IND v AUS Women's World Cup 2022 highlights: Australia beats India by six wickets

Meg Lanning hit 97 and Alyssa Healy struck 72 as Australia beat India by six wickets in an absorbing Women's World Cup contest at Eden Park, Auckland.


Alyssa Healy plays the cut shot She was out for 72. - GETTY IMAGES

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the contest between India and Australia in the Women's World Cup [CWC 2022].


A nicely paced chase from Australia, although Lanning would have liked to see the job done a lot sooner. Some more impetus in the final overs with the bat from India may have made it a lot more difficult for her side.

Yet, a good performance from both teams. Mithali, Harmanpreet, Healy and Lanning were all among the runs.

"Belter of a wicket," says Lanning, the player of the match. All through the chase, Australia appeared the favourite to clinch it. Lanning was excellent square of the wicket, and seemed to get boundaries at will. "We knew the chase was under control," she says.

That's the third loss for India, in five matches. And Australia's fifth win in five games. "Next two games, must win for India," admits Mithali.

That's it from us. Join us for the next Women's World Cup contest involving India. India plays Bangladesh on March 22. Until then, it's goodbye.


AUS 280/4 in 49.3 overs (target 278): Goswami bowls the final over. Length delivery from her, Mooney lofts it to midwicket for four! And then a fumble from Smriti Mandhana at deep cover. Two needed.

And Mooney hits down the ground for four! Full delivery, clubbed by the batter. AUSTRALIA WINS.

AUS 270/4 in 49 overs (target 278): Mooney drives to cover for a single. Lanning pulls a short delivery to deep midwicket for a single to move to 97. And Lanning is out! Against the run of play. Is there a twist? After two more singles, Lanning is on strike again and she plays another square drive, this time straight to the fielder at cover-point!

Meg Lanning c Vastrakar b Meghna Singh 97 (107b, 13x4)

McGrath is the new batter. Two more dot balls. Australia needs eight runs off six balls.

Meg Lanning plays the cut shot during her innings of 97. - GETTY IMAGES


AUS 267/3 in 48 overs (target 278): Good length, in the corridor from Goswami, Lanning misses out on the opportunity to hit another boundary. Play and miss. Then another one in the corridor, and Lanning opens the face of the bat to get the ball to third man. Comes back for two runs. She moves to 96.

She's bowling the same line and length, Lanning twice finding the point fielder. And three dot balls in a row from Goswami. Eleven needed from 12.

AUS 265/3 in 47 overs (target 278): Meghna Singh replaces Gayakwad.

Fullish delivery outside off from her, and Mooney opens the face of the bat to pick up four runs through third man. Three singles from the over as well, so only 13 needed now.

AUS 257/3 in 46 overs (target 278): Goswami back into the attack. Field is spread out. Batters scampering for singles. A wide slip in place. But the over is spoiled by a fierce square drive past point for four runs by Lanning. Only 21 needed off 24.

AUS 249/3 in 45 overs (target 278): Gayakwad floats it up again, and Mooney decides to step down the track and slog the ball to deep midwicket for a boundary. A punch off the backfoot from Mooney produces two runs. Two more singles. Twenty nine now required from 30 deliveries.

AUS 241/3 in 44 overs (target 278): Short and wide, Lanning opens the face of her bat to guide the ball to third man and get a single. Three more singles from the over, and then a boundary: short and wide, cut fiercely past point by Lanning. Thirty seven needed from 36.

AUS 233/3 in 43 overs (target 278): Gayakwad bowling her ninth over now. She continues to be frugal. The first delivery pitches on a good length and spins past the bat of Lanning. Just a single from the over.

Pooja Vastrakar reacts after the dismissal of Ellyse Perry off a full toss. - GETTY IMAGES


AUS 232/3 in 42 overs (target 278): Vastrakar to bowl her ninth over. Starts off with a wide down the leg side. She is bowling back of a length to Perry, two dot balls. Then she slaps a full toss to extra cover. Straight to her! Perry is caught out for 28. The umpires check for a possible no-ball on height, but it's fine.

Ellyse Perry c Mithali b Vastrakar 28 (51b, 1x4)

Beth Mooney, the new batter, is off the mark with a single. Vastrakar bowls short to Lanning; it's not high enough or fast enough to trouble Lanning, who pulls promptly to pick up four runs through fine leg.

