India vs Pakistan highlights, Asia Cup 2023 Super 4: IND 147/2 (24.1 overs); Play called off for the day, to resume on reserve day

IND vs PAK, Asia Cup 2023 Super 4: Catch the highlights from the India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 match being played at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo.

Updated : Sep 11, 2023 13:01 IST

Catch the live score and updates from India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Super match.
Catch the live score and updates from India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Super match. | Photo Credit: ANI

Catch the live score and updates from India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Super match. | Photo Credit: ANI

Welcome to Sportstar’s Highlights of Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 game between India and Pakistan.


India vs Pakistan HIGHLIGHTS, Asia Cup Super 4 Reserve Day: IND beats PAK by 228 runs for record win; Kohli, Rahul, Kuldeep shine

IND vs PAK HIGHLIGHTS, Asia Cup 2023 Reserve Day: Get the score updates of the India vs Pakistan Super 4 Asia Cup 2023 match from Colombo.

  • September 10, 2023 20:48
    See you tomorrow!

    Join us for live scores and updates from the reserve day tomorrow. Play scheduled to begin at 3 PM IST.

  • September 10, 2023 20:44
    Play called off

    The confirmation comes. The match has been called off for today. The game will resume from 24.1 overs on Monday from 3PM.

    We are in for a full 50 over game tomorrow if there are no further delays due to rain.

  • September 10, 2023 20:37
    Sorry folks! The rain returns.
  • September 10, 2023 20:34
    Oh no!

    Live visuals show covers coming back on. A slight drizzle being reported at the venue. Umpires still out there having a look so that is a good sign.

  • September 10, 2023 20:32
    What will happen if play resumes at 9?

    If the umpires are satisfied after the third inspection, a 34-over game will resume at 9 PM. Virat and Rahul will head back out which just under ten overs left. Expect some quickfire batting from the Indians if this is the case.

  • September 10, 2023 20:20
    The umpires say

    Chris Gaffaney: We have two main points of concern which are high traffic area. They are damp and wet. They are too soft and it is dangerous at this stage. It will be good to play soon, hopefully.

    Ruchira Palliyaguruge: We can hopefully get the game started by 9 PM. The cut off time is 10:36 PM for a 20-over match. If we start at 9 PM for 34 overs and the game is stopped again due to rain, it will restart tomorrow as a 34-over game.

    In short, another inspection at 8:30 PM IST with a view to start the game at 9 PM.

  • September 10, 2023 20:15
    Next Inspection

    There will be a third inspection at 8:30PM.

  • September 10, 2023 20:01
    Time for the second inspection

    Chris Gaffaney and Ruchira Palliyaguruge walk out for the second check. They head straight to the patch where the saw dust has been poured on to the ground.

    Okay so the umpires have now called a cart with fans installed on it. It has been placed over the patch with the aim to dry it out. Looks like the intent is to ensure a result today and not defer the game to the reserve day.

  • September 10, 2023 19:47
    The umpires give their verdict

    The umpire make their way to both dressing rooms to convey the message. It looks like we are headed for another inspection. It has to be the two big patches of ground near the 30-yard circle. Still waiting for the official word, though.

    So, the news comes. The next inspection to be at 8:00PM.

  • September 10, 2023 19:39
    Sportstar’s Amol Karhadkar says
  • September 10, 2023 19:35
    Inspection underway

    Live visuals from the ground show the two umpires out on the square to get a feel of the conditions. The pitch curator too has now joined the discussion.

  • September 10, 2023 19:24
    Ground staff working full steam
  • September 10, 2023 19:04
    Cut off time for a 20-over match

    In a 50-over match, both sides need to play at least 20 overs. The game needs to start before 10:36 PM for a 20-over match.

    The umpires have confirmed that the inspection will be held at 7:30 PM IST.

  • September 10, 2023 18:55
    Cut off time for a game today?

    The cut off time for a game today is 12 midnight. It is 90 minutes past the usual cut off time of 10:30 PM.

  • September 10, 2023 18:36
    Inspection time to be decided soon

    The umpires will decide on the time for inspection only after the covers have come off the entire ground. Deep Dasgupta says on the official broadcast that there’s still large patches of water which could take considerable time to dry out.

  • September 10, 2023 18:20
    Rain stops
  • September 10, 2023 18:15
    Overs to be lost

    We’re moving closer to the deadline for losing overs. 6:22PM IST is the cut off.

  • September 10, 2023 18:09
    Oh no!

    Scratch the last update, folks! Dhruva Prasad sends a fresh update:

  • September 10, 2023 17:59
    Covers coming off!

    Live visuals show that the ground staff is pullin the sheets off the ground. Time for the super soppers to kick into action.

  • September 10, 2023 17:55
    Sportstar’s Dhruva Prasad from the ground
  • September 10, 2023 17:43
    Covers still in place

    It seems the rain is showing signs of relenting. But with huge puddles on the ground, it should take time to get the game back underway.

