India vs England HIGHLIGHTS, 3rd T20I: Suryakumar 117 in vain as ENG seals 17-run win to finish series 2-1

IND vs ENG LIVE Score, 3rd T20I: Get the score updates, commentary and highlights from the third T20I between India and England in Trent Bridge.

Suryakumar Yadav in action.

Suryakumar Yadav in action. | Photo Credit: GETTY IMAGES

IND vs ENG LIVE Score, 3rd T20I: Get the score updates, commentary and highlights from the third T20I between India and England in Trent Bridge.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the third T20I between India and England from Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Post Match presentation
Rohit Sharma: I thought it was a fantastic chase although we fell short. We are proud of the fight. Surya was magnificent to watch. I have been watching him for a while now. Loves this format, has wide range of shots. He has grown from strength to strength since we got him into the squad. They put us under pressure with their batting. Decent partnership put us on the back foot. You back yourself to get this score. We were clear in trying out guys if they can bowl 4 overs. We have things to work on as a group. Hope so. So far things are pretty good. We don’t want to sit on laurels. We want to get better every game. Today was a great learning for us to come out and bowl. And to bat as well. Games like this will teach you.
Jos Buttler: Good fun to play, fantastic game. I thought we had a slightly above-par score. Unbelievable innings from SKY. I thought Reece Topley bowled into the wicket and took pace off really well. It was pleasing to see Gleeson back up with another performance. CJ was good too. We are blessed with options. Lot of all-rounders in there as well. We bat deep. It was difficult decision but Mo was keen to bowl, selfless character. CJ has had a great series. Bowled some tough overs and he has looked in fantastic shape and got the rewards.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar | Player of the Series

Jos Buttler earns his first match as full-time limited-overs captain and snaps Rohit Sharma’s 19-match win streak as India skipper.

  • ⦿ 19.6 overs -WICKET! Jordan hits the off-stump with a fiery yorker and England seals a 17-run win. 19.5 overs - Two runs. Bishnoi lofts the ball over cover for two runs. 19.4 overs - OUT! Harshal scoops another low full-toss straight to short fine-leg. Harshal Patel c Gleeson b Jordan 5 (6b 1x4)
  • ⦿ 19.3 overs - No run. Jordan fires one straight into the blockhole. 19.2 overs - No run. Harshal hits the low full toss towards mid-wicket but does not take the run.
  • ⦿ 19.1 overs - 1 run. Avesh hits a low full-toss down the ground for a single.

Chris Jordan up with the new ball. India needs 21 off six.

IND 195/7 in 19 overs

Moeen Ali into the attack. He starts off with a wide delivery outside the off-stump. Moeen keeps it wide on off once again and SKY lobs the ball over point for another FOUR. In the slot and Suryakumar smokes the ball over long-on for SIX! Another wide. Just the start the Indians wanted. Short and Suryakumar drives it through point for another FOUR. Moeen drags it outside off and Suryakumar miscues the lofted stroke straight to the long-off fielder. Agony for SKY and India. Short ball to finish and Harshal hoicks it away for FOUR runs. India needs 21 runs in the final over. Suryakumar Yadav c Salt b Ali 117 (55b 14x4 6x6)

IND 175/6 in 18 overs

Gleeson offers a full toss and Jadeja whacks it over the bowler for a SIX. Gleeson to Jadeja, OUT! Jadeja attempts to sweep a fuller delivery but the ball skids through to hit the pads in front. India reviews but loses it as the replay suggests three reds. Harshal Patel is the new batter. He gets a single to get SKY back on strike. Suryakumar retains strike with a single off the last ball. Ravindra Jadeja lbw b Gleeson 7 (4b 0x4 1x6)

IND 167/5 in 17 overs

Willey hits the slot and Karthik slaps the ball over extra cover for FOUR. A single to follow. Willow slips one across the length and Suryakumar glides it down thrid for FOUR to reach his maiden T20I hundred - the fifth Indian to the mark! Suryakumar lobs one ball over the bowler for a single. Willey to Karthik, OUT! DK is trapped in front and the reviews deem him out. Ravindra Jadeja joins Suryakumar.

IND 155/4 in 16 overs

Topley is back. Iyer attempts to shuffle across but Topley follows him with a slower bouncer. Iyer fails to put it past Buttler and handles a simple catch. Dinesh Karthik walks in at 6. Topley cuts past Karthik’s wafting blade with a quicker delivery. Karthik gets off strike with a single. A hint of room on offer and SKY glides it past third for FOUR. He moves onto 97!Shreyas Iyer c †Buttler b Topley 28 (23b 0x4 2x6)

IND 150/3 in 15 overs

Jordan strays to the pads and Suryakumar paddles it down leg for FOUR. Jordan attacks the stumps and SKY moves to the on-side off the last second to cream the ball over extra cover for another FOUR! This is some onslaught by India’s No.4! Jordan fires it in and Suryakumar manages to power it over square with another fierce strike for SIX!

