Delhi Dashers books place in semis with win over North East

Follow the live updates and the commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Delhi Dashers and North Eastern Warriors.

Ajay Jayaram will be facing off against Wang Ki Vincent in the PBL.   -  Ritu Raj Konwar

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Delhi Dashers and North Eastern Warriors.

The PBL caravan moves to its final leg of the season and to Hyderabad. With just two more ties left in the league stage, we are close to finalising the semifinal line-up.

Ahmedabad Smash Masters demolished Mumbai Rockets last night to confirm its berth in the last four. Here is the match report from our reporter.

Here are the matches lined up in tonight's Tie:

Match 1: Mixed doubles: V. Ivanov/A. Ponnappa vs M. Li/S. B. Cheol

Match 2: Men's singles: W. W. K. Vincent vs A. Jayaram

Match 3: Men's singles: T. Houwei vs W. T. Wei (Trump match for North Eastern Warriors)

Match 4: Women's singles: S. J. Hyun vs M. Li (Trump match for Delhi Dashers)

Match 5: Men's doubles: V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov vs S. B. Cheol/K. G. Jung


Delhi Dashers books its place in the semifinals at the end of this tie. We now have all over semifinalists in place - Ahmedabad Smash Masters, Delhi Dashers, Bengaluru Rockets and Hyderabad Hunters. There will be a confirmation in the standings at the end of tomorrow's tie between Bengaluru Rockets and Hyderabad Hunters.

Here is the league table as things stand.


S. B. Cheol/K. G. Jung bt. V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov 9-15, 15-10, 15-9

Delhi Dashers 4 North Eastern Warriors 1


9-15 Ivanov has had enough with this match seems like as he swats his shot way wide. A consolation win for North Eastern Warriors to end its campaign.

9-13 Jung with the unforced error.

8-13 Sozonov again with the unforced error.

8-11 Ivanov makes a similar error now.

8-10 Sozonov hits his back hand into the net.

8-9 Ivanov with a smash down the middle.

7-8 Ivanov send his shot long after a powerful smash from Cheol.

7-7 Jung hits his shot wide.

5-7 Sozonov with an unforced error at the net this time.

5-6 Ivanov with an unforced error at the net.

5-4 Good return by Sozonov but Jung pounces to smash it home!

3-2 Ivanov with a smash down the middle and Cheol's return hits the net.

Third game

10-15 That's the game for North East and we move to the decider.

10-14 GAME POINT for North East.

10-13 Ivanov with another smash after some good defensive play by Jung and Cheol.

9-12 Ivanov smashes that home from the net area after some bang, bang, bang play by the Russians!

8-12 Unforced error of a forehand from Ivanov, goes into the net.

6-11 Quick exchanges from all four shuttlers before Ivanov sent his shot wide.

6-10 Sozonov's return goes wide.

6-9 A big smash from the big Ivanov!

5-8 Jung/Cheol take the lead into the break as they play for pride in this last match of their season.

5-7 Misjudgement from Jung as Ivanov's shot lands in.

3-7 Sozonov hits it into the net.

2-6 Sozonov hits it into the net after some attacking stroke play by the South Korean pair.

1-3 Cheol's shot goes wide, not for lack of trying from Ivanov though.

0-2 Sozonov hits it into the net.

Second game

15-9 Sozonov finishes off the game with a smash at the net.

14-9 Wooof! Matrix like reflexes from Ivanov to get out that shot from Cheol and it goes out.

13-9 Sozonov makes a drop shot.

9-9 Sozonov hits it into the net.

9-8 Cheol with a smash down the middle.

8-7 Sozonov overcooks it, goes long.

8-6 Jung hits it into the net and Ivanov/Sozonov take the lead at the break.

5-5 Good reflexes from Sozonov and Cheol but the latter reacts quickest.

4-4 Jung pounces at the ent to finish off the point.

3-3 Cheol with another smash at the net.

0-2 Cheol with a overhead smash.

First game

Match 5: Men's doubles: V. Ivanov/I. Sozonov vs S. B. Cheol/K. G. Jung


Sung ji Hyun bt. Michelle Li 13-15, 15-11, 15-13

Delhi Dashers 4 North Eastern Warriors 0

15-13 That's the match, tie and place in semifinals for Delhi Dashers! Li's drop hits the net to complete a stunning match!

14-13 Unforced error from Li this time as she hit sher shot wide and that's match point for Sung.

13-13 Unforced error from Sung and we are level.

13-12 What a rally! Wow! 39 shots between these two ends with Sung hitting a tired overhead shot long.