  • September 10, 2023 17:29
    Still drizzling in Colombo
  • September 10, 2023 17:26
    Weather forecast in Colombo

    colombo weather 2.jpg

    Credit: BBC Weather

  • September 10, 2023 17:19
    How does the game continue on the reserve day?

    In case there is no play possible today, this is how the match will continue on Monday:

    IND vs PAK, Asia Cup 2023 Super 4: India 147/2 (24.1) What happens on Reserve Day if play is not possible today?

  • September 10, 2023 17:12
    Encouraging signs from the ground
  • September 10, 2023 17:01
    Puddles on the ground

    Pictures from the ground show that there are already huge puddles on the ground. The ground staff is working to cover the entire ground now.

  • September 10, 2023 16:56
    It’s pelting down at the R Premadasa Stadium
  • September 10, 2023 16:52
    IND in 25 overs

    Shadab to Kohli. Driven to deep cover for a single.

    Off go the players as rain gods decide to make an entry onto the match.

  • September 10, 2023 16:48
    IND 146/2 in 24 overs

    Haris Rauf to Kohli. A quick single. Kohli uses the angle and puts the ball wide of mid off and complete the run. FOUR! Rahul pulls into the gap. Rauf makes the mistake of going short to him and sees the ball dispatched. A wide down leg side next. Rahul is struck on the pads with a ball that just shapes away a hint. Babar has to again plead a case against Rauf to not take a review. LUCKY! A slower to end the over and Rahul almost chips it to mid off.

  • September 10, 2023 16:44
    IND 140/2 in 23 overs

    Shadab to Rahul. LOUD APPEALS! Rahul misses his cut shot. Rizwan and Shadab run to Babar to ask him to take a review. The skipper denies and rightly so. Shadab with a brilliant dive to stop the ball from going to long off. Prevents a single. A maiden.

  • September 10, 2023 16:39
    IND 140/2 in 22 overs

    Haris Rauf back into the attack. Rahul defends the first delivery. Two runs; on the pads and Rahul works his wrists to put the ball in the gap. Taps the third delivery to short cover. The fourth delivery is punched to deep cover for one run. Beaten! Kohli expects the ball to come back into him. It ends up holding its line.

    Three runs from the over. Pakistan managing to put a leash on the run rate.

  • September 10, 2023 16:36
    IND 137/2 in 21 overs

    Kohli works Shadab’s first delivery to deep mid wicket. Rahul with the second run of the over to deep cover. Just two runs from the over.

  • September 10, 2023 16:31
    IND 135/2 in 20 overs

    Rahul to face Shaheen Afridi. Gets an under edge on an attempted cut; no run. Afridi sticks to the stump-to-stump line on the next three. No run off the first four deliveries. FOUR! Pulled away to deep mid wicket. Changes his length and is punished.

    Four runs from the over.

  • September 10, 2023 16:28
    IND 131/2 in 19 overs

    Shadab to Rahul.. Rocks back and punches the second delivery to deep cover for one run. Kohli gets an overpitched ball and he is happy to work it to long off for a single. Rahul nudges the fourth one on his pads with soft hands and runs two. Slaps the fifth to deep cover for another single. Kohli does not go for power on a full toss. Places it in the gap at cow corner and runs two.

    Seven runs from the over.

  • September 10, 2023 16:23
    IND 124/2 in 18 overs

    Shaheen Shah Afridi back into the attack. Right on cue from Babar Azam. Virat Kohli to face him. Kohli gets off strike with a single to deep cover. OUT! Gill departs. A brilliantly disguised slower ball. Gill is tempted into a drive on length and hands a dolly of a catch to short cover.

    KL Rahul joins the middle and and gets off the mark on his first delivery. Gets a half tracker on his thighs which he glances to deep square leg for one run.

    Shubman Gill c Salman b Afridi 58 (52)

  • September 10, 2023 16:18
    IND 122/1 in 17 overs

    Shadab to continue. Gill on strike. Two runs on the second delivery; it short and wide and Gill slaps it through point. A single to long on on the third delivery. WICKET! Shadab has the last laugh. Sharma looks to play him inside out and offers a catch at long off. A fantastic diving catch from Faheem Ashraf in the deep.

    Virat Kohli defends the first delivery to short mid wicket. Off the mark on the next with a back foot punch to long on.

    Rohit Sharma c Ashraf b Shadab 56 (49)

  • September 10, 2023 16:10
    IND 118/0 in 16 overs

    Rauf to Gill. Defends the good length ball at stumps. Cuts the second delivery to deep point for one run. Sharma blocks a slower delivery. He is not too keen on a run but Gill forces it out of him. A quick single. The fifth delivery nips back into Gill. He is able to work it to deep square leg for another run.

  • September 10, 2023 16:08
    IND 115/0 in 15 overs

    Shadab to Sharma. SIX! Launches the first ball over mid wicket to welcome Shadab back. Gets to his 50th FIFTY too with that shot. FOUR on the next one, cut away through backward point. Punches the fourth delivery to long on for a single. Gill with a single to long off on the fifth delivery.

