Pro Kabaddi, as it happened: Bengal edges Bengaluru in thriller; Pardeep Narwal stars in Patna's win over Jaipur

Follow Sportstar's LIVE blog of the Pro Kabaddi League 2019 match updates between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Patna Pirates. The second match of the evening will see the home side Bengal Warriors take on defending champion Bengaluru Bulls.

Updated : Sep 12, 2019 23:06 IST

Bengal Warriors hosts defending champion Bengaluru Bulls in the second match of the evening.
Bengal Warriors hosts defending champion Bengaluru Bulls in the second match of the evening.

Bengal Warriors hosts defending champion Bengaluru Bulls in the second match of the evening.


It was a battle between Maninder Singh and Pawan Sehrawat in the last 10 minutes of the match and it was Maninder and his men who came out on top. Pawan Shrawat edged the personal battle with 19 raid points from 20 raids but it wasn't enough for his side. Bengal Warriors remains second with 58 points and Bengaluru Bulls stands fourth with 49 pounts.

42-40 Rohit Kumar can't get the point to get the tie and is tackled down the middle! What a way to end the home leg for Bengal Warriors as it edges a stellar win!

41-40 Empty raid from Maninder Singh and ohit Kumar goes for the raid.

41-40 Pawan Shrawat is tackled down on the left side by Adarsh from the corner! Is that the match with 25 seconds to play?

40-40 Pawan Sehrawat makes up for conceding the bonus on the corner by getting two raid points! This is unreal from these raiders.

40-38 Maninder gets a touch point and also gets a bonus point. Amit Sheoran off to the bench.

1 minute and 48 seconds left on the clock. This is going right down the wire and will be likely be settled by the brilliance of the star raiders Maninder and Pawan.

38-38Pawan Sehrawat comes in and gets two-touch points! There was no need for two Bengal players to go in for that tackle. Two players revived for the Bulls!

Four Bengaluru players left on the mat and their coach asks their players to 'cool their minds'. Bengal has ist full quota of players left on the mat.

38-36 Super raid from Maninder! He gets three points on his raid! A review is called by Bengaluru but its unsuccessful. Sourabh Nandal, Ajay and Ankit are sent to the bench! A time out is called for with less than 2 minutes left.

35-36 Pawan Sehrawat strikes again and gets a touch on Nabibhaksh!

Two-man raid show at the moment.

35-35 Maninder again sends Amit Sheoran to the bench!

34-35 Pawan twists and turns before getting a touch on the left corner. He also gets a bonus point.

34-33 Amit Sheoran concedes a touch too Maninder!

33-33 Bonus point from Maninder and Pawan, too, gets his bonus point.

32-32 Pawan walks in and gets one raid point. That was so effortless from the star raider.

Warriors have remained defiant and managed to overturn a eight-point deficit to go into a lead with less than five minutes left on the clock.

32-31 Warriors call for a review that Rohit was out of bounds on his raid. It was a tight call as his foot was on the tape but the umpire's decision is overruled. Rohit is out on the bench. Sukesh Hegde gets a successful raid to inflict an all-out on Bengaluru.

28-31 Maninder Singh gets a touch on Ajay on the do-or-die raid. It was a needless tackle from the defedner.

You can check out Sportstar's interview with Bengaluru Bulls' star raider, Pawan Sehrawat, which is a part of our #KingsofKabaddi series on YouTube.


A time out is taken with 5 minutes 29 seconds left on the clock.

27-31 Yet again Pawan Sherawat is sent to the bench! It's Nabibhaksh who makes the big tackle on him from the right corner!

26-31 Rohit gets a touch point on the back track after Baldev goes for the grab from the corner. Pawan Sherawat is back.

26-30 Nabibhaksh with a toe-touch on Saurabh Nandal!

Pawan has a strike rate of 73 during raids in the last 10 minutes of a match. But he remains on the bench.

Less than 10 minutes left on the clock

24-30 Maninder Singh draws a touch out of Amit Sheoran! Some lifeline for the Warriors?

23-30 Pawan is back for the raid and is sent back to the bench after a tackle by Sukesh Hegde.

22-30 Saurabh Nondal on the right corner gets the ankle grab on Prapanjan!

22-29 Nabibhaksh gets the thigh hold on Pawan Sehrawat! That was literally a one-man tackle! Pawan goes to the bench but he has turned this match on its head!  He has 10 raid points in this match.

21-29 Ankit puts in the tackle on Maninder on restart and a chain tackle is formed to hold him down.

21-27 Bengaluru Bulls inflicts the all-out after Amit Sheoran holds down Maninder Singh!

20-24 Pawan says hold my shackles as he goes on gets rid of Nabibhaksh on the raid!

20-23 Nabibhakhsh gets rid of Ajay with a kick!

18-23 Pawan with another raid pint and Bengal Warriors are down to one man.

17-22 He comes in and takes two touch points! Increduble stuff as he cleans up Bengal Warriors on his own in this half!  He now has 7 raid points!

17-20 Sukesh Hegde is tackled and that revives Pawan!

