India vs Australia Highlights, 3rd Test: Ashwin, Vihari heroics help India secure draw in thriller at SCG

Rishabh Pant, Cheteshwar Pujara, Hanuma Vihari and R Ashwin starred with the bat as India pulled off a remarkable draw, leaving the series locked at 1-1 ahead of the final Test in Brisbane.

Updated : Jan 11, 2021 23:06 IST

Ravichandran Ashwin of India receives medical attention after being struck by a short ball during day five of the third Test match against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Monday.
Ravichandran Ashwin of India receives medical attention after being struck by a short ball during day five of the third Test match against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Monday.

Ravichandran Ashwin of India receives medical attention after being struck by a short ball during day five of the third Test match against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Monday.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's Live Coverage of Day five of the third Test between Australia and India at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

India vs Australia Third Test Day 5 Scorecard

Match Drawn as both team shake hands.

What a fascinating Test match we had and what a fine show by Team India. Hanuma Vihari and R Ashwin batted 258 deliveries and blocked whatever was thrown at them and helped India draw the third Test as the series is now poised at 1-1.

Stat Alert: 131 overs is the most number of overs India have batted in the fourth innings of a Test since 1980.

India 334/5 after 131 overs: Final over of the day and what a performance this has been from Vihari and Ashwin. They will remember this for the rest of their lives. It's a match-winning performance.

India 324/5 after 129 overs: The 50-run partnership is up off 246 deliveries and what a match-saving stand this has been. 18 ball remaining and this match is set to end in a draw.


India 320/5 after 127 overs: Just five more overs and this Test will go down in the history of Indian cricket as one of the best fightback that Team India has staged. The Great Indian fightback with Pant and Pujara being the chief architects in the initial stage laying the foundation and Ashwin and Vihari finishing the job with great grit and determination. Partnership 48 off 236 deliveries. Fabulous.

India 319/5 after 123 overs: Dropped! Luck riding in India's way as Tim Paine puts down Vihari - his third drop of the day and Mitchell Starc can't believe it! Vihari survives, the Indian dressing room breathes easy and so does both batsmen in the middle.  

India 319/5 after 122 overs: Vihari gets some runs under his belt as he belts Cummins for two boundaries and what a massive play he has been played despite battling a hamstring inury. Not to forget Ashwin's role here. The duo has overcome almost everyting that has been thrown at them. Bit of chatter and banter between Ashwin and Paine and Australia still fighting with Lyon's relentless off-spin. But Ashwin and Vihari are determined to help India draw. 10 overs remaining in the day.

India 311/5 after 120 overs: Runs won't be an issue for Australia now. It will all be about how India defends from this position. Lyon's over sees two back-to-back unsuccessful appeals from Paine and Co. There was no review taken - Australia has only one of those in the bank. Cummins, meanwhile, returns. Ashwin gets a boundary from the 120th over. India now needs less than 100 to win.

India 305/5 after 117 overs: 300 comes up for India. Australia almost gets the wicket it has been looking for after Hazlewood bowls an inswinging yorker to Vihari. An inside edge ends up rolling down to backward square. The Aussies heave a collective sigh. Ashwin ends the 117th with a boundary as we head into the final hour of play on day five. Drinks are on the field now.

India 299/5 after 114 overs: Labuschagne is extracting sharp turn off the footmarks. Cries of "Vihari! Vihari!" and "Marnus! Marnus!" rent the Sydney air. This is now the longest India has batted in the fourth innings of a Test since 1980.

India 299/5 after 111 overs: Vihari and Ashwin's epic blockathon continues as India goes on with the fightback at SCG. What a game this is turning out to be! No runs off the last three overs.

India 299/5 after 108 overs: Frustration is creeping into the Australian side as Mitchell Starc throws the ball in the direction of the striker and an irritated Tim Paine vented out his anger on Hanuma Vihari while the batsman was adjusting his rib-guard. Meanwhile, Ashwin pockets two successive boundaries to move the scorecard.

India 290/5 after 105 overs: Brave batting from both Ashwin and Vihari and this is such a fabulous partnership although the runs don't exactly reveal the actual scenario. The duo has faced 101 deliveries and the chest-guards, arm-guards almost every protection is out with both Ashwin and Vihari giving everything they have. Evening session and India fighting for a draw.