  • September 10, 2023 16:02
    IND 103/0 in 14 overs

    Haris Rauf to Shubman Gill. No run on the first delivery. Two runs next. Gill stands put in his crease and caresses the ball to deep square for a couple. 5WIDES from Rauf. Things going from bad to worse for Pakistan. 100 up for India! Changes pace on the next delivery, Gill defends.

  • September 10, 2023 15:57
    IND 96/0 in 13 overs

    Shadab Khan to Gill. Leans into a full length delivery outside off and collects a single with a drive. Sharma punches the second on his back foot to deep cover. Gill drives to long off to get to FIFTY. His eighth half century. Comes in just 37 deliveries. BACK TO BACK SIXES. Shadab bowls short and gifts two pull shots to Sharma. FOUR to end the over. Again short from Shadab, Sharma makes room and cuts it past short third.

  • September 10, 2023 15:52
    IND 77/0 in 12 overs

    Haris Rauf for his first over. Sharma guides the first one to third man for one run. Gill wants to punch a good length delivery but gets an inside edge to on side. Still enough time to get another run. Sharma slaps a back-of-a-length ball right back down the ground. Rauf gets a hand to it which prevents a boundary; two runs. FOUR! Rauf bangs it short and Sharma is ready with his pull. Takes a top edge and flies over the keeper’s head.

  • September 10, 2023 15:48
    IND 69/0 in 11 overs

    Faheem to Gill. Guides the second delivery to third man for a single. Sharma late cuts a delivery on fourth stump line. Takes a single before third man fields it. FOUR! Going down the leg and Gill glances it to fine leg. The fielder is square and has no chance to field it. Cuts the next one to deep cover for a single. Single from Sharma on the final delivery makes it eight off the over.

  • September 10, 2023 15:42
    IND 61/0 in 10 overs

    Naseem to bowl the final over of the PowerPlay. Sharma on strike. Wants to cut a delivery through off but is done by the lower than usual bounce. The ball takes an underedge and dies onto the pitch; no run. Beaten on a front foot defence. FOUR! That’s one way to remove pressure. On his pads and Sharma clips it over mid wicket. FOUR MORE! Naseem tries to pitch it short. Sharma is onto it in a flash and pulls it to deep mid wicket.

    Eight runs from the over.

  • September 10, 2023 15:38
    IND 53/0 in 9 overs

    Ashraf to Gill, no run. Cuts a delivery outside off which is fielded at cover. Same shot on the next delivery and this one beats the in field. FOUR runs. Punches the fifth delivery through point for a couple of runs.

  • September 10, 2023 15:33
    IND 47/0 in 8 overs

    Naseem to Gill, FOUR! The slightest bit of width and Gill slaps it through cover point. Shoulders arms on the next one which is slightly wider than the first delivery. FOUR! Runs between the slips. This time his slap shot gets an edge. First and second slip fielders are left looking at each other and the ball gets away. Another edge which runs wide of the second slip; one run. Nine come of the eighth over.

  • September 10, 2023 15:29
    IND 38/0 in 7 overs

    A change in bowling. Faheem Ashraf to bowl to Gill. Dot ball. The first one nips into Gill who is forced to block it. Again angles into Gill; tapped to mid wicket for no run. The next two are outside off and Gill taps them to point. Punches the fifth to extra cover and scampers through for a run.

  • September 10, 2023 15:24
    IND 37/0 in 6 overs

    Naseem to Sharma. Leaves the first delivery to the keeper. Beaten! Sharma is being troubled by Naseem. He goes for a drive but the ball again shapes away to miss the bat. Misses the third one too. Wants to pull the ball on length but it is way outside off to connect.

    A maiden over from Naseem.

  • September 10, 2023 15:19
    IND 37/0 in 5 overs

    Afridi to continue despite getting an injury on his left hand. Gill on strike. WIDE ball to start the over. To be noted that there’s a mild drizzle.

    FOUR! Another stride down the crease and tonks the ball over mid on. Shoulders arms on the third delivery. The ball moves back in but misses the off stump. FOUR! Driven through covers. He picks that overpitched delivery and launches it through the off side. Same length, same result. FOUR to end the over.

  • September 10, 2023 15:14
    IND 24/0 in 4 overs

    Naseem to Sharma. Leaves the first delivery. Lucky there. He left it on length and the ball just about went over the stumps. Beaten! Sharma is tempted to poke at a delivery on fifth stump, but the away movement takes it away from the bat. Just misses the outside edge. A wide delivery gets an extra run for India. Sharma charges down and swings and misses. Rizwan from behind the stumps convinces his captain to go for a review. He thinks there is an edge. The replays show clear daylight between bat and bowl. Pakistan loses one referral. Another near miss. Jumps onto Rohit off the surface. Just one run from the over.

  • September 10, 2023 15:09
    IND 23/0 in 3 overs

    Afridi to Gill. Starts with a FOUR! Afridi strays onto the pads and Gill has to simply guide to fine leg. FOUR MORE! Walks out and clips it over mid wicket. The next two are defended. Third boundary of the over. Gill leans into the straight drive and the ball races past mid off.

    12 runs from