IND 132/3 in 14 overs

Gleeson returns. Iyer drives through square for a single. A hint of room on offer and Suryakumar slices the ball with sheer nonchalance over backward point for SIX. How does he do that? Gleeson tucks him up with a short ball and he pulls it to square for a single before Iyer promptly returns him to strike. Slower-ball onto the pads and Surya laps it past Buttler for another FOUR. 100-run partnership up for Suryakumar and Shreyas.

IND 117/3 in 13 overs

Livingstone’s back and SKY greets him with a belligerent paddle-scoop for SIX and India moves past 100. He follows up with a single to long-off. Livingstone tosses one up and Iyer gleefully dances down and wallops it over long-on for SIX. Livingstone oversteps as Iyer gets off strike with a single. FREE HIT coming up... Short ball and SKY hammers it over the mid-wicket stands for SIX!

IND 96/3 in 12 overs

FIFTY for Suryakumar Yadav! This has been some knock out in Nottingham. However, Topley maintains a tight channel of attack to the batters and only concedes five runs from the over.

IND 91/3 in 11 overs

Jordan hits the blockhole twice. The batters exchange strike with a couple of singles as the asking rate continues to climb. A bit of flair on display as SKY thumps Jordan over long-off for a cracking FOUR.

IND 82/3 in 10 overs

Moeen Ali replaces Jordan. A full-toss from Moeen and Iyer smashes it over deep mid-wicket for SIX. A couple of runs to follow with Surya and Iyer taking a single apiece.

IND 71/3 in 9 overs

Liam Livingstone into the attack. Suryakumar unleashes another fierce cut for FOUR. Short and sliding in but Surya laps the ball over fine leg for FOUR. Suryakumar on fire! He slots a fuller bull with a cracking drag through mid-wicket past wide long-on for another FOUR!

IND 56/3 in 8 overs

FIFTY up for India as Suryakumar pushes Jordan through point for a single. Jordan drops short and Suryakumar waltzes the ball over extra cover for another FOUR.

IND 49/3 in 7 overs

Willey offers a hint of room and Suryakumar pounces on it and cuts it fine for FOUR. Willey attempts to tuck the batter but SKY’s magical wrists manoeuvre the ball over backward square leg for SIX!

IND 34/3 in 6 overs

Iyer and Suryakumar find their feet and Gleeson steams through another tight over. Just the three off it.

IND 31/3 in 5 overs

Change of ends for Topley. He goes full and Rohit quickly shuffles to the on-side and pumps the ball over extra cover for FOUR. Topley slides it in and Rohit flicks it past backward square off one hand for FOUR! Topley to Rohit, OUT! Gone this time! Topley cramps up Rohit with a shorter delivery and he pulls it straight to the deep mid-wicket fielder. India’s chase has fallen into complete disarray. Rohit Sharma c Salt b Topley 11 (12b 2x4)

IND 20/2 in 4 overs

Gleeson runs through an almost perfect over, cramping up Suryakumar Yadav with a slew of sharp deliveries. Surya ensures a good finish as he carves a full toss through point for FOUR.

Richard Gleeson into the attack

IND 14/2 in 3 overs
Frame it! Virat Kohli at his absolute best.

Frame it! Virat Kohli at his absolute best. | Photo Credit: Dan Mullan

Willey negates Kohli with a sharp delivery that swings in. Kohli aims to take charge by stepping out but the ball moves in straight to crash into the bottom of his bat. Flicked away in style! Kohli finds FOUR with a nonchalant whip off the pads. Glorious, Kohli delights Trent Bridge with an inch-perfect lofted straight drive for SIX! Will tonight be the night? Uh, oh! Kohli HOLES out straight to cover. What a cascade of events as Kohli aims to stamp his authority over the bowler. An uncharacteristic drag through cover falls straight to Jason Roy and Kohli’s misery continues. Virat Kohli c Roy b Willey 11 (6b 1x4 1x6)

IND 3/1 in 2 overs

Topley rushes one in and Pant aims to heave across but seems to have gotten a faint edge to Buttler. The fielders go up in unison and India fails to review with Pant and Rohit running out of time. Early jolt for the Indians as Virat Kohli walks in at 3. He’s off the blocks with a single through mid-wicket. Rohit attempts to pull a short delivery and nearly miscues it straight to short mid-wicket.

