India vs New Zealand 2nd Test Day 2 highlights: Mayank, bowlers shine as host takes commanding lead

India vs New Zealand Live Score: Get the live cricket score updates for NZ vs IND 2nd test Day 2 and live streaming updates from the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.


Cheteshwar Pujara in action.   -  SPORTZPICS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE coverage of Day 2 of the 2nd Test match between India and New Zealand from the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Play called off because of bad light. A day of complete domination for India. Historic moment for Ajaz Patel, who became the third bowler in Test history to pick 10 wickets in an innings. But the joy of the rare feat was followed by a harrowing batting display from his teammates, which saw NZ fold for a paltry 62. India chose not to enforce follow-on. In their second innings, India are 69/0, and lead NZ by a whopping 332 runs. Ajaz was the pick of the bowlers for NZ, by a country mile. He had little support from his teammates.  Mayank and Pujara will look to pile on the misery come day 3. That would be all from our side for today. See you tomorrow. Good night.

NZ's 62 all-out takes shine off Ajaz's perfect 10


IND 69/0 in 21 overs: Somerville. Pujara on strike. Gets a single first ball. Mayank, meanwhile, steps out to the spinner again and hits him down the ground for four. Utter domination from India. Six runs from the over.

IND 63/0 in 20 overs: Rachin Ravindra into the attack. Mayank gets a thick outside edge for four. Just four from it.

Mayank getting some treatment from physio Nitin Patel. Meanwhile, Somerville having a chat with Ajaz.


IND 59/0 in 19 overs: Somerville into the attack. Mayank on strike. A brace and a single from that over.

IND 56/0 in 18 overs: Patel wheels on. An update on Gill: Shubman Gill suffered a blow to his right elbow while fielding in the first innings. He has not recovered completely and hence not taken the field as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile, three singles from that over.

IND 53/0 in 17 overs: Jamieson. Field is set for the leg side ploy. Pujara on strike. Couple of harmless short balls to Pujara first up. He comes round the wicket and cramps up Pujara for room. He dabs the short ball to gully for no run. Next ball, Pujara trying to pick the gap, almost holes out to the man at gully. 2 leg byes to finish. With a leg gully in place, Jamieson goes short and Pujara gloves it between Blundell and gully. Ajaz Patel with a brilliant dive at fine-leg, saves two for his team.

IND 51/0 in 16 overs: Patel, the marathon man, continues. Surely, the other spinners need to chip in as well. Pujara on strike. Slip and short leg in place. Four dots later, Pujara collects a single. Mayank defends the last ball.


IND 50/0 in 15 overs: Jamieson. Five fielders on the on side for Mayank with a leg slip. Meanwhile, replays show there was no bat Pujara was struck in line on that last ball. Had NZ reviewed, Pujara was a goner. Meanwhile, after fending off a short ball, Mayank brings out an authoritative pull shot and gets four. 50 partnership up. Dot to finish.

IND 46/0 in 14 overs: Mayank steps out and launches Patel over deep extra for four. No fielder there. A single each to Mayank and Pujara. Pujara is struck on the pads off the last ball - looking for turn Pujara but there was none. Stifled appeal for lbw, out of desperate hope more than anything else. India lead by 309 runs.

IND 39/0 in 13 overs: Jamieson continues. Two dots and a single first up. Jamieson has used the short ball vs Mayank in this spell Now with Pujara on strike, there is a leg slip in place - a ploy used rather successfully by Australia earlier this year. Couple of dots to finish.

IND 38/0 in 12 overs: Ajaz continues. Flicked away by Pujara for a single at square leg. Mayank caresses through cover for one more. SIX! Pujara pulls Ajaz over mid wicket and all the way over the rope.

IND 30/0 in 11 overs: Change in bowling. Jamieson replaces Southee. Mayank on strike. Starts with a well-directed short ball and Mayank climbs the bounce and fends it back on the pitch. Three dots to start a new spell. It has been a tidy over so far. No swing. Mayank resolute in defence. Shoulders arms to the final ball. Maiden.

IND 30/0 in 10 overs: Patel to Pujara, took the outside edge and Pujara ran a single. Mayank's turn to take a quick single. Pujara defends the last ball. India lead by 293.

IND 28/0 in 9 overs: Southee to Mayank, short, pulled away for a single. Southee to Pujara, defended back to the bowler. Pujara pulls a short ball towards square leg and gets a single. Mayank defends the last ball watchfully.

