Indian Olympic Association president Narinder Batra has stated his intention to reduce the workload of secretary general Rajeev Mehta.

In an email written to Mehta, Batra specified: “I have decided to take over/divide much of your work load and will be doing the needful in days to come and since I am Delhi based and few other people who are regularly coming to Delhi will now have to share the divided responsibilities/burden. Your very important advice will always be sought (sic).”

He added: “By doing the above you will be able to spend more quality time with your family in Nainital and also attend to your business which also is in Uttrakhand.”

'Perfectly comfortable'

Replying to the email, Mehta said, “I'm perfectly comfortable with the workload assigned to me by the general body, as their elected secretary general. If you had such desires of doing day-to-day affairs, I would have stepped down from office in 2017 and you should have contested as secretary general of IOA.”

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Mehta also wrote: “You should spend quality time with your family in Delhi while you continue your work with Hockey India and the International Hockey Federation for the advancement of hockey.”

Batra is also the president of the International Hockey Federation. His term as president was extended to 2021 earlier this month.

This email was replied to by Batra, who wrote: “I sent my email with all good intentions, but now I take note of the content's of your trailing email, I note and observe that you have made an effort to express what is actually inside your mind/heart. I will certainly be keeping your advice in mind when I will be taking decision's on division of work within the IOA.”

On Thursday, in a report published in The Tribune , Mehta had expressed his concern with the haste in facilitating training after the break due to the coronavirus.

The Standard Operating Procedure for the resumption of training by athletes across Sports Authority of India centres and other facilities in India was released on Thursday.

As president, Batra has the power to exercise superintendence over office-bearers and members of the executive committee and other commissions in the discharge of their duties. He has overall powers of supervision over the working of the association and its efficient administration.