There have been ongoing conversations around the NBA of expanding internationally, and it appears the league is taking steps towards growing the NBA.

Commissioner Adam Silver announced Thursday the NBA is considering putting a G League team in Mexico, which would give the league a better idea of how a franchise would work internationally. A specific timetable is not official yet, but there is potential the G League team could start as early as next season. 

"We have a preference for coming to Mexico City because as we look down the road, frankly to see whether there would be an opportunity to even dream about putting an NBA franchise here in Mexico City," Silver said. "We believe it makes sense as a first step to have a development league team here and to work out some of the issues to better understand what it would mean to have a team in Mexico."

The plans are not definite yet, but if a G League team is added to Mexico City, it would be the 31st team in the league. The team in Mexico City would be operated in partnership with the league office, according to Silver.

The league also plans to launch an NBA Academy in Mexico's capital, which will be the NBA's seventh training center for top male and female prospects from Latin America.