Top archers of the country were delighted as World Archery (WA) on Friday decided to propose compound archery for inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

WA took the decision on the 50th anniversary of archery’s return to the Olympics.

“The proposal from WA is for an additional indoor archery competition for men, women and mixed teams that would last approximately three days, shorter than the current nine-day Olympic schedule,” WA said in a release.

“Competing over 18 metres and indoors, in comparison to the 70-metre outdoor recurve format, would clearly differentiate the two events while building on the successful professional indoor archery circuit that is already well-established in the USA.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will assess the proposal before taking a final decision on compound, which is practised with a mechanised bow.

Abhishek Verma, an elite archer who has won medals at premier competitions such as the World Championships, World Cup and Asian Games, said, “Great news for Indian archers. We have not returned empty-handed from any competition so far. All the compound archers here in Paris are excited and hope for the best,” said Abhishek from Paris, where he is competing in the World Cup Stage-3.

Rajat Chauhan, another medal winner in compound events at all premier competitions, also welcomed the initiative.

“If compound archery comes into the Olympics fold, it will increase India’s chances for a medal. We are as good as other top countries.

“It will be a dream come true for me. Briefly, I had switched to recurve in 2016. I will work hard to shine at the highest sporting event,” said Chauhan, who was part of the Indian men’s side that won two gold medals in the World Cup this year.

Triple Worlds silver medallist V.Jyothi Surekha was hopeful about the compound's future. “This is something for which we have been waiting for long – to see the compound in the Olympics. Hope it gets the nod for LA2028,” said Jyothi.

High-Performance Director Sanjeeva Singh said the inclusion of compound archery in the Olympics would help India. “Our chances of winning medals in the Olympics will become brighter. Archers like Abhishek and Jyothi will be role models for young archers,” said Singh