IND 26/0 in 8 overs: Patel continues. Pujara on strike. After two dots, he works one around the corner for a single. Mayank hits one just over the top of a leaping Ajaz and collects a single off the last ball.

IND 24/0 in 7 overs: Southee to continue. Agarwal on strike. He has been disciplined so far. Patel going at four an over - could just be the workload taking a toll. Not much swing on offer but Southee has been bang on with his line and length so far. He concedes a boundary off his last ball as Agarwal drives one through covers. That should have been stopped though - poor fielding from Jamieson at extra cover.

IND 20/0 in 6 overs: Pujara using this second opportunity to get some valuable runs under his belt before the SA tour. Patel tosses one up, fuller, Pujara dances down and scythes a scorching drive through covers for four. Four from that over. India leads by 283 runs.

IND 16/0 in 5 overs: Southee strays on Pujara's pads and is clipped away for a couple. Goes short and Pujara pulls it behind square for a single. Just three from the over.

IND 13/0 in 4 overs: Patel. Short leg and slip in place for Agarwal. After defending the first three, Agarwal is struck on the pads. Stifled appeal for lbw but the ball was sliding down leg. Maiden over.

IND 13/0 in 3 overs: Southee. He has kept it tight this over. In the channel pretty much throughout before bowling on the pads and allowing Agarwal to take a single off the last ball.

IND 12/0 in 2 overs: Ajaz from the other end with the new ball. FOUR! Pujara shuffles across the stumps and turns it behind for a boundary. FOUR! Another boundary for Pujara. Room on the off and Pujara backs away a little and cuts it past point to the boundary.

IND 4/0 in 1 over: Southee to Mayank. Southee bowls a tight line only to give away a four on the last ball of the over. He strayed on the pads to Mayank and he flicked it behind.

Kohli has decided against enforcing the follow-on and India bats again. A change in the batting line-up as Mayank and Pujara open the innings for India. Gill had left the field earlier in the day after being hit while fielding at short mid wicket.



NZ 62/10 in 28.1 overs: OUT! Axar to bowl. Jamieson gets an outside edge trying to slog a full one across the line and a stunning catch at silly point. NZ reviews but technology confirms a clear spike. This is New Zealand's lowest score against India in Tests.

NZ 62/9 in 28 overs: Good flight from Ashwin and he keeps it straight to Jamieson. But he is probably spinning it too much for being given LBW. Somerville steps forward to smother the spin and he has now faced 25 balls without scoring. OUT! Goes next ball. He was probably getting frustrated. Full on off and drags it to mid on trying to slog. The man of the moment Ajaz Patel is in. NZ still needs 64 runs to avoid follow-on.

NZ 61/8 in 27 overs: Axar again from the other end. Some surprise bounce there for him a god length ball rises up to go off the shoulder ofJamieson's blade. Just a single for him.

NZ 60/8 in 26 overs: Ashwin continues. Somerville on strike. Six dots. Just the second maiden for Ashwin in this innings.

NZ 60/8 in 25 overs: Here's Patel. Jamieson on strike. Maiden from Axar. Jamieson has looked comfortable so far. Time for Siraj to have another crack?

NZ 60/8 in 24 overs: Beaten! Somerville is beaten trying to cut it at point. Ashwin spins it away from his legs and Saha completes an athletic stumping...or that's what the Indians thought. Replay confirms the bat was grounded.

NZ 59/8 in 23 overs: FOUR! Jamieson goes deep in the crease and cuts is past point to the boundary. Five from the Axar over.

NZ 55/8 in 22 overs: Ashwin continues to turn the ball in from over the stumps to th right-handers and just a single from the over.

NZ 54/8 in 21 overs: Just a single from Axar's over and New Zealand still needs 72 runs to avoid follow on.

NZ 53/8 in 20 overs: OUT! Ashwin gets his second wicket and Blundell departs. Slightly full from Ashwin and it comes into Blundell. He moves across the stumps to play on the on side and gets an inside edge to leg slip. Southee is the new man in. OUT! He doesn't last and falls on the second ball of his innings. Ashwin tosses it up to Southee and it angles in from outside off. He goes forward to defend and gloves it to forward short leg.

