If your child had to pick up the batting/bowling action of a cricketer, who would you like it to be? Rohit Sharma's daughter, Samaira, seems to have given her hard-hitting father's heroics a miss, taking a liking to Jasprit Bumrah instead.

In a live Instagram chat between the two Mumbai Indians teammates, the hitman shared that Bumrah's bowling action is the one cricketing action she has picked up.

"The very first cricketing action she has picked up is your bowling," the MI skipper said to Bumrah. "She's chosen well. She's picked a good bowler," Bumrah cheekily replied. 


Sharma's wife, Ritika also joined the call, egging on the one-year-old to show them how she imitates Bumrah's inimitable bowling action.

The 21-day COVID-19 lockdown in India has left people, sportspersons included, stuck at home. Sporting engagements, including the much awaited 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League, stand temporarily suspended. Like the rest of us, cricketers have also taken to social media to pass time, keeping fans engaged with live chats and lockdown challenges.

The Indian vice-captain chatted with Kevin Pietersen last week where the idea to stay in touch with his teammates via video chats was mulled upon.

The hitman's plan for Chahal the batsman

Royal Challengers Bengaluru's Yuzvendra Chahal joined Sharma and Bumrah's conversation in the comments section.

Chahal, who was part of the MI outfit for three seasons asked if the side was missing him. Sharma played snitch, quickly warning him that RCB would be informed of his advances.

Sharma and Bumrah meanwhile sat down to plan what would happen to Chahal when MI and RCB faced each other, should the IPL resume. And no, this wasn't a plan to guard against the bowler's leg-breaks.

"We should remember Chahal. One over. He has to play six balls. We will not get him out," Sharma said. "Even if there's a chance for a lbw, we will not appeal. We will keep a short leg, leg gully. We don't need a slip," he added.


"We'll set him a Test match-type field. Whatever happens,  we will bowl to him from round the wicket. Body-line bowling!" Bumrah joined in.

"Bring it on," Chahal said, accepting the challenge in the comments.

Sharma trolls Pant

Bumrah also dragged a probably-unsuspecting Rishabh Pant into the conversation. The pacer told Sharma that Pant wanted to challenge the hitman in hitting the biggest six.

In his typical nonchalant manner, Sharma replied, "He's hardly played cricket for a year and he wants to compete with me? I'll leave it to the people to decide."

Bumrah, although entertained, quickly realised he might be putting his teammate in a spot.


Sharma and Bumrah weren't the only ones connecting via Instagram. Virat Kohli also caught up with RCB teammate Pietersen about the suspended season and RCB's fortunes.