Pro Kabaddi: UP makes playoffs after thumping Delhi, Patna beats Gujarat

Tune in for live scores, commentary and updates from the first day of the UP leg of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season 7 in Greater Noida.

Gujarat Fortunegiants and Patna Pirates can't make the playoffs anymore but both teams are part of an intense rivalry and today we might witness a blockbuster.   -

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The six teams which have qualified for the playoffs: Dabang Delhi KC, Bengal Warriors, Haryana Steelers, U Mumba, Bengaluru Bulls and UP Yoddha. 


Gujarat Fortunegiants 33 - 39 Patna Pirates: ALL-OUT AND PATNA PIRATES WIN!!!! Pardeep with a two-point raid first. Parvesh Bhainswal and Sonu were the defenders out. Pankaj came in for the last raid of the game and Monu took him out with an ankle hold. 

33 - 34: Pardeep Narwal is out once again! Parvesh Bhainswal with a brilliant tackle. And Jang Kun Lee immediately revives Pardeep at the expense of Amit. GB More heads to the bench as Mohammad Maghsoudlou takes him out. Gujarat down to three men!

31 - 32: Pankaj and Amit are on the bench Gujarat is a little short on defence right now. And Jaideep takes out Rohit Gulia! Pardeep is back on the mat. SUPER-10 for GB More. A well-deserved one. Neeraj Kumar put up the unsuccessful tackle. 

29 - 30: Patna Pirates gets the lead!!! Finally Pardeep's team is on top. And the Pirates did it without Pardeep on the mat. Pankaj had floored Pardeep with a double thigh hold. But Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou has turned the game in favour of his side with a two-point raid.

28 - 27: Gujarat is just holding on to its lead! GB More has put up one of the greatest all-round performances in Pro Kabaddi history tonight!!! Can't remember the last time Pardeep Narwal registered an empty raid. It's very close right now!

26 - 25: ALL-OUT!!!! Pardeep Narwal once again single-handedly lead Patna Pirates' comeback. He evades both GB More and Lalit Chaudhary to complete the formalities. Lalit had taken out Jaideep in the previous raid.

26 - 21: Gujarat Fortunegiants has only two men remaining on the mat now! Pardeep Narwal is having a field day today. Jaideep is assisting him with crucial tackle point. We might be level soon as Gujarat is letting it slip.

25 - 18: SUPER-10 for Pardeep Narwal!!! The Dubki King is bringing his team back into the game. Parvesh Bhainswal walks to the bench. On the other hand, Rohit Gulia is also having a good game today as he bags his sixth raid point of the evening.

25 - 14: ALL-OUT!!!! Rohit Gulia completes the formalities. He gets the better of both Monu and Hadi Oshtorak in a single raid. Meanwhile, GB More completes 50 raid points this season.

Gujarat Fortunegiants 21 - 14 Patna Pirates: Ruturaj Koravi sends Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou back to the bench. Patna Pirates down to two men!!

The second-half is underway!

Gujarat Fortunegiants continues its dominance over the Patna Pirates. Pardeep Narwal doesn't look to be at his best here. But it will be only a matter of time before the 'Dubki-King' turns the tables. Both the defences must improve in the last 20 minutes. Here we go!


Gujarat Fortunegiants 19 - 14 Patna Pirates:  SUPER TACKLE!!!!! GB More takes out Pardeep 'Dubki-King' Narwal once again!! The Patna Pirates coach gets a green card as well. Rohit Gulia executes a perfect toe touch on Jang Kun Lee to close out the first 20 minutes.

16 - 14: Raid point after raid point! The defenders are kind of having a tough time today. Pardeep, Rohit Gulia and GB More are all having a good game.

14 - 12: Parvesh Bhainswal just claimed his 50th tackle point of the season! And after that, a string of empty raids is followed by Jang Kun Lee's first point of the match. Ruturaj Koravi is the player going to the bench.

12 - 10:  ANOTHER SUPER TACKLE!!! Parvesh Bhainswal wrongfoots Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou and absolutely pounces on him! In the next raid, Jaideep takes out Rohit Gulia with a lethal dash.

9 - 8: SUPER TACKLE!!!!! GB More gets the better of Pardeep Narwal with an ankle hold! Vikas Jaglan returns the favour on Sonu and adds a tackle point to his tally.