13.30 IST: Covers are coming off now. The Australian batters and the Indian team are waiting to come on.

It's started to rain. Players are leaving the field. Covers are on.

AUS 225/2 in 41 overs (target 278): Gayakwad replaces Goswami. Perry and Lanning aren't able hit out to Gayakwad or pierce the gaps. Excellent over, just one from it.

AUS 224/2 in 40 overs (target 278): Vastrakar replaces Rana.

Short of a length to Lanning. Cramped her for room. She inside-edges it for no run. And an overthrow! Lanning plays the ball straight to midwicket, but the fielder throws the ball and allows for a single. Two singles from the over. 54 needed from the last 10 overs.

AUS 222/2 in 39 overs: Perry steers the ball to third man and runs hard complete two runs. Excellent running. A low full toss, and Perry takes full toll, driving the ball down the ground for four. An expensive over from Goswami - 11 from it.

AUS 211/2 in 38 overs (target 278): Perry steps down the pitch to Rana, lofts the ball to deep midwicket. The ball goes on the bounce to the fielder. Lanning plays the sweep fine to pick up four runs through fine leg.

AUS 204/2 in 37 overs (target 278): Excellent delivery from Goswami to Perry. In the corridor, on a good length, Perry nearly edges it. She steps down the pitch and just guides the ball to third man for a single. Lanning tucks one to the vacant midwicket region to pick up two runs.

AUS 201/2 in 36 overs (target 278): 200 up for Australia with a drive to long-on for a single by Lanning.

AUS 197/2 in 35 overs (target 278): Good length, in the corridor, cut fiercely by Lanning for four through the vacant slip cordon.

Meg Lanning celebrates her half-century. - GETTY IMAGES


AUS 191/2 in 34 overs (target 278): Lanning brings up her half-century with a couple of runs through deep square leg where the fielder fumbles to allow the extra run. Short from Rana, pulled for a couple of runs by Lanning.

AUS 185/2 in 33 overs (target 278): Goswami back into the attack.

She gets the ball to swing into Lanning, who inside edges as he tries to drive. The fourth delivery of the over is full, Lanning drives to pick up a single.

AUS 183/2 in 32 overs (target 278): Lanning brings up the 50 partnership with a nice cut shot for four runs through cover. Meghna Singh the bowler. Lanning gets a short delivery and pulls well to pick up four more. This time through fine leg. Another expensive over, all too easy now for Australia, it seems. Less than 100 to get now.

AUS 171/2 in 31 overs (target 278): Lanning brings out her sweep, and it's well placed, evading the fielder at long leg. Four runs. Three singles, too, from the over.

AUS 164/2 in 30 overs (target 278): This is turning out to be an excellent spell from Gayakwad. Just two from it.

AUS 162/2 in 29 overs (target 278): Normalcy resumes. Four more, for Lanning. She stays back in her crease, and cuts the delivery from Sneh Rana to third man for four.

AUS 156/2 in 28 overs (target 278): Lanning gets a short delivery from Gayakwad and she cuts it to deep cover for a single. A little short again, and Perry collects a single this time. Oh and a lovely delivery from Gayakwad to finish the over; flighted, it lands on a good length and spins past the bat of Lanning, who had pressed forward to defend.

AUS 154/2 in 27 overs (target 278): Short, not too wide from Vastrakar. Lanning was cramped for room but went through with her cut shot anyway, top-edging fine of third man for four. And she follows it up with a glorious stroke: plays a backfoot punch to point for four.

AUS 144/2 in 26 overs (target 278): Another good over from Gayakwad. Australia's batters are taking no chances against her, content just to drive and push and nudge the ball around.

AUS 142/2 in 25 overs (target 278): One more wide. Again a short delivery that is too high. Lanning has one more boundary - nicely steers a good-length delivery to backward point. Opens the face of the bat at the appropriate moment.


AUS 135/2 in 24 overs (target 278): A neat over from Gayakwad. She is flighting the ball well and mixing up her speeds, an encouraging sign. Only two singles from it.

AUS 133/2 in 23 overs (target 278): Lanning picks up two more with a nice square drive. Ellyse Perry is off the mark with a single, steering a delivery to third man.

AUS 129/2 in 22 overs (target 278): Lanning has had enough of being watchful. She plays a lap sweep over the head of the fielder at short fine leg to pick up two runs, then drives well through cover to pick up four.