Rishabh Pant c †Buttler b Topley 1 (5b)

Reece Topley from the opposite end

IND 2/0 in 1 over

Rohit gets off the mark with a drive through cover for a single first ball. A hint of shape away from Pant for Willey. Pant pushes the ball straight to the point fielder. Willey cramps Pant who works the ball down to deep square leg for a single. A dot to finish, excellent start for England.

Back for the chase. Rohit and Pant are out at the centre. David Willey takes the new ball.

The highest total India has ever chased down successfully in T20I 211 against in Sri Lanka in 2009.

ENG 215 for 7 in 20 overs

Umran starts with a wide. Livingstone drills the ball down to long-off and finds two runs as Kohli is uncharacteristically slow to reach the ball. Umran slides the ball to the pads and Livingstone flicks it fine for two runs. Livingstone attempts a flick over mid-wicket but is beaten by Umran’s pace. FOUR more as Umran’s fuller delivery gets an inside-edge off Jordan past short fine leg. Umran tosses full and wide, and Jordan flays it over cover for SIX. A single to finish and England ends at 215/7 - their highest T20I total against England as Jordan is run out while attempting two runs off the final ball.

ENG 198/6 in 19 overs

Slower-bouncer from Harshal and Livingstone mistimes the pull straight to Kohli at deep mid-wicket but he spills an absolute sitter. A possibly needless jump from Kohli to collect the ball and he fumbles as he touches the ground. Harshal follows up with a slower-ball on the full and Brook waits to loft it over mid-off for FOUR. Harshal to Brook, OUT! Harshal rushes Brook with a slower-bouncer and he sends it straight to Bishnoi who completes a fine catch running in from backward square.

Harry Brook c Ravi Bishnoi b Patel 19 (9b 3x4)

ENG 190/5 in 18 overs

Harry Brook is off the mark in style as he pulls Avesh through mid-wicket for FOUR. Avesh attempts to hit the wide blockhole but Brook shuffles across to scoop the ball past short-third for another FOUR and it is a no-ball. Just the single off the free hit. Avesh sends in another low full-toss and Livingstone pumps it over cover for SIX!

ENG 169/5 in 17 overs

Bold call from Rohit to bring Bishnoi at the death. He beats Livingstone with another skidder outside the off-stump. Bishnoi rushes Livingstone with another quicker delivery to the pads, he gets across with a leg bye. Bishnoi to Malan, OUT! Malan sends a top-edge straight up and Pant completes a safe catch. The skipper’s punt has paid off and Malan’s excellent haul in the middle has come to an end. Livingstone gets a single and gets the new batter Moeen Ali on strike. Bishnoi to Moeen, OUT! Moeen departs first ball! Bishnoi darts in another wrong’un that races across the turf and clips the outside-edge. The ball lobs up straight to Harshal at short-third and India has put some brakes on the scoring rate with two crucial wickets. Dawid Malan c †Pant b Ravi Bishnoi 77 (39b 6x4 5x6); Moeen Ali c Patel b Ravi Bishnoi 0 (1b)

ENG 167/3 in 16 overs

Harshal continues to tease the batters with a slew of slower balls. Harshal pumps one short and Livingstone easily swats it over backward square for SIX. Full toss and Livingstone crunches it over backward square-leg for another SIX!

ENG 150/3 in 15 overs

Jadeja feeds length and Malan sets himself well for a huge SIX down the ground. Malan gets a single through to long-off. Jadeja cramps Livingstone with a quick slider.

ENG 142/3 in 14 overs

In the slot and Livingstone waltzes the ball over mid-wicket for a massive SIX. Avesh cuts down on pace as he slides the ball in and Livingstone collects two runs with a flick down to fine leg. Malan attempts to lift Avesh across the line but an outside-edge parries over the short-third fielder for two. Low full-toss into the pads and Malan pummels it over wide long-on for SIX.

Avesh Khan returns

ENG 125/3 in 13 overs

Umran returns. He comes around the wicket to Malan and starts off with a sharp delivery in the blackhole. FIFTY for Dawid Malan as he drives the ball through point for two runs. Umran pumps one short and Malan slaps it over long-on for FOUR. Umran sprays one outside the off-stump and Malan lifts it gloriously over point for SIX! This is top-draw stuff from the left-hander as Umran wavers in length once again.

ENG 111/3 in 12 overs

Jadeja begins with a short delivery outside the off-stump and Malan duly crunches the ball through extra-cover for FOUR. Jadeja slides one to the pads and Malan flicks it over mid-wicket for SIX! A single to follow. Livingstone is happy to return the strike. Malan swings once again across the line but only gets a single this time.

