Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championship Semifinal, HIGHLIGHTS: India loses 2-3 to China, clinches first-ever bronze medal

Welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of the 2023 Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championship Semifinal between India and China in Dubai, UAE.

Updated : Feb 18, 2023 23:01 IST

FILE PHOTO: India’s Treesa Jolly (right) and Gayatri Gopichand.
FILE PHOTO: India’s Treesa Jolly (right) and Gayatri Gopichand. | Photo Credit: AP

FILE PHOTO: India’s Treesa Jolly (right) and Gayatri Gopichand. | Photo Credit: AP

Welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of the 2023 Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championship Semifinal between India and China. This was Nihit Sachdeva taking you through the action as it unfolded at the Dubai Exhibition Centre in Dubai, UAE.

Summary: This might feel as the one that got away from India. Sindhu’s and Prannoy’s defeats to much lower-ranked opponents in the two singles ties cost the Indian team dearly. The men’s doubles duo of Chirag Shetty-Dhruv Kapila and women’s doubles pair of Treesa Jolly-Gayatri Gopichand did well to keep the team in the tie but Jiang Zhen Bang and Wei Ya Xin were too good for the Indian mixed doubles pair of Ishaan Bhatnagar and Tanisha Crasto. Nevertheless, India finishes the campaign with a medal, something which it has never managed to do previously.

China will face Korea in the gold medal match on Sunday.

China beat India 3-2
Men’s Singles - H S Prannoy lost 13-21, 15-21 to Lei Lan Xi
Women’s Singles - P V Sindhu lost 9-21, 21-16, 18-21 to Gao Fang Jie
Men’s Doubles - Dhruv Kapila/Chirag Shetty bt He Ji Ting/Zhou Hao Dong 21-19, 21-19
Women’s Doubles - Treesa Jolly/Gayatri Gopichand bt Liu Sheng Shu/Tan Ning 21-18, 13-21, 21-19
Mixed Doubles - Ishaan Bhatnagar/Tanisha Crasto lost 17-21, 13-21 to Jiang Zhen Bang/Wei Ya Xin


  • 13-21: And they only needed one as Tanisha’s drop shot never crosses the net! China beats India 3-2 to reach the final. India finishes with a bronze medal, its first-ever at the continental event.
  • 13-20: Crosscourt net winner from Wei. Seven match points.
  • 12-19: With Tanisha on the ground and Ishaan glued to the back court, Wei finishes the point with a simple drop shot.
  • 11-18: Gorgeous crosscourt drive pass from Jiang. Seven points ahead.
  • 10-17: Five straight points for China. Approaching the finish line quickly.
  • 10-13: Nice interception and kill from Wei. The lead is up by three.
  • 10-12: Drive winner from Ishaan. Still, a two-point game.
  • 9-11: Ishaan nets the drive shot. The Chinese duo leads by two at the mid-game interval.
  • 9-10: Faulty drop shot from Tanisha hits the net. Indians trailing by one.
  • 7-8: Tanisha’s net shot lands wide. However, the Indians have done well to reduce the Chinese pair’s lead.
  • 5-7: Jiang’s drop shot only finds the net.
  • 4-7: An excellent jump smash from Ishaan.
  • 2-6: Another run of three straight points for the Chinese pair.
  • 2-3: The Chinese pair begins the second game with three straight points before Indians win the next two to close the gap.


  • 17-21: Ishaan hits a backhand return into the net. Jiang and Wei win the opening game!
  • 17-20: The Indian pair saves two more game points.
  • 15-20: A crosscourt drive winner from Ishaan to save one game point.
  • 14-19: Jiang nets a drive shot.
  • 12-18: Wei hits a simple down the middle smash long. The Chinese pair is still ahead by a comfortable margin.
  • 10-16: A thunderous jump smash from Ishaan to take the Indian pair score into double digits.
  • 9-16: A six-point lead for the Chinese duo. Should be able to close the game comfortably.
  • 9-12: Tanisha with an easy kill at the net.
  • 7-11: Tanisha hits a lift wide and the Chinese pair goes into the mid-game interval with a four-point lead.
  • 7-10: Jiang lifts one into the net after a drop shot from Ishaan.
  • 6-9: Crosscourt net shot from Tanisha goes wide. Three-point lead for the Chinese duo.
  • 5-7: Service error from Tanisha.
  • 4-5: Ishaan nets a service return. The Chinese pair goes ahead.
  • 3-2: Jiang hits a simple drive return into the net.
  • 2-1: Tanisha with a great overhead return to win the point.

