PAK vs CAN Highlights, T20 World Cup 2024: Pakistan beats Canada by seven wickets to remain alive in tournament

PAK vs CAN, Highlights: Pakistan registered a convincing seven-wicket win over Canada in the T20 World Cup 2024 to remain in contention for a Super Eights spot.

Updated : Jun 11, 2024 23:54 IST

Pakistan faces Canada in a must-win match on Tuesday in New York.
Pakistan faces Canada in a must-win match on Tuesday in New York.

Pakistan faces Canada in a must-win match on Tuesday in New York.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of the T20 World Cup 2024 match between Pakistan and Canada, being held at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York.

  • June 11, 2024 23:53

    PAK vs CAN, T20 World Cup: Pakistan crushes Canada by 7 wickets to stay alive

    Pakistan batters finally rose to the occasion to beat Canada by seven wickets in its must-win Group A match and give its campaign a boost in the T20 World Cup here on Tuesday.

  • June 11, 2024 23:53
    Slowest fifty but match-winning knock!

    PAK vs CAN: Rizwan registers slowest half-century in T20 World Cup history against Canada

    Pakistan opening batter Mohammad Rizwan registered the slowest fifty in T20 World Cup history during his team’s seven-wicket win over Canada at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York on Tuesday.

  • June 11, 2024 23:25

    Mohammad Amir 2/13 (4) | Comeback man Amir is adjudged the player-of-the-match for his brilliant spell today. 

    “As a bowler, you have to adapt to any conditions. I was just trying to hit the right areas, the conditions were demanding. As a professional you’ve to be clear in your role, I know I have to bowl with the new ball and at the death, I’m ready for anything. I bowled the away swinger for 3-4 deliveries. I then decided to swing it back in. Much-needed win. We’ve to win the next match and then who knows?” 

  • June 11, 2024 23:20
    Pakistan wins by 7 wickets

    Babar Azam and Co. finally have a win in the tournament and they remain alive in the race for the Super Eights. 

    T20 World Cup 2024 Points Table Group A after PAK vs CAN: Pakistan moves to third spot after beating Canada in must-win clash

    T20 World Cup 2024: Pakistan registered its first win of the T20 World Cup 2024 and is still in contention to qualify for the super eight.

  • June 11, 2024 23:13
    PAK 107/3 in 17.3 overs

    Here comes Gordon. Rizwan steps out and drags this through square-leg for a single. Just three runs needed for Pakistan. OUT! Fakhar Zaman slices this high in the air and is caught at point. 

    In comes Usman Khan. Bouncer is going down leg-side and called a wide. Just two runs needed now. Clipped off the pads by Usman to deep square-leg for a couple and Pakistan wins by seven wickets. 

    Fakhar Zaman c sub (Dilpreet Bajwa) b Gordon 4 (6b)

  • June 11, 2024 23:08
    PAK 103/2 in 17 overs

    Heyliger with the ball. Pushed through mid-on by Rizwan for a single. Zaman goes for a cross-batted shot and misses as the ball just angles away from his reach. Carved to deep point by Zaman for a single. Pulled to deep square by Rizwan for just one again. Pakistan doesn’t look in a hurry to win this match but they will need to worry about NRR. Zaman collects a single at deep cover. Hundred up for PAK in 16.5 overs. Flicked through midwicket by Rizwan for three and that’s a half-century for Rizwan, off 52 balls. 

  • June 11, 2024 23:02
    PAK 96/2 in 16 overs

    SIX! Rizwan steps out to Siddiqui and goes over extra-cover to clear the fence. A couple more for him next ball. PAK now needs 14 runs from 27 balls. Pushed on the off-side by Rizwan for a quick single. One more for Zaman as he taps this on the off-side. Driven through cover by Rizwan for a single to end the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:57
    PAK 85/2 in 15 overs

    Heyliger again. Babar steps out and almost hands a catch to the mid-off fielder. The ball falls just in front of him. Punched down the ground by Babar and beats mid-off this time for a couple. OUT! Babar gets an outside edge trying to dab this to deep third and is caught behind. 

    Fakhar Zaman is off the mark with a single. Another single for Rizwan to end the over. 

