Asian Games Badminton: Sindhu, Saina assure medals

P.V. Sindhu and Sain Nehwal assured India of two medals after their convincing wins in the women's singles quarterfinals.

PV Sindhu outwitted local favourite and world No.22 Gregoria Mariska Tunjung 21-12 21-15 to progress to the quarterfinals.   -  AP

Good afternoon, welcome to Sportstar's live blog of all the badminton action on Day 8 of the Asian Games 2018.

PV Sindhu beats Jindapol Nitchaon 21-10, 16-21, 21-14!


20-13 Body smash from Sindhu and its match point.

19-13 Smart play at the net from Sindhu before hitting it at the back court.

17-13 Good retrieves from difficult positions by Jindapol but it proves to be too many retrieves to make in the end.

15-12 Jindapol misses her smash this time as her shot goes wide.

14-12 Jindapol with a overhead smash from the net.

13-11 Great retrieve from Sindhu during the rally but she makes an unforced error to hand the point to Jindapol.

13-10 Jindapol with a smash down the line.

11-8 Unforced error from Sindhu.

11-7 Sindhu with a sliced forehand this time low to Jindapol. The Indian takes the lead yet again at the interval.

10-7 Another unforced error from Jindapol as she catches the net.

8-7 Jindapol catches the net with her backhand pick-up shot.

7-7 Another unforced error from Jindapol levels the score.

6-7 Sindhu judges it better this time as Jindapol's shot goes long.

4-6 Jindapol slices her forehand cross-court smash, deceiving Sindhu in flight.

3-5 Sindhu misjudges Jindapol's shot on the back court as the shuttle lands inside the line.

2-4 Another unforced error from Sindhu at the net.

2-3 Sindhu catches the net after being engaged in a long rally.

2-2 Sindhu's pcik up shot at the net doesn't get over it.

Third game

16-21 Jindapol levels the match with a body smash. This match has come alive. Who will win the deciding game?

16-20 Game point for Jindapol after she smashes it from the net area to the back court.

16-18 A cross-court winner from Jindapol after engaging in a good rally!

16-16 A three-point swing in favour of Sindhu.

13-16 Jindapol with a healthy lead now after Sindhu makes another unforced error.

13-14 Good play at the net from Jindapol as she lands a cross-court drop.

13-12 Sindhu with a good defensive play before unleashing a smash of her own which Jindapol fails to retrieve.

11-12 Jindapol in the lead after Sindhu catches the net from a forehand smash.

11-8 Sindhu takes the lead to the break after a forehand smash!

9-8 Sindhu with a smash as Jindapol catches the net.

7-8 Some superb reflexes from Sindhu in her defense as Jindapol makes the Indian work around the court before landing a winner.

7-7 Jindapol gets herself back into this match with a smash down the line!

7-5 Jindapol with a winner as she drops it on the line.

6-4 Sindhu catches the net with her forehand.

3-1 Sindhu goes for an overhead smash but she smashes it wide.

Second game

After 36 years without an individual medal for India in badminton, Sindhu could assure a second medal in the matter of an hour.

21-10 A stroll for Sindhu so far. 16 minutes is all that was needed to wrap up that game as Jindapol catches the net.

20-10 Jindapol hits it long and its game point for Sindhu.

18-10 A fierce smash down the line from Sindhu after a rally!

15-10 A well-worked rally from Jindapol before a smash low to Sindhu.

14-8 Jindapol hits it long.

11-7 Jindapol's forehand is wide and Sindhu takes the lead at the interval.

9-6 Sindhu flicks her wrist for a cross-court as Jindapol misses her shot.

6-5 Sindhu with a smash angled above Jindapol's backhand which earns the Indian a point.

5-4 Sindhu with an overhead cross-court smash as Jindapol is wrong-footed.

4-1 A body smash from Jindapol but Sindhu retrieves it well with a drop shot.

First game

P.V. Sindhu vs Jindapol Nitchaon

India's other participant and medal hope P.V. Sindhu will take on Ratchanok's compatriot Jindapol Nitchaon next. Stay tuned for the match updates.

It will be India's first individual medal in Badminton in 36 years. What a feat by the 28-year-old.

16-21 Saina hits a winner after a long rally and that's the match for the Indian! She assures herself of a medal but she will be hungry for gold. The world no. 10 was pegged back in the early stages of the match before she showed her class.

16-20 It's not to be for Ratchanok. A good drop by Saina as Ratchanok could only catch the net.

16-19 Another good smash from Ratchanok. Can she stay alive in this match? Crucial points coming up.

15-19 Smash down the line from Ratchanok!

14-19 Another error from Ratchanok as she catches the net.

14-17 Saina misjudges the pace of Ratchanok's return as she scuffs her shot.

12-16 Ratchanok doesn't catch her drop shot well but its enough to put Saina off on her return.

9-11 Ratchanok's deft touch fails her this time as she could only catch the net. Saina takes the lead at the interval.

7-10 Ratchanok catches the net on her return.

6-8 A smash down the line from Ratchanok!

5-7 Another good piece of play from Ratchanok as she goes cross-court again with a back hand.

4-7 A good deft touch from Ratchanok at the net as she places the shuttle cross court.

2-5 Saina returns the favour with a cross-court smash. No chance for Ratchanok there.

2-4 A smash from Ratchanok as Saina fails to react to it in time.

Second game

18-21 Saina takes the first game! Saina's shot to the back court is misjudged by Ratchanok.

18-19 Saina is into the lead after Ratchanok catches the net.

18-18 How about that! A stunning cross-court smash from Saina off Ratchanok's serve!

17-17 A fantastic rally ends with Ratchanok hitting it against the net! Saina levels things here.

17-15 Saina is upping the ante here with a more attacking approach as errors creep into Ratchanok's game.

17-14 Another error and Saina is back in this game again.

17-13 Two back-to-back errors from Ratchanok.

17-11 A superb down the line smash from Ratchanok. No chance for Saina there.

15-10 Good play by Ratchanok at the net making Saina really stretch before hitting a winner at the back court.

14-9 Ratchanok's smash down the line is called out.

13-7 Ratchanok's drop shot fails to climb over the net.

12-6 A string of errors from Ratchanok brings Saina back into this game.

9-3 Ratchanok hits a forehand on the line which is misjudged by Saina.

6-1 Saina is trailing in the early proceedings here after a string of errors.

Saina Nehwal vs Ratchanok Intanon

Live action coming up.

Saina Nehwal and P. V. Sindhu have a chance to assure themselves of an Asian Games medal when they take on Thailand's Ratchanok Intanon and Jindapol Nitchaon respectively in their quarterfinal match-ups this afternoon.

Nehwal beat Indonesia's F. Fitriani comprehensively on Saturday, when her compatriot P. V. Sindhu also coasted to the quarterfinals with a 21-12, 21-15 win over Gregoria Mariska.