10:12PM - A mixed doubles match will decide the winner of this tie now. India’s Tanisha Crasto and Ishaan Bhatnagar take on Jiang Zhen Bang and Wei Ya Xin. The two pairs are out on the court.



  • 21-19: A match-winning drop shot from Treesa. She receives a yellow card for throwing her racquet but it does not matter. From 0-2 down, India has made it 2-2 against China.
  • 20-19: Gayatri with yet another point-winning hook shot and the Indian pair has a match point.
  • 19-19: The Indians restore parity again.
  • 18-19: Liu absolutely blasts the jump smash and Treesa’s return is not good enough to cross the net.
  • 18-18: Gayatri’s hook shot draws the error from Tan and the score is level.
  • 17-18: Solid jump smash from Treesa. Indians still trailing by one.
  • 16-17: Treesa ends the streak with a body smash.
  • 15-17: Treesa’s drive return goes long. Eight straight points for China.
  • 15-16: Seven points in a row and Liu and Tan are ahead as Treesa nets a drive.
  • 15-15: Well, well. The Chinese pair is not going down without a fight. Six straight points and Indian pair’s lead is gone. Pressure on Treesa and Gayatri!
  • 15-9: Body smash from Treesa to finish the point. Six points ahead.
  • 14-9: A five-point lead for the Indian pair. They are slowly pulling away.
  • 12-9: Fault push shot from Treesa hits the net. Gap reduced to three.
  • 12-7: A winning smash down the middle from Treesa.
  • 11-7: A drop shot winner this time instead of a powerful hook shot by Gayatri. The Indians lead by four points at the final mid-game interval.
  • 10-6: Gayatri hits the hook shot and Tan’s return finds only the net.
  • 9-6: Indians stretching the lead.
  • 6-5: Body smash from Treesa to put the Indians in front.
  • 5-5: Gayatri proving to be the star of this deciding third game. Another hook shot winner.
  • 4-5: Tan loses her balance while getting to Treesa’s drop shot and ends up hitting the lift long.
  • 3-3: Gayatri, yet again, wins the point with the hook shot. Excellent.
  • 2-2: Gayatri draws the error from Liu to level the scores.
  • 1-0: Gayatri wins the opening point of the decider with a hook shot.


  • 13-21: Lift from Treesa goes long and that’s enough for the Chinese pair to win the second game and take this women’s doubles rubber into a decider.
  • 13-20: The Indian pair manages to save three of those. Still, a tough task ahead.
  • 10-20: Nine straight points for the Chinese duo. Ten game points.
  • 10-18: Make that seven as Treesa nets a drop shot.
  • 10-17: Six consecutive points for the Chinese duo.
  • 10-15: Drive down the line from Treesa goes long. A challenge wasted as well.
  • 10-14: Lift from Treesa goes wide. A four-point cushion for the Chinese pair.
  • 10-12: Treesa walks off court mid-rally to change her racquet and returns in time but eventually, the Chinese pair wins the point.
  • 10-11: Longest rally of the match!! A 52-shot rally and it is Treesa who draws the error with a body smash.
  • 9-11: Gayatri hits a drive into the net. The Chinese duo leads by two at the mid-game interval.
  • 8-10: Another beautifully deceptive drop shot from Treesa.
  • 7-9: Lift from Gayatri goes long.
  • 6-7: The Chinese pair wins three of the next four points to shift the momentum amidst some officiating controversy.
  • 5-4: Miscommunication between the two Chinese shuttlers and Gayatri finds the winner with a smash down the middle.
  • 4-4: Treesa finds the vacant space with a crosscourt drive.
  • 3-3: Treesa’s smash from the back draws a short lift and Gayatri kills it with a drop shot.
  • 1-3: Treesa nets a simple service return.