NZ 52/6 in 19 overs: DROPPED! Gill drops Blundell at short mid wicket. And it turns out to be a no ball by Jayant. FOUR! Blundell pulls a short one to the square leg boundary. Gill seems to have hurt himself and is walking off the field and in comes Suryakumar Yadav as subsitute. FOUR! Jamieson goes back and works this to the mid wicket boundary.

NZ 40/6 in 18 overs: Ashwin from the other end. Beaten all ends up! Sharp turn from outside off into Jamieson and he misses. The batters didn't look comfortable at all in that over.

NZ 39/6 in 17 overs: Back for the third and final session of the day. Jayant will complete his over. Jamieson clips it away to mid wicket for a single and he is off the mark.

- TEA BREAK - NZ 38/6 in 16.4 overs

RECAP: What a session this has been for India. Ajaz Patel grabbed all 10 in the first innings. But it's been India all the way since. Md. Siraj came up with an exhilarating spell of fast bowling to pick up three for 19 in his spell. All three spinners got a wicket each to leave New Zealand reeling. They are trailing by 287 runs. Back with the final session shortly.

Jayant Yadav into the attack. Beats Ravindra straightaway. GONE! Jayant Yadav picks up his first - Ravindra is caught by Kohli at slip! That's tea.

NZ 38/5 in 16 overs:Ashwin continues. Rachin Ravindra on strike. Rachin collects two off the third ball. He collects a risky single next ball. Blundell keeps out the rest of the balls.

NZ 35/5 in 15 overs: Blundell off the mark with a couple of runs off Axar. Ravindra opens his account with a single. Dot to finish. 4 from the over.

NZ 31/5 in 14 overs: Ashwin strikes with his first ball! Nicholls is clean bowled. That one came in with the angle. Nicholls played for turn and misses it. A slip, silly-point and a gully in place. Rachin Ravindra is in next. Plays out the remaining balls safely.

NZ 31/4 in 13 overs:Patel continues. Nicholls on strike. Saha with some def glovework. Nicholls miscues a slog-sweep, hares back for a second. Review for a run-out but Nicholls is safe. Next ball, Gill cops one on the forearm at short leg. He is in pain. Nicholls swung hard at that one. Gill is off the field. Nicholls takes a quick single off the last ball. Suryakumar Yadav will sub for Gill.

NZ 28/4 in 12 overs: Umesh. Nicholls on strike. Two slips and a gully for Nicholls. He has defended well so far. Gets a single at last. 1 leg bye. Blundell on strike for the last ball. An appeal for caught behind off the last ball. Not given - Kohli deliberates but decides against a review.

NZ 27/4 in 11 overs: Axar Patel continues. Blundell on strike. It's as much a test of technique as it is of patience for both these batters. The ball's turning big and the odd one is going in straight. Another maiden. Can India get a fifth before tea?

NZ 27/4 in 10 overs: Umesh Yadav replaces Siraj. Nicholls on strike. Three dots first up. NZ under tremendous pressure. A maiden.

NZ 27/4 in 9 overs: Blundell comes to the crease. Men at catching positions crowding him. Blundell keeps out the remaining balls.


Mitchell has been given out lbw again! This time off Axar. He reviews again. It's three reds and NZ lose another one!

NZ 27/3 in 8 overs: Siraj continues. Mitchell on strike. Siraj is cranking up good pace - nearly 140 clicks an hour. Mitchell takes a quick single off the third ball - Iyer tries to get Mitchell run out at the non-striker's end but ends up conceding 5 overthrows. Meanwhile, Siraj gets a warning for running on the danger area. Siraj bowling with a scrambled seam right now. Good bouncer to finish.

NZ 22/3 in 7 overs: Here's Axar. Mitchell on strike. Gets a single. Nicholls keeps out the remaining balls. There was a short leg, slip and backward short in place.

NZ 21/3 in 6 overs: GONE! Siraj cleans up Taylor first ball. That was a peach. Angling in at off stump, and straightens away late to crash into stumps. Lbw appeal against Nicholls next ball - given not out but India review. Pitched outside leg - India lose a review. Misses the hat-trick. Nicholls carves one away over the slips for four. Dot to finish. Siraj so far: 3-0-14-3

NZ 17/2 in 5 overs: Umesh. Taylor has joined Mitchell. Mitchell on strike. He has been given out lbw. Mitchell reviews. Good call - the ball's sailing over the stumps. Mitchell survives. Just two from the over.