AUS 123/2 in 21 overs (target 278): One more for India. The short ball does the trick for Vastrakar; Haynes tries to play the pull but edges it behind! It came at head height and was a poorly executed stroke - she wasn't in control of it.

Rachael Haynes c Richa Ghosh b Vastrakar 43 (52b, 4x5)

AUS 122/1 in 20 overs (target 278): Haynes comes down the pitch to Rana and lofts the ball to long-off for a single. And Healy departs against the run of play! She plays the reverse-sweep for the first time in the contest and pays the price for it, the ball travelling straight to gully.

Alyssa Healy c Mithali b Sneh Rana 72 (65b, 9x4)

Meg Lanning, the captain, is the new batter. Gets off the mark with a single - drives to mid-off and scampers through.

Pooja Vastrakar bowls. - GETTY IMAGES


AUS 120/0 in 19 overs (target 278): A relatively quiet over from Vastrakar. Just two singles from it.

AUS 118/0 in 18 overs (target 278): Runs galore, in that over from Rana, but with only one belligerent stroke. Four singles, then Healy gently plays the ball to vacant deep point for two runs. She steps down the track but doesn't hit it too well to deep cover, picks up a single.

AUS 111/0 in 17 overs (target 278): Back to back boundaries for Healy. Both off sweep shots. 100 up for Australia. Gayakwad bowls a wide down the leg side. Haynes paddle-sweeps a full toss to short fine leg for no run.

It appears Goswami is injured. She seeks medical treatment on her leg. A short pause in play.

Healy plays the sweep shot again, and again picks up four runs. Bisects the fielders at deep square leg and deep midwicket. A shout for lbw as Healy misses a sweep shot, but it may have pitched outside leg-stump. Mithali goes for the review. Wasted, the ball had pitched outside leg-stump. No reviews left for India.

AUS 97/0 in 17 overs (target 278): Healy drives to mid-on, where Goswami tumbles to prevent a single. A single given away next ball as Healy plays it to short third man.

Haynes comes down the pitch and drives well to pick up four runs through extra cover. Harmanpreet, the fielder at long-off, misjudges it and can't prevent a boundary.

Healy comes down the pitch and hits the ball to long-off. Three runs.

A review for lbw by India. Wickets missing, so the review is wasted.

AUS 88/0 in 16 overs (target 278): Short of a length from Meghna first up, to Haynes. Guided to third man for a single. She digs it in short to Healy; again, it's too short, a wide declared by the umpire.

Appeal for lbw, not given. Healy is hit on the thigh as he tries to tuck a delivery to the leg side. And she has a fifty as she drives to cover and scampers through. A direct hit may have caught her short. It's her second half-century in this year's Women's World Cup.

AUS 85/0 in 14 overs (target 278): Off-spinner Sneh Rana into the attack now.

Healy taps and runs again, after playing three dot balls. A drive to long-on from Haynes on the last ball. Two from the over.

Rachael Haynes attempts a cut shot. - GETTY IMAGES


AUS 83/0 in 13 overs (target 278): Meghna digs it in short, outside off-stump, it's too short, given a wide by the umpire. A lovely square drive from Haynes for a boundary through backward point.

Short of a length, on off-stump, Healy taps the ball and runs. Will keep .strike. She needs two more to get to a 50.

AUS 76/0 in 12 overs (target 278): A quick single after Haynes drives to mid-off. She has to dive to make it, and a direct hit may have dismissed her. Eventually, the mid-on fielder lobs the ball back to the bowler.

Healy attempts a drive, mistimes it, the ball comes off the inner half of the bat and two runs are taken. Two more runs as she guides a short-of-a-length delivery outside off-stump to third man.

AUS 71/0 in 11 overs (target 278): Meghna resumes, bowls her fourth over. Healy tucks away a short-of-a -length delivery to deep backward square leg for a single. Two wides in a row, then a superb delivery: back of a length, angling across, Haynes nearly edges it as she tries to poke at it. Good bounce in that one.

Haynes tucks to fine leg for a single and keeps strike.

AUS 67/0 in 10 overs (target 278): A short delivery from Vastrakar, Haynes pulls to midwicket for four runs. Five dot balls.

AUS 63/0 in 9 overs (target 278): A sweep to fine leg for three runs as Healy plays a sweep shot to fine leg. There's width, and it's short, cut away by Haynes to point for four runs. Haynes comes down the pitch and drives to long-off for a single. Healy plays the sweep again but finds the square leg fielder. Then plays the dab to third man for two more.

