PKL 2019, As it happened: Dabang Delhi thumps Haryana Steelers 41-21, Bengaluru Bulls inches past U Mumba

Tune in for live updates from season seven of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2019 as Dabang Delhi looks to bag its third consecutive win this season against Haryana Steelers, while U Mumba eyes its second win at home against Bengaluru Bulls later in the evening.

Updated : Apr 26, 2021 15:59 IST , Mumbai

A piece of action from a match between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls (File photo)- Ranjeet Kumar
A piece of action from a match between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls (File photo)- Ranjeet Kumar

A piece of action from a match between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls (File photo)- Ranjeet Kumar


We will be back with live coverage in less than 24 hours. Until then, its good night from our side.

So that's it for today. Tomorrow, Tamil Thalaivas will take on the Patna Pirates in the first match and later Bengal Warriors will face off against Puneri Paltan.

Earlier in the day, Super-10s from both Chandran Ranjith and Naveen Kumar led the Dabang Delhi to its third successive win of PKL 7, thereby taking the capital side to the top of the points table with 15 points. Delhi's opponent of the evening Haryana Steelers remains on five points.

Pawan Sherawat was in good form today as the Bengaluru Bulls snatched victory from the home-team U Mumba in the last five minutes. U Mumba got a point from this match, but it would be kicking itself after letting go of a glorious opportunity to win a home game.

AND IT'S FULL-TIME. Bengaluru Bulls 30 - 26 U Mumba.

40' UM 26-30 BB: Mahender Singh takes out Arjun Deshwal. Pawan with one more point. Fazel touches Ashish Sangwan on the retreat to get a raid point. Empty raid from Pawan to complete the game.

39' UM 25-28 BB: Pawan completes his SUPER 10. Rohit Baliyan is successfuly tackled in the next raid as U Mumba is ALL-OUT. The Bulls were on the backfoot for most of the game but now they take the well-deserved lead.

38' UM 24-23 BB: Rohit Baliyan keeps his side away from the all-out in a do-or-die raid. Mahender was wrongfooted easily here.

37' UM 23-23 BB: After a number of substitutions, Pawan gets another point as he gets a touch on Rajguru.

36' UM 23-22 BB: Pawan the king!!! He registers a two-point raid as he touches both Sandeep and Arjun.

35' UM 23-20 BB: Bengaluru skipper Rohit finally gets a point as he gets Surinder. What a close game.

34' UM 23-19 BB: Arjun Deshwal takes out Saurabh in his side's do-or-die raid. His captain Fazel gets a green card though.

33' UM 22-19 BB: Mohit fails in a do-or-die raid. Bengaluru hands the advantage to Mumbai once again.

32' UM 21-19 BB: Abhishek Singh fails in a do-or-die raid as Ashish Sangwan takes him out with a double thigh hold. An official timeout here but in the end the point is awarded to Bengaluru Bulls.

31' UM 21-18 BB: A string of empty raids in process here.

30' UM 21-18 BB: Mohit Sherawat gets both Fazel and Surinder in an amazing raid. Bengaluru hot on Mumbai's tail.

29' UM 21-16 BB: Arjun takes out the experienced Mahender. Amit Sheoran gets a green card.

28' UM 20-16 BB: Pawan with a successful and unsuccessful raid in a matter of a minute. Mumbai keeping it simple.

27'  UM 19-15 BB: Saurabh puts in a silly tackle on Arjun Deshwal and the U Mumba man walks away with the point.

26' UM 18-15 BB: Rohit Kumar comes out with an unsuccessful raid. He completes 1200 PKL raids. Pawan follows his captain with a better raid and a point.

25' UM 17-14 BB: Abhishek returns the favour on Ashish Sangwan.

24' UM 16-14 BB: Pawan reduces the deficit to two with a running hand touch on Sandeep Narwal.

23' UM 16-13 BB: Abhishek Singh gets Ajay as Bengaluru is ALL-OUT. Advantage Mumbai now.

22' UM 13-13 BB: Pawan was handed the point. However, Mumbai uses its REVIEW - SUCCESSFUL. Poor one from Pawan as he walked into the lobby without touching an opponent.

21' UM 12-13 BB: Both teams playing for the do-or-die raid straightaway. Remember, Bengaluru has the three men remaining on the mat. And Abhishek with a successful raid here for U Mumba.


