Gujarat Giants 47-50 Dabang Delhi highlights, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Parteek Dhaiya’s heroics in vain, Gujarat defense fails to give Delhi close win

Gujarat Giants vs Dabang Delhi, Pro Kabaddi League 9: Catch the highlights, score, updates and commentary from the PKL fixture at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

Updated : Nov 25, 2022 20:33 IST

Dabang Delhi beat Gujarat Giants 53-33 in the previous encounter of PKL 9.
Dabang Delhi beat Gujarat Giants 53-33 in the previous encounter of PKL 9. | Photo Credit: PKL

Dabang Delhi beat Gujarat Giants 53-33 in the previous encounter of PKL 9. | Photo Credit: PKL

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the ProKabaddi fixture between Gujarat Giants and Dabang Delhi in Hyderabad on Friday.

Action is far from over for the night. Check out the second game of the night between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Tamil Thalaivas here:

Scores read: Delhi vs Gujarat

50-47 Parteek Dhaiya gets a touch on Dhull but doesn’t the pull the defender across to trigger another raid. The mentality has been utterly poor from the Giants. Credit where credit is due though, the Gujarat Giants raiding department deserves all the praise for putting up such a spirited fight when the defense has failed through and through.

50-46 Vijay comes in for a do-or-die raid. Gujarat needs to deny him the bonus and MGR goes in for the ankle hold but gets no support at all. He looks at Rinku and asks him why he didn’t come in!

49-46 Parteek Dhaiya goes in, gets a kick on the right corner, Krishan. Delhi seems absolutely fine to give him the point.

One minute to go.

49-45 MGR goes in and comes back with a point. Vishal- the man he gets. Delhi meanwhile is slowing the game down to ensure that four point deficit stays.

49-44 Mahendra Ganesh Rajput is looking for super raids here but gets just Amit Hooda. Under two minutes left.

49-43 Baldev goes with an advanced tackle and gifts Naveen a point. Ram Mehar is waiting to give his defender an earful

48-43 Bonus for Delhi but Parteek Dhaiya gets Vijay Malik, the last man for Delhi to inflict the all out. FIFTH IN THIS GAME.

I am saying this from the start. Raiders are not my problem. Defense is the issue. No other team has so many raiders- says Ram Mehar Singh. Preaching the choir sir.

47-40 THE GIANTS ARE NOT DONE. Parteek Dhaiya goes into the defensive triangle and gets two out of the three defenders left on the mat for Delhi. Ravi Kumar, Ashu Malik head to the bench

47-38 Delhi removes Dong Geon Lee. Ashu Malik is such a trump card. He has pumped himself up in that second half.

Under five minutes to go.

46-38 Parteek Dhaiya gets a quick touch on Sandeep Dhull to keep the fight going. Another timeout is taken.

46-37 What’s happened here? It’s a do-or-die raid for Delhi. Naveen thinks he got a touch and didn’t attempt again. Referees think he does not have the touch and send him to the bench. Naveen appeals but Delhi does not have a review. Pity.

46-36 MASSIVE THREE POINT RAID TO START by Mahendra Ganesh Rajput. How about that! Amit Hooda, Vijay Malik, Vishal - the men who have to go

Mahendra Ganesh Rajput comes in

46-33 Sonu is brought down by Ashu Malik

45-32 Ashu Malik gets Dong Geon Lee while Sonu removes Amit Hooda

44-31 Dong Geon Lee gets a bonus point swiftly

44-30 Vijay Malik is keeping things going as he gets two - Rinku and Parteek Dhaiya. Sixth unsuccessful tackle for Rinku

TIME OUT. Ram Mehar Singh can’t stress this enough - NO ADVANCED TACKLE.

42-30 Dong Geon Lee is in for the Giants and he gets a touch on Vishal. Under 10 minutes to go. Still plenty of time to salvage this tussle. Gujarat needs composure.

42-29 Bonus for Vijay Malik

41-29 DELHI INFLICTS THE ALL OUT. Delayed, but not denied.

38-28 Super tackle opportunity as Rinku and Parteek are left on the mat. Naveen tempts Rinku and he bites the bait.

37-28 ALL OUT NUMBER THREE INFLICTED BY DELHI. Some statement of intent here. Hold on, looks like a defender who was involved in the struggle was out of bounds. The referees are reviewing this. REFEREES VINDICATED. Gujarat survives.

