V. V. RAMANAN Questions:

1. Name the sporting legend born in Cootamundra who would have turned 97 today i.e. August 27.

2. What did Victor Boin, the Belgian fencer, do — the first to do so — in 1920 at Antwerp?

3. Which famous South American soccer team has the nickname Los Millionarios?

4. Which company sponsors both Manchester United and the England cricket team?

5. On which apparatus would a gymnast do a crucifix?

6. He was the first athlete to hold the world record for the 800m, 1500m and the mile simultaneously? Identify him.

7. Which move in chess is represented by the annotation 0-0-0?

8. By what name was long jump known earlier?

9. In boxing, which weight comes in between `Super bantamweight' and Junior lightweight'?

10. Which golfer has the nickname The Walrus? 11. Who took the first hat-trick in ODIs?

12. Name the Calypso writer who composed one on Sunil Gavaskar in 1971.

13. Who sponsored the Lithuanian basketball team at the 1992 Olympic Games?

14. Who was the last driver to win a World title for Ferrari before Michael Schumacher?

15. Which fruit tops the Men's Singles trophy at Wimbledon?