17-19 Not so successful this time for Pawan as Nabibakhsh gets the raider down!

16-19 Pawan Sehrawat begins the half with three raid points! That's what he is capable of! He wants a bonus point as well and the referee gives it!  That's a four-point super raid!


16-15An empty raid from Maninder Singh to end the half. It's a close affair with Bengaluru's defence shining through! Sumit Singh has stepped in attack with Pawan out for 14 minutes and 10 seconds in the half. Sukesh Hegde has supported Maninder well with nine raid points for Bengal Warriors. That all-out hasn't cost Bengaluru so much.

16-15 Maninder's successful raid is backed up by a atckle on Sumit Singh down the middle. That's an all-out inflicted on Bengaluru Bulls. But a well-rested Pawan Sehrawat is back.

12-14 Sumit Singh gets a touch and bonus point for Bengaluru!

12-12 Sukesh Hegde with a successful do-dor-die raid! He just burst through Amit Sheoran and Ankit to get to the other end.

Patna's Pardeep Narwal is happy in the stands and seems to enjoying the match on show.

10-12 Baldev on the corner brings down Rohit Kumar! No way out for Rohit!

9-12 Sukesh Hegde gets a free touch from Mahendar on the do-or-die raid. Baffling from Mahendar to go for the tackle with the raider so far up the mat.

Bengaluru is up by four points despite having Pawan Sehrawat on the bench for most of the half. They will take that for the moment.

8-12 What a smart raid from Rohit as he feigned to make Rinku to make the move before getting a touch on him!

8-11 Do-or-die raid and Nabibhaksh claims a touch on the right corner but Ankit says no touch on him. He calls for a review for Bengaluru but skipper Rohit didn't want it. TV replays seems to show there was no touch! Great call from Ankit.

8-9 Jeeva makes an error in defence and Sumit gets a raid point to keep Bengaluru in front.

8-8 Pawan Sehrawat is tackled by Baldev Singh.

7-8 Super tackle on Maninder Singh!! Substitute Ankit with a tackle before Mahendar adds support!

7-6 Sumit Singh escapes the ankle grab from Nabibhaksh and gets a crucial raid point for Bengaluru.

7-4 Maninder gets another successful raid just brushing the tackle away

6-3 Staggering feat of power from Maninder Singh! He didn't reach out his hand but used his head to gets two raid points!

4-3 Nabibakhsh again! This time he gets a tackle in on Rohit Kumar from the left corner!

3-3 Pawan Sehrawat is tackled by Nabibakhsh down the center!

1-2 Sukesh Hegde is pulled down on the right side by Pawan Sehrawat and he can't escape the clutch!

1-1 Defender goes out of bounds during Rohit's raid and Bengaluru gets first point on the board.

1-0 Maninder Singh gets us underway with a raid point for Bengal Warriors.





Bengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls

What a match to start the final day of the Kolkata leg. We now move on to the final match of the leg with the home side Bengal Warriors taking on Bengaluru Bulls.

33-36 Jaipur pushes back Jang from the bauk line before he gets a touch on Amit Hooda. That's the win for Patna Pirates! Jang Kun Lee comes back to form for its side at a crucial stage of the season with 8 points on the night. Jaipur takes one point and goes up to sixth place. Patna jumps from 12th to ninth on the table.

33-35 Sushil Gulia gets a touch point on the raid and we have another raid left in this match. Neeraj makes a silly error. 23 seconds left on the clock.

Empty raid from Jang as 33 seconds are left on the clock.

32-35 Deepak Hooda is tackled on the left side after a thigh hold by Neeraj Kumar.  That should be the match for Patna Pirates!

32-34 Jang gets a bonus point for Patna!

32-33 Deepak Hooda with a monumental raid point as he gets a touch on Pardeep Narwal in the center!

31-33 Pardeep is subbed back in and he gets a touch on Sandeep Dhoull.

31-32 Esmael comes in as a sub for Pardeep.. Sushil Gulia's luck runs out and is tackled down but Esmael steps out into the lobby... One point each.

30-31 Pardeep gets a touch on the run and he nudges his side into the lead yet again. The raider calls for a time out as they regroup to figure out how to get out of jail with the 4 on 6 situation.

30-30 Sushil with another successful raid! Jaideep gets a touch on him and Sushil cartwheels out of trouble.

Six points on the night from Sushil Gulia.

Abhishek Bachchan thought it was a four-point raid and is unhappy with the referee's ruling. He shakes his head to show his displeasure.

29-29 Is that a four-point raid?! How have Patna managed to stutter again? It's a three-point super raid by Sushil Gulia! Neeraj, Vikas and Hadi are the men who go to the bench. It's six vs four on the mat in favour of Jaipur.

26-29 But Jang Kun Lee gets a sliding toe-touch on Amit Hooda on the right corner.

26-28 Pardeep is in no hurry and he runs down the clock.. Interesting ploy with over 4 minutes left on the clock.

26-28 Nilesh Salunke is tackled down the middle on the restart! Neeraj Kumar from the cover gets a strogng thigh hold!