13-11 Incredible defence from Sung somehow manages to keep a shot that was hit at her body inside the court. That could help her clinch this game for her side.

12-11 Cross court smash from Li. Hammered that one.

12-10 Li hits her shot wide.

11-10 Li with a smash down the line. 297 kmph smash.

11-9 Sung with the unforced error as she hits it into the net.

11-8 Another unforced error from Li as she passes it into the net.

10-6 Li's shot goes long but she challenges the call. And it will remain that way.

9-6 Unforced error from Li as she hits it into the net.

8-6 Li with a smash down the line and the deficit is only two points now.

8-4 Three forehands from Sung to force a winner there. Sung again takes the lead at the break.

7-4 Too good from Sung, mixing up her shots regularly as Li cuts her shot into the net.

6-4 Li with the unforced error now.

5-3 Sung hits her shot into the net.

4-2 Superb cross court cut by Sung.

2-2 Attacking play from Li, hits a smash low to Li to open up the court before finishing off the point.

1-2 Superb drop from Li to set up a loose return before a smash down the line.

0-2 Sung's shot goes long and is called out.

0-1 Stunning drop shot to open the scoring from Li.

Third game

15-11 Sung's shot falls inside the baseline and its 1-1.

14-11 Stunning cross court smash by Li. 346 kmph.

13-10 Huge point for Sung, opens up the net with a smash before putting it away.

12-10 Sung hits her smash over the line.

12-9 Li goes for the cute drop at the net but it doesn't lift over the net.

11-9 Li send sher shot wide.

10-9 A good rally ends with Li going for her around the head smash but it hits it into the net. 24 shot rally.

9-8 Sung pounces at the net with a smash.

8-8 Sung hits her shot into the net.

8-7 Overhead smash from Li down the line. 310 kmph.

8-6 Sung pushes her shot wide from the net.

8-5 Sung once again takes a three-point lead into the break. Could she continue to hold on to it this time around?

7-5 A slack return from Li as she mistimes her shot.

6-5 Sung's lob near the net goes wide.

6-4 Simply stunning cross court smash from around her head by Li.

6-3 Superb cross court push by Sung catching the line.

5-3 Way too long from Li this time.

4-3 Unforced error from Sung, hits it against the net.

4-2 Li hits it long for the second time this game.

2-2 SIng hits it wide this time, change in serve.

2-1 Li's cross court is called wide and he challenges it. And the call will remain.

1-1 Li hits her shot long this time.

Second game

13-15 Li pulls off the first game with a cross court winner! Superb turnaround from Li to keep North East in the tie.

13-14 Sung again hits it wide and its game point for Li. Who saw that coming?

13-13 Sung's over head shot goes wide.

13-12 Sung hits her smash wide.

13-10 Sung judges well to let Li's shot go wide.

12-10 Outstanding from Sung, cross court drop before hitting it into open court.

11-10 Sung with another unforced error, hits her shot into the net.

11-9 Sung hits her shot wide.

11-8 Li with a powerful smash at Sung.

11-7 Good cross court drop  from Sung. Li is caught off guard.

10-7 Sung's slice goes wide after Li works her around.

9-5 Sung's shot is called out and she challenges it. It catches the line and the call is over turned.

8-5 What a rally filled with good stoke play, ends with Sung's pick up brushing off the net and dropping close to the net. 31 shot rally. Mid game interval.

7-5 Sung pulls her smash wide.

7-3 iLi's cross court smash goes wide.

6-3 Beautiful smash down the line by Sung.

4-3 Li with a big expansive smash early on but goes wide.

2-2 Li misjudges Sung's shot as it falls inside the baseline.

1-0 Opening points to Sung.

First game

A chance for North East to level the scores again if Michelle Li can pull off an upset over Sung Ji Hyun. This will be Delhi's trump match.

Match 4: Women's singles: S. J. Hyun vs M. Li (Trump match for Delhi Dashers)


Tian Houwei bt W. T. Wei 15-10, 9-15, 15-11.

Delhi Dashers 2 North Eastern Warriors 0


15-11 What a stunning comeback from Houwei, finishes it off with a forehand smash! He was down 3-9 at one stage in this game. North Eastern Warriors loses it trump match.

13-11 Wang hits it wide.

12-11 What a pick up by Houwei with a dive from Wang's cross court short Wang can't believe he has kept that in.

11-11 Houwei levels the scores after an unforced error from Wang at the net.

10-11 Pressure getting to Wang as he pushes his shot wide.

9-11 Houwei did well in defence to stay in that point before hitting a 403 kmph smash down the line. Wow!