  • 21-18: And they only need one as Liu hits a smash into the net!
  • 20-18: Liu hits a backhand return under the net. Two game points for the Indians.
  • 19-18: Nicely disguised crosscourt drop shot from Treesa.
  • 18-17: Gayatri with a winning smash at the net, puts the Indians ahead.
  • 16-16: An unbelievable crosscourt defensive clearance from Treesa in response to a body smash.
  • 15-15: Treesa nets a jump smash.
  • 14-14: Scores level. What an astonishing turnaround from the Indian pair!
  • 12-13: Excellent attack from Gayatri with body smashes aimed at Liu.
  • 10-13: Service error from Treesa.
  • 10-12: The Indian pair is catching up. Lift from Tan goes long. Two-point game now.
  • 8-11: Decent start from the Indians post the break. Two points in a row.
  • 6-11: Liu and Tan go into the mid-game interval with a five-point lead.
  • 4-10: Treesa hits one drive into the net.
  • 4-8: Another drop shot winner from Treesa.
  • 3-8: Crucial drop shot from Treesa. That should give the Indian duo some confidence.
  • 1-8: Total domination from the Chinese shuttlers. Liu celebrates after hitting a smash down the middle.
  • 1-5: Treesa’s backhand flick from the back of the court takes a deflection off the net and dies on the opposite side. First point for Indians.
  • 0-5: Brilliant start for the Chinese duo. Five points on the trot.

8:45PM - India is still alive in this contest. Next up is the women’s doubles tie between Treesa Jolly-Gayatri Gopichand and Liu Sheng Shu and Tan Ning. Can the Indian pair win this tie to send this semifinal to a deciding mixed doubles encounter?



  • 21-19: Chirag and Dhruv have done it! The return from Zhou finds the net. The Indian pair wins 21-19, 21-19 and keep the hopes of reaching the final alive!
  • 20-19: The Chinese pair saves two of them, the second one with a crosscourt drive which just catches the outside line.. Can they save the third one too?
  • 20-17: Powerful smash from Chirag gets the Indian duo three match points.
  • 19-16: Ting misjudges the lift from Dhruv and is late in getting back to the baseline.
  • 17-15: Chirag drives one wide.
  • 15-14: The Chinese duo reduces the gap to one point.
  • 14-11: An easy kill at the net for Chirag. The three-point lead has been restored.
  • 13-11: Two smash winners from Chirag to take Indian ahead again.
  • 11-11: The lead has vanished quickly. The Chinese pair is back into the game.
  • 11-8: Chirag and Dhruv lead by three points going into the mid-game interval.
  • 10-8: Ting hits a crosscourt drive and both Indian shuttlers let it go thinking it will land long. It does not.
  • 9-6: A glorious crosscourt jump smash from Chirag. The Indians continue to stay ahead.
  • 8-5: The Indians continue to be aggressive. The error comes from Zhou who nets a return.
  • 7-3: Five straight points for the Indian duo.
  • 4-3: A simple smash for Chirag at the net to go ahead.
  • 3-3: Nothing to separate the two pairs in the early stages of the second game.


  • 21-19: The Indian pair wastes the first one with a service error but converts the second one as Zhou nets a drive shot.
  • 20-18: Both Chinese shuttlers think the other one will retrieve the drop shot from Chirag and in the end, the shuttle drops without any of them getting to it. Two game points.
  • 19-18: A barrage of smashes from Chirag at the net and he eventually draws an error from Zhou.
  • 18-18: Another error from Chirag as he nets another drive. Scores level.
  • 18-17: A jump smash down the middle from Zhou.
  • 17-16: Chirag drives one into the net. One-point game now.
  • 16-14: Service error from the Chinese pair.
  • 14-13: Another error, this time from Ting as he lifts one into the net.
  • 13-12: Zhou nets a drive and believe it or not, the Indian duo is in lead.
  • 12-12: Wow! Make that six in a row for the Indians who are suddenly finding the corners. Scores level.
  • 9-12: Three points on the trot for the Indian pair.
  • 7-12: Drive from Chirag hits the top of the net and falls dead on the opposite side.
  • 6-11: A five-point lead for the Chinese duo going into the mid-game interval.
  • 6-9: Service error from Chirag. Cannot afford to do this in a must-win fixture.
  • 5-7: Chirag blasts one smash into the court.
  • 3-6: Chirag, who already has a strapped knee, slips while going to retrieve.
  • 3-4: Dhruv nets a overhead drive.
  • 2-2: A close start to this men’s doubles encounter.

