Tokyo Paralympics 2020, September 1 Highlights: Shuttler Pamod wins against Manoj, Palak misses out live now

Tokyo Paralympics 2020: Catch all the updates from disciplines with Indian athletes in action on Day 8 (September 1) of the showpiece event.

Pramod Bhagat (in image) and Palak Kohli would be competing against Faustine Noel and Lucas Mazur of France in the badminton mixed doubles SL3 SU5 Group B match.   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Indian athletes in action at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.



Pramod Bhagat wins against Manoj Sarkar 21-9 to win the match in the Men's Singles SL3 Group Stage.

This will come as a relief for Bhagat who lost to Faustine Noel and Lucas Mazur (France) along with Palak Kohli.

  • Pramod dominating the third set in a more convincing manner now, with the current score in the final set at 16-5.
  • Manoj makes a comeback as he seals a win in the second set 23-21. The fate of te match to be decided in the final set.
  • Both shuttlers still fighting neck-to-neck with the score 21-20, with Pramod having an upper hand.
  • Pramod claws back to make it level at 19 all.
  • Manoj Sarkar edges past Pramod to take the lead 17-15
  • Manoj now fighting neck-to-neck. The score now: 15-15
  • Manoj trying to come back as Pramod contninues to maintain the lead. The score for now is 11-9.
  • Pramod starts strong again, but Manoj fights back 2-1 for now.
  • Pramod beats Manoj to win the first set 21-10.

Men's club throw

  • India finishes with Amit on Number 5 and Dharambir at the end of the list with Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) bagging the Gold Medal.
  • Final podium rankings:
    1. Musa Taimazov - 35.42
    2. Zeljko Dimitrijevic - 35.29
    3. Marian Kureja - 30.66


  • Pramod and Manoj go neck to neck in the first set as the former edges over Manoj 4-2.
  • Indian shuttlers Pramod Bhagat and Manoj Sarkar will be in action in the Men's Singles SL3 Group Stage soon at 5:50pm IST.

This will be India's last event for the day at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


  • Number 1 seed Suzuki wins the game in as Palak Kohli loses out in two straight sets 21-7 and 21-4
  • Palak showing her strength to fight bac, but Suzuki cruizes past 17-6.
  • Time for a break in the second set. Suzuki still dominating 11-3.
  • Second set begins as Suzuki looks sherper and quicker and leads the second set 5-2
  • Palak loses the first set to Ayako Suzuki 21-4.


Marian Kureja of Slovakia throws a 30.66 as Amit Kumar crashes out from a podium finish.

Current Standings:
1. Musa Taimazov - 35.42

2.Marian Kureja - 30.66

3.Mario Hernandez - 30.25

Badminton: Ayako starts strong in the first set, leads by 10-2 against Palak Kohli of India.

BADMINTON WOMEN'S SINGLES - India's Palak Kohli will be i action shortly in the SU5 Group Stage against Japan's Ayako Suzuki.


  • Mario Hernandez of Mexico throws a 30.25 to rise to the silver medal position as Amit Kumar slips to third.
    Current rankings:
    Musa Taimazov - 35.42
    Mario Hernandez - 30.25
    Amit Kumar - 27.77
  • WORLD RECORD! Musa Taimazov of the Russian Paralympic Committee throws a 35.42, a world record and a paralympic record! He storms to the top with Amit now on second.
  • The Current Rankings:
    Amit Kumar - 27.77
    Uladzislau Hryb - 27.47
    Dharambir - 25.59
  • Dharambir finishes his attempts with a season best of 25.59, his only legal throw in six attampts. He ranks third currently. Amit still on top
  • ANOTHER FOULED ATTEMPT! Dharambir fouls four times in a row! Just two more attempts left.
  • Dharambir misses out on his first two attempts as Amit remains on top
  • Uladzislau comes close but finishes at a season best of 27.47. Amit Kumar still on top.
  • Amit Kumar has completed his 6 attempts
    1st: 25.41
    2nd: 27.77
    3rd: 24.86
    4th: X
    5th: X
    6th: 26.68
    His bect is way below his personal best of 30.25m.
    Dharambir will be starting starting third in the list 
  • Amit Kumar finishes his six attempts with his best at 27.7m, which came in his second attempt.
  • Amit Kumar throws 25.41m and 27.77m in his first two attempts.
  • The finalists for Club Throw finals are:
    Amit Kumar (India)
    Uladzislau HRYB (Belarus)
    Musa Taimazov (Russian Paralympic Committee)
    Dharambir (India)
    Mario Hernandez (Mexico)
    Marian Kureja (Slovakia)
    Enge Michal (Czech Republic)
    Zeljko Dimitrijevic (Serbia)

  • As Amit and Dharambir gear up for the event, best wishes fly in through social media. India will certainly hope for more medals.
  • Amit Kumar and Dharambir will feature in Men's Club Throw F51 Final.


