Welcome to the highlights of Day 2 of the Ranji Trophy quarterfinals in Bengaluru.


Punjab vs MP | MP 238/2 in 99 overs - Shubham Sharma (102*) and Rajat Patidar (20*) lead Madhya Pradesh to STUMPS with a 19-run lead.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | Bengal 577/5 at Stumps on Day 2. Manoj Tiwari ends with an unbeaten 54 with Shahbaz Ahmed on 7. Abishek Porel was caught behind down leg for 68 towards the end of day. No signs of hurry from the batters and Bengal could bat deep into day three too.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Amol: " Bahut tez daal raha hai bhai, slip peeche aa gayee hai." Sarfaraz and his one-liners to sledge batters and egg on bowlers! Tushar Deshpande is indeed pumped up. Mayank Mishra, the nightwatcher, gets a top edge off Mohit Avasthi from the other end. 23/2

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Here's Amol : Tushar Deshpande wasn't included in Mumbai's squad for the league stage, owing to lack of fitness. He took a bucketful of wickets in corporate cricket, joined CSK for IPL and now takes a wicket off the first ball he bowls. Bista caught behind. 8/1

Punjab vs MP | Here's Lalith Kalidas, our correspondent, with the latest from Alur-III : Absolute despair for Himanshu Mantri who misses his maiden First Class ton by 11 runs. Mayank Markande foxes the batter with a loopy delivery and gets him stumped. MP 184/2 in 80 overs - trails by 35.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Parkar is out, after a marathon innings! Here's Amol : Pardon the cliche but the only way Parkar's knock could have ended was through a run-out. That's precisely what happened, thanks to a direct hit by Kunal Chandela. Parkar dismissed for 252 and Mumbai declares on 647/8.

Parkar's 252 (447b, 21x4, 4x6) is the fourth highest score by an Indian on debut - and fifth highest in all first-class cricket.

Karnataka vs UP | Left-arm spinner Saurabh Kumar makes the breakthrough for UP. Mayank Agarwal charges down the track but only manages the edge the ball to the 'keeper as he attempted a bellicose hit. Karnataka 36/2 in the second innings.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | 500 up for Bengal. Manoj Tiwary is batting on 40 and Abhishek Porel on 31. Tiwary and Porel have added 62 runs for the fifth wicket.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | The post-tea session has begun at Alur-II. Mumbai has gone past 600 runs. Tanush Kotian's is the seventh wicket to fall.  613/7 after 162 overs. Parkar is 14 runs away from his 250.


Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | At tea, Suved Parkar is batting on 224 (421b, 19x4, 3x6) as Mumbai are 598/6 (158 ovs). Parkar has moved to the seventh place in the list of Indians with highest score on FC debut. With weather holding up, Mumbai won't be in a rush to declare.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | It's tea time at the Just Cricket Academy, Bengaluru. Here's Dhruva Prasad : Bengal 482 for 4 in 151 overs at tea. Going by their scoring rate, it doesn't look like Bengal is looking at a declaration anytime soon. So buckle down for another session of nudging the ball around for ones and twos.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | Here's Dhruva Prasad : Attritional passage of play after Lunch. Gharami was looking to score quickly but since his dismissal, Tiwari and Porel have added 21 runs in eight overs. The three pacers and Anukul Roy have put in a much better showing with the ball in this session, attacking the stumps and keeping it slightly fuller. Bengal 477/4 in 148 overs.


Uttar Pradesh vs Karnataka | After a nagging partnership, Karnataka obtains the final wicket. Shivam Mavi is out for 32, dismissed by Shreyas Gopal. The lead: 98. Here's Ashwin Achal : Excellent bowling from Karnataka gives the home team a substantial innings lead. The Pacers kept it full, and spinner K. Gowtham extracted bounce to get the big wicket of Rinku Singh. It was all downhill for UP after Rinku fell.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Here's Amol :  Suved Parkar becomes the 12th Indian to score double on FC debut. He does it with a tap to long-off off Swapnil Singh. (375b, 17x4, 3x6)

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Meanwhile, at Alur Grounds, Suved Parkar is two runs away from his landmark. Here's Amol : Only 11 Indians - only one Mumbai batter - have scored a double hundred on FC debut. Suved Parkar is two runs shy of joining the elite club.


