Kings and Dons in final

Gujarat Kings' Andrew Pagett & Daria Sirotina downed Chennai Strikers' Pankaj Advani & Vidya Pillai

Gujarat Kings' Andrew Pagett exults after defeating Chennai Strikers' Pankaj Advani.   -  Special Arrangement

Gujarat Kings gave a rude shock to Chennai Strikers by winning the first three matches and enter the final of the Cue Slam Indian Cue Masters League at the Rajpath Club on Thursday.

Alok Kumar put the home team ahead recording a rapid fire 2-0 win over Dharminder Lilly in the 9 ball pool. Even as the Kings supporters were rejoicing at Kumar’s win, it’s mixed pair of Andrew Pagett and Daria Siotina , in snooker were giving a rough time to the Strikers’ Pankaj Advani and Vidya Pillai.

The Kings pair, especially Russian Sirotina, touched peak form potting the red. And although Advani potted the black in a shoot-out to bring an end to the second frame, Daria sustained her potting success in the third in order to win the match 2-1.

Trailing 0-2 down, Advani was under some pressure in the icon match against Pagett. After losing the first at 7-41, he showed some fluency to pull back the second; but he did not get a clear opening after Pagett ran up a break of 21 in the third frame.

Eventually the Welshman got through at 30-2 to take his side into the title match and soon the vociferous Kings supporters celebrated to the sounds of “Dholak” played by locals.

Kelly Fisher delivered a big win against Darren Morgan in the 6-Red snooker icon match for Delhi Dons to beat Bengaluru Buddies 2-1 in the second semifinal.


The results: Gujarat Kings bt Chennai Strikers 3-0 (6-Red Snooker: Andrew Pagett & Daria Sirotina bt Pankaj Advani & Vidya Pillai 2-1 (24-8, 13-20, 37-18); Pagett bt Advani 41-7, 6-36, 30-2. 9 ball: Alok Kumar bt Dharminder Lilly 2-0).

Delhi Dons bt Bengaluru Buddies 2-1 (6-Red snooker Kelly Fisher & Malkeet Singh lost to Darren Morgan & Anastasia Nachaeva 0-2( 1-24, 0-60), Kelly bt Morgan 19-23, 20-12, 33-25; 9 ball: Manan Chandra bt Sundeep Gulati 2-0. 

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