7:45PM - The situation for India is similar to its quarterfinal against Hong Kong when it came from 0-2 down to win the tie. Can that comeback be repeated tonight? Next up is the men’s doubles match between Dhruv Kapila-Chirag Shetty and He Ji Ting-Zhou Hao Dong. The two pairs are on court for what is set to be their first-ever meeting.

P V SINDHU 9 21 18
GAO FANG JIE 21 16 21


  • 18-21: Backhand return from Sindhu goes wide. Four points on the trot and Gao Fang Jie takes the tie! China leads India 2-0!!!!
  • 18-20: A crosscourt winner for Jie brings her two match points out of nowhere!
  • 18-19: Sindhu nets a drop shot. Jie in the lead now!
  • 18-18: The crosscourt net shot comes to Jie’s rescue once more.
  • 18-17: Sindhu wrongfoots Jie and hits a crosscourt smash winner to go ahead yet again.6
  • 17-17: A deft drop shot from Jie and Sindhu’s lift can only find the net.
  • 17-16: Lift from Jie goes long and Sindhu lets out a huge roar.
  • 16-16: And just like that, Sindhu’s lead is gone. Parity restored.
  • 16-14: The drift takes Sindhu’s lift long. Jie stays close.
  • 16-13: Jie reacts late to a drop shot from Sindhu, the return is short and the Indian finishes the point with a body attack.
  • 15-12: A little bit of a cushion now for Sindhu as Jie drives one wide.
  • 14-12: Jie misjudges the clear shot from Sindhu which finds the baseline.
  • 12-12: Sindhu’s drive down the line is initially called in but the call is overturned after a successful challenge from the Chinese shuttler. Scores level.
  • 12-10: Crosscourt backhand return from Jie lands into the side alley.
  • 11-9: Clear shot from Sindhu is judged correctly by Jie. Shuttle lands beyond the baseline.
  • 11-8: Lift from Jie finds the net. Sindhu enters the final mid-game interval three points ahead.
  • 10-8: A down-the-line smash from Jie. Cuts Sindhus lead to two.
  • 10-6: Lift from Jie is well long. She decides to challenge but the verdict stays the same.
  • 9-6: Jie engages Sindhu in another long rally, forcing her to retrieve multiple drop shots but the Indian hangs in and eventually wins the point with a simple kill.
  • 8-4: Net shot from Jie lands just wide. Sindhu with a four-point lead and she is pumped up!
  • 6-4: The drift takes Sindhu’s lift from the net into the side alley.
  • 6-3: A clear shot from Sindhu goes long after a 35-shot rally. Jie looking to play the waiting game.
  • 5-2: Sindhu with a three-point lead. Just the sort of start she needed.
  • 3-1: The lift from Jie goes well beyond the baseline.
  • 2-0: Deciding third game. Sindhu begins with two straight points, the second one after a gorgeous down-the-line drop shot.


  • 21-16: A brilliant net shot from Sindhu to clinch the game!
  • 20-16: Jie hits a return into the net. Four game points.
  • 19-16: Sindhu engages Jie in net play, gets a short lift and finishes the point with a body smash.
  • 18-16: Make that three in a row. A 27-shot rally and Jie wins it with a crosscourt drop shot. Two-point game now.
  • 18-15: Two straight points for Jie. The lead has been cut down to three.
  • 18-13: Another drop shot winner from Sindhu as she maintains a five-point gap.
  • 17-12: Sindhu stretches her lead to five with a drop shot after noticing that Jie had moved to the middle of the court.
  • 15-12: Sindhu fails to finish the point with the body attack and pays the price as eventually, Jie comes out on top with a crosscourt net winner.
  • 14-10: Backhand no-look return from Jie hits the net. Four-point lead for Sindhu.
  • 12-9: Sindhu is left on her knees after another long rally and this time, Jie wins the point with a crosscourt drop shot.
  • 12-7: A long rally to resume the game and it is Sindhu who comes out on top in a 28-shot rally.
  • 11-7: A drop shot followed by a kill. Sindhu enters the mid-game interval with a four-point lead.
  • 10-7: Lovely crosscourt net shot from Jie. Three-point game now.
  • 9-6: Sindhu’s drop shot from the back of the court only finds the net.
  • 9-5: Sindhu hits a down-the-line drive winner to stay well ahead.
  • 8-5: Crosscourt net shot from Sindhu lands wide. Jie closing the gap.
  • 8-3: Five consecutive points for Sindhu.
  • 6-3: The lift from Jie goes long. Three-point lead for the Indian.
  • 5-3: Sindhu draws Jie to the net and finishes the point with a simple kill into the open court.
  • 4-3: Service error from Jie.
  • 3-2: Sindhu in the lead as she forces Jie back and then, kills the point with a return in the front court.
  • 1-2: Jie sets up the point with a down-the-line drop, gets the short lift and kills it with a crosscourt return into the open court.