ENG 98/3 in 11 overs

Malan shuffles across the off-stump to sweep Bishnoi over backward square-leg for FOUR. Bishnoi wafts one in low onto Malan’s pads and gets off strike with a single through mid-on.

ENG 86/3 in 10 overs

Harshal to Salt, OUT! A pearler from Harshal Patel. Sends in the slower in-dipper that foxes Salt altogether to hit the stumps. Harshal roars in delight and India has struck back once again at the right time. Livingstone in at 5. He gets off the mark with a single.

Phil Salt b Patel 8 (6b 1x4)

ENG 82/2 in 9 overs

Jaddu is back. Jadeja errs in length and Malan swats the ball handsomely over mid-wicket for SIX. Salt and Malan keep themselves busy with some excellent running. 11 runs from it.

ENG 71/2 in 8 overs

Umran Malik returns. Umran to Roy, OUT! Umran hits the deck hard and gets a hint of shape to nick one off Roy’s outside-edge to Pant. A massive breakthrough for the youngster who was under a bit of pressure after his first over. Phil Salt in at 4. He gets off the mark in style with a glorious drive down the ground for FOUR off the first ball. Umran continues to push deliveries on length and Salt nearly chips one straight to mid-off for a single. Short from Umran and Malan hammers it over mid-wicket for FOUR. Umran continues to fiddle with his lines and gets punished once again.

Jason Roy c †Pant b Umran Malik 27 (26b 1x4 2x6)

ENG 61/1 in 7 overs

Bishnoi returns. Roy attempts a reverse-sweep and sends the ball to deep point for a single. Bishnoi darts across the line and Malan rocks back to drive the ball through cover. Kohli gives chase for the ball in the deep and fails to collect the ball neatly to concede FOUR runs.

ENG 52/1 in 6 overs

In the air and Malan manages to power a loose delivery off Harshal over point for FOUR. DROPPED! Harshal sets up Malan with a slower-ball and Malan lobs it straight back to the bowler who drops a sitter. Malan works one through leg and finds two runs to bring up England’s FIFTY. Harshal draws Malan to another aerial chip through cover and this time the ball is well away from harm’s length.

Harshal Patel replaces Avesh Khan

ENG 43/1 in 5 overs

Jadeja loops one into the slot and Roy goes big down town: a massive SIX over the sightscreens off the first ball. Jadeja drops a hint short and Roy checks his drive to cover. Short once again and Roy slaps it over mid-wicket for FOUR.

Ravindra Jadeja into the attack

ENG 32/1 in 4 overs

Avesh hits length and Buttler aims to loft it over the long-offfence but fails to get the desired timing on it and sneaks in three runs. A leg bye off Roy gets Buttler back on strike. Avesh to Buttler, OUT! The skipper drags one on. Avesh finds his reward for some tight bowling in the channel. Dawid Malan in at 3. Malan attempts a rash heave across the line first ball and gets an inside-edge back onto his pads. Jos Buttler b Avesh Khan 18 (9b 2x4 1x6)

Change of ends for Avesh Khan.

ENG 27/0 in 3 overs

Bishnoi starts with a skidder that beats Roy’s attempted slice. Bishnoi drops a tad short and this time Buttler attempts to cut past point but an excellent dive from Jadeja denies a boundary. A single to follow. Bishnoi drops one in the slot and Roy unleashes an excellent slog-sweep for SIX.

Ravi Bishnoi replaces Avesh Khan

ENG 19/0 in 2 overs

Umran begins with a short delivery outside the off-stump and Buttler neatly pushes it through point for FOUR. Umran follows up with a sharp delivery that whiffs past Buttler’s hanging outside edge. Another seething delivery off the length and the ball thuds into Buttler who misses the whip off his hips. He gets off strike with a leg bye and Roy works another single. Short ball and Buttler slaps it over deep mid-wicket for a stylish SIX. Umran feeds in the slot and Buttler powers it through extra cover for another FOUR.

Umran Malik into the attack from the opposite end.

ENG 2/0 in 1 over

Avesh begins with a tight length delivery that moves in to Roy who advances to push the ball towards mid-on. Avesh cramps up Roy once again and he nearly chips it straight to mid-wicket. A quick bouncer to follow and Roy controls his pull to get two runs across mid-wicket. Roy steps out to slam through point but misses another quicker delivery off the length. A dot to finish. Excellent start here for India and Avesh once again.

Action begins. Jos Buttler and Jason Roy open for England. Avesh Khan takes the new ball.