NZ 15/2 in 4 overs: GONE! Siraj gets Young. Edged and taken by Virat Kohli at second slip. Daryl Mitchell off the mark with a single. Latham drives down the ground on the rise and gets four. Beautiful shot. GONE! The short ball ploy works as Latham pulls one straight down Shreyas Iyer's throat at deep square.

NZ 10/0 in 3 overs: Umesh continues. Latham on strike. Three slips in place. Latham collects a streaky boundary off the last ball. The outside edge flew past the slip cordon.

NZ 6/0 in 2 overs: Siraj from the other end. Latham clips to mid wicket for a single. Young takes one on his wrist while running to the striker's end and the physio is out with the spray. He looks in pain but he will continue. FOUR! First boundary of the inning. Pitched up on middle stump and Young flicks it to the square leg boundary. Correct his length next ball and pegs Young back in his crease. Nipped in a bit from outside off and Young almost got a feather touch while trying to leave.

NZ 1/0 in 1 over: Latham and Young open for NZ and Umesh with the new ball for India. Full on the leg side and Latham flicks it to fine leg for a single to get off the mark. Strays again to the leg and Young misses the flick. Better line on off and Young leaves. A peace from Umesh! Pitched on off stump and moved a touch away to beat Young's outside edge.

Back with the New Zealand innings


IND 325/10 in 109.5 overs: OUT! Jayant holes out to long off and ninth wicket for Ajaz. It was pitched up and Jayant looked to clear the rope but ended up almost slicing it to the fielder in the deep. Siraj in at No.11. FOUR! Full toss on stumps and Siraj swings. The ball misses the stumps and runs away to the boundary. OUT! Siraj slog sweeps a full one and gets the top edge to Ravindra at mid on who pockets it comfortably. 10 wickets for Ajaz Patel!!!!!! He becomes the third bowler in the history of the game two take all 10 wickets in an innings, after Jim Laker and Anil Kumble.

IND 321/8 in 109 overs: Somerville finally looks threatening as Jayant tries to cut a ball turning in and is beaten. FOUR! Stretches forward for the drive but gets the edge on it. The slip fielder is too fine and it runs away to the third man boundary.

IND 316/8 in 108 overs: LBW appeal turned down. NZ reviews. OUT! Wicket number eight for Ajaz and Axar walks back. Pitched wide outside off and Axar offered no shot to the ball coming and fended it with his leg outside off. But review confirms that the turn was good enough for the ball to go on and hit off stump. Umesh taps it back to end the over.

IND 316/7 in 107 overs: A single for Axar at short third and Jayant continues with his impenetrable defence.

IND 315/7 in 106 overs: Here comes Ajaz again...for his 46th over. Five dot balls and Jayant cuts one away behind point for a four to end the over.

IND 311/7 in 105 overs: Somerville continues to bowl too straight to look threatening. Jayant stretches forward to flick one to long on for one more.

IND 310/7 in 104 overs: Just a couple off singles from Ajaz's over.

IND 308/7 in 103 overs: Missed chance for Ajaz. His half-hearted LBW appeal against Jayant in the last over should have been a wicket. New Zealand didn't review thinking it was bat first, but replay confirms it thudded onto the bottom of the pad and was crashing into middle stump. Jayant gets off the mark with a push for a single at long on. Axar drives Somerville to long-off again for a single and that's a fifty for Axar off 113 balls. His first in Tests. What a knock!

IND 305/7 in 102 overs: Ajaz continues. Confidently driven by Axar to long off for a single and he moves on to 48. Jayant plays out four dots on the trot with a good exhibition of his defensive technique.

IND 304/7 in 101 overs: FOUR! Short from Somerville and Axar hangs back and cuts it behind point to the boundary. SIX! Too full outside off and Axar frees his arms with a hoick over extra cover. 300 up for India with that maximum. Full on the legs and Axar flicks it for three at deep square leg. Jayant with the defense worthy of a top order batter.

IND 291/7 in 100 overs: Ajaz from the other end. FOUR! Mayank cuts a short one past point and it rolls to the boundary. 150 for Mayank! OUT! He goes next ball. Pitched on middle and leg and turned away from him, taking his outside edge as he hung back in his crease. Jayant Yadav is the new man in. Well-defended with a forward stretch.