7-11 Wang needs no such luck as he makes a 369 kmph smash to win back serve.

7-10 Lucky break for Houwei as his shot trickles over the net.

6-10 Houwei with a deceptive drop shot and Wang was forever in his dive looking to pick it up, fails ultimately.

4-10 No mistakes this time from Wang as he makes a smash down the line.

4-9 Wang's overhead angled smash goes wayward and wide.

2-9 Houwei's return goes long.

2-8 Houwei had given up on the point. Mid game interval. Wang on course to win his trump match.

2-6 Good rally between the two endw with Houwei's smash missing the line.

2-5 Wang with a superb smash to the left side of Houwei.

2-3 Wang with a smash but was helped by a Houwei slip.

2-2 Houwei with a smash down the line to Wang's backhand side.

0-2 Good net play by Wang before placing a shot into open court.

Third game

9-15 An unforced error from Houwei makes it one game all.

8-14 Wang with a nonchalant smash to set up game point.

7-13 Houwei gets back one after Wang error.

6-12 Houwei's low retrieve for a clear catches the net. He is feeling the pressure.

6-11 A forehand winner from Houwei.

5-11 A lot of unforced errors from Houwei.

5-9 Wang is jumping around and placing his shots cleverly. Wins the point after moving around his opponent with shots all over the court and finally lands a winner with a backhand cross court shot. He is certainly back on track.

5-8 Wang goes into the mid-game interval with a lead after his long smash falls within the boundary line. It wasn't hit very hard but lands at the right spot.

5-7 Houwei tries a similar shot against Wang and is successful.

4-7 Wang has really risen up to the challenge. He is going for the kill right from the net and gets into a good lead.

4-5 A good net play from both the players. Wang flicks a backhand to earn a winner and take a lead for the first time in this game.

4-3 A big smash from Wang. Falls in open court. Houwei was nowhere near.

4-2 Wang challenges after a clear goes out. Challenge unsuccessful as the shuttle falls inches away.

3-2 Wang making a mini comeback.

2-0 Houwei continues in the same vein against Wang who is looking very disinterested.

Second Game


15-10 A decent rally ends in Houwei's favour. Delhi Dashers wins the first game and North Eastern Warriors is in danger of losing its trump match.

14-8 Houwei almost falls on the court, but recovers soon to return from the short service line. But Wang is caught unawares and loses the point.

11-8: Wanng catches the net.

8-5 Houwei goes into the break with another smash at the net.

6-5: Houwei is getting the elevation to bomb down smashes. He is using it to full advantage.

4-3: Houwei is taking the early charge with a good smash.

1-2 An early challenge from Houwei. It's unsuccessful as the shuttle sails wide, Wang get the point.

First Game

It's time for North Eastern Warriors' trump match. The team has placed its bet on World No. 11 Wang Tzu Wei.


W.W.K. Vincent beats Ajay Jayaram 15-13, 10-15, 15-12.

Delhi Dashers 1 North Eastern Warriors 1


15-12 It was a quick game. Vincent wins the next set of points quite quickly to wrap up the match and upset North Eastern Warriors' Ajay Jayaram.

13-12  Just when we thought we were seeing a drop in intensity from Jayaram, he has come back with some good shot placements.

11-7 Vincent has built a four-point lead. Jayaram looks lost.

10-7 Jayaram is losing a lot of points at the net. That's the third in a row.

9-7 A mistake at the net from Jayaram.

8-7 Good defence by both these players before Jayaram hits his shot into the net. Interval.

7-7 Jayaram with a smash and he levels the score.

7-6 Good defence by Jayaram, his shot trickles over the net.

7-5 Good rally between the players before Jayaram hits his shot into the net. 24 shot.

6-5 Good play by Jayaram making Vincent move all over the court before a winner to the back court.

6-4 Another big smash by Vincent and Jayaram can't make his return.

5-4 Really good smash down the line by Vincent.

3-4 Jayaram with a big smash at the back court and Vincent with an unforced error as he forces his shot wide.

2-2 Vincent with a stunning smash. 400 kmph.

1-2 Good take by Jayaram at the net before countering with a smash.

1-1 Vincent hits it into the net.

1-0 Jayaram hits his shot into the net.

Third game

10-15 Vincent's smash is right into the net. Ajay Jayaram wins the second game. Time for the first deciding game of the night.

9-14 Jayaram's lob is way wide.

8-13 Jayaram's shot trickles over the net.

8-12 Poor execution.'s shot goes long this time.

Jayaram's right thigh is heavily strapped here.