An even game so far as both teams had their share of ups and downs throughout the first half. Let's look which team gets the upperhand in the next 20 minutes.

20' UM 11-13 BB: A number of empty raids and substitutions will close out the first 20 minutes.

19' UM 11-13 BB: Mohit Sherawat with a successful raid and his team's defenders follow it up with a brilliant SUPER TACKLE.

18' UM 11-10 BB: Arjun Deshwal touches both Amit Sheoran and Mahender Singh on the retreat.

17' UM 9-10 BB: Mahender Singh holds on to Rohit Baliyan. SUPER TACKLE.

16' UM 9-8 BB: Unsuccessful raid by Sumit Singh as Fazel takes him out.

15' UM 8-8 BB: And Arjun gets the running hand touch on Rohit Kumar straightaway.

14' UM 7-8 BB: Arjun Deshwal replaces the Korean Young Chang Ko for U Mumba.

13' UM 7-8 BB: A stretch of empty raids here.

12' UM 7-8 BB: SUPER TACKLE!! Super sub Rajguru executes a perfect thigh hold on Pawan Sherawat. But, Mumbai concedes a technical point for a wrong revival. Silly stuff!!

11' UM 5-7 BB: Two substitutions by U Mumba. Two defenders come in for two raiders as the crucial super tackle opportunity beckons.

10' UM 5-7 BB: Abhishek Singh comes out with a bonus and another touch point in a do-or-die raid.

9' UM 3-7 BB: Pawan Sherawat you beauty!! Two successive quick raids and he gets a point each. And above all, he got a defender both times. Harendra Kumar first and Sandeep Narwal next. U Mumba down to two men. 

8' UM 3-5 BB: Pawan gets the better of Surinder Singh with an excellent jump. Empty raid by Abhishek Singh follows.

8' UM 3-4 BB: Bengaluru gets the lead back. Amit Sheoran puts on a brilliant ankle hold on Rohit Baliyan.

7' UM 3-3 BB: Pawan Sherawat finally gets going as he wrongfoots Fazel. 300 PKL raid touch points for Pawan now.

7' UM 3-2 BB: Point given to U Mumba. But, Bengaluru Review -  SUCCESSFUL.  Raider Arjun Deshwal had gone out of bounds before touching Amit Sheoran.

6' UM 2-1 BB: Some technical issue here and the referees have paused the game. There might be some problem with the scoreboard.

5' UM 3-1 BB: Sumit Singh gets a touch on the dangerous Fazel Atrachali in a do-or-die raid.

4' UM 2-1 BB: More than a minute of empty raids here.

3' UM 2-1 BB: Rohit Baliyan with a successful raid. 200 successful PKL raids for Rohit.

2' UM 1-1 BB: Sloppy stuff from Bengaluru now. Pawan steps into the lobby without a touch.

1' UM 0-1 BB: Point gifted to Bengaluru. Abhishek walks into the lobby without touching a defender.

First Half


MATCH 2 at 08:30 PM IST: U Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls, which fell short against Gujarat Fortunegiants in its previous game will have U Mumba on the opposite end of the mat. The home team, for sure, would be one tough nut to crack, especially after its amazing victory in the Maharashtra Derby last night.


The side's defence will be looking to replicate the showing from Saturday, which saw Fazel Atrachali, Surender Singh and Sandeep Narwal, scoring four tackle points each.

Dong Geon Lee, who has failed to impress yet, will be looking to have a bigger impact.



Form Guide:


Dabang Delhi is a force to reckon with! At full time, the scoreboard reads 41-21, courtesy two Super 10s from the super talented Naveen Kumar and the talismanic Chandran Ranjit. 

DD-HS: 41-21: Naveen has been the lone warrior for Haryana tonight. You have got to feel for that man. But Ghaffari has got him back on the bench this time.

Only one and a half minutes to go in this contest now and Haryana has absolutely nothing that it can do. A night to forget for them.

DD-HS: 40-19: Chandran Ranjit too clinches a Super 10 now after Naveen Kumar. Two points from that raid. Kuldeep Singh and Dharmaraj Cheralathan OUT!

DD-HS: 37-19: The duo of Vishal Mane and Saeid Ghaffari have been wonderful this evening. Naveen is down. Makes me think... At this point it is the raiders who should be looking to bag quick points. The note of urgency, however, is more evident for Delhi's defenders. They want to leave no stone unturned.