IND 286/6 in 99 overs: Somerville with the ball. Pitched up on off to Axar and he taps it back to him. Axar drives a full length to long off for a single. Mayank almost handed a catch to short leg with his flick. It landed right on the fielder's boot.

Players make their way back to the field to resume post-Lunch action. Mayank is four runs away from what will be his third 150 plus score in Tests.

- LUNCH BREAK - IND 285/6 in 98 overs -

RECAP: Mayank Agarwal and Axar Patel take India to lunch. This is already a very good score on a pitch that has assisted sharp turn and bounce. Ajaz Patel continued his rich vein of form from Friday, scalping two in two early in the morning to leave India in a spot of bother. But Agarwal and Patel have since averted further damage. Back with the second session shortly.

Patel. Concedes 4 byes first ball. Axar on strike. The ball pitches on middle and turns and bounces... the keeper had no chance there. Dot to finish.

IND 280/6 in 97 overs: Here's Somerville. Agarwal gets a single first ball. Two dots later, Axar puts one away through covers for three. Daryl Mitchell saving a run for his team. Four from the over.

IND 276/6 in 96 overs: Patel slips in another quiet over - just one off it. The left-arm spinner has been the pick of the bowlers. The conditions have been favourable, yes, but his nagging accuracy has made him a potent threat.

IND 275/6 in 95 overs: Somerville back before lunch. Just one run from the over. His lines and lengths have been awry in this Test so far.

IND 274/6 in 94 overs: Blundell is back behind the stumps. Patel continues. Axar employs the slog sweep and clobbers it over short midwicket for four. The fifty stand comes up.

IND 270/6 in 93 overs: Jamieson. Latham meanwhile has taken over the keeping gloves from Blundell. Meanwhile, just a single for Axar in that over.

IND 269/6 in 92 overs:Patel. Some signs of aggression from Mayank, who shimmies down the pitch and launches Patel straight of wide long-off for four. Six from that over.

IND 263/6 in 91 overs: Jamieson replaces Southee. A short burst before lunch. Jamieson hasn't been at his best in this Test. Starts with a maiden.

IND 263/6 in 90 overs: A maiden for Patel. Off the fourth ball, the left-arm spinner got turn and bounce from a middle-stump line as Mayank nicked one to the vacant second slip region.

IND 263/6 in 89 overs: Southee accurate as ever. There's still a bit of movement on offer. The third ball is full and shaping in a touch outside off, Agarwal checks his drive. Just one off the over.

IND 262/6 in 88 overs: Excellent start from Patel. Lands it on the rough, the ball turns and bounces to take the outside edge of Mayank, lobbing up to an empty silly-point region. Just a single from the over in the end.

IND 261/6 in 87 overs: Another one-run over, this time from Southee. Axar Patel has looked compact in defence.

IND 260/6 in 86 overs: Change of bowling. Patel returns. Just a single for Agarwal in that over. Agarwal is nearing his 150.

IND 259/6 in 85 overs:Tidy start from Southee after the break. Mayank and Axar continue to battle against the new ball. They will be eyeing the 300-run mark. Just 1 run off that over.


IND 258/6 in 84 overs: FOUR! Beautiful square cut by Axar that finds the boundary to end the over and bring the first hour of play to a close. Jamieson had kept it tight till then with a nagging good length that jagged in sharply on a couple of occasions.

IND 253/6 in 83 overs: Both Mayank and Axar are looking to build a partnership here and not taking any risks. Axar however chops one on to his stumps trying to cut a fuller length from Southee.

IND 252/6 in 82 overs: Mayank steps out and goes inside out, lofting a fuller ball outside off and it falls just short of the deep mid wicket man.

IND 251/6 in 81 overs: FOUR! The new ball sees the other side of the rope on the first delivery of the over. In the slot and on the stump and Axar flicks it to the square leg boundary. LBW appeal from Southee but turned down. That one was missing leg as Axar missed trying to flick a loose ball behind.

New Zealand has taken the second new ball.

IND 247/6 in 80 overs: Ajaz to bowl his 34th over of the inning. Axar does well to punch a short one that was sharply turning in to the cover region for a couple.

IND 244/6 in 79 overs: Somerville keeping it tight from the other end and just a single from the over.

IND 243/6 in 78 overs: Ajaz gives nothing away as just two come from the over. He extracts good spin from the surface to turn it into Axar from around off.

