Liverpool beats Chelsea 6-5 on penalties to win FA Cup, HIGHLIGHTS

Chech out Sportstar's highlights of the 2022 FA Cup Final in which Liverpool beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties at the Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Updated : May 15, 2022 00:22 IST

Liverpool players celebrate after beating Chelsea 6-5 on penalties in the 2022 FA Cup final at the Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday.
Liverpool players celebrate after beating Chelsea 6-5 on penalties in the 2022 FA Cup final at the Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday.

Liverpool players celebrate after beating Chelsea 6-5 on penalties in the 2022 FA Cup final at the Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday.

Thanks for tuning into Sportstar's live coverage of the Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup Final played at the Wembley Stadium in London, England which Liverpool won 6-5 on penalties after the match ended in a goalless draw.

This was Nihit Sachdeva bringing you the pre-match buildup and minute-by-minute updates of the match. Stay healthy and stay safe!


After beating Chelsea on penalties to win the League Cup, Liverpool has won the FA Cup (after 16 years) as well via the same route against the same opposition. For Liverpool, the quadruple is still on!




CHE 5-5 LIV: High into the top right corner from Jota as Mendy goes the wrong way.

CHE 5-4 LIV: Ziyech powers it in to Alisson's left who guesses it right but is beaten by the speed at which the ball was travelling.

CHE 4-4 LIV: Mendy saves it! Mane decides to go right but it was probably to close to Mendy who gets down in time and blocks it with a strong bottom hand. Sudden death now.

CHE 4-4 LIV: Captain Jorginho keeps Chelsea in it by scoring his penalty to bottom right. All on Mendy now who will be up against Senegalese teammate Sadio Mane.

CHE 3-4: Alexander-Arnold makes it 4 out of 4 as he calmly side foots it into bottom right corner. Mendy goes the other way.

CHE 3-3 LIV: Barkley thrashes it in to the right corner as Alisson goes to left.

CHE 2-3 LIV: Firmino restores Liverpool's lead as he stutters before deciding to go to the bottom right corner. Mendy guesses it correctly but does not save it.

CHE 2-2 LIV: Reece James goes down the middle to equalise.

CHE 1-2 LIV: Thiago puts it in with a cheeky panenka to Mendy's right. Liverpool leads.

CHE 1-1 LIV: Azpilicueta hits the right post!!! Advantage Liverpool.

CHE 1-1 LIV: Mendy gets a touch but Milner beats him with the height.

CHE 1-0 LIV: Alonso slots it to Alisson's left who went the other way


Match to be decided by a penalty shootout.


120+1' Final minute before this match heads to penalties. Is there a last twist in the tale? Tsimikas sends in the cross looking to find Jota at the far post but Alonso clears it and that's that.

119' Substitution for Chelsea (and it is not what looked likely to happen)


118' Thiago Silva has been struggling for the most part in this game due to an injury and looks likely to be subbed off. Liverpool-born Ross Barkley receiving instructions from one of the Chelsea coaches as he gets ready to come on.

117' Following a foul on him by James, Tsimikas sends the free-kick into the box from the centre of the pitch but does not find any Liverpool player.

115' Chelsea seems to have made up its mind to take this to penalties as it slows down the pace of the game in these final few minutes.

113' Chelsea content with keeping possession before Mount finds Loftus-Cheek down the right flank who puts in the cross but it is a Liverpool head that gets to the ball first ahead of Alonso at the far post.

111' Substitution for Liverpool


109' Liverpool tries to launch another attack with quick one-touch passing but the final one lands a little too far from Mane as the Chelsea defensive unit avoids any possible danger.

108' Chelsea asks for a penalty again as Ziyech goes down near Alexander-Arnold inside the Liverpool box. The referee's not having it though.

106' Double substitution for Chelsea


ET Second Half begins!


105+1' Mendy punches the corner kick from Alexander-Arnold away.

105' Final minute of first half of extra-time. Milner wins a corner as Rudiger's block goes behind the Chelsea goal.

103' Harmless header from Thiago Silva. Goes over the bar.

103' Corner for Chelsea as Matip clears the free-kick from Alonso.

102' Foul - Thiago trips Mount and it's a fee-kick for Chelsea from the left of the Liverpool box.

100' Lovely cross in from the right from Ziyech but Matip clears it away ahead of Pulisic who was waiting for a tap-in. Corner for Chelsea.

99' Mount attempts one with his right foot from outside the box but it does not bend enough to force a save out of the Liverpool stopper.

98' Substitution for Liverpool


96' Chelsea asks for a penalty as Pulisic goes down inside the Liverpool box after what looked like a push from Konate but the decision goes in Liverpool's favour.

95' Excellent bit of defending from Kante as Liverpool had initiated a vicious counter-attack from a Chelsea corner and Diaz on the right was looking to make it all the way to the Chelsea box. However, the French midfielder forced him wide before clearing the ball away.

94' Pulisic wins corner for Chelsea with a quick run down the right but Matip comes back just in time to block it.

93' No chances created so far as both teams have a lot of tired legs on the pitch.

91' Substitution for Liverpool as Matip replaces Van Dijk.