  • 9-21: Sindhu does not execute the net shot properly and that’s that for the opening game.
  • 9-19: Crosscourt return from Sindhu lands in the side alley.
  • 9-17: Sindhu hits a crosscourt smash into the net. One way traffic so far.
  • 8-14: A wonderfully deceptive crosscourt drop shot from Jie.
  • 8-13: A rare error from Jie as she puts one return into the net.
  • 6-13: No relief for Sindhu. She misjudges the clear shot from Jie which lands inside the baseline.
  • 5-11: A six-point lead for Jie as we go into the mid-game interval.
  • 5-10: A bit of luck helps Jie as her crosscourt return hits the net and falls on Sindhu’s side.
  • 5-9: Sindhu nets a return. Jie stays ahead.
  • 5-7: Sindhu wins four of the next five points to close the gap.
  • 1-6: Jie stretches her lead to five. Pressure on the Indian.
  • 0-4: A stunning start to the match as Jie reels off four straight points.

6:28PM - India is down 0-1. Next up is the women’s singles tie between P V Sindhu and Gao Feng Jie. Can Sindhu bring India back in this match? Jie leads the head-to-head 2-0 but the last time these two met was in 2018.

LEI LAN XI 21 21


  • 15-21: Prannoy misjudges the clear shot from Xi which lands well inside the baseline. Prannoy, a top 10 player, loses to a player who is not even in the top 100. This is the beauty of team events!
  • 15-20: Drop shot from Xi does the trick. Five match points!
  • 15-19: Two straight points for Prannoy with the second one coming after a 41-shot rally. Is the comeback on?
  • 13-19: Crosscourt drop shot from Xi and Prannoy is late in getting to it. Two points away from making it 1-0 for China.
  • 13-17: Four-point lead for Xi. The finish line is in sight. What an upset this will be!
  • 13-15: Xi makes a last-minute change to the shot and ends up hitting the shuttle into the net.
  • 12-15: Prannoy does well to hang on despite some lovely drop shots from Xi but ends up hitting a crosscourt return wide. Three-point advantage for Xi.
  • 12-12: The lift from Xi is judged rightly by the Indian. Beyond the baseline it lands.
  • 11-12: Solid defending from Xi to keep the shuttle in play. Eventually, Prannoy hits one wide.
  • 11-11: Overhead smash from Xi finds the net. Scores level again.
  • 10-11: Body smash from Xi and the return from Prannoy hits the net. From nowhere, it is the Chinese player who leads at the mid-game interval.
  • 10-10: Prannoy unable to execute the net shot. Scores level.
  • 10-9: Backhand crosscourt return from Prannoy finds the net.
  • 10-8: Delightful crosscourt net shot from Xi.
  • 9-6: Xi ends Prannoy’s run of three straight points as the Indian chips one into the net.
  • 8-5: The clear shot from Prannoy finds the baseline. Xi wastes a challenge.
  • 7-5: Patient play from Prannoy all along in a 35-shot rally and when the chance comes, he attacks Xi with a flick aimed at his body.
  • 6-5: A down-the-line smash from Xi to close the gap to one point.
  • 4-3: Prannoy in the lead as Xi hits one clear shot long.
  • 2-3: Prannoy controls most of the rally from the middle of the court and Xi does all the running but in the end, it is the Chinese player who turns the tide with a crosscourt net shot and the Indian nets the return.
  • 1-1: Drive shot from Xi finds the net. A rare error from the man from China.
  • 0-1: Prannoy serves first in the second and must-win game. Left-handed Xi wins the opening point with a down-the-line smash.