India 284/5 after 100 overs: Hazlewood and Cummins are on fire as they are bombarding Ashwin with short stuff but credit to the India off-spinner for handling the short stuff either by ducking, swaying and sometimes taking a blow. He has played the hook but the ball has fallen safe and has also played the leg glance keeping the leg slip fielder busy. The Indians are bruised but are putting up a fight.

India 281/5 after 97 overs: Fiery start from Cummins but Ashwin does well to just not survive but takes a successful review. Cummins bangs the first delivery after Tea and the ball took off as Ashwin tried to fend it and the ball hit his arm-guard. Paine took an excellent catch by diving forward and was given Out but Ashwin review it straightaway and there was no glove involved. Copes another blow on the right shoulder, gets some treatment and gets going.

Right then we are back for the final session of play and out sprint the Australians. Ashwin and Vihari are out in the middle and it's a brave call by Vihari to walk out despite struggling with a hamstring injury. Win is out of equation and with five wickets in hand India will aim to salvage a draw.

Tea Day 5 India 280/5 | Needs 127 runs

Australia has come back strongly into the match with the wickets of Rishabh Pant and Cheteshwar Pujara. It has been Australia's session with Pant missing his century and Pujara's resistance being finally broken. Nathan Lyon got his man as after Pant dominated the spinner, the Aussie returned to dismiss the wicketkeeper-batsman and Hazlewood found a ball that breached Pujara's defence. Hanuma Vihari looked compact but is in lot of discomfort due to a hamstring and Ashwin has shown intent but is tentative. 36 overs are remaining in the final session and it would be nothing but historic if India can salvage a draw despite being plagued by injuries. Back in 20...

India 279/5 after 94 overs: An injured Vihari is holding up one end but the runs and boundaries have dried up significantly and Australia know it's a matter of time that they make further inroads. 

India 273/5 after 89 overs: Huge wicket and Hazlewood has further strengthened Australia's position by knocking out Pujara. Australia's tail is up as Pujara's resistance ends and with his dismissal, India's hopes take a plunge. Length delivery, angled in, straightens up after pitching, beats Pujara's defence and hits the off pole. Vihari and Ashwin have to bat their skin out to salvage a draw and with over 42 overs left it will be a tall task.

India 262/4 after 83 overs: Hat-trick of boundaries for Pujara and he has now taken over the mantle of scoring after the fall of Pant. Solid attacking strokeplay and Vihari should play the role of second fiddle and ensure India remain in hunt to gun down the total.

India 250/4 after 80 overs: Wicket Maiden - The GOAT has the last laugh as Lyon removes Pant, denies the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman a well-deserved century and Shane Warne on air calls it a 'shame' as Pant went for a glory shot to get to his hundred. Skipped down the track, couldn't get to the pitch of the ball and ended up slicing to backward point where Pat Cummins takes an excellent catch. End of an entertaining knock. 

India 246/3 after 78 overs: Pant continues to hammer Lyon as he skips doen the track and smokes the spinner over long-on despite a fielder being there and then with a boundary moves to 97 off just 117 balls.

India 227/3 after 76 overs: After Nathan Lyon concedes a single, Paine gives the ball to Green. Starc has, meanwhile, been rested for he will be leading the attack with the new ball. Pujara gets to his fifty with a boundary off 170 deliveries.

India 217/3 after 73 overs: Crucial 40-odd minutes before Australia takes the new ball. Ouch! Rishabh Pant has been hit on the helmet off a cunning bouncer from Mitchell Starc. A mandatory concussion test is underway but looks like he is fit to carry on. Pujara and Pant do not take any unnecessary risks even as they keep the scoreboard ticking. Pujara, meanwhile, has reached 6000 Test runs.

Lunch 206/3 after 70 overs | Needs 201 runs to win

Fantastic session by India and credit to Pant and Pujara for forging an unbeaten 104-run partnership and this has been a terrific fightback. Rahane departed early but Pant, being promoted up the order counter-attacked with Pujara dropping anchor. 108 runs were scored with loss of just one wicket and India needs to survive two more session but with Pant around, one cannot rule out a win! Another cracker of a session is coming up but don't rule out Australia as they are still ahead in the game.. Be back in 40...

India 202/3 after 68 overs: The 100-run stand between Pant and Pujara is up and the 200 is up for India as Pujara shimmers down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and whips through mid-wicket for a boundary. Sensational partnership and both batsmen have injected some hope in a tall run chase. Can they survive another two sessions is the question.