IND 241/6 in 77 overs: Two singles as Somerville pitches it up outside off and the batters drive for ones

IND 239/6 in 76 overs: FOUR! Slightly full on the stumps by Ajaz and Axar just turns it away to the fine leg bundary. Carved to backward point for a single and Axar keeps strike with that.

IND 234/6 in 75 overs: Somerville into the attack. Single off the first and last balls of the over.

IND 232/6 in 74 overs: Ajaz skids it into Axar and he gets an outside edge to third man for a couple. The last one holds onto the surface and Axar gets a leading edge that goes over Ajaz.

IND 230/6 in 73 overs: FOUR! Drifted onto the pads by Southee and Mayank clips it away very fine to the boundary. Runs it down to backward point for a couple to make it six from the over.

IND 224/6 in 72 overs: Ajaz to Mayank and first run of the day as Mayank drives one to long off for a single. Pitched up and turns away from Saha who gets an edge to third for a couple. LBW appeal and OUT! Saha is trapped in front and it is a fifer for him - his third in Tests. Pitched just outside off on good length and skidded onto his front knee roll as he tried to cut. OUT! Ashwin is bowled next ball. Ashwin came half-forward to defend and ended playing completely down the wrong line. Ajaz is on a hat-trick. Axar on strike. Full on off and he defends.

IND 221/4 in 71 overs: Southee starts off the day two proceedings with the ball. Starts off with a maiden and gets some swing. Saha with a solid defence.

Session Timings

9:30 - 11:30 - 1st Session

11:30 - 12:10 - Lunch

12:10 - 14:40 - 2nd Session

14:40 - 15:00 - Tea Time

15:00 - 17: 00 - 3rd Session

98 overs for the day  

If 98 overs are not bowled it can be extended to 17:30

Day 2 LIVE action begins at 9:30 AM IST. Stay tuned!


Mayank Agarwal jumped up, waved his bat and looked at the sky after he slammed his fourth Test century and helped India fight back, in the second Test against New Zealand at the Wankhede Stadium on Friday, virtually on his own.

At a time when Black Caps’ left-armer Ajaz Patel spun a web around India’s batting unit claiming four wickets, Agarwal kept his cool and ensured that the home team ended the first day at 221-4. He remained unbeaten on 120, along with Wriddhiman Saha (25, 53b).

After the first session was wiped out due to a wet outfield, India opted to bat and the opening pair of Agarwal and Shubman Gill (44; 71b, 7x4, 1x6) added 80 runs before Patel sent Gill packing.  

From a comfortable position at 80-1 in 27.3 overs, India suddenly found itself reeling at 80-3 in 29.3 overs, with the Mumbai-born Patel dismissing Cheteshwar Pujara (0) and Virat Kohli (0) in quick succession.

While Pujara’s poor form continued as Patel rattled his stumps, Kohli - who returned to action after a short break - too returned without opening his account, much to the disappointment of a few hundred spectators, who were present at the iconic stadium.

FULL REPORT: Agarwal leads India fightback with century after Patel's strikes

India Playing XI: Mayank Agarwal, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Shreyas Iyer, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Jayant Yadav, Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel, Mohammed Siraj, Umesh Yadav.

New Zealand Playing XI: Will Young, Tom Latham (c), Daryl Mitchell, Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Tom Blundell (wk), Rachin Ravindra, Kyle Jamieson, Tim Southee, William Somerville, Ajaz Patel.


India: Virat Kohli (c), Mayank Agarwal, Ravichandran Ashwin, Srikar Bharat (wk), Shreyas Iyer, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Siraj, Axar Patel, Prasidh Krishna, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Ishant Sharma, Shubman Gill, Umesh Yadav, Jayant Yadav, Suryakumar Yadav.

New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Tom Blundell (wk), Kyle Jamieson, Tom Latham (wk), Daryl Mitchell, Henry Nicholls, Ajaz Patel, Glenn Phillips (wk), Rachin Ravindra, Mitchell Santner, William Somerville, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Neil Wagner, Will Young.

Where and when to watch India vs New Zealand 2nd Test Day 2 Live?

IND vs NZ 2nd Test Day 2 will be aired LIVE on the Star Sports Network at 9:30 AM IST. The match will also be available for live streaming on Disney+Hotstar.