37-26 Chandran Ranjit gone, courtesy Naveen as Gujarat is on the verge of another all out. Down to their last man.

36-26 Bonus plus a touch for Chandran Ranjit as he slips out of Vishal’s hold on his legs

36-24 Loose tackle attempt by Baldev here.

35-24 Bonus for Chandran Ranjit

35-23 SUPER RAID! Naveen is thrilled with what he’s seeing from Ashu Malik. THREE POINTS. Three defenders close in on Ashu but he jumps right in the middle and escapes with a touch on all of them

32-23 Delhi gives a point away to Gujarat as Ravi Kumar puts in an unnecessary dash attempt on Sonu

32-22 Rinku with his fourth unsuccessful tackle as he allows Ashu Malik to slip away. The lead now goes up to 10

31-22 Ferocious backhold as Delhi is riding the momentum wave. Sandeep Dhull with a massive thigh hold on Parteek Dhaiya

30-22 Two point raid for Vijay Malik as he gets the bonus and a touch from a failed dash from the left defense

28-22 Sonu takes the raid right until the last second and pays the price. He has the bonus but Delhi has the all out

25-21 Naveen gets a touch on the right defender, with just two on the mat as he brings Gujarat down to one man

24-21 Solid defense as Chandran Ranjit is brought down for having the audacity of attempting a bonus

23-21 Ashu Malik starts strong right off the bat. He gets two points as he ploughs his way through the defense despite being very deep in the left corner. Brilliant skills

Gujarat’s defense has just one point so far. Absolutely unacceptable

HALFTIME: Parteek Dhaiya’s sixth super 10 of the season has kept Gujarat Giants in the fight as their defense continues to be ordinary. Both sides have relied on their raiding prowess in an intense half of kabaddi. Naveen has barely spent any considerable time on the bench which Gujarat will want to change. Meanwhile, Delhi has a bunny in Rinku who has been leaking points in the left corner. Will Gujarat sub him out? We will have to wait and watch.

21-21 Sonu removes Krishan to keep things level here in Hyderabad. The tension is fever pitch!

21-20 Rinku is leaking points as he sacrifices his toe to Vijay Malik

20-20 Parteek Dhaiya in on a do-or-die raid and as he runs out of time, Sandeep Dhull comes in with a solid backhold to deny Parteek.

19-20 Vijay gets a simple toe touch on the right corner - Baldev Singh

18-20 Great peripheral awareness from Parteek Dhaiya as he runs down the right flank while getting a touch on Naveen. Now Gujarat will want Naveen to stay there.

18-19 Naveen has made Rinku his bunny as he gets the simplest of touches on the corner defender. Naveen’s speed, too much for Rinku

17-19 Parteek is not going to allow Naveen to steal the limelight here! He takes out Krishan to get another point to his name

17-18 Another bonus for Naveen

16-18 PERFECT DUBKI from Parteek Dhaiya as he escapes the Delhi chain to make it to the midline. He gets to his sixth SUPER 10!

16-16 Parteek Dhaiya takes out Ravi Kumar while Ashu Malik manages a bonus for his side.

15-15 One point game this. Vijay Malik gets a bonus to even things out.

14-15 There comes the ALL OUT. Parteek Dhaiya, the last man standing for Gujarat, is brought down on the left flank. What a response from the defending champions!

11-14 Naveen drives Gujarat close to the all out again by getting Sourav Gulia

10-14 Parteek Dhaiya does well to get a bonus plus Ravi Kumar along the way

10-12 Successful bonus for Parteek while Naveen takes out Arkam to take Gujarat to the brink of an all out.

9-11 Naveen tempts the defense, with three men on the mat. After keeping the defenders guessing, he gets a no-look reverse toe touch on Rinku. Absolute quality.

8-11 Sandeep Dhull gets into the action again. He gets a hold on Sonu’s right leg and brings him down. Good coordination here.

7-11 Baldev’s half-hearted back hold doesn’t work on Ashu as he almost saunters to the midline without a fuss.

6-11 Chandran Ranjit is ushered off as four Delhi defenders halt him and push him out. There was a neck hold there. Iffy!

Ram Mehar Singh is warned for coaching during the raid.