    Babar Azam c Shreyas Movva b Dilon Heyliger 33 (33b 1x4 1x6)

  • June 11, 2024 22:53
    PAK 81/1 in 14 overs

    Saad Zafar continues. Three singles off the first four balls as the batters are stepping out of the crease to play their shots. Rizwan steps out again and clubs this to deep midwicket for two more. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:47
    PAK 76/1 in 13 overs

    Kaleem Sana is back. FOUR! Slashed wide of the point fielder by Babar for a boundary. Driven to mid-off for a quick single to end the over. Eight runs from the over and Pakistan is now looking comfortable. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:44
    PAK 68/1 in 12 overs

    Saad Zafar bowls his third. Driven down the ground by Babar for a single. Carefully defended by Rizwan on the off-side. He gets an inside edge trying to cut the next one through the off-side. Flighted on middle and leg and Rizwan flicks it through midwicket for one more. Cut to deep cover by Babar for another single. A single for Rizwan off the inside half of the bat to end the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:40
    PAK 64/1 in 11 overs

    Heyliger again. Good length outside off and Babar is in two minds whether to play it or not, and pulls out of the shot very late. Driven down the ground by Babar for a single. One more for Rizwan at deep square-leg next ball. Babar steps out and cuts this to deep point for another single. Steered to deep third by Rizwan for one more. Pulled off by Babar to deep square-leg for a fifth single in a row. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:34
    PAK 59/1 in 10 overs

    Junaid continues. Babar comes down the track and hits the ball straight over the bowler’s head for a SIX. Rizwan pushes the ball towards cover and runs a double. 11 runs from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:31
    PAK 48/1 in 9 overs

    Saad Zafar continues. Three singles in four balls so far. Rizwan finds a length to sweep and he does it to perfection. Four to end the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:27
    PAK 41/1 in 8 overs

    Junaid Siddique into the attack. Three singles in first three balls. The duo has decided that running between the wickets is most important way of scoring runs. Six runs from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:22
    PAK 35/1 in 7 overs

    Saad Zafar with his left arm spin now. Babar and Rizwan dealing in the singles. And they get seven runs from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:18
    PAK 28/1 in 6 overs

    Gordon. Rizwan hits the second ball of the over with a boundary. Short ball pulled towards midwicket. Timing the ball has been a challenge. Rizwan comes down the track to slog, the ball hits right at the toe end of the bat and it breaks. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:10
    PAK 21/1 in 5 overs

    Dilon Heyliger into the attack. OUT! Ayub is gone. He went for a wild slog, gets an inside-edge and well caught by the keeper. Babar Azam is the new man in. Starts with three dot balls on the trot. Huge appeal for caught behind against Babar. Drifting down the leg, Babar goes for a flick, misses, and keeper goes for an appeal straightaway. Canada reviews after umpire says not out. It’s clipping the pads. Not out. 

  • June 11, 2024 22:05
    PAK 19/0 in 4 overs

    Gordon again. Rizwan punches towards covers and runs a double. The outfield isn’t helping the batters. Short ball, Ayub tries to pull it over short fine, can’t. The fielder made a desperate attempt to catch, almost catches the ball but can’t. Five runs from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:59
    PAK 14/0 in 3 overs

    Kaleem continues with his left arm pace. Two singles in first three balls. Pakistan taking things slow. Ayub slogs towards midwicket and ends the over with a double. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:57
    PAK 9/0 in 2 overs

    Jeremy Gordon into the attack. Pace and bounce! Rizwan is beaten on the first three balls. Four dot balls on the trot. A single on the last ball of the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:52
    PAK 8/0 in 1 over

    Saim Ayub and Rizwan open the innings. Kaleem bringing the ball into the left hander Ayub. Kaleem sends one way down the leg side and it’s five wides. Finishes the over with the one that goes away from the left hander. Eight runs from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:34
    CAN 106/7 in 20 overs

    Naseem will bowl the last over. Good finish for Canada as Sana’s maximum over deep backward point ensures his team gets 10 runs off the last over. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:31
    CAN 96/7 in 19 overs

    Amir will bowl his last over. Angles it across to Heyliger first ball and the batter doesn’t connect. FOUR! Short, Heyliger gets a top edge on the pull and collects a boundary behind the keeper. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:26
    CAN 91/7 in 18 overs

    Afridi bowls his last. Flicked over mid-on by Heyliger for a single. Shortish and Sana gets a leading edge that lands safely just in front of the bowler. Played with soft hands behind point by Sana for a single. Low full toss, Heyliger swings at it and gets an outside edge to deep third for a single. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:20
    CAN 88/7 in 17 overs

    Amir is back. Defended to the cover fielder by Saad Zafar. This goes high up in the air but falls just out of Amir’s reach and Saad Zafar survives. Dabbed to deep third by Sana for one. Bouncer now and Saad Zafar ducks under it. OUT! Saad Zafar pulls this high in the air and Rizwan settles under this one. Dilon Heyliger comes in and punches behind point to end the over with a single. 