8-11 Jayaram's shot goes long.

7-11 Vincent's drop goes wide.

7-10 Jayaram's smash goes wide. Poor execution.

6-10 Vincent's shot is called wide and he challenges it. That looked a close call. Hawkeye shows it was way wide. Oops.

6-8 Well watched by Jayaram, lets Vincent's shot go wide. That's the break.

6-7 Jayaram with good net play before his big smash. 408 kmph!

6-6 Unforced error by Vincent, hits the net.

6-5 Vincent with a smash straight at Jayaram and his return hits the net.

3-5 Jayaram with a smash down the line.

3-4 Good reflex from Jayaram as his shot trickles into Vincent's end.

3-2 Vincent with a smash low of Jayaram.

1-2 Vincent's shot goes long.

0-1 Good point there, Jayaram wins it after a smash and shot at the net after a rally.

Second game

15-13 Vincent finishes the game with a cross court smash.

14-13 Jayaram's shot is inside the court but Vincent misjudges it.

13-12 Jayaram's lob is too long.

12-11 Jayaram leaves Vincent's service and he challenges the call. And its a called in.

11-11 Vincent with a smash after a drop shot. 393 kmph.

9-11 Good placement with a drop by Jayaram.

9-10 A hat-trick of smashes by Jayaram.

9-9 Yet another smash by Jayaram. A 391 kmph.

9-8 Jayaram gets it right this time with a cross court smash. 389 kmph.

9-7 Vincent's shot goes wide is called and he challenges it. The call will stand.

9-6 Jayaram's pick up shot goes wide.

8-6 Vincent with a cross court smash and Jayaram can't pick it up over the net. Mid game break.

6-6 Unforced error from Vincent, hits it into the net.

5-5 Jayaram's drop hits the tape, unforced error.

4-5 Jayaram's shot goes long.

1-4 Jayaram with another drop and smashes it down the line this time.

1-3 Jayaram with a drop making Vincent reach out for it before pushing it into open court.

First game

Match 2: Men's singles: W. W. K. Vincent vs A. Jayaram


M. Li/S. B. Cheol bt V. Ivanov/A. Ponnappa 15-13, 15-11.

Delhi Dashers 0 North Eastern Warriors 1


11-15 Ashwini and Cheol exchange drops at the net but the former makes an unforced error again, hands North East the win.

11-14 Li with an unforced error at the net.

10-13 Ashwini takes advantage of a loose shot at the net with a forehand winner.

8-13 Li with a powerful smash and Ashwini can't react fast enough this time.

8-12 Good reaction from Ashwini to return it at the net and Li hits it into the net.

6-12 Another shot into the net by Ivanov.

5-11 Li's shot goes wide.

4-11 Cheol makes up for it with a cross court smash.

4-10 Cheol with an unforced error into the net.

3-9 Ivanov with another mistake now, he hits the net.

3-8 Ivanov's return is called out and its the break. The match and the opening point is fast heading towards North East's kitty.

3-7 Excellent from Li at the net, intercepts the return with a backhand winner.

3-6 Poor return from Ashwini sets up Li for a smash.

3-5 Another unforced error from Ashwini.

2-3 Li with a superb response and makes an overhead smash down the line.

2-2 Li's shot is wayward and goes wide.

1-2 Cheol's shot to the baseline is called out.

0-1 Li's cross court drop is out of reach for Ashwini.

Second game

13-15 Ashwini misses the chance to equal the scores as she smashes her shot into the net. That gives North Eastern Warriors the opening game.

13-14 Li misses her shot and Cheol can't get it either.

11-14 Good play by Ashwini at the net, her shot is powerful enough for a meek return into the net.

9-14 Ivanov misjudges the serve before making his shot in the last second. But his shot hits the net.

9-12 Cheol with a smash straight at Ashwini.

8-11 Ashwini with another unforced error at the net. She makes a change in racquet.

8-9 Li defends Ivanov's big smashes before she hits a smash at Ashwini's body.

8-8 Ashwini's shot goes long. Errors from both sides.

8-7 Ashwini with a mishit with her smash, hit the net.

8-6 Li's return from the service is into the net. Mid game interval.

6-6 Ivanov hits his shot into the net this time.

5-5 Ashwini's shot from the net goes long.

5-3 Ashwini again hits it into the net.

5-2 Cheol's shot goes long.

4-1 Ashwini with an error at the net.

3-0 Ivanov with the smash.

First game

Match 1: Mixed doubles: V. Ivanov/A. Ponnappa vs M. Li/S. B. Cheol