The classic rock and jazz shooter!

Heena Sidhu has many favourite music tracks. ‘Echoes’ by Pink Floyd, ‘Highway to hell’ by AC/DC. Then she loves Phil Collins, too.

Heena Sidhu.   -  AP

Any decision you regret?

Whatever decisions I have taken have mostly worked out. But then again, yes, maybe, I regret not taking a break after the 2016 Olympics.

What would be your idea of a perfect holiday?

A jungle safari.

If given an opportunity, what would you write to your younger self?

Maybe, dude, you need to have more confidence and self-belief.

On what occasions do you lie?

I never lie. I may hide the truth sometimes, but then again, if someone asks me about something directly, I don’t know how to lie.

Which subject did you hate in school?

Computer applications. I hated it. Why would you have that as a subject?

What superpower would you like to have?

I would like to have a superpower which takes away the concept of money from this world.

What is your immediate mission?

I have adopted a new puppy. Now I'm trying to make sure I potty-train him well.

What is your favourite track?

I have many favourites... ‘Echoes’ by Pink Floyd, ‘Highway to hell’ by AC/DC. Then I love Phil Collins, too. I am a classic rock and jazz person!

Any show you love to binge-watch?

Of course, Friends. It is an all-time favourite.

What is your favourite read?

Sidney Sheldon’s If Tomorrow Comes.