A time out taken.

26-27 Jang Kun Lee escapes the ankle hold from Deepak Hooda and Pardeep Narwal is raring to come back in again! Less than six minutes left on the clock.

26-26 Ajinkya Pawar fails in the do-or-die raid as Jaipdeep makes a thigh on hold on the left corner.

The more time Pardeep spends on the bench, it's advantage Jaipur.

26-25 Sandeep Dhoull with a monster tackle on Pardeep! He nearly cuts him half with that tackle!

24-25 Two back-to-back empty raid from eaither sides and Pardeep goes across to break the trend. And he does so in style! He gets two raid points and it's a fifth consecutive Super 10 for Pardeep!

A little over 10 minutes left in the contest.

24-23 Nitin Rawal goes down in the raid and we have a first all-out of the night inflicted by Patna but it doesn't matter much for Jaipur.

23-20 Pardeep gets a touch point on Nilesh Salunke.

23-19 Nilesh Salunke gets in the raid! Jaideep goes for a grab and only ends up conceding a touch. Patna challenges a bonus point awarded to Jaipur. Review is unsuccessful.

21-19 An easy touch on Deepak Hooda on the left corner for Pardeep.

20-18 Jang Kun Lee gets a touch and raid pint and Pardeep Narwal is revived! He will be up against two Jaipur defenders.

20-16 Another do-or-die raid and Deep Hooda gets a touch and makes a run for it! Patna coach is unimpressed to let the raider get an easy tag on the corner.

19-15 Monu is pounced upon and it's another super tackle two points! Sandeep Dhull on the left corner gets in the ankle grab and the two remaining defenders sweeps up after him. Hands on head as Pardeep looks on.

17-15 Do-or-die raid and Sushil Gulia fails! He is pulled down by an ankle grab by Neeraj Kumar. Pardeep is still on the bench.

17-14 Super tackle on Pardeep Narwal! How often does that happen?! Pardeep goes for a kick on Amit but the all-rounder and Deepak Hooda gets the tackle on him on the right side!

We are back for the second half and Monu gets the ball rolling with a raid against three Jaipur defenders. Empty raid from him.


Purna Singh's empty raid brings an end to a manic first half! Patna would be disappointed with the number of errors committed in defence and has needed Pardeep to bail them out yet again. Pardeep has been phenomenal (along expected lines) 7 raid points in 10 raids. 

15-14 Super tackle from Patna by Jaideep on Ajinkya! This time, Pardeep is back and he picks up a touch point on a do-or-die raid! Nitin Rawal is off to the bench. What a player to bring on for a do-or-die raid.

15-11 Out of the blue, Purna Singh eliminates Amit Hooda on the raid and Pardeep is back! Oh, hold on. Patna don't bring Pardeep back.

15-10 Do-or-die raid and Ajinkya reaches out to get across despite Hadi getting a good grip on his thigh. Hadi will be disappointed that he didn't get enough support on that occassion.

14-10 Jang is clutched down by Amit Hooda and his defenders. Jang hobbles off to the bench. Patna will hope its not serious.

13-10 More errors from Patna! Ajinkya Pawar gets a touch on the run on Nilesh Salunke! Pardeep is frustrated on the bench. Patna asks for a review since the referee claims two touches. Successful review for Patna.

12-10 SUPER TACKLE!!!! Sandeep Dhull with a thigh hold on Pardeep Narwal!Jaipur owner Abhishek Bachchan likes it as he does a thigh five in delight!

Patna needs to do better in its defence.

9-10 Nitin picks up a bonus and Pardeep gets an easy touch point in his raid.

8-9 Pardeep gets another raid point, Sushil Gulia goes to the bench.

7-8 Amit Hooda is back and Jaipur pulls in the big fish in Pardeep! But he is unhappy as he claims it was a jersey pull and their review is successful. Pardeep remains and Jaipur loses one defender.

7-7 Sushil Galia gets a bpnus and Hadi gifts a touch!

Just two men on court for Jaipur...

5-7 What has Pardeep Narwal done!? A super raid by the champion raider! Three points and three Jaipur players are out! Jaipur asks for a review. Amit Hooda makes contact with Pardeep just before the raider gets a touch on the line. Review is unsuccessful.

5-4 Nitin Rawal is tackled but not before he gets a bonus point for Jaipur. Pardeep is revived.

4-3Pardeep is tackled down! He went for a touch on the left side but he is mowed down by Jaipur's defenders coming in from the right!

3-3 Deepak Hooda is trapped by Patna smack dab in the middle of its turf!

3-2 Pardeep makes his way for his second raid and gets a touch point on the run with a kick! Elavarasan goes to the bench.

2-1 Jang picks up a bonus for Patna Pirates.

2-0 Poor from Vikas as he looks to pounce on Nitin Rawal but only cedes a touch point.

1-0 Deepak Hooda picks up a touch point in the first raid! A touch on Monu's right thigh.

Patna wins the toss and Jaipur will make the first raid of the match. It's #LePanga time!






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