  • 13-21: Xi wins the first game 21-13 as Prannoy nets a return.
  • 12-20: Beautifully constructed point from Xi. Forces Prannoy to retrieve a couple of crosscourt drop shots before attacking him with body shots in the middle. Eight game points.
  • 12-19: An easy smash down the line for Prannoy. Needs more of those to come back in this game.
  • 11-18: Xi reacts late to the drive from Prannoy and mishits. Still, a healthy lead of seven points for the man from China.
  • 9-17: Xi is running away with this game. Four on the trot.
  • 9-13: Prannoy judges the trajectory of the clear shot from Xi correctly. The shuttle lands beyond the baseline.
  • 8-13: Gorgeous drop shot from Prannoy. Xi is completely wrongfooted.
  • 7-13: Faulty net shot from Prannoy. The gap is back to six.
  • 6-12: The game resumes with a long rally, Prannoy dives to retrieve a drop shot from Xi but manages to find only the net.
  • 6-11: Xi enters the mid-game interval with a five-point lead.
  • 6-8: Xi engages Prannoy in a rally close to the net before chipping one past him and the birdie lands in.
  • 6-6: Overhead crosscourt smash from Prannoy restores parity.
  • 5-6: Prannoy challenges a crosscourt net shot from Xi which has been called in. And the challenge is successful. One-point game now.
  • 4-6: Xi’s lift from the net goes long. Prannoy closing the gap.
  • 3-5: Body smash from Prannoy draws a short lift from Xi and the Indian finishes the point with an easy kill into the open court.
  • 1-5: Crosscourt smash from Prannoy lands in the side alley. Five points on the trot for Xi.
  • 1-3: Xi correctly judges the flight of the lift from Prannoy. Shuttle falls beyond the baseline.
  • 1-0: Prannoy serves first. Xi nets a smash. Opening point goes to the Indian.

5:32PM - Here we go. Prannoy and Xi are on court now.

5:25PM - In the first rubber, H S Prannoy will take on Lei Lan Xi in men’s singles. It is the first-ever meeting between World No.9 Prannoy and Xi, who is ranked 121st.

5:15PM - The winner of this tie will face Korea in the summit clash. Korea beat Thailand 3-1 in the first semifinal earlier in the day. REPORT

5:10PM - China’s road to the semifinals -

Group Stage: Beat Uzbekistan 5-0

Group Stage: Beat Singapore 5-0

Group Stage: Beat Korea 3-2

Quarterfinals: Beat Malaysia 3-2

5PM - India’s road to the semifinals -

Group Stage: Beat Kazakhstan 5-0

Group Stage: Beat UAE 5-0

Group Stage: Beat Malaysia 4-1

Quarterfinals: Beat Hong Kong 3-2

4:50PM - India has never been this far at the Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championship. A medal is confirmed. However, can P V Sindhu and Co. make it even better by upsetting the mighty Chinese side to reach the final for the first time? Stay tuned. Live action from 5:30PM!


India will look to reach its first-ever final at the Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championship when it takes on China in the last-four fixture in Dubai on Saturday.

India staged a remarkable comeback to down Hong Kong 3-2 to qualify for the semifinals and ensure a first-ever medal in the continental tournament on Friday.

Down 0-2, the Indians showed great fighting spirit as the doubles pair of Dhruv Kapila and Chirag Shetty and PV Sindhu levelled the scores after reverses in the first two matches.

In the first match of the tie, the mixed doubles pair of Ishaan Bhatnagar and Tanisha Crasto fought hard before losing 24-26, 17-21 against Lee Chun Hei Reginald and Tsz Yau NG to hand Hong Kong a 1-0 lead.

World No. 11 and Commonwealth Games champion Lakshya Sen squandered a game lead to lose 22-20, 19-21, 18-21 against world No. 14 Ka Long Angus NG in one hour and 10 minutes.

The men’s doubles pair of Kapila and Shetty pulled one back for India with a hard-fought 20-22, 21-16, 21-11 win over Tang Chun Man and Yeung Shing Choi.

In the women’s singles match, two-time Olympic medallist Sindhu had to dig deep to get the better of Saloni Samirbhai Mehta 16-21, 21-7, 21-9 and level the scores at 2-2.

In the decider, Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand defeated Tsz Yau NG and Wing Yung NG 21-13, 21-12 in the women’s doubles to clinch the tie.


Where to watch?

The 2023 Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championship Semifinal between India and China will be telecast live on Sony Sports 2 and live streamed on SonyLiv from 5:30PM IST.

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