7 - 7: Pardeep Narwal keeps piling up the points! The Gujarat defence is committing lots of mistakes right now. GB More sends Jaideep to the bench. He also got a bonus point before the running hand touch.

5 - 5: Sonu has crossed the 50-point point mark this Pro Kabaddi season. Pardeep Narwal comes up with a two-point lead. Parvesh Bhainswal and Amit head to the bench.

5 - 2: Pardeep opens his account. GB More is the player out! Rohit Gulia then gets his first touch point of the evening by taking out Jaideep. Sonu adds one more point to his tally as well.

Gujarat Fortunegiants 3 - 1 Patna Pirates: Both Pardeep Narwal and Rohit Gulia are already on the bench!!! Rohit did get a bonus point though! Finally, Sonu gets the first touch point of the match after getting the better of Neeraj Kumar.

And the match is underway!


Patna Pirates VII: Pardeep Narwal, Hadi Oshtorak, Neeraj Kumar, Vikas Jaglan, Jang Kun Lee, Jaideep, Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou.

COACH: Ram Mehar Singh.

Gujarat Fortunegiants VII: Rohit Gulia, Sonu, Ruturaj Koravi, Amit, Pankaj, Parvesh Bhainswal, GB More.

COACH: Manpreet Singh.

Now moving on to the game between Patna Pirates and Gujarat Fortunegiants.

UP Yoddha officially becomes the sixth team to qualify for the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season seven playoffs. Hence, Jaipur Pink Panthers are eliminated from the tournament.


UP Yoddha 50 - 33 Dabang Delhi: The home team touches the 50-point mark! UP Yoddha makes the playoffs!!!! Mohsen Maghsoudlou finally gets a raid point! He got the better of the in-form Sombir.

47 - 32: ANOTHER SUPER RAID FOR NEERAJ NARWAL AND HE COMPLETES A WELL-DESERVED SUPER-10!!!!!! He got a bonus point first and then he evaded both Gurdeep and Sumit to get past the mid line.

46 - 29: Surender Singh gets one more bonus. Former Tamil Thalaivas players are crowding the mat right now. And UP is minutes away from the playoffs now!

45 - 28:  UP Yoddha is making a number of substitutions now! Surender Singh and Mohsen Maghsoudlou come in and immediately go for raids. Mohsen is unsuccessful but Surender succeeds with a two-point raid. Mohit and Sumit are the players out. Neeraj Narwal gets a bonus for Delhi as well. 

43 - 26: ALL-OUT!!!! Sombhir comes in to raid and he adds a bonus to his tally of tackle points but Sumit took him out with ease in the end. Third all-out of the game! AND IT'S A TIME-OUT!!!

40 - 25: ONE MORE HIGH 5 for Nitesh Kumar! He pushes Nitesh Kumar out of bounds with force.  Surender Gill sends substitute Satywan to the bench Delhi down to only one man on the mat!!!!!

38 - 25: HIGH 5 for Sombhir!!! Sombhir has been a silent killer tonight. Dabang Delhi should be proud of his performance tonight. Him and Neeraj Narwal are Delhi's future. Finally Monu Goyat is on the bench. Delhi is just hanging in there.

38 - 21: Seven straight points for UP!!! Shrikant Jadhav has crossed the 100-raid point mark this season as well. Both Meraj and Neeraj are on the bench right now and one more all-out is clearly on the cards right now.

34 - 21: Once again, UP Yoddha's Monu Goyat and Shrikant Jadhav increase the lead. Meanwhile, Neeraj Narwal heads to the bench as well. Just when Delhi was looking to make a comeback, UP has once again got back the advantage.

31 - 21: ANOTHER SUPER RAID FROM NEERAJ!! He's enjoying himself here. He brilliantly gets past Nitesh Kumar, Amit and Sumit.  And Sombhir sends Shrikant Jadhav to the bench as well. Delhi sniffing a chance to make a comeback now.

31 - 17: Meraj Sheykh reaches 400 PKL career points! He got a bonus point. Neeraj Narwal has to be Delhi's bright spot in today's forgettable game. He has outperformed the experienced Meraj, who is right now on the bench due to a Sumit thigh hold, tonight.

Gautam Gambhir is in the commentary box now!!

29 - 15: ALL-OUT!!!! Meraj Sheykh went in for the raid and he was Delhi's last man on the mat. He got the bonus first. But Nitesh Kumar took him out with an ankle hold pretty easily. Immediately after the restart, Shrikant Jadhav completes a bonus plus one point raid.