    Saad Bin Zafar c Mohammad Rizwan b Mohammad Amir 10 (21b 1x4)

  • June 11, 2024 21:16
    CAN 85/6 in 16 overs

    Rauf bowls his last over. FOUR! Full toss and Saad Zafar sends that crashing through cover-point for a boundary. WIDE! Bouncer attempted but this is going down leg-side and an extra run for Canada. Slapped down the ground by Saad Zafar for a single. Too full outside off and driven away through the off-side for a couple of runs by Sana to end the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:12
    CAN 77/6 in 15 overs

    Imad bowls out. Wide down leg-side. Just two runs and Imad ends his spell with figures of 0/19 in 4 overs. 

  • June 11, 2024 21:08
    CAN 75/6 in 14 overs

    Naseem returns. OUT! Johnson exposes his stumps and is cleaned up. Kaleem Sana comes in next. He is greeted with one that lifts off from a good length outside off. Sana fends it off on the off-side with his gloves. 

    Aaron Johnson b Naseem Shah 52 (44b 4x4 4x6)

  • June 11, 2024 21:03
    CAN 73/5 in 13 overs

    Imad again. Three dot balls to start the over as Johnson is unable to get off strike. SIX! And now he goes down the ground and clears the rope. That’s a 50 for Johnson off 39 balls. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:59
    CAN 66/5 in 12 overs

    Rauf continues from the other end. DROPPED! Johnson gets a top edge on this short ball but Fakhar Zaman drops a sitter. Haris Rauf is down on his knees. Just three singles from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:56
    CAN 63/5 in 11 overs

    Imad continues. SIX! Full and Johnson manages to clear the long-on boundary to collect half a dozen runs. Wasn’t the most convincing of connections but the ball still went the distance. A single for Johnson through cover to end the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:53
    RECORD: Haris Rauf third quickest to 100 T20I wickets

    PAK vs CAN: Haris Rauf becomes third quickest to pick 100 wickets in T20Is during T20 World Cup 2024 match against Canada

    Pakistan pacer Haris Rauf became the third-fastest bowler ever to pick 100 T20I wickets during his team’s T20 World Cup 2024 match against Canada at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York on Tuesday.

  • June 11, 2024 20:48
    CAN 55/5 in 10 overs

    Haris Rauf for his second. OUT! Movva edges straight to keeper. Back of length, Movva tries to cut it but ends up giving an easy catch. Ravinderpal Singh is the new man in. Another wicket. Ravinderpal edges straight to the first slip. Terrific bowling and field placement. Saad Zafar at number seven. Three runs and two wickets from that over. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:42
    CAN 52/3 in 9 overs

    Imad Wasim into the attack. Two singles in first three balls. Turn and bounce. Just two runs from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:38
    CAN 50/3 in 8 overs

    Afridi for his third over. Suddenly the runs have dried up for Canada. Another LBW, this time against Johnson. Umpire isn’t interested. Discussions and Pakistan doesn’t take the review. SIX! Johnson hits it straight, doesn’t time it well but the ball still ends up going over the ropes. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:29
    CAN 43/3 in 7 overs

    Haris Rauf into the attack. Short and slapped over deep cover for a SIX! Johnson is in some mood today. OUT! One more wicket is gone, this time Kirton. A direct hit and Kirton is well short of the crease. Miscommunication between the two batters. Third wicket down. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:27
    CAN 30/2 in 6 overs

    Shaheen is back. OUT! Pargat Singh is caught on the first ball. Canada loses its second wicket. A fantastic over by Shaheen. Only one run came from the over that too via a wide. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:21
    CAN 29/1 in 5 overs

    Amir continues. Only a single in the first five balls. Amir has been excellent with his lengths. And that’ll be it. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:16
    CAN 28/1 in 4 overs

    Naseem continues. Full and wide, Johnson lofts over cover for four on the first ball. Length ball, Johnson once again lofts over cover but can only get a double. Eight runs from the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:11
    CAN 20/1 in 3 overs

    Mohammad Amir. Full ball and Navneet brilliantly drives it towards extra cover for four. Now Dhaliwal too gets squared by the one that goes away from the right hander. Amir bowls the one that comes in sharply and Dhaliwal is late to get his bat behind the ball. Bowled! First wicket falls. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:06
    CAN 16/0 in 2 overs

    Naseem Shah from the other end. Length ball, outside off and Johnson cuts it over point for four! Outswing beats Johnson. Naseem is confident that he might have edged it, tries to convince the rest of his teammates but can’t. Good call not to take the review. Naseem is moving the ball away and it has troubled Johnson throughout the over. 