AUS 53/0 in 8 overs (target 278): Vastrakar into the attack. A quiet over from her, just three from it. Haynes square drives for two runs off the last delivery to pick up two runs.

AUS 50/0 in 7 overs (target 278): Left-arm spinner Rajeshwari Gayakwad into the attack now. Healy plays one to long-on for a single. Haynes drives to long-off for a single.

A full delivery on leg stump, helped on its way by Haynes. Four runs. Spoils an otherwise good over. 50 up for Australia.

AUS 43/0 in 6 overs (target 278): No slip but a gully fielder is in place for Healy. A full delivery on off-stump is driven away past short cover for four runs.

AUS 38/0 in 5 overs (target 278): Healy steps down the pitch to Goswami, it's dug in short, and Healy cuts to cover for four. She's already moved to 24. Short again, and this time pulled from the crease for four. A dab to third man on the last delivery keeps Healy on strike for the next over.

AUS 29/0 in 4 overs (target 278): Healy drives and picks up four runs. Cries of 'catch' but it's bisected the fielders. Wasn't driving length, but Healy goes through with the shot, playing through the line. It didn't come off the middle of the bat but still has enough legs to run away.

Edged! But safe. A good length delivery this time, Healy tries to defend from the crease, the edge takes the ball past the slip fielder to third man. One run.

Short and wide, cut away for three runs by Haynes. Healy plays the last delivery to third man for one more run to keep the strike.

AUS 20/0 in 3 overs (target 278): Healy plays it softly to the leg side and picks up a single. Misfield from Shafali Verma at midwicket. Healy steers to third man for a single.

Haynes tucks softly to square leg for two. There's no fielder there; someone comes from the deep to field the ball.

AUS 15/0 in 2 overs (target 278): Four more for Healy as she flicks to deep backward square leg. Right-arm fast bowler Meghna Singh is the bowler.

Healy digs out a yorker-length delivery outside off-stump, refuses a single. There's a misfield and her partner Haynes is interested in the run, but Healy sends her back. Healy drives through extra cover to pick up three more runs.

AUS 8/0 in 1 over (target 278): Short of a length to Haynes, cut to point for no run. On leg stump, flicked to fine leg for a single. A nice drive to extra cover for four from Healy - nice way to get off the mark. Healy defends a delivery and picks up a quick single, before Haynes flicks to long leg, this time for two runs. Expensive first over.

Welcome back. Jhulan Goswami to bowl the first over. The in-form Rachael Haynes to take strike. Alyssa Healy is at the non-strikers' end. Two slips in place for Goswami. A reminder: this is Goswami's 200th ODI.


An excellent partnership from Yastika Bhatia and Mithali Raj, before Harmanpreet Kaur and Pooja Vastrakar provided finishing touches. Twenty-four of the 277 runs were off wide deliveries. Darcie Brown was the pick of Australia's bowlers, with 3 for 30 off her eight over.

Mithali Raj and Yastika Bhatia added 130 runs for the third wicket, the highest partnership by a third-wicket pair for India in Women's ODIs against Australia. - GETTY IMAGES


Join us for the run chase in a bit.

Yastika says she was ready to bat at No. 3. "I think it'll be a close game, it is defendable."

IND 277/7 in 50 overs: Last over of the innings. Jonassen to bowl it. Single for Vastrakar. Harmanpreet sweeps to fine leg and runs hard to pick up two runs. Two more as she plays one to midwicket. Then she hits one to long-off for a single.

Vastrakar on strike with two balls left. Flicked to fine leg for two runs. Last ball: digs out a yorker, actually the delivery is converted into a yorker as Vastrakar had stepped too far down. The ball is hit straight back to the bowler. Harmanpreet had already taken off and nearly reached the other end. Vastrakar sacrifices her wicket; run out by the bowler. 277.

Pooja Vastrakar run out (Jonassen) 34 (28b, 1x4, 2x6)

IND 269/6 in 49 overs: Clubbed down the ground from Harmanpreet; Perry fumbles at long-off, and Harmanpreet comes back for two runs. A near run-out. Harmanpreet would have been out if it had been a direct hit from Alyssa Healy; the batters had decided to pinch a single after Harmanpreet fails to put bat on ball to a delivery and it hit her leg. Australia takes a review for a possible lbw dismissal, but the ball is going down the leg side.

