Australia head coach Matthew Mott reiterated his call for five-day Test in women's cricket but former India captains Diana Edulji and Shantha Rangaswamy are among the ones who prefer status quo and instead want resumption of red-ball cricket in domestic cricket.

India, which played its first long format game against Australia in 15 years, had also drawn its last Test against England in June. That was its first red ball game in seven years.

As per the current rules, 100 overs can be bowled in a day over four days, 10 more than the men's Test.

"The four-day format is fine for now. We played three day games back in the day. As it is, there are only three countries (India, Australia, England) that are playing Tests in women's cricket at the moment and India just started playing again.

"If it wasn't for the rain in Gold Coast, there would have been a result in this game also. Anyway, you are allowed 100 overs in a day which makes 400 overs for the game, only 50 less than the men's game," Edulji told PTI.

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Another former India captain, Shantha, echoed Edulji's views.

"Results should come in four days only. It is more than enough. There was too much time lost to the weather in this game.

"Instead, focus should be on more countries playing the longer format. BCCI and Jay Shah must be congratulated here for resuming Tests for women and it is likely to be regular feature in our series with England and Australia going forward," said Shantha, who is also a member of BCCI Apex Council and former chief selector.

"Whenever a Test happens in India, I would want it to be in a smaller centre which can draw more crowd. Also, it would be ideal if red ball cricket is restarted for the players to get used to the multi-day format," she added.