ISL 2019: Messi brace rescues a point for Kerala Blasters against Jamshedpur FC- As it happened

Piti and C.K. Vineeth scored for Jamshedpur FC before two late goals from Messi Bouli in the second half helped the Kerala Blasters draw the game 2-2.

Kerala Blasters now hasn't managed to beat Jamshedpur FC in five encounters and has only won two out of its last 11 home games.   -  Sportzpics/ISL

Hello and Welcome to the highlights of the Indian Super League (ISL) match between Kerala Blasters and Jamshedpur FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi. This was Shivansh Gupta bringing you the live action.




This result means that Jamshedpur FC has climbed to the third spot in the points table, replacing GOA FC with a game in hand. On the other hand, Kerala Blasters moved one place up to seventh.

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With a little under 20 minutes left on the clock, Kerala had wasted ample opportunities and was trailing 2-0. But come Sahal, come a new ray of hope! He injected new life into the home team and then Messi scored twice to draw back level.

What a turnaround! What a comeback and Kerala, thanks to Messi Bouli, has rescued a point here.

The referee blows his whistle and it's full-time! What an entertaining game of ISL this was! Kerala

90+3' Corner for Kerala! Samuel takes the corner and the defender clears the ball and it rolls towards Seityasen. He whips the ball back towards goal with a alot of venom, but once again it's Robin who sticks his hand out!

Three minutes have been added on to the second half!

90+1' SAVED BY SUBRATA! Sahal cuts in early from the right flank and goes for goal. The connection isn't clean and the ball, without any pace and venom, rolls into the hands of Subrata.

88' GOOOALLLLLL!!!! YESSSS, MESSI CAN!! How about that for a penalty from Messi. Cool and composed, Messi approaches the ball with utmost confidence and rifles the ball into the side netting of the left post. Jamshedpur FC keeper Subrata dives the right way, but the shot was just too good to be saved there.

86' PENALTY FOR KERALAA AND THE CROWD IS BUZZING! Seityasen runs through the defence and inside the box. Robin Singh comes from behind and shoves him to the ground. The referee points to the spot and can Messi equalise here?

85' ANOTHER CHANCE GONE BEGGING! Oh, Messi! What happened there? What a chance! Once again, Sahal with a sumptuous chip from just outside the box to into it. Messi runs in and heads the ball, but it is way off target.

83' Too heavy! CK Vineeth puts in a low, quick ball from the left flank, looking for Sumeet Passi. But the ball was just too heavy as it beat both Sumeet and keeper Rehenesh before being cleared away.

81' SUBSTITUTION for Kerala! Samuel Lalmuanpuia- IN | Mohamad Rakip- OUT

Well, well! What a passage of game that was! Will the decision to sub off Piti come back to haunt Jamshedpur FC?

75' GOOOALLLL AND KERALA PULLS ONE BACK! It's that man, Messi! Messi Bouli! The crowd has erupted at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi. Sahal with a beautiful, pin-point cross from the right flank. The ball flies to the far post, where Messi towers over the defender in front of him to head the ball into the back of the net.

71' GOOOALLLL AND VINEETH MAKES IT 2-0! Brilliant work from Vineeth and Farukh! Completely against the run of play! Super-sub Vineeth, former Kerala Blasters hero with the goal. He plays a lovely one-two with Farukh, who puts the ball back to him inside the box. Rehenesh leaves the slightest of the rooms at the bear post, but Vineeth still manages to beat him. He doesn't celebrate, but what a comeback to the city.

70' SUBRATA WITH ANOTHER SAVE! The corner is cleared towards Arques, who is just outside the box. He whips the volley ferociously, but Subrata does well to keep it out. The save was a difficult one to make as the goalkeeper's sight was blocked by a crowd of players!

70' SUBRATA WITH THE SAVE NOW! Messi Bouli is freed inside the box with a lovely ball from Arques. It is on the left side and Bouli lets the ball run past him. He then takes a shot on goal from a tight, narrow angle but the keeper Subrata makes himself large and save. Corner for Kerala!

66' TOP NETTING! Arques' header from the edge of the box, from a long throw in, is just over the bar.

66' Sahallll, but blocked! A great little dummy against Moura, as he drops his shoulder to the left before going right. Then, take a shot only for it to be blocked by Tiri and Kerala has a throw in.

64' SUBSTITUTION for Jamshedpur! Piti- IN | Vineeth- OUT. Piti is not happy. He walks out on the other end of the pitch while saying a mouthful to his manager.

63' SUBSTITUTION for Kerala!  Prashanth Karuthadathkuni- IN | Halicharan Narzary- OUT

61' BETTER FROM THE BLASTERS! Rakip, deep in the right flank, crosses the ball in. But it's soft and headed away by Tiri. However, the clearance isn't strong enough as it falls straight to Jessel. He runs in ferociously and rifles the ball towards goal, but Robin Singh is in the way and he heads the ball away. The ball goes out for a corner, but nothing from set-piece.

