! Mistimes the slog and Markram finds another catch at long on. Full and fired in. Lomror fails to generate enough power to meet the impact. He misses out on a fifty but what a knock in the context of the game for RR. Seemed to have lost its way for a moment but the young southpaw's blitzkrieg has just put Rajasthan back on course.  Mahipal Lomror c Markram b Arshdeep Singh 43 (17b 2x4 4x6)

Arshdeep returns. Can RR get to 200?

RR 168/5 in 17 overs: Shami to Parag. OUT! Caught safely at long-on. The helicopter crashes down as Shami fires it in straight and Parag attempts the expansive stroke. He doesn't get enough timber on it and Markram does a fine job at the fence. This is top stuff from Shami as fires in the blockhole and restricts the big hits.  Riyan Parag c Markram b Mohammed Shami 4 (5b)

RR 164/4 in 16 overs: Lomror whirlwind! Short and wide and Hooda is tormented with two massive blows over the midwicket fence.  He follows up with another full toss and Lomror smashes it to the long-off boundary for another four. He's not done just yet. Hooda bowls an overpitched delivery and Lomror flakes it behind point for another four. 24 from the over!

Hooda into the attack

RR 140/4 in 15 overs: Brar to Jaiswal. OUT! Lobs it to short cover and Jaiswal misses his fifty. Bats himself into a rut with a milestone in sight and has a sheepish end. Jaiswal scurries forward as Brar tosses it up. The ball takes the leading edge and parries straight to Agarwal once again. Yashasvi Jaiswal c Agarwal b Harpreet Brar 49 (36b 6x4 2x6)

RR 136/3 in 14 overs: Lomror enters the party! Pretty ordinary bowling from Rashid. He continues to bowl short and Lomror senses it's the right time to get off the blocks. He holds his shape and drags the looseners high into the stands behind midwicket.

RR 122/3 in 13 overs: Brar applies some brakes on the scoring rate. He bowls a tight line, attacking the stumps. Jaiswal and Lomror does well to still keep the scoreboard ticking and ends up with six singles in the over.

RR 116/3 in 12 overs: Arshdeep to Livingstone. OUT! Arshdeep has the last laugh! After a spellbinding six over midwicket off a cutter, Livingstone wallops another towards the cow corner region. The slight variation in pace does the trick once again for Arshdeep. Livingstone doesn't get the desired timing on it this time and Fabian Allen holds on to a stellar diving catch at the boundary line! Liam Livingstone c Allen b Arshdeep Singh 25 (17b 2x4 1x6)

RR 101/2 in 11 overs: 100 up for RR! Jaiswal continues to milk the bowlers as he smashes a fuller ball from Brar straight over the umpire for another boundary. He's well within sights of a maiden IPL fifty now.

Harpreet Brar into the attack

RR 94/2 in 10 overs: In his element, is Yashasvi! Porel goes full outside off and Jaiswal drills the extra cover boundary with absolute authority. Everything perfect about it and Porel finishes his quota on a poor note on debut.

RR 86/2 in 9 overs: Short and smashed! Another loose delivery from Rashid and Jaiswal latches onto it nicely. He moves deep into the crease and drags his bat through midwicket for a massive six.


RR 76/2 in 8 overs: Porel to Samson. OUT! Edged and a stunning grab from KL Rahul! Short and wide and Samson couldn't resist from a poke at it. The edge seems to fly past him but Rahul stretches his right arm over his head and leaps to complete a fine catch. Livingstone enters. He steps down first ball and flicks the ball to midwicket for a single. Jaiswal cops a sharp one from Porel on his groin. He's in some pain there. Sanju Samson c †Rahul b Porel 4 (5b)

Porel is back.

RR 68/1 in 7 overs: Beauty from Yashasvi! Samson advances and finds a single to get off strike. Jaiswal unleashes a reverse lap shot that lobs over the short third man fielder for four. Rashid floats it in further and Jaiswal leans forward and clobbers over long-off for a massive six.