UP Yoddha 24 - 14 Dabang Delhi: SUPER 10 for Monu Goyat!!! He sent Neeraj Narwal to the bench first and in his next raid attempt he executed a perfect kick on Mohit. Meraj Sheykh, on the other hand, has bagged a few bonus points here.

The second half is underway!

UP Yoddha looks set to make the playoffs from here. Dabang Delhi's young side is trying hard here but the home side is too strong for them to get a positive result. 20 important minutes ahead for both UP Yoddha and Jaipur Pink Panthers.


UP Yoddha 22 - 12 Dabang Delhi: Delhi down to two men on the mat!!! Monu's eighth raid point of the match! Sombir is the defender at fault during a Super Tackle opportunity. Few raids back, Meraj Sheykh had sent Monu to the bench and Shrikant Jadhav had immediately revived him.

20 - 11: Delhi's Aman Kadian heads to the bench due to a Sumit tackle. In the next raid, UP's Surender Gill gets the better of the other Sumit.

18 - 11:  Meraj Sheykh jumps past Ashu Singh to decrease UP's lead. However, Monu executes a brilliant running hand touch on Mohit to restore the seven-point lead.

17 - 10: Monu Goyat is clearly finding form here. He's got the better of Aman Kadian now. And at the other end, Nitesh takes out Neeraj Narwal with a perfect block.

15 - 9: SUPER RAID!!! Dabang Delhi's young raider Neeraj Narwal does the trick now!!! A much needed change in momentum here. Neeraj touched Nitesh first and Surender came in for the dash but Neeraj evaded him and got an extra touch on Ashu Singh before crossing the mid line. Phenomenal!!

14 - 6: The lead just keeps inflating! Monu Goyat and Sumit with the raid touch points here. Balram and Merja Sheykh are the players heading to the bench respectively.

12 - 6: Monu Goyat finally reaches the 50-point mark this season. Season seven has been disastrous for him due to injuries and lack of form. This may be the start of better things for him. Meanwhile, his captain Nitesh Kumar has completed 200 PKL career points as well!

10 - 5: ALL-OUT!!! UP on the right track here. Monu Goyat went in to raid first and he took out Delhi's Sumit. The substitute Aman Kadian raided next and the Yoddha skipper Nitesh Kumar executed a perfect double thigh hold on him.

6 - 4: Monu Goyat just keeps piling up the points. This game is most likely to be a much-needed confidence booster for him. Delhi down to two men!

4 - 3: SUPER TACKLE!!!! Sombir successfully tackles Surender Gill with an ankle hold. The lead has been cut short to one now.

4 - 1: First do-or-die raid of the match and the youngster Neeraj Narwal fails! Surender Gill absolutely floors him.

3 - 1: Monu Goyat gets the better of the most experienced man in the Dabang Delhi side tonight - Meraj Sheykh - with a toe touch.

2 - 1: Another successful raid! Shrikant Jadhav gets his name on the scoreboard. Balram with the mistimed tackle.

1 - 1: Monu Goyat levels the score. He sends Mohit to the bench with another running hand touch.

UP Yoddha 0 - 1 Dabang Delhi: Meraj Sheykh gets the first point of the game. A simple hand touch on Sumit.

And the match is underway!

Though Naveen Kumar is doesn't have a place in tonight's game, the Dabang Delhi star raider definitely has a place in our hearts! Take a look at Naveen featuring in episode of episode seven of Sportstar's Kings of Kabaddi.


Dabang Delhi is literally playing a new side here. The likes of Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjith, Ravinder Pahal, Joginder Narwal and Vishal Mane are even missing from the bench. Jaipur Pink Panthers might not be happy right now.

They need Delhi to beat home side UP Yoddha to stay alive in ProKabaddi League season seven. Dabang Delhi has decided to rest players ahead of the playoffs and Jaipur might miss out a spot in the last-six because of that.


UP Yoddha VII: Shrikant Jadhav, Ashu Singh, Amit, Surender Gill, Monu Goyat, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit.

COACH: Jasvir Singh.

Dabang Delhi VII: Neeraj Narwal, Mohit, Sumit, Sumit Kumar, Meraj Sheykh, Sombir, Balram.

COACH: Krishan Kumar Hooda


The match will be available for live streaming on Hotstar and will also be available on Star Network's live broadcast.