55' NOT BAD FOR FIRST TOUCH, SAHAL! Takes a good first touch, as the ball was fast and running away from him, in the mid-field and looks for through ball to the right flank, but the defender gets their first.

54' YELLOW CARD! Messi Bouli pins down Tiri from behind in their little tussle during a headder and this time, he is booked! One offence too many tonight for the Kerala forward.

53' SUBSTITUTION for Kerala! Sahal Abdul Sama- IN | Sergio Cindoncha- OUT

52' CIDO in trouble here! Looks like Cidoncha has rolled his ankle while taking the shot. After receiving some treatment, he has been advised to call it a day.

50' WIDDEEEE! What a chance!! Narzary, on the right flank, collect a quick pass and turns around. He runs closer to the goal line and puts in a great cross inside the box. Both Arques and Messi miss the ball and the cross falls to Cidoncha. The skipper takes a shot from his left foot and hits it just wide of the left post.

48' Throw in for Kerala! Rakip does well to keep his footing after being met with a sliding tackle in the right flank and makes a dash forward. Looks for an early cross, but the ball is too soft and the clearing header bounces off another Jamshedpur defender and rolls back to the keeper, who clears it away without wasting a second.

46' Kerala Blasters gets us underway!

The players are back on the pitch and off we go for the final 45!

Well, safe to say Kerala Blasters has itself to blame for the present result. Arques, Messi did not make the most of their chance and sloppy defending from the home team is what lead to the goal. Jamshedpur on the other hand, started on the back foot, but slowly made its way back into the game, making the most of Kerala's silly errors. Piti capped it off with a brilliant penalty. Robin was lucky to not have given away a penalty in the dying moments of the first half for his challenge on Messi Bouli.

Referee blows the whistle and that's the end of the first half!

45+2' PENALTY NOT GIVEN AND MESSI IS NOT HAPPY! A brilliant run through the Kerala forward and Sergio Cidoncha spots him and puts a delicious cross in from the right flank. Robin Gurung is second best on the cross and ends up pulling Messi down. Messi appeals for a penalty, but it's not given!

Two minutes have been added on to the first half.

43' LOOPY HEADER, BUT SAFE! It was always going to be difficult to score from that angle. Narzary supplies the ball to Arques, who is just inside the box. Arques heads the ball towards goal with no real power and direction in it and Subrata collects it easily.

41' Good block! Jamshedpur breaks swiftly through the centre. Farukh dashes forward and then puts Isaac through on the left, who makes a run towards the box and then cuts in. Takes a shot on goal, but it's blocked well by Mohamad Rakip.

38' GOOOOALLLLLL!! Piti converts from the spot and how about that for a penalty! Calm and composed at the spot, runs in softly and scores with an even more dink. Rehenesh goes to his left, but there was no way he was going to save the penalty.

37' PENALTY TO JAMSHEDPUR! Drobarov brings down Tiri with intense shirt pulling during the corner and referee awards a penalty. Kerala Blasters players cannot believe the decision!

36' CORNER! Once again, it's the defence that comes off ugly. Seityasen back pass is too strong for Rehenesh and the ball scrambles away for the corner.

35' Wasteful and sloppy! Arques, in the mid-field, tries to find Narzary in the left flank with a chipped pass. But the pass was simply wayward and the manager of the home team is not happy.

33' Hand-ball! Seityasen takes a crack on goal from the right corner of the Jamshedpur box, but it's blocked by Narender. The clearance from the defender clips the dangling hand of Seityasen.

31' Jessel clears it away! Farukh is freed yet again, this time on the right flank. This time. however, Jessel deos well to kick the ball out for a Jamshedpur FC throw in with a timely tackle.

26' YELLOW CARD! Sumeet Passi with a sliding tackle on Sergio Cidoncha, who is brought down instantly and that challenged beckoned a booking!

25' Rehenesh to the rescue again! Farukh and Jamshedpur break the offside trap again. The ball is chipped over Kerala's defence and Farukh runs forward to try and get to it. But Rehenesh is alert and once again, he charges forward, like a sweeper keeper, and kicks the ball out of danger.

Been an equal game so far! Chances now created on both end!

23' CHANCEEE AND MISSED!! Narender Gahlot is freed in the left wing with a sumptuous through ball from the back from Isaac. He runs forward and puts it a dangerous low cross in. Farukh Choudhary slides forward in a desperate attempt to get some contact on ball, but the ball was just a little too heavy from Narender.

21' FOUL! Jeakson Singh chips the ball to the left to Messi and he turns around and looks for a pass back to the mid-field. But he loses the ball as Isaac of Jamshedpur intersects. However, Seityasen Singh, while trying to win the ball back, shoves Isaac down and commits the foul.

17' Rehenesh with the save! Once again, he survives after making an error! The ball is lobbed over the defence for Farukh Choudhary. Rehenesh comes off his line and attacks the ball. There was a slight hesitation and almost costs his punch falls back to Farukh. But the attacker loses the ball and Rehenesh does well to recover and somehow collect the ball.