Bengal vs Jharkhand | Sudip Gharami has fallen! Here's Dhruva with the latest : Gharami is strangled down leg for 186. He doesn't look happy with the decision, however, and stares back at the umpire in disbelief for a long time.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Here's Amol : In the 17 overs since the resumption of play, Parkar and Mulani have added 52 runs to take Mumbai past the 500-run mark. Uttarakhand has been forced to play the waiting game. Parkar, meanwhile, is inching closer to converting his century on debut into a double hundred. He's batting on 189 (1363b, 16x4, 3x6).


Bengal vs Jharkhand | Here's Dhruva, with the latest from Just Cricket Academy : Sushant Mishra has troubled the batters with an inspired spell of short-pitched bowling after lunch. Manoj Tiwary, in particular, has looked uncomfortable. The ball has also started to turn a bit. Bengal 449/3.

Karnataka vs UP | Uttar Pradesh is collapsing like a pack of cards. The seventh wicket has fallen with just 92 on the board. Four wickets have fallen for 16 runs, and two of them have been taken by Ronit More.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | Gharami tucks the ball to the vacant square-leg region to pick up a single and move to 175. And a pull shot off Roy to deep midwicket get him four more. Not many people would have heard of Gharami in domestic cricket before this game, but he would certainly be more recognised now.

Punjab vs MP | Madhya Pradesh is into the 90s now. Mantri has reached his half-century, the first of his first-class career (this is his fourth match). The partnership between Mantri and Shubham Sharma is now worth 27.


Bengal vs Jharkhand | Abhishek Raman is out! Comes down the track, doesn't get to the pitch of the ball, the ball turns past him and he is stumped. The bowler probably dropped it short after seeing the batter step out. Here's our correspondent Dhruva : The batters were looking to crank up the tempo after Lunch and Abhishek Raman perished in the process. Stepped up to smash Anukul Roy but was beaten in flight and the 'keeper did the rest behind stumps. Bengal 421/3 in 126.4 overs.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | A fierce cut off a short, wide delivery from R. Shukla hands Gharami a boundary. He slashes the ball to pick up four runs through third man. Gharami moves to 161 with that stroke.

Karnataka vs UP | Play in the second session has begun at Alur, Bengaluru. Six runs were scored off the first over of the session. Garg has moved to 32, while Rinku has added a single run to his total to move to 17.


Bengal vs Uttarakhand | Here's Dhruva : Bengal 409/2 in 124 overs at Lunch on Day 2. Gharami was hit on the helmet by a throw from covers and looks a bit dazed from it. The runs seemed to have a dried a bit - 99 runs in 35 overs coming from the session.

Punjab vs Madhya Pradesh | Lalith: MP 70/1 in 35 overs - LUNCH. Mantri and Dubey's ultra-defensive approach blunted almost all of Punjab's bowlers this morning. It took them 29.4 overs to hit the first four and nearly walked into Lunch without the loss of a wicket. A timid shot, however, proved costly for Dubey right on the stroke of the break.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Amol : Suved Parkar and Sarfaraz Khan have made it yet another session for Mumbai. Despite Sarfaraz and Tare losing in quick succession towards the end, Mumbai is at a dominant 452/5 at lunch. Parkar 161* (309b, 13x4, 3x6).

Karnataka vs Uttar Pradesh |Ashwin : Lunch - Great bowling by Karnataka in the first session. Pacers kept it full and got some movement to get the edges. Priyam Garg looks good. He is the big wicket.


Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Amol : Aditya Tare wastes a golden opportunity to contribute with the bat. Tried nudging one to third-man off one that was too full. Agrim Tiwari gets him caught-behind. At a rare nelson of 444/5, crisis man Shams Mulani joins Parkar.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Sarfaraz is out! Here's Amol : An audacious sweep attempted by Sarfaraz off Mayank Mishra results in him being bowled for 153. That's his lowest score in FC after scoring a hundred. But he has done the job with a 267-run stand with Suved Parkar. 443/4, in walks Aditya Tare.

Bengal vs Uttarakhand | Here's Dhruva , with the latest from Just Cricket Academy, Bengaluru: Gharami keeps impressing. Get to 150 off 301 balls and has looked as calm and assured today as he did yesterday. Bengal 400/2 in 118 overs.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Here's Amol has to say - Suved Parkar hits leggie Negi for an inside-out four overs covers to raise his 150 and maintain his slender lead over Sarfaraz, who takes three more overs to reach the milestone with a reverse-sweep. The run-feast continues, Mumbai 436/3