TOSS: England wins the toss, opts to bat

Playing XI
England XI: Jason Roy, Jos Buttler (c) (wk), Dawid Malan, Liam Livingstone, Harry Brook, Moeen Ali, Phil Salt, David Willey, Chris Jordan, Richard Gleeson, Reece Topley.
India XI: Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant (wk), Shreyas Iyer, Dinesh Karthik, Ravindra Jadeja, Harshal Patel, Avesh Khan, Umran Malik, Ravi Bishnoi
Captains speak
Rohit Sharma - We would have fielded first. Had batted first twice, wanted to chase at least once. Four changes for us - Ravi Bishnoi, Avesh Khan, Umran Malik and Shreyas Iyer are in. They replace Bhuvi, Bumrah, Chahal and Hardik. We don’t want to miss out on the winning confidence, but there are a few things we want to have a look at before the World Cup, so the changes. We’re excited for Umran, want to wish him the best and give him confidence.
Jos Buttler - We will bat first. Just looking for a change-up, looks like a great wicket. Two changes - Reece Topley and Phil Salt are in, Salt will bat at 4. Parkinson and Curran miss out. Looks like a brilliant surface, there is still a lot of confidence in the side.

Right, it’s toss time. Rohit Sharma and Jos Buttler are out at the middle.

TOSS at 6:30PM IST. Stay tuned..


India captain Rohit Sharma is happy that his team is “moving in the right direction” and ticking all the right boxes but doesn’t want complacency to creep in with just three months left for the T20 World Cup in Australia.

India has won fourth consecutive series under Rohit’s captaincy and with an aggressive batting and bowling approach on display in powerplay, it has crushed England by 50 and 49 runs respectively in the first two games of the three-match T20I series.

“We are moving in the right direction and ticking the right boxes,” a happy Rohit said at the post-match presentation ceremony when asked about how he is feeling with the mega-event just months away.

However he had a note of caution for his men.

“The only red flag I see is we can’t get carried away,” he said.

The skipper was all praise for his team’s approach in the powerplay both with bat and ball.

“We do understand the importance of the powerplay, whether we bat or bowl. Our powerplay in both games was superb and want to give guys confidence to continue,” he said.

For the India skipper, 170 on this Edgbaston track was a par-score.

“Was good to finish on a score we thought was par on that surface,” Rohit said. Winning is a nice feeling but for Rohit, the more important aspect was how to carry the momentum.

“When you win games, it’s always nice. The group is also confident, which is very important. We will look to continue and focus on what lies ahead. Wanted to see how we do after a win and will look to challenge us as a group,” he said.

Beating England in England isn’t easiest of propositions but India have now beaten the home team in four T20I series (two in India and two in England).

“We all know how good they (England) are wherever they go, not just in England. We were clear what we wanted to do.” Under Rohit, Ravindra Jadeja has been used more as a batter who can bowl and the Saurashtra all-rounder has adopted to his new role like a fish to water.

“Brilliant knock under pressure (from Jadeja) and Jadeja with his experience of the hundred in this ground was calm and collective. At no point, we were feeling he was panicking. We do want to give the guys sitting on the bench some chance and will go and discuss with the coach.”

Disappointing first T20I series as full-time captain for Buttler

England captain Buttler had no hesitation in admitting that it was disappointing for his team, having conceded the series with a match to go.

“Very disappointing,” he said.

“We didn’t play anywhere well we wanted and deserved to lose. Any time you lose three wickets in the powerplay it is hard to catch up.” He lavished praise on 34-year-old debutant Richard Gleeson.

“Not just the wickets but the guys he got out, overall a fantastic debut. He has bowled fantastically well. CJ (Chris Jordan) always bowls the pressure overs and the figures can sometimes cloud what he’s doing.” Buttler said that the analysis will happen some time later as the last game is on Sunday.

“We don’t have much time to reflect on it as the next game is tomorrow,” he said.

India vs England, 3rd T20I PREDICTED XI

India XI: Rohit Sharma (capt), Rishabh Pant(w), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Umran Malik, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Jason Roy, Jos Buttler(w/c), Dawid Malan, Moeen Ali, Liam Livingstone, Harry Brook, Sam Curran, Chris Jordan, Tymal Mills, Reece Topley, Matthew Parkinson

IND vs ENG Dream11 prediction
Wicketkeeper – Rishabh Pant, Jos Buttler Batters – Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, Dawid Malan All-rounders – Hardik Pandya (c), Ravindra Jadeja Bowlers – Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Chris Jordan, Richard Gleeson Team Composition: ENG 4:7 IND Credits left: 2.5
The third T20I between India and England will be aired live on the Sony Six at 7:00 pm IST. The online live streaming will be available on Sony LIV.
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