5-11 Chandran Ranjit picks up Krishan Dhull to keep the scoreline ticking

5-10 Business as usual for Naveen as a double anklehold on him by Sourav Gulia fails

4-10 Good response from Delhi as lines of defense help Sandeep Dhull keep Sonu down very close to the midline

3-10 PARTEEK DHAIYA! WHAT A START. He takes one defender, falls, turns, takes a touch on the second defender and gets to the midline. ALL OUT INFLICTED.

3-6 Sourav Gulia comes in with a lethal dash to get Naveen to the bench

3-5 Gujarat Giants is chipping away at points courtesy Parteek Dhaiya as he gets a solid kick on Vijay Malik.

3-4 Easiest point conceded as Baldev gifts Naveen a point. Naveen rolls effortlessly to the midline.

2-4 Krishan Kumar Hooda is distraught as his defense makes an error again and goes for a hold on Parteek that’s pointless as he uses his height to touch the midline. Vishal the man who is out.

2-3 Naveen picks a bonus point. His sprightly court-to-court movement encouraging for Delhi.

1-3 Multiple points? Sonu does so well to manage to touch the midline and he gets THREE POINTS for his effort. He takes out Dipak, Sandeep Dhull and Krishan

1-0 Empty raid for Naveen. Gujarat’s high line defense denies the man a bonus

1-0 Delhi’s defense starts with a bang with Ashu Malik holding both of Chandran Ranjit’s legs and bringing him down on the left flank.

Dabang Delhi has won the toss and Gujarat will raid first.


Gujarat Giants: Sonu, Sourav Gulia, Arkam Shaikh, Parteek Dhaiya, Chandran Ranjit, Baldev Singh, Rinku Narwal

Dabang Delhi: Naveen Kumar, Dipak, Vishal, Ashu Malik, Vijay Malik, Krishan, Sandeep Dhull


HEAD-TO-HEAD | Matches: 11 | Dabang Delhi: 4 | Gujarat Giants: 5 | Tie: 2


Gujarat Giants have secured five wins, suffered nine losses and played out a tie so far. Rakesh has been in formidable raiding form with 126 raid points for the Giants, meaning a lot depends on how he fares in the match. He has got good assistance from all-rounder Parteek Dhaiya and captain Chandran Ranjit who have scored 83 and 78 raid points respectively. Soura Gulia and Arkam Shaikh have been the leading defenders for the Giants with 25 and 24 tackle points respectively. Rinku Narwal has also contributed 22 tackle points for the Giants. 

On the other hand, Dabang Delhi K.C. have eight wins and eight losses this season. Their captain Naveen Kumar is leading the team with 172 raid points. Ashu Malik has complemented Naveen well with 101 raid points. Another young raider, Manjeet has played his part with 54 raid points for Dabang Delhi K.C.. In defence, Vishal has been their best player with 40 tackle points. Krishan has also been an asset in defence with 33 tackle points. Sandeep Dhull and Amit Hooda’s experience can also come in handy for the Dabang Delhi K.C defence.  

Raiding form, team performance and the race to the knockouts - we’ve discussed it all in our weekly Pro Kabaddi League live stream. Check out the full stream below:

Raiders: Dong Geon Lee, Chandran Ranjit, Pardeep Kumar, Rakesh, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Rohit Kumar, Purna Singh, Sawin, Sonu, Gaurav Chhikara, Parteek Dhaiya, Sohit, Sonu Singh, Mohammad Ghorbani
Defenders: Rinku Narwal, Sandeep Kandola, Baldev Singh, Ujjval Singh, Kapil, Sourav Gulia, Manuj, Vijay Thangadurai, 
All-Rounders: Shankar Gadai, Arkam Shaikh, Rohan Singh, Parteek Dhaiya
Raiders: Naveen Kumar, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Ashish Narwal, Suraj Panwar
Defenders: Ravi Kumar, Sandeep Dhull, Amit Hooda, Vishal, Anil Kumar, Monu, Dipak, Krishan, Vinay Kumar, Vijay, Mohammad Liton Ali, Aakash
All-rounders: Vijay, Tejas Patil, Reza Katoulinezhad


The Gujarat Giants vs Dabang Delhi Pro Kabaddi Season 9 game will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 7:30 PM onwards on Friday, November 25

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