PKL 2018, Day 12 LIVE: Patna Pirates vs Telugu Titans, Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers

Catch all the LIVE updates from Sportstar's blog of Friday's Pro Kabaddi League matches as the Pirates meets Titans and the Panthers locks horns with Paltan at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune.

Pirates meets Titans and the Panthers locks horns with Paltan in Pune on Friday. (REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE)   -  Special Arrangement

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE blog of the Pro Kabaddi League matches at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. In the first match, Patna Pirates meets the Telugu Titans. On the other hand, Puneri Paltan and the Jaipur Pink Panthers meet in what promises to be a high-voltage Tomar-Chillar encounter.


Paltan vs Pink Panthers

25-29 Nitin Tomar raises his arms. Paltan becomes the table-toppers. Meanwhile, Panthers has sunk to assume the lowest slot in the Zone A table. The fans are ecstatic and on their feet.

Puneri Paltans has 18 tackle points, much of which, again, came in Super Tackle situations. As is evident, that speaks for much of the scorecard.

24-28 Deepak Hooda out! The man who had fans cheering for him in the last season has the same fans booing him as he walks into the lobby.

24-27 Anand Patil goes for the bonus. A hesitation from the left corner converts into a strong ankle hold.

24-26 Raider out! Nitin Rawal walked to deep into the defence and right into the jaws.

Post-timeout, magically, Panthers is a changed side.

24-25 Puneri all-out! Does that change things here?

20-24 Monu's "Do-or-Die raid" attempt fails. Blocked and held back. But he has a bonus point to show for it.

19-23 Girish steals a quick touch point from the left corner.

18-23 A super tackle again! Sixth one of the night! A little more than four minutes to go. Puneri Paltan should have no problem finding itself on the other side even if it manages to put up half of what it is doing now. Ravi Kumar, meanwhile, has six tackle points for Paltan.

17-21 Panthers nabs Nitin as he looks to pocket a touch point from the left corner.

16-21 Nitin Tomar still satisfied with his solitary raid point. That is so unlikely of him, especially after yesterday's show. EMPTY RAID!

16-20 1 vs 4. Result- A failed dubki and subsequently, a "Do-or-Die" raid by Akshay.

15-20 Nitin Tomar coming in to raid. Nothing from that.

15-19 After an empty raid by Nitin Tomar, a failed "Do-or-Die" raid from Monu. A jersey pull evident. Sandeep apologises.

14-19 A "Do-or-Die" raid to be taken by Anup Kumar. He casually walks into the left corner and no surprise there from Paltan. This has been a wonderful show of defence from Paltan today. Skipper down!

What a start by Paltan in the second half!

14-17 A "Do-or-Die" raid to be performed by substitute Amit Kumar as skipper Anup Kumar whispers into his ear. But, Super tackle AGAIN! And again by two in the defence.

13-15 A super tackle from Puneri Paltan again. What is it with the side and its two defenders carrying on a brilliant show? The third time now this!

13-14 Sandeep, left corner catches Akshay blind-sighted in a "Do-or-Die" raid.

13-12 Puneri Paltan to get things started in the second half.

First half

Jaipur walks into the end of the first half leading by a solitary point. Should have been a larger margin if not for the wonderful defensive show from Puneri Paltan.

13-12 A super tackle from Paltan, AGAIN! A solid exhibition of strong defensive talent. Rawal had to go for the tap in the "Do-orDie" raid.

11-11 Deepak Hooda plays it safe and comes back to his side of the court.

11-11 It just looked like Anup Kumar had reached the 500-point mark but the review shows he has not managed it. Not yet! Also it is a super tackle in favour of Paltan. Scores are level again.

8-11 Puneri Paltan manages to secure a bonus point as the lead put up by the Panthers narrows.

5-10 Nitin Tomar on a "Do-or-Die raid". Bonus available too. But then again, Deepak Nivas Hooda comes up with a stellar performance as everyone joins him to pin Tomar down.

5-9 Anup Kumar teases the left corner but still no raid points for him today.

5-9 A "Do-or-Die" raid from Paltan goes in vain. Even as Nitish Rawal picks up a green card, Panthers has picked up a point.

5-6 A super tackle in a "Do-or-Die raid" by Monu. There was absolutely nothing that he could have afforded to do.

5-4 Skipper Anup Kumar gifts a point to the opposition as he mistakingly steps into the orange zone. "Out!" calls the referee. He, out of all people cannot afford to do it.

4-4 Scores are level after Akshay Jadhav pockets two points before losing his balance near the line.

2-4 Nitin Rawal appeared clueless all throughout the Panthers' "Do-or-Die" raid. A jersey-pull offence goes unnoticed.

1-4 Puneri Paltan not troubling the opponents at all.

1-3 Nitin Tomar has been tackled after a series of quick raids. Deepak Nivas Hooda came in charging and managed to pin his man.

0-1 An easy point in the shape of the right corner, Sandeep Narwal, picked up by Nitin Rawal.

Nitin's raid is welcomed to a collective roar from the crowd.

Panthers captain Anup Kumar to raid first. Empty raid!

Puneri Paltan wins the toss and selects the choice of court.