Bengal vs Jharkhand | Here's Dhruva : Abhishek Raman, who retired hurt yesterday, comes back to get his 50 as Bengal heads towards Lunch in total control. Off-spinner Utkarsh Singh, who didn't get an over yesterday, has been drawing the aah and oohs since his introduction in the attack.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | Dhruva updates: Majumdar goes for 117. Edges to slip off Nadeem and Jharkhand breathes a sigh of relief. Bengal 375/2 in 110.3 overs. A bhishek Raman, who retired hurt yesterday, comes back to the middle.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Amol texts: With three consecutive fours off Swapnil - a cover drive and two sweeps - Sarfaraz has overtaken Suved Parkar's tally. Start of day: Suved was 104*, Sarfaraz 69*, 17 ovs later: Suved 124*, Sarfaraz 130*. Mumbai 387/3

Karnataka vs Uttar Pradesh |Ashwin : Two edges, two wickets. UP 10/2. What a start for Karnataka!


Bengal vs Jharkhand | Dhruva : Bengal 361/1 in 105 overs at Drinks. Nadeem draws the only false shot today - an outside edge off Gharami's bat that brushes the wicketkeeper's thigh before running away to the boundary.

Bengal vs Jharkhand | Dhruva : Synchronised clapping from the Jharkhand fielders and dugout to boost pacer Sushant Mishra's morale and keep the shoulders from drooping as Bengal brings up 350/1 in 103 overs.


Bengal vs Jharkhand | Dhruva : Anustup Majumdar gets to his hundred with a couple of fours after a bit of circumspection in the 90s. Holds a piece of paper to the Bengal dressing room which reads "Happy Birthday Pope Love You". Bengal 336/1 in 98 overs.

Karnataka vs Uttar Pradesh |Ashwin : Yash Dayal betrays the fast bowler's code by delivering a bouncer to tailender Kaverappa. Kaverappa fends, and lobs a catch to slip. Unacceptable in the 1980s, but par for the course in 2022.

Mumbai vs Uttarakhand | Amol tweets: 45 mins into the day's play, Sarfaraz Khan plays an upper cut off Akash Madhwal to burst into a wild celebration. Yet another innings, yet another hundred for the run-machine. 349/3. This is Sarfaraz's seventh FC hundred. And the lowest score in his previous 100-plus score is 155. Uttarakhand will be praying that he doesn't live up to the trend.

Karnataka vs Uttar Pradesh |Ashwin : Shreyas takes a single off the first ball of Yash Dayal over to get his fifty. In doing so, he exposed tailender Ronit More. UP and Dayal capitalise, removing More immediately.


Bengal vs Jharkhand | Dhruva : Gharami and Anustup resume from where they left off yesterday. Both get a boundary each on leg-side off a wayward Rahul Shukla. Bengal 321/1 in 92 overs.

Karnataka vs Uttar Pradesh | Not the start Karnataka would have wanted! Ashwin says, "Yet another batter, Vyshak this time, plays away from the body and pays the price. It's all down to Shreyas Gopal now. Karnataka will be happy to get 250 from here."

Bengal vs Jharkhand | Dhruva tweets: "Back to Just Cricket for Day 2. There were no showers last night and the pitch should continue to be a belter. Gharami double ton on the cards?"

Punjab vs Madhya Pradesh | Lalith has a weather update as we head into Day 2 action: "Conditions are cloudy, not as clear and bright as it was yesterday."


1. Bengal 310 for 1 in 89 overs (Gharami 106 batting, Majumdar 85 batting, Easwaran 65) v Jharkhand

2. Mumbai 304 for 3 in 86 overs (Parkar 104 batting, Sarfaraz Khan 69 batting, Jaffer 60) v Uttarakhand

3. Karnataka 213 for 7 in 72 overs (R. Samarth 57, Saurabh Kumar 4 for 67) v Uttar Pradesh

4. Madhya Pradesh 5 for 0 in 1 over trails Punjab 219 in 71.3 overs (Abhishek 47, Anmolpreet 47, Sanvir 41, Datey 3 for 48, Anubhav 3 for 36) by 214 runs.

After a lacklustre day with the bat, both Punjab and Karnataka will be keen to make amends with the ball today in their quarterfinal contests against Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, respectively.

Bengal and Mumbai, on the other hand, will plan to bat the whole day today as well. Anustup Majumdar is 15 away from his first ton this season in the Ranji Trophy. The closest he has come is against Chandigarh in Cuttack; he fell for 95 in the first innings.

How much longer will Suved Parkar and Sudip Gharami bat? Both scored sparkling centuries on day one and will continue their innings today.


Suved Parkar