Stay tuned as this final extends for extra half an hour and if that's not enough, the dreaded penalty shoot-out will decide the title winner.


90+3' Last of the three added minutes and both teams are content with settling for extra half an hour to settle this.

Three added minutes before match enters extra-time.

90' Luis Diaz with one final effort in regulation time as an injured Thiago Silva does enough to push him away and his shot goes off.

85' Substitution for Chelsea

84' OFF THE BAR THIS TIME!!! Liverpool really should have been 1-0 ahead at this point but somehow, Robertson at the near post has failed to finish it off after a brilliant cross from Milner.


83' OFF THE POST!!! Diaz, who has looked the best Liverpool player today, lets one fly and it hits Mendy's near post before going behind the goal.

79' FREE-KICK: From quite a distance and Liverpool unable to pose any danger to Chelsea goal.

77' BOOKING - First booking of the night as James gets a yellow card for a foul on Thiago near the Chelsea box.

76' Pulisic was just about to unleash a thunderous shot with his left foot inside the Liverpool box but Alexander-Arnold came back in time to avoid the danger and concede the corner.

74' Substitution for Liverpool


71' Chalobah has gone down near his own goal as he takes a knock in the face from Mane who was trying to get away from the Chelsea defending in his effort to chase the ball.

69' Thiago plays the ball to Diaz as Robertson and others make the run inside the Chelsea box. Diaz, though, goes for the curler from the right outside the box and sends it over the Chelsea goal.

68' SHOT!! Another disappointing finish from Pulisic as he hits it past the near post from the edge of the box after all the hard work done by Mount and James.

66' Substitution for Chelsea


65' Liverpool puts pressure on Chelsea with more and more bodies inside its half. Keita goes for the shot but Mendy pouches it pretty comfortably.

62' Robertson wins a corner for Liverpool as he sends in the cross from the left and the Chelsea defender heads it over his own goal.

61' MISS!!!! Another near-miss for Jota as he beats Rudiger to send it across to Mendy's right. Unfortunately, for Liverpool, the ball fizzes past the Chelsea goal post yet again. Keita did an excellent job to find Jota in the first place.

60' Thiago wins the ball on Mendy's goal-kick inside the Chelsea half but the header sends the ball out for a Chelsea throw-in.

57' Diaz looks to begin another attack down the left but his first touch gets the ball away from him and Reece James can breathe a sigh of relief.

55' Jorginho switches the play before James puts in the cross from the right to find a diving Alonso at the back past who fails to make any sort of contact with the ball.

53' Luis Diaz goes solo as he skips past two Chelsea defenders before hitting it from outside the box. The ball skids past the post.

51' First offensive move of the second half for Liverpool as Trent Alexander-Arnold from the right puts in a brilliant cross into the Chelsea box and Robertson misses the simplest of the headers at far post.

48' OFF THE BAR!! Alonso's free-kick from the right curls in and deflects off the bar. Chelsea has really come out with some intent early on this second half.


47' SHOT!!! Another one from Chelsea as Pulisic forces Alisson to make a save.

46' SHOT!!! Sensational start from Chelsea as Alonso misses burying it into Alisson's far post.


Look who's here:


Both teams had a combined total of 12 shots in the first-half but only two of them were on target. They'll definitely want to improve that.


45+4' Final minute of first half. Jota looks to get inside the Chelsea box through the right flank but Chalobah steals the ball and clears it away.

45+1' Jorginho puts Lukaku through inside the Liverpool box who gets the shot away but it goes over the bar.

Four minutes of added time.

45' Error from Kovacic inside Liverpool's half, Mane capitalises on it and begins the counter attack. Robertson provides the cross from the left flank to Jota who misses the target with his right foot.


43' Keita is just a little late and gets Jorginho's leg instead of the ball near the middle of the pitch. Free-kick for Chelsea.

41' Chelsea on the charge and it is that man - Mason Mount - again who begins it. Belgian striker Lukaku finds no support inside the box and eventually, the Liverpool defense clears the ball.

38' Amazing footwork shown by Mount inside his own half. He was surrounded by three Red shirts but he positioned himself beautifully to find Lukaku.

36' Throw in for Liverpool following strong defending from Reece James.

33' If you are a Liverpool fan, you might not want to read this.


31' And now Liverpool's Egyptian goal-machine Mo Salah is down. These are not great signs for the Reds who are also fighting for domestic as well as European glory.

29' Play has been stopped as Alisson's receives treatment on his knee. Alonso, in the follow through, had hit Liverpool goalkeeper.

27' SAVE!! Alisson makes a great save in the one-on-one against the Spanish defender. The goalkeeper made himself big while closing the angle on the Chelsea player.

25' Both these teams have had to play way more number of games than most of the other English clubs. It's Chelsea's 61st and Liverpool's 60th game of the season.

23' SHOT!!! Chelsea centimeters away from taking a 1-0 lead. Thiago Silva started the attack with a diagonal ball to find Mount who gets it past Robertson before cutting it back from the right to find Pulisic who was unmarked. However, his tap-in misses Alisson's far post. The American should have done better there.