Length ball from Schutt; hit through the line by Vastrakar. SIX! She picks up a single to keep strike.

IND 257/6 in 48 overs: A shout for lbw but not out. Going down the leg side. Harmanpreet drives a full toss to long-off for a single. Vastrakar comes down the pitch again for an almighty heave, but can get only a single.

Harmanpreet pulls to fine leg for a single. Brings up her 50.

IND 251/6 in 47 overs: Harmanpreet pulls, and bisects the fielders at deep square leg and deep midwicket to pick up four runs. The field is spread out, so five singles from the over. 250 up for India.

IND 242/6 in 46 overs: King resumes. Harmanpreet steps down the pitch and hits it so hard down the ground that the long-on fielder can't prevent the boundary. She works the next delivery to mid-on for a single.

Vastrakar steps down the track, lofts the ball over the head of the fielder at long-off for six! Attempts a sweep next delivery, misses. King bowls wider, same stroke attempted, missed. The third umpire is in business for a possible stumping. Not out.

Four more! A full delivery outside off-stump. Vastrakar, already across to the off-side, clubs this straight behind the bowler's head.

IND 225/6 in 45 overs: Numerous singles in that over from Schutt. Harmanpreet's hard hit to long-on fetches a single, while Vastrakar's tuck to the leg side with soft hands fetches her two. Six from the over.

IND 219/6 in 44 overs: Slog sweep to midwicket from Harmanpreet yields her two runs. And another slog-sweep nearly gets her dismissed! Beth Mooney, coming in from deep midwicket, drops the catch! Harmanpreet on her haunches as she makes it to the other end. Three dots, and then a single from Pooja Vastrakar, the new batter.

IND 215/6 in 43 overs: Jonassen, the left-arm spinner, is back into the attack. And picks up a wicket straightaway. Sneh Rana tries to drive a full delivery, but the ball goes through her and hits timber. Goes straight with the angle from around the wicket.

Sneh Rana b Jonassen 0 (5b)

A full toss to Harmanpreet, but she tamely defends it back to the bowler. A sweep shot for a single through fine leg keeps her on strike for the next over.

Alana King celebrates the dismissal of Richa Ghosh. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 213/5 in 42 overs: Richa steps out for a belligerent stroke to King, but pays the price. Misses, and is stumped by the wicketkeeper. Doesn't reach the pitch of the ball, the ball spins away.

Richa Ghosh st Healy b King 8 (14b)

Rana tries a sweep to a full delivery on leg-stump by King. Huge shout for lbw, not given. Australia opts not to take review. Perhaps the ball was going down the leg side.

IND 212/4 in 41 overs: A full toss from McGrath, Harmanpreet takes full toll, just helping the ball to fine leg for four runs. Richa hits to deep midwicket, Harmanpreet pushes her for two runs. Just makes it at the non-strikers' end.

Harmanpreet sweeps to fine leg for four runs. A good over for India.

IND 200/4 in 40 overs: Two singles and a couple in that over from King. Richa's paddle sweep yields her two runs; perhaps the batters could have gone for a third. 200 up for India.

IND 196/4 in 39 overs: A shout for lbw, not given by the umpire, but it looked close. Harmanpreet goes for the sweep again and misses this full delivery, which hits her legs.

Australia goes for the review. Not out, as the ball hit the gloves before hitting the pads.

And a mix-up! Richa guides one to short third man. Harmanpreet comes for a single, she is halfway through before Richa responds but then is sent back by Harmanpreet. Just in time, before the throw is collected by the 'keeper.

IND 192/4 in 38 overs: Harmanpreet steps down the pitch to King for a bellicose stroke. Finds the fielder at mid-on. No run. Then a sweep shot for a single.

Another sweep attempted, this time by Mithali, and she's gone! Holes out to deep midwicket. Excellent innings from the captain comes to an end.

Mithali Raj c Perry b King 68 (96b, 4x4, 1x6)

Richa Ghosh is the new batter; she tucks the ball to square leg for a single. Harmanpreet brings out her sweep again, it's a scoop shot, and this time gets the placement - gets a boundary. It goes fine of fine leg. Another sweep shot gives her a single and she keeps strike for the next over.

IND 185/3 in 37 overs: Schutt replaces Perry. A short and wide delivery, cut to third man by Mithali for a single. It's a top edge but no harm done.