Adil Rashid to resume after the break

RR 57/1 in 6 overs: Arshdeep to Lewis. OUT! Straight to extra cover! Deft work under pressure from Arshdeep. An excellent knuckle bowl looped in outside off. Arshdeep wanted Lewis to go for the drive and he does. He misreads the slower one and ends up lobbing it straight to Mayank Agarwal. Samson, the new man. Sanju begins with a wristy flick and finds a quick two. Arshdeep finishes with another slower one and Samson tucks it to off and finds a single before the players head to a timeout.  Evin Lewis c Agarwal b Arshdeep Singh 36 (21b 7x4 1x6)

Arshdeep Singh into the attack

RR 53/0 in 5 overs: FIFTY up for Rajasthan! Hooda begins with a tossed up delivery outside off but Jaiswal does well to rock back and cram it through point for four. Lewis cashes in further as he glides Hooda twice to the fine leg boundary. Fifty up in double quick time and Rahul will have plenty to think about right now.

Hooda replaces Shami

RR 40/0 in 4 overs: Lewis flashes and flashes hard. Porel keeps a pretty tight line but Lewis find a couple of streaky boundaries over the short third man fielder. Two wild heaves and the outside edge drifts to the boundary. More boundaries for Lewis. Porel bowls short and Lewis crashes him with a pull to the midwicket boundary. Thing aren't going well for Porel at the moment. The pressure gets to him as he bowls another half-volley outside off. Lewis' terrific touch has him waltz it to the deep cover boundary.

RR 23/0 in 3 overs: Lewis in the mood. Nothing wrong about that delivery from Shami. Hits the good length and gently seams away from the off-stump but Lewis' is too good with that swing down the ground. Once again in his zone and he pummels it straight back over the bowl for four.

RR 18/0 in 2 overs: Smash! Lewis goes downtown! Porel begins well with a tight line attacking the stumps. He errs a wee bit off the length of the last ball and Lewis launches a powerful stroke down the ground. No feet movement whatsoever as he swings it in style through the arc, sending the ball far into the long-on stands.

Ishan Porel into the attack

RR 9/0 in 1 over: Jaiswal off the mark in style! Shami begins with a short delivery tucked into Lewis who pulls it to square leg. Shami continues from over the wicket and shapes the ball away to beat Jaiswal's blade. Shami shifts his angle around the wicket. Jaiswal instantly cashes in on a loose one outside off. Short and Jaiswal slashes it over point for four. Shami bowls another short delivery and Jaiswal gets behind the line of the ball and smacks it over square leg for another boundary.

Deary me! Can Lewis and Yashasvi forge a strong partnership at the top?


Mohammed Shami up with the new ball.

Match No. 32 underway! Rahul's reds walk out to the middle and is followed by Evin Lewis and Yashasvi Jaiswal.


Punjab Kings: KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Aiden Markram, Nicholas Pooran, Deepak Hooda, Fabian Allen, Adil Rashid, Ishan Porel, Harpreet Brar, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammed Shami

Rajasthan Royals: Yashasvi Jaiswal, Evin Lewis, Sanju Samson, Liam Livingstone, Mahipal Lomror, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Chris Morris, Mustafizur Rahman, Chetan Sakariya, Kartik Tyagi

Toss: Punjab wins the Toss, elects to bowl first

KL Rahul: "No brainer, fresh wicket, don't know how it will play. I personally prefer chasing. It's good to be back in Dubai. We've had a lot of learnings from playing here last time. Lot of guys were playing international cricket, but we are all professionals and have done our best to prepare. Pooran, Markram, Adil Rashid, Fabian Allen. Markram will bat No. 3, unfortunately Chris Gayle misses out."

Sanju Samson: We are good are chasing and setting totals, so we were happy to do both. We have really great talent and characters in our team. It is a very positive atmosphere. Sangakkara brings in the experience, he knows what to communicate at what point. He just wanted us to relax. Lewis, Livingstone, Morris and Mustafizur are our foreigners.

It's TOSS time!

6:48PM IST: With Markram and Rashid both making their debuts, is Gayle still making the XI tonight, folks?


6:42PM IST: Team news from the Punjab camp: Ishan Porel, Aiden Markram and Adil Rashid make their IPL debuts. 

6:32PM IST: Team news: Evin Lewis will make his RR debut.

Lewis in CPL 2021: 11 innings, 426 runs, 38 sixes!

6:30PM IST: Livingstone to the broadcaster:Preparation has been going on alright. Thankfully I’m coming on the back of some cricket. So it feels good. There was six days quarantine and three days training. Perfect build up really. ( I’m really enjoying my cricket. I have always said that I play my best cricket when I’m enjoying myself. The last two or three months have been really good for me. We do have enough talent, the replacements are good players. We will be obviously miss the three world class English stars but I think we have a lot of quality. It will be really hard to pick four overseas from the quality we have got. Our main priority is to obviously make the playoffs.