  • June 11, 2024 20:00
    CAN 11/0 in 1 over

    Shaheen Afridi with the new ball. Aaron Johnson and Navneet Dhaliwal open the innings. Johnson on strike, full toss on pads and he hits the ball towards midwicket for four! Attempted yorker, low full toss and Johnson hits it straight for another boundary. Superb start for Canada. Another full ball hit straight and two more runs added. A half-hearted appeal for LBW, umpire isn’t interested, and neither is Babar Azam. 11 runs from the over.

  • June 11, 2024 19:55
    All set

    Time for national anthems. Canada followed by Pakistan. 

  • June 11, 2024 19:39

    Aaron Johnson, Navneet Dhaliwal, Pargat Singh, Nicholas Kirton, Shreyas Movva (wk), Ravinderpal Singh, Saad Bin Zafar (c), Dillon Heyliger, Kaleem Sana, Junaid Siddiqui, Jeremy Gordon. 

  • June 11, 2024 19:39

    Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Saim Ayub, Babar Azam (c), Fakhar Zaman, Usman Khan, Shadab Khan, Imad Wasim, Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Amir. 

  • June 11, 2024 19:32

    Pakistan wins the toss and elects to bowl. Babar Azam says Saim Ayub comes into the XI. 

  • June 11, 2024 19:12
    Pakistan on the brink of an early exit

    T20 World Cup 2024 Points Table Group A after IND vs PAK: India moves to top of table; Pakistan on brink of exit

    T20 World Cup 2024: India picked up its second win of the tournament and solidified its chances of making the Super 8.

  • June 11, 2024 19:08
    What’s at stake today?

    Everything. For Pakistan, especially. It’s a do-or-die game for Pakistan, which is coming off defeats against USA and India. A win today will keep it alive in the tournament, but just about. It will then keenly watch the USA vs Ireland game on June 14, because in case USA wins that contest, Pakistan will not be able to progress any further in the tournament. 

  • June 11, 2024 18:02
    Spinners in Nassau, New York

    Matches: 6

    Wickets: 14

    Economy: 6.06

    Average: 20.50

    BBI: 3/27 

  • June 11, 2024 18:00
    Pacers in Nassau, New York

    Matches: 6

    Wickets: 64

    Economy: 5.50

    Average: 15.00

    BBI: 4/7 

  • June 11, 2024 17:43
    Batting stats in Nassau, New York

    Matches: 6

    Average: 13.92

    Strike Rate: 88.49

    Highest: 59*

  • June 11, 2024 17:20
    PAK vs CAN Dream11 Fantasy Team

    WKs: Mohammad Rizwan (vc), Shreyas Movva

    Batters: Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman, Nicholas Kirton 

    All-rounders: Dilon Heyliger, Imad Wasim

    Bowlers: Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah (c), Mohammad Amir, Haris Rauf

  • June 11, 2024 17:09
    Will Pakistan make better decisions today?

    T20 World Cup 2024: Kirsten admits poor decision making after India prevails over Pakistan in New York

    India was bowled out for 119, its lowest-ever score against Pakistan in a T20 game, but won by six wickets after its rival fell just short.

  • June 11, 2024 17:01
    Agree with Shahid Afridi?

    T20 World Cup 2024: Babar should make way for Fakhar at the top, says Shahid Afridi

    Former captain Shahid Afridi has proposed couple of changes to the Pakistan playing eleven following the dramatic loss to India in the T20 World Cup and he also wants skipper Babar Azam to drop down to No.3 to accommodate Fakhar Zaman at the top of the order.

  • June 11, 2024 16:56
    Canada Predicted XI

    Aaron Johnson, Navneet Dhaliwal, Pargat Singh, Dilpreet Bajwa, Nicholas Kirton, Shreyas Movva (wk), Dilon Heyliger, Saad Bin Zafar (c), Kaleem Sana, Junaid Siddiqui, Jeremy Gordon.

  • June 11, 2024 16:56
    Pakistan Predicted XI

    Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan, Saim Ayub/Usman Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim, Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Amir. 

  • June 11, 2024 16:47

    PAKISTAN: Babar Azam (c), Abrar Ahmed, Azam Khan (wk), Fakhar Zaman, Haris Rauf, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim, Mohammad Abbas Afridi, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Naseem Shah, Saim Ayub, Shadab Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Usman Khan.

    CANADA: Saad Bin Zafar (c), Aaron Johnson, Dilon Heyliger, Dilpreet Bajwa, Rishiv Joshi, Jeremy Gordon, Junaid Siddiqui, Kaleem Sana, Kanwarpal Tathgur (wk), Navneet Dhaliwal, Nicholas Kirton, Pargat Singh, Ravinderpal Singh, Rayyankhan Pathan, Shreyas Movva (wk). 

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