With just two points away from reaching 500 raid points, captain cool Anup Kumar leads the Panthers out once again!

The action does not end here! Stay tuned for today's second match where the Panthers would look to maul Paltan, in a few minutes from now.

Pirates vs Titans

That is it! The Titans' defence single-handedly downs the defending champion. 35-31 it is!

35-31 Abozhar has been exceptional today. A high 5 has been pocketed as he nabs Vijay.

34-31 A minute to go! With two empty raids available to Telugu now, seems that the job is done.

33-31 Mohsen has a 'Do-or-Die' Raid. Bonus active, but Kumar leaks a touch point.

32-31 Mohsen raiding for the Titans. The bonus points were active but he fails to get it.

32-31 Narwal becomes a victim to Abozhar's ankle-hold yet again. Patna loses the lead again. What a match this is turning out to be!

30-31 Rahul Chaudhari goes for a Do-or-Die raid and has been caught blind-sided. Vijay from the left cover with a brilliant job. There was no way he could make it.

30-30 Scores are level again as Pardeep Narwal comes home with a point. Farhad need not have gone after him.

30-29 A review has been taken by the Titans but the side has been denied a point. Pardeep Narwal has been revived.

Official Timeout. Five minutes to go! Titans have a mere two-point lead.

30-28 Vijay raids again but unsuccessfully. Farhad with a great tackle. A strong ankle-hold, sees Vijay limping back. Not that big an issue, Pirates will hope.

27-28 Salunke teases Vikas Kale, who manages to pin him down in reply. Had been a quite night for him until now.

27-27 Vijay comes backwithout a point. Scores level now.

27-25 Pardeep Narwal gets Anil Kumar as Kumar fails to get any support from his teammates. Telugu still leading!

27-24 Vijay picks up the bonus point. Just manages to make it to the black line.

26-23 Telugu gives away a technical point as they go for a review of a previous raid

24-21 Telugu Titans picks up a bonus point.

23-21 Pardeep avoiding right corner Abozhar Meghani as he had got the better of him in the last two occasions.

18-20 Turning Point! Vijay takes Vishal Bhardwaj. Bhardwaj attempts a diving tackles as Vijay jumps above him to touch the white line. Absolutely brilliant work!

16-18 A couple of empty raids from each side calls for a Do-or-Die raid from Telugu Titans. Rahul Chaudhari gets a green card as he scores two points and gives away one as he is pushed out of the zone.

14-17 Rahul Chaudhari with the first raid of the second half. More or less an "assessment raid".

First Half

Both Pardeep Narwal and Rahul Chaudhari have been more or less quiet except for a single occasion of a brilliant show of brute strength by Narwal as he returned home with two points in his kitty, dragging the defenders as they clung on to him.

14-17 Do-or-Die raid for the Titans. Chaudhari gets rid of the left corner, Jaideep. That is it for the first half!

13-17 Salunke goes for the raid and comes home pointless.

12-16 Patna down to five men and looking for a bonus. Gets it comfortably. Vijay is the man!

12-15 Almost! Narwal again looks to put up a flashback of his last raid, but is successfully held back. A man too many!

10-15 Manjeet taps Chaudhari on the face. Impressive show by the youngster!

9-14 Pardeep Narwal pockets another point with a raid. Pirates comfortably extending the lead here.

9-13 Mohsen gets the left corner. That was a good raid.

8-12 Vishal Bhardwaj, the skipper leading from the front, takes down Deepak Narwal.

7-12 A sheer display of strength from Narwal. Telugu Titans, All Out! Drags two of the defenders to the line as they cling on to him.

6-8 Finally Pardeep gets a well-earned point. Taps Chaudhari on the shoulder as he hurries back.

6-7 A point each as one defender steps out of the zone during a tackle.

5-4 Another one bites the dust for Telugu Titans! Nilesh Salunke tries hard but goes down to an impeccable defence.

5-3 Rahul Chaudhari and Pardeep Narwal both have a silent start to the day, as they both have been tackled down on subsequent occasions.

4-2 Pardeep Narwal back as the audience welcomes him with a loud cheer. Comes back with an empty raid.

4-1 Manjeet brings the first point home for the Pirates.

4-0 Salunke with a multi-point raid. 2 points in the kitty for Telugu. This is obviously the start the side wanted.

1-0 What a way to start things! Pardeep on the bench as the right cover nabs him. telugu takes the first points.

Poster boy Narwal to start things.

Telugu Titans choose to raid first in the second half.

Lyricist Swanand Kirikire starts today's proceedings with the national anthem.



Patna Pirates:

Deepak Narwal, Vikas Kale, Vikas Jaglan, Pardeep Narwal, Manjeet, Vijay Kumar, Jaideep

Subs- Kuldeep Singh, Ravinder Kumar, Tushar Patil, Tae Deok Eom, Vijay


Telugu Titans:

Nilesh Salunke, Farhad Milaghardan, Anil Kumar, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, Rahul Chaudhari, Abozhar Mighani, Vishal Bhardwaj

Subs- Anuj Kumar, c Manoj Kumar, Rajnish, Rakshith, Sombir