India 196/3 after 65 overs: Fabulous batting from Pant as he drills Cummins through the covers and moves into the 70s... Cummins is brought back into the attack and with just 15 minutes for the break, Australia in desperate need for a breakthrough. Crucial passage of play and both Pujara and Pant will aim to remain unbeaten.

India 178/3 after 61 overs: There is a set leg-side field for Pujara with a leg gully hivering around but the batsman has done well to find the gaps and take the singles. The partnership is worth 77 with Pant doing majority of the scoring but credit to Pujara for presenting a dead bat time and again with immense concentration. He has faced 115 deliveries for his 29 and with just over 30 minutes for Lunch, India will hope the duo remain unbeaten.

India 168/3 after 57 overs: Fifty for Pant! What a brilliant counter-attacking innings this has been from Pant. He came in at a very crucial time with India in trouble having lost Rahane and jojned hands with Pujara to take the attack to the opposition. Puts on the dancing shoes and smacks Lyon for back to back sixes - first over extra cover and then once again takes the aerial route and clears long-on. He then takes a single to reach his fifty in just 64 balls and the dressing room stands up to applaud. Top knock under pressure.

India 152/3 after 54 overs: Pant and Pujara are exhibiting two different styles of batting with the former, being promoted up the order, playing fearless cricket, especially taking on Australia's lead spinner. Pujara, meanwhile, is doing what he is best at - exhibiting solid defence and rotating the strike. The pair has looked comfortable after the fall of Rahane.

India 130/3 after 49 overs: Pant is having a go at Lyon as he first whacks the spinner over mid-on and then skips down the track to smoke high over long-on for a maximum. Pant and Pujara are building a stand and this will be the key one for India as Jadeja might not be able to bat. Pant is playing positive cricket and Pujara is bringing all his experience into play. 

India 115/3 after 45 overs: Hazlewood bowls a maiden and this is good bowling as he is sticking to the middle and off line but Pujara is up for the task, defending in solid fashion.

India 110/3 after 41 overs: Pujara has shown a lot of positive intent as he has dances down the track and smothered Lyon's spin, occasionally padding up deliveries that pose no harm for LBW. He is taking the odd single as Pant is off the mark and the wicketkeeper-batsman is looking in no discomfort.

India 102/3 after 36 overs: Gone! It took Nathan Lyon just three balls to remove the India skipper as Rahane departs to leave India in trouble. Lyon gets one to spin, Rahane tried to defend it but gets an inside edge and Matthew Wade takes a sharp catch at short leg. Australia needs another seven wickets.

India 99/2 after 35 overs: Cheteshwar Pujara is away with a single as he tucks Cummins to the leg side for a single before coping up a blow on his forearm. Rahane has faced just a single delivery, which he defends to the off side.

Australia needs eight wickets and India a massive 309 to win. Hello and welcome to Day 5 and it is all set up for a cracker of a day with Tim Paine clearly dictating terms.

STUMPS India 244 & 98/2 after 34 overs | Needs 309 runs to win

India top-order fights it out but Australia in command

Cheteshwar Pujara  was left to summon his trademark doggedness with skipper  Ajinkya Rahane  after  India  lost its openers in pursuit of an improbable 407 on the fourth day of the third Test against  Australia  in Sydney. It sets the stage for an intriguing final day in which the visiting team will primarily try to bat out three sessions.

Scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary

Having drawn flak for his 50 off 176 balls in the first innings, none would mind such an effort from India’s Test specialist after the visiting team finished the fourth day on 98 for 2, thanks largely to a 71-run opening partnership between Rohit Sharma (52) and  Shubman Gill  (31).

India set to play fourth Test in Brisbane

The fourth Test between India and Australia, scheduled to be held in Brisbane from January 15 to 19, is set to go ahead as planned. After almost a week of confusion, an agreement was reached between BCCI and CA on Sunday.

"We are all good to go. It is a win for cricket," said a CA insider, confirming the development. While media reports suggest BCCI has asked CA to ensure that the Indian contingent is out of the city as soon as the match ends (scheduled to conclude by January 19),  Sportstar  understands there has been no formal communication from the Indian cricket board yet.

Toss: Australia has won the toss and opted to bat first

Playing XI:

India:  Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara,  Ajinkya Rahane  (C), Hanuma Vihari, Rishabh Pant (WK), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini

Australia:  David Warner, Will Pucovski, Marnus Labuschagne, Steven Smith, Matthew Wade, Cameron Green,  Tim Paine  (C/WK), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood

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