Mixed doubles SL3 SU5 Group B match- Pramod Bhagat and Palak Kohli vs Faustine Noel and Lucas Mazur (FRA)

Pramod Bhagat and Palak Kohli  loses 1-2 (9-21, 21-15, 19-21) to Faustine Noel and Lucas Mazur (FRA)

  • The game lasted up to 43 minutes, with the final set clocking a time of 18 mins.
  • While Pramod and Palak did make a fiery comeback towards the end of the third set, it wasn't enough as the second seeded pairing of Faustine and Lucas.
  • The Indian duo loses the third set 19-21 and match 1-2 to the French pair.
  • A tight third set with the Indian duo closing in on the top seeded French pairing.
  • The Indians won the set in 12 minutes and would have to win the third and final set to cement their position.
  • Pramod Bhagat and Palak Kohli win the second set 21-15 to tie with the French duo.
  • The Indians are picking up pace and are on a verge of making a comeback in the second set.
  • With the second set very crucial for India, the duo managed to start on a good note by receiving the first point of the set. However, the French pair get back the point lost and even it up in the first few minutes of the second set.
  • It took just 11 minutes for Noel and Mazur to win the first set.
  • The Indian duo of Pramod Bhagat and Palak Kohli lose the first set 9-21 to the French pair.
  • Pramod Bhagat and Palak Kohli of India are facing the top seed pairing of Faustine Noel and Lucas Mazur (FRA)
  • Action is underway in the badminton mixed doubles SL3 SU5 Group B match.

Up next will be the team of Pramod Bhagat and Palak Kohli in the badminton mixed doubles SL3 SU5 Group B match that's slated to begin at 2:30 pm IST.


  • Suyash Jadhav is disqualified from the Men’s 100m Breaststroke - SB7 final.
  • Colombia's Carlos Zarate takes top honours as he finishes first with a new Paralympic record of 1:12.01.

Suyash Jadhav in action in Swimming (Men's 100m Breaststroke SB7 Final) at 1:30 pm IST.


Avani Lekhara, Deepak Saini, Sidhartha- mixed 10m air rifle prone SH1 (Qualification)

Final Qualification Standings:

  • Avani Lekhara- No. 27 (629.7)
  • Sidhartha- No.40 (625.5)
  • Deepak- No.43 (624.9)
  • Avani is placed No.23 as Series 5 ends. Deepak has finished Series 6 with a total of 624.9 and is currently No. 41. Behind him is Sidhartha at No.42.
  • After Series 2, Avani is No.11 with scores of 105.9 and 105.0. Deepak is into Series 4 and is placed 39th, while Sidhartha is on No.41 in Series 2.
  • Action is underway in mixed 10m air rifle prone SH1 (Qualification)

Indians in action on September 1 (Timings in IST):

6:00 a.m. - Shooting- R3 Mixed 10m Air Rifle Prone SH1 Qualification- Deepak Saini, Sidhartha Babu & Avani Lekhara

8:00 a.m. - Shooting- R3 Mixed 10m Air Rifle Prone SH1 Finals- Deepak Saini, Sidhartha Babu & Avani Lekhara (subject to qualification)

1:30 p.m. - Swimming- Men's 100m Breaststroke SB7 Final - Suyash Jadhav

2:30 p.m. - Badminton- Mixed doubles SL3-SU5 Group Stage- Pramod Bhagat and Palak Kohli vs Faustine Noel and Lucas Mazur (FRA)

3:55 p.m. - Athletics- Men's Club Throw F51 Final- Amit Kumar, Dharambir

5:10 p.m. - Badminton- Women's Singles SU5 Group Stage- Palak Kohli vs Ayako Suzuki (JPN)

5:50 p.m. - Badminton- Men's Singles SL3 Group Stage- Pramod Bhagat vs Manoj Sarkar


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  • When will Indian athletes play at the Tokyo Paralympics today?Events of Indian interest at the Tokyo Paralympics will begin at 6:00 AM IST on September 1, 2021.
  • Where to watch the Tokyo Paralympics in India?
    The Tokyo Paralympics can be watched in India live on Eurosport and Doordarshan. It can also be streamed online through official channel of Prasar Bharati sports and DD National on Youtube.