A cheeky stroke from Harmanpreet; she plays the scoop shot for a single. Keep strike.

IND 181/3 in 36 overs: Leg-spinner King is back into the attack. Mithali sweeps, it's likely a top edge as the ball goes up in the air to fine leg. But no harm done, it lands many yards short of the fielder.

And Mithali goes for the stroke, too, with better returns. The ball goes flat to the front of deep square leg for four runs. And a leading edge! Nearly carries to the bowler.

IND 176/3 in 35 overs: Perry resumes. Harmanpreet pulls to deep square leg for a single. Two more singles from that over. Perry's figures now 3-0-23-0.

IND 172/3 in 34 overs: Harmanpreet gets hit on the helmet as she fails to put bat to ball to a short delivery from Brown. Half-volley on leg-stump, flicked to fine leg for a single.

Mithali gets a delivery on her pads, lofts it to square leg for four! One or two bounces, into the boundary.

IND 166/3 in 33 overs: Ellyse Perry back into the attack after her horror over. Greeted by a defensive stroke by Harmanpreet. Harmanpreet is off the mark with a tuck to midwicket for a single.

Mithali drives through the off-side for a single. Harmapreet pulls for another. Short delivery to Mithali, who attempts the upper cut but misses. Mithali pulls to deep backward square leg for a single to keep strike.

IND 162/3 in 32 overs: Brown resumes. Mithali drives but gets a thick edge to third man for a single. Yastika ducks under a short delivery. Oh and she's out against the run of play. Steps down the pitch and slices one to deep point, straight down the fielder's throat. A big blow for India, but what an innings.

Yastika Bhatia c Perry b Darcie Brown 59 (83b, 4X6)

Cheers from the crowd as the announcer announces the arrival of Harmanpreet Kaur. The last time she played Australia in a Women's World Cup contest, she scored an unbeaten 171. Can she play another special knock?

The batters had crossed, so Mithali is on strike for the next delivery. She clips one to midwicket for two runs. And nearly another wicket! Short delivery, Mithali awkwardly fends it away past the diving wicketkeeper. Great work by the fielder at fine leg to save the boundary.

Darcie Brown celebrates the dismissal of Yastika Bhatia. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 157/2 in 31 overs: Mithali pinches a single. But Yastika has to dive to make it to the crease at the strikers' end, and she cops a hit in the helmet off a throw from short cover. She gets some medical treatment.

Another wide. And one more. Action replay. And then a short delivery is cut fine for four through third man. That brings up the 50 for Yastika.

A misfield in the deep gives India a bonus run; the fielder at deep point had slipped. And cut fine by Yastika on the final delivery, four more.

IND 144/2 in 30 overs: Full, outside the off-stump from Darcie Brown, who is bowling her sixth over. And it's square driven for a single. Mithali tucks one to fine leg and brings up her 50. Yastika herself is on 49.

Beaming smile from the captain.

This is Mithali's 12th half-century in Women's World Cup. No batter has more.

IND 141/2 in 29 overs: Yastika takes the cue and plays the lofted stroke to deep midwicket for a boundary! It's almost gone all the way. And a safe shot, too, as there's no fielder there.

Mithali stands tall and guides one past point for a single.

IND 135/2 in 28 overs: Yastika plays an enterprising stroke, paddle-sweeping one to fine leg for a ingle. Mithali pulls a short delivery for a single, before Yastika slog-sweeps to deep midwicket for a single.

Mithali comes down the pitch and lofts well down the ground for six! What a shot!

100 partnership up for Mithali and Yastika in that over.

IND 126/2 in 27 overs: King tossing her deliveries nicely. Three singles from the over.

Tahlia McGrath grimaces. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 123/2 in 26 overs: Cries of 'catch' but it's wide of the point fielder and travels to the deep gully/third man region. The fielder at third man runs around to save the boundary. Two runs.

Wide again, down the leg side. And the wicketkeeper can't collect the ball cleanly so a single is picked up too. A drive from Mithali and a cut shot from Yastika yield singles.

IND 115/2 in 25 overs: Mithali plays four dot balls from King, then she gets a full delivery and drives to picks up a single. Yastika tucks one to the leg side for another single to keep strike.

IND 113/2 in 24 overs: Another busy over. Mithali slashes a short, wide delivery from McGrath, who is bowling her fourth over now. The ball travels to third man; single.