13' Free-kick for Jamshedpur after Seityasen bring Vanmalsawna down in the left wing!  Piti's delivery was in a good area. The balls curls in just the right amount and lands in a no man's land inside the box. How often do you hear that? 

12' Raju G takes a long throw in but Jamshedpur does well to fend off any danger.

11' Corner for Kerala, first of the game! Arques threads the ball to Narzary, who then plays it to Messi. Messi plays it back to Narzary, who wins the corner. Poor corner! Carneiro's delivery from the left side isn't good enough and it's headed away by Sumeet Passi.

Jamshedpur FC has scored 44% of its goals from crosses!

8' CHANCE, BUT OVER! Jeakson does well to put in a sliding tackle on Monroy, who was a little lazy on the ball and in the midfield plays the last touch too heavy. The ball is then supplied to Messi Bouli and he is forced deep into the right corner of the box. He takes a crack at it only for the ball to fly way over the bar.

6' FOUL! Messi and Tiri get into a tusse and the Kerala forward pushes the defender down. He hugs it out and saves himself from getting a yellow!

5' Yellow Card! Jeakson Singh is the first booking of the night.

4' What a chance and it's gone begging! Messi Bouli is played a long ball from the back, but Jamshedpur defender Tiri covers his tracks and clears the ball. But the clearance is poor and he gives the ball straight to Seityasen, who puts a beautiful, loopy ball inside the box. Mario Arques meets the ball in the air, but the header is hit straight to the keeper Subrara Paul. What a chance gone begging.

1' DANGEROUS CLEARANCE, BUT SAFE! What happened there? The ball is played back to Kerala keeper Rehenesh and he is late on the clearance. This gives Piti of Jamshedpur enough time stick his leg out and attack and the gamble almost plays off as the ball is deflected of Piti's legs and has gone out for a Kerala goal kick.

Jamshedpur FC to kick off and here we go!

The players have made their way to the pitch after lining up for the national anthem

It will be an uphill task for Kerala Blasters, which is currently placed eight in the table with six points (1W, 3D, 3L), to bag three points against an in-form Jamshedpur FC. The visitor is currently fourth in the points table with 12 points( 3W, 3D, 1L).


The starting XIs of the night are here:

Kerala Blasters: TP Rehenesh (GK), Mohamad Rakip, Raju Gaikwad, Jessel Carneiro, Vlatko Drobarov, Mario Arques, Seityasen Singh, Halicharan Narzary, Sergio Cidoncha (C), Jeakson Singh, Messi Bouli.

Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul (GK), Tiri (C), Narender Gahlot, Robin Gurung, Jitendra Singh, Aitor Monroy, Memo Moura, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Piti, Sumeet Passi, Farukh Choudhary.



Kerala Blasters will hope to snap its six-match winless run when it takes on Jamshedpur FC in an Indian Super League match at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here on Friday.

With three draws and three losses in six games, the Blasters find themselves languishing in the eighth position in the points table. A win for fourth-placed Jamshedpur FC can lift it to the top of the table.

Both teams come into this contest having played out two consecutive draws.

Late goals

Late goals have been hurting Kerala this season; the team looked on course for victory against FC Goa and Mumbai City FC, but concede late goals to draw. Given the fact that Jamshedpur FC has scored four of its nine goals in the final 15 minutes of its contests, Eelco Schattorie’s side will be concerned.

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“That (conceding late goals) has to do with the quality that you have in the team. One of the first things in team meetings at my previous clubs, one thing I keep repeating is that there has to be a mindset to have double alertness,” said Schattorie.

“Last week we had some mismatch during set-pieces. You have to find a solution, in this case, I tell my players to be a bit smarter, a bit meaner, to be street-smart,” Schattorie said.

Slow start

Though Raphael Bouli has shone in attack of late, the absence of Bartholomew Ogbeche will weaken the team’s frontline which hasn’t been prolific. The Blasters have scored just six goals so far — the second-lowest in the league. The return of influential midfielder Mario Arques will be a relief for Schattorie, though it is unsure if he will be fit enough to start.

Jamshedpur FC, on the other hand, has shown fighting spirit and tactical flexibility in plenty so far. The team loves having the ball but is equally deadly on the counter, thanks to the pace it has on the wings. The likes of Farukh

Also, head coach Iriondo has a knack of getting his substitutions to work. This season, substitutes have helped Jamshedpur FC win crucial points when losing or have given it the lead when things were at a stalemate on numerous occasions. However, the absence of star striker Sergio Castel and midfielder Piti is bound to affect the team’s gameplan and come as a relief of sorts to Kerala.

Unlucky Kerala

“I don’t know how Kerala’s winless run is going to affect the team but Kerala are a good team. They have not been lucky in the first part of the season due to factors like injuries. They try to play football, they have a good style. In this kind of short leagues, you don’t have too much time,” said Iriondo.

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“Maybe Sergio and Piti were important for the team. Maybe if they were in the team, it would be different. We are missing them a bit now,” he said.

Kerala Blasters has never beaten Jamshedpur in four encounters between the two so far. The team has won only two out of its last 10 home games.