Magnussen: Alonso thinks he's a God, I can't wait for him to retire

Kevin Magnussen hit out at Formula One rival Fernando Alonso after the pair clashed at the Italian Grand Prix on Saturday.

Kevin Magnussen and two-time world champion Fernando Alonso clashed during qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix on Saturday.   -  Twitter/@SkySportsF1

Kevin Magnussen said McLaren's Fernando Alonso "thinks he is a God", and that he "can't wait for him to retire" as the furious Haas driver launched a scathing attack on the outgoing Formula One star.

Magnussen and two-time world champion Alonso – who will retire at the end of the season – clashed during qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix on Saturday.

The pair tangled in Q2 at Monza, where Alonso attempted to pass Magnussen at the first chicane of their final flying laps but the two drivers locked wheels.


Neither Magnussen nor Alonso progressed to the top-10 shoot-out as a result of the incident, sparking a stinging response from the former.

"He thought he could overtake into turn one, but I'd rather hang myself," said Magnussen. "I'm not going to let him past me and sacrifice my own lap. No way. He thinks he's God, but no way."


"He came to me after qualifying and laughed to my face," Magnussen continued. "Just outright disrespectful. I can't wait for him to retire.

"I think we know Fernando is a bit of an opportunist. We've seen that quite a few times in his career with his teams as well, trying different things. Didn't always work out and it didn't work out today.

"He talks about his laps being divine and what not, he literally thinks he's a God. It's quite amusing."

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Alonso declined to respond to Magnussen's commends but he said: "It was a normal out lap until the inside of Parabolica. I saw one of the Haas go on the inside. He decided to start the lap together.

"Unfortunately, we arrived into Turn One together, launching the lap out of Parabolica at the same time. It didn't change much for me because maybe I didn't have the performance to go much better than P13.

"But it was a shame that it changed the performance for him because his team-mate was sixth [Magnussen qualified 11th]."

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