DD-HS: 36-18: Haryana's Naveen goes back after an empty raid. That must be frustrating.

DD-HS: 35-18: Naveen picks up one point but Haryana needs to slam the acceleration button...High Time! A point or two here and there wouldn't do Delhi any harm.

#STATATTACK: Naveen Kumar registers 10 Super 10s in PKL. Interestingly, in today's match he hasn't been tackled yet.

DD-HS: 33-16: ANOTHER ALL OUT! Delhi is literally flying away with the points here. Mane is the man who sends Naveen off to the bench.

DD-HS: 29-13: Chandran Ranjit's Do-or-Die raid... unsuccessful. But something interesting happens down there. As Ranjit loses his balance and steps into the lobbies, he takes two other defenders in pursuit along with him, outside! Sloppy work from the Steelers.

DD-HS: 25-12: Where was Saeid Ghaffari all this while? That man has suddenly appeared in the second half from nowhere and what a performance it has been. Arun Kumar is the victim again.

DD-HS: 22-12: ALL OUT! And that is it. Delhi extends its lead as Ghaffari tackles Arun Kumar. To the bench!

DD-HS: 19-11: Delhi sniffing an all-out? Only two defenders on the other side as Naveen takes Kale out. A giant leap to safety! The energetic Naveen makes it look so easy.

DD-HS: 16-10: A Do-or-Die raid for Haryana Steelers. But what is this? Vinay gifts a point to Delhi. Certainly not what the side can afford at this point of time. He walks into the lobbies. Out of Bounds!


DD-HS: 15-10: Chandran Ranjit walks in for the last raid but does not attempt one. That's it for the first half!

Will Delhi carry on the momentum in the second half and win the contest against the Steelers? What do you think?

DD-HS: 14-9: Naveen Kumar gets two points and what's better is he has sent the opposition captain Dharmaraj Cheralathan back to the bench. Another dive for the mid line sees him safe.

DD-HS: 12-9: Naveen walks in with the Super Tackle On, but he does not go for a point here. No risks taken.

DD-HS: 12-8: Five and a half minutes remaining in the first half and Naveen picks up a bonus. Haryana does not even attempt to hold him back.

DD-HS: 9-8: Meraj goes for a Dubki but no... door's closed mate, say the Steelers. They are slowly but steadily getting back into the game.

DD-HS: 9-7: Three empty raids on the trot for Naveen now. The next one would be a Do-or-Die raid.

DD-HS: 8-6: Haryana's defence visibly more cautious now as Chandran Ranjit walks in again. But what is this? TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Ranjit, who was looking to steal another bonus with six defenders on the mat has been put down. And this time the whole of the squad has come to the rescue

DD-HS: 8-5: Bonus point! Chandran Ranjit goes in and steals one. Easy pickings!

DD-HS: 7-4: Meraj Sheykh has been pinned to the floor by Dharmaraj Cheralathan. He could have afforded a gamble here but NO! A diving ankle hold takes care of the all-rounder.

DD-HS: 6-2: And there is the superkid, the other Naveen, scoring this time around. Dives for the line and gets there easily.

DD- HS: 4-2: Another point for Haryana Steelers. And it is Naveen again! Resorts to the lobbies. Cheeky!

DD- HS: 2-1: Naveen dispatches Delhi's skipper and arguably the best defender Joginder Narwal to the bench. What a way to start off things for Haryana!




While we all eagerly wait for the matches to begin, why not check out the best moments from the first week of Kabaddi's biggest extravaganza...


MATCH 1 at 07:30 PM IST: Dabang Delhi vs Haryana Steelers

Super Sunday's first match would see both Dabang Delhi K. C. and Haryana Steelers fight to remain unbeaten in PKL Season 7. While Dabang Delhi has won its first two matches against Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas, Haryana Steelers has won the only match it has got so far against Puneri Paltan.

Last season's 'New Young Player' (NYP) Naveen Kumar spearheads Delhi's charge. Having already pocketed 22 points, the raider has been in sensational form thus far, picking up right from where he left off last season.


On the defensive front, skipper Joginder Narwal has been leading from the front, scoring eight tackle points.

Delhi, in its last match against Tamil Thalaivas, came from behind and won the tie via buzzer raid. The manner of the victory will surely add to the team's confidence going into the clash.



Form Guide :


The matches will be streamed live on Hotstar and televised on the Star Network.


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