Narinder Batra: Serious problems may arise with de-recognition of NSFs

Batra says it could lead to players participating in the Olympics under the IOA flag instead of the Indian flag.

Narinder Batra: "I think the situation today is a complete mess."   -  PTI

The withdrawal of recognition for 54 National Sports Federations by the Sports Ministry may have negative repercussions on Indian sport, Indian Olympic Association Narinder Batra has said.

“We are looking at the implications of it, I don’t know whether the [training] camps can start or not,” Batra told ANI.

“How will the government fund [this] and this is the decision regarding NSFs, what has been banned in court and what permission has to be taken from court? And if day-to-day permission is required then we have a serious problem and I don’t think we should then look for any medal in 2021 Olympics because no preparation can happen,” Batra said.

Batra felt the decision to withdraw recognition to federations may also lead to players participating in the Olympics under the IOA flag instead of the Indian flag. “I can’t predict what High Court will say, last time also de-recognition happened on the same ground. There was an order from court to hold the election as per sports code and IOA had refused it. The [International Olympic Committee] works on different principles,” Batra said.

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“And if they get any complaint from any federation that we (the NSFs) are not working and if they ask me as IOA president, I will have to tell what the actual position is and you might be going under IOA flag in 2021 Olympics and not under the Indian flag,” he added.

Despite admitting that they will have to abide by the court’s order, Batra said there are some consequences that the athletes and teams may have to face. “There are elite sports related to NSFs who are Olympics bound or World Cup or any other events. But as of now, no event is taking place. However, in some months it will resume and if an athlete says he/she will participate in a World Cup and didn’t get the permission from here and it is delayed for some reason, then the athlete will have to face a two-year ban for not participating in that event after confirmation,” he said.

“But we will have to respect what the court says and abide by it. But I think the situation today is a complete mess and I don’t know what is going to happen and if such things will continue for a bit longer period then do not look for double-figured medals,” Batra added.

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