Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has reserved two match tickets for an NHS worker as a thank-you for his efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

Twitter user Josh Howes tweeted the England international with a message to enquire over his recovery from a back injury. The post showed Howes and his wife working at a hospital wearing personal protective equipment.

"I miss football!!!! @MarcusRashford how's the recovery going???" the tweet read.

"Wishing you well man. Literally can't wait to see you rip it up again!

"Me and the wife can get some tickets for O.T [Old Trafford] and we can stop having to wear this nonsense for 13 hours a day! #NHSCovidHeroes #NHSworkers."


Rashford was only too happy to make this wish come true. "I've got two tickets reserved for you mate," he replied. "Looking forward to celebrating the real superstars around here. I'll be in touch when we are back up and running. Thank you for everything you're doing man."

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Howes thanked Rashford before joking he should get in touch with Gary Neville to ask for a place to stay at the former United favourite's hotel.

Rashford's charitable efforts have been notable during the Premier League shutdown, with his online promotion helping to drive donations that allowed anti-hunger and food waste charity  FareShare  to reach almost one million children across the United Kingdom last week.