Yastika gets a half-volley on leg stump and takes full toll, on-driving for four runs. Glorious stroke.

IND 105/2 in 23 overs: Bowling change. Alana King into the attack. Starts off with a wide down the leg side. A lot of bottom hand in the drive to deep midwicket for a single. Mithali, on the fourth delivery, plays the drive again, but there's a short cover who misfields and a single is picked up.

King tosses up the ball again, and Yastika picks up a single, this time through long-on.

Yastika Bhatia plays through the off-side. She was out for 59. - GETTY IMAGES

IND 101/2 in 22 overs: Late cut from Mithali, four runs. Played it so late that the ball had almost reached the wicketkeeper's gloves. And another drive from Mithali as she gets a full delivery, three more runs and the 100 is up.

Yastika cuts a short, wide delivery to deep point for a single to keep strike.

IND 93/2 in 21 overs: Now Mithali almost gives it away as she helps a delivery on leg-stump nearly all the way to the fielder at fine-leg. The ball bounces in front of the fielder. Two more singles from the over.

IND 90/2 in 20 overs: Gardner has her hands on head as she nearly dismisses Yastika, who comes out of her crease to play a bellicose stroke but yorks herself. The ball misses the leg-stump by inches! The wicketkeeper misses, too, and two runs are picked up.

Mithali plays a drive again and has a single. And Yastika nearly pays the price for a cheeky stroke again; she attempts to play the sweep and misses, and again, is nearly out bowled.

IND 86/2 in 19 overs: McGrath content bowling back of a length. Yastika tucks one to midwicket for a single. She bowls full to Mithali, who drives well to pick up two runs as the fielder at deep cover comes around to deep extra cover for the mopping up.

IND 83/2 in 18 overs: A full delivery to Yastika, who drives. The ball goes to mid-off. Single. A wide, and Gardner gets a delivery to land on middle stump, and spin sharply. Mithali attempts a sweep and misses; it's a wide. But it's also missed by the keeper, and two runs are picked up.

Gardner bowls a wide again.

IND 76/2 in 17 overs: Tahlia McGrath into the attack. Yastika gets a short and wide delivery and cuts, but can't find the gap, the ball travelling straight to point. She picks up a single with a drive to long-on. Just that one run from the over.

IND 75/2 in 15 overs: Yastika drives a couple of deliveries back to the bowler, then uses her wrists to place the ball to mid-on and pick up a single. A half-volley, driven fiercely by Mithali for four! Half-volley again, on the last delivery, driven again, and this time it's three runs.

A maiden over from Gardner, and it's time for drinks. Shouts of 'Mithali, Mithali' from the stands.

IND 67/2 in 14 overs: Off-spinner Ashleigh Gardner replaces Perry. So spinners from both ends. Mithali gets a good-length delivery outside off, just deftly late-cuts it for four behind the wicketkeeper. Quite fine.

IND 63/2 in 13 overs: Three singles from Jonassen's second over.

IND 60/2 in 12 overs: Perry into the attack. She sticks to a leg-stump line to the left hander. Wides galore, in that over, as Perry struggles to get her lines right. Yastika glances one past the wicketkeeper to pick up four runs. 50 up for India. Yastika flicks one to the vacant midwicket region for a single. Mithali leaves alone a delivery in the corridor, and then steers one to third man for a single.

She comes around the wicket to the left hander, and sprays it wide again, and four byes! And two more wides down the leg side, and then a dot ball.

Sixteen from that over.

Mithali Raj plays a stroke. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 44/2 in 11 overs: Time for spin, left-arm spinner Jess Jonassen comes into the attack. And she nearly hands her team a wicket! Yastika attempts a sweep and the ball nearly travels all the way to the fine leg fielder. It's a top edge. The fielder - Ellyse Perry - makes a good effort, diving in front, but the ball bounces just in front of her.

IND 39/2 in 10 overs: Yastika guides a delivery from Brown to gully for a single. Just that one run from that over as Mithali plays cautiously.

IND 38/2 in 9 overs: Short and wide from Schutt. Cut by Yastika for four runs through backward point. Yastika, off the last delivery, picks up a single, flicking to mid-on.

IND 33/2 in 8 overs: Mithali plays cautiously, defending or leaving deliveries outside the off-stump. Then Brown sprays one down the leg side. A full delivery outside of next up, driven handsomely for two runs by Mithali.