Liam Livingstone will be a key player for Rajasthan.   -  SPORTZPICS


6:16PM IST: Scorching hot conditions at Dubai. How will PBKS suit itself for the evening?

Who will KL, Jumbo pick as its four overseas options tonight?   -  SPORTZPICS


6:03PM IST: Numbers Game

  • KL Rahul needs 22 runs to become second fastest to 3000 IPL runs behind Gayle (75). Rahul has played 79 innings.
  • Gayle needs 50 to become second fastest to 5000 IPL runs behind Warner (135). Gayle has played 139 innings.
  • Gayle needs 8 sixes to become the first player to hit 100-plus sixes for two teams.
  • Punjab Kings has hit 57 sixes and is in second place this season. It is followed by Rajasthan which has smashed 52 sixes.
  • Most sixes in Powerplay (all T20s): Chris Gayle (PBKS) - 248, Evin Lewis (RR) - 149

5:30PM IST:
Will a Gayle-storm get it rolling for Punjab tonight?


Match Preview

IPL's perennial underdogs - Punjab Kings and Rajasthan Royals - are back to begin their second leg of the 2021 campaign in Dubai. And well, it begins in an excitingly poised clash against each other.

Mumbai Indians' humbling defeat to Chennai followed by a massive loss for Royal Challenges Bangalore against Kolkata, has split open the chances for the bottom half (SRH, miles apart) to sneak into the rat-race.

With just two points separating MI (4th), KKR (5th), RR (6th) and PBKS (7th), KL Rahul and Sanju Samson will be aware of what's on offer with a fine outing on Tuesday at the Dubai International Stadium. The wicket has behaved a bit tacky in the first game and with plenty of powerhouse material on offer for both Punjab and Rajasthan, we could be in for a different reel altogether.

Punjab's batting continues to largely hinge on its skipper Rahul. Birthday boy Chris Gayle should make the cut for the XI too and his West Indian compatriot Nicholas Pooran will also be in the spotlight. Pooran's torrid season witnessed a bizarre start - with four ducks in six innings.


Span: 2008-2021

Matches: 22

Won: PBKS - 10, RR - 12

HS (PBKS) vs RR: 223

LS (PBKS) vs RR: 124

HS (RR) vs PBKS: 226

LS (RR) vs PBKS: 112

On the other hand, Rajasthan will pin its hopes on the might of a fiery Liam Livingstone and an in-form Evin Lewis to ease the pressure on an under-fire Sanju Samson. The bowling departments of both sides have seen a fine upgrade too. PBKS will have the choice of Nathan Ellis who might take the second seamer's spot behind Mohammed Shami. Windies all-rounder Fabian Allen and leg-spinner Adil Rashid may also come into the mix.

RR's pace attack will be led by Chris Morris who had a fine start to the season in April. With Chetan Sakariya offering the left-arm option, Samson might be tempted to pick Proteas' star Tabraiz Shamsi ahead of Mustafizur Rahman for the evening.


Where to watch today's match?

The IPL 2021 match between PBKS and RR will be aired live on Star Sports channels - Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 3 and Star Sports 3 HD. The online streaming will be available on Hotstar.


Punjab Kings (PBKS) Team Squad

KL Rahul(w/c), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Deepak Hooda, Shahrukh Khan, Ravi Bishnoi, Adil Rashid, Mohammed Shami, Harpreet Brar, Aiden Markram, Nathan Ellis, Ishan Porel, Chris Jordan, Jalaj Saxena, Moises Henriques, Prabhsimran Singh, Mandeep Singh, Murugan Ashwin, Sarfaraz Khan, Fabian Allen, Saurabh Kumar, Utkarsh Singh, Darshan Nalkande, Arshdeep Singh

Rajasthan Royals (RR) Team Squad

Evin Lewis, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Sanju Samson(w/c), Riyan Parag, Shivam Dube, Rahul Tewatia, Chris Morris, Kartik Tyagi, Chetan Sakariya, Mustafizur Rahman, Tabraiz Shamsi, Shreyas Gopal, Liam Livingstone, Jaydev Unadkat, David Miller, Manan Vohra, KC Cariappa, Glenn Phillips, Mahipal Lomror, Oshane Thomas, Mayank Markande, Anuj Rawat, Gerald Coetzee, Kuldip Yadav, Akash Singh