21' Long-range effort from Robertson but it goes blazing over the Chelsea goal.

19' Mane with the run looks to dink the ball over Mendy who defends it by coming up to the edge of the box and heading it away. However, it looks like he may have landed a bit awkwardly post that.

17' FOUL! Thiago puts in the challenge to stop Kovacic from taking the ball inside the Liverball box and it is a free kick for Chelsea. Alonso takes the free-kick but it is an easy save for the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson.

16' Pulisic misses Alisson's near post by a whisker but it would not have counted anyway as the lead-up involved a hand-ball from Lukaku.

14' CORNER - First of the night and Alexander-Arnold takes it but he fails to clear the man at the near post.

13' A flurry of shots by Liverpool but Chelsea defense blocks them all. It looks all too comfortable at the moment for Liverpool.

11' After a bit of treatment, Chelsea defender Thiago Silva is back onto his feet.

9' SAVE!!! Diaz is cutting Chelsea apart with his blistering speed here as he beats Chalobah and shoots targets near post at Mendy's right who gets a leg on it and the follow-up by Keita does not have enough in it to trouble the Chelsea goal.


7' Breath taking stuff from Liverpool early on. Robertson paces up the pitch from his own half but putting Diaz through who then gets it inside the box but his pass gets deflected and goes away from Salah.

5' CLOSE!!! Luis Diaz easily goes pass James inside the Chelsea box and chips it but it is just a bit too quick for Thiago who tries to tap it in.

3' Lukaku tries to overpower Konate and have a crack at Alisson in a one-on-one but the Liverpool player is up to the task.

1' Alexander-Arnold looks for Salah on the right flank with a long ball from his own half to catch Chelsea on the counter but the ball had too much in out and it goes out for a Chelsea goal-kick.


9:10PM: ICYMI, here's how the two teams line-up for the summit clash:


9:00PM: Just 15 minutes to go for this mega-clash. Who do you think will win?


8:50 PM: It's going to be an extra special night for whichever club wins the title:



Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea: The Belgian has returned to form right on time and has scored three goals in the previous two matches to become Tuchel's preferred striker.

The 28-year-old has 15 goals for the London-based club so far this season and will look to increase his tally after his return to Stamford Bridge from Inter Milan.

However, there will be a dilemma for starting position at the No. 9 position, with Tuchel favouring Kai Havertz for finals, including the Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup final, where the German had scored the winner.

Sadio Mane, Liverpool: Klopp's side will look to capitalise on Mane's form as a striker, with the Senegal international having two goals in Liverpool's two previous matches. He was instrumental in the Reds' progress into the FA Cup final, scoring a brace against Manchester City at Wembley.

Mane will bank on crosses from another emerging star from his team -- Luis Diaz. The Colombian has been a constant threat along the flanks, and has two goals and an assist in the last three matches.


Liverpool comes into the match after a win against Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa, while Chelsea also enters the final with a win against Leeds United at Elland Road.

Chelsea's last five matches:

  • Win: Leeds 0-3 Chelsea
  • Draw: Chelsea 2-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Loss: Everton 1-0 Chelsea
  • Draw: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea
  • Win: Chelsea 1-1 West Ham United

Liverpool's last five matches:

  • Win: Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool
  • Draw: Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur
  • Win: Villarreal 2-3 Liverpool
  • Win: Newcastle United 0-1 Liverpool
  • Win: Liverpool 2-0 Villarreal



Chelsea and Liverpool have met 191 times in all competitions in the past, with the Reds securing 83 wins while the Blues winning 65 times. The remaining 43 matches have ended in a draw.

The pair of Chelsea and Liverpool is only the second ever to play both the FA Cup and the League Cup final in the same season, after Sheffield Wednesday and Arsenal in 1992-93.

8:18 PM: Starting XI for Chelsea is out:


8:15 PM: People on their way for 'The People's Game'


8:05 PM: Liverpool has revealed its starting XI:



Chelsea will chase its last remaining hope of a silverware this season when it plays its third consecutive FA Cup final, this time against UEFA Champions League finalist, Liverpool on Saturday.

The Blues lost the last two finals and Thomas Tuchel, their manager, will look to make amends this time around. His squad may face an uphill task in midfield, with Mateo Kovacic doubtful after an injury scare in the previous match against Leeds United.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has not got its hands on this trophy for over 16 years now, having last won it under Rafael Benitez in 2006, with a 3-1 win on penalties against West Ham United.

Since then, three more managers, Roy Hogdson, Kenny Dalglish and Brendan Rodgers have come and gone, all being unsuccessful.

Under Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool won the Premier League after 30 years, the Champions League as well as the League Cup this season. The FA Cup, surprisingly, is a silverware even the German has not been able to secure under his reign.

That is something Klopp will look to change at Wembley on Saturday. One problem for Klopp will be the doubts over Fabinho, who picked up a hamstring injury during Liverpool's 2-1 win against Aston Villa.

Chelsea will play its fifth FA Cup final in six years, looking to win its ninth title, while Liverpool will eye its eighth.

Where can you watch the FA Cup Final?

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