IND 30/2 in 7 overs: A quiet over from Schutt. Two singles from it. Mithali was a bit early when she played a drive to extra-cover, it was in the air. But no harm done, there's wasn't much energy in that, so the ball bounces well before reaching the fielder.

IND 28/2 in 6 overs: A punch off the back-foot to extra cover gives Yastika a single. And brings Shafali on strike. Shafali is greeted with a bouncer by Brown. She ducks under it. It's followed up by a full delivery which is driven to extra cover for no run.

And Shafali tries a cheeky stroke and is gone! She makes room to steer one through gully but there's a fielder there! Beth Mooney dives to her left to pluck it.

Shafali Verma c Mooney b Brown 12 (6b, 1x4, 1x6)

IND 27/1 in 5 overs: Shafali tees off. She gets a full delivery on off-stump from Schutt and lofts the ball down the ground for six. Then a late cut to third man for four runs.

Smriti Mandhana was out for 10. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 15/1 in 4 overs: Edge! And caught! Darcie provides the breakthrough for Australia with a full delivery from over the wicket. Smriti drives at it, the ball going across her, and edges the ball to second slip. OUT.

Smriti Mandhana c Lanning b Darcie Brown 10 (11b, 1x4)

Yasti Bhatia, the new batter, attempts a drive off a similar delivery but doesn't edge the ball. It was action replay, that one. She was off the mark with a couple, tucking one away to the leg side. Two wides from that over, too.

IND 11/0 in 3 overs: Edge! But doesn't carry. Shafali tries to play the cut off a short, wide delivery from Schutt. But the ball doesn't carry on the full to wide slip. Again, in the air, as Shafali tries to drive a full delivery; it's comfortably wide of the bowler, though, so no damage done.

IND 10/1 in 2 overs: Darcie Brown bowls the second over. Smriti gets a delivery on the leg-stump and tucks it away fine for four runs. First boundary for India. Three more singles in the over.

IND 3/0 in 1 over: Megan Schutt to bowl the first over. Smriti Mandhana gets a half-volley outside off-stump first up and drives the ball to cover for two runs. Another half-volley, on the third delivery, and a single to mid-off. The ball is swinging in the air.

The Indian team sings the national anthem. - GETTY IMAGES


Verma defends, then goes for the drive off a full delivery but one that isn't overpitched. A play and a miss.

A packed off-side field. The two fielders not in the inner circle are at deep square leg and fine leg.


Shafali Verma and Smriti Mandhana come out to bat. Short straights and long diagonals on this ground, primarily a rugby venue; there's a drop-in pitch for this match.

TOSS UPDATE: Australia wins the toss, chooses to bowl.

One change in the Indian line-up: Shafali Verma comes in place of Deepti Sharma. One change for Australia, too: Annabel Sutherland makes way for Darcie Brown.

This is the 200th Women's ODI for Jhulan Goswami.


Australia: Alyssa Healy (wk), Rachael Haynes, Meg Lanning (c), Ellyse Perry, Beth Mooney, Tahlia McGrath, Ashleigh Gardner, Jess Jonassen, Alana King, Megan Schutt, Darcie Brown.

India:  Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia, Mithali Raj (c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Sneh Rana, Richa Ghosh (wk), Pooja Vastrakar, Jhulan Goswami, Meghna Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad.


No match has been played at Eden Park, Auckland, in the ICC Women's World Cup 2022. Here are stats for Women's ODIs played at the venue.

Matches played: 6

Batting first won: 3

Batting second won: 3

Highest total: 247

Lowest total: 138



Wicketkeeper: Alyssa Healy

Batters: Smriti Mandhana, Rachael Haynes, Beth Mooney

All-rounders: Ellyse Perry, Ashleigh Gardner, Sneh Rana, Harmanpreet Kaur

Bowlers: Megan Schutt, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jess Jonassen



Beat Pakistan by 107 runs

Lost to New Zealand by 62 runs

Beat West Indies by 155 runs

Lost to England by four wickets


Beat England by 12 runs

Beat Pakistan by seven wickets

Beat New Zealand by 141 runs

Beat West Indies by seven wickets

5:00 AM: Today, India takes on Australia in a crucial fixture at Eden Park, Auckland. We'll bring you live updates from the match.


Where to watch - Live Streaming details

The ICC Women's ODI World Cup will be broadcast on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar. The India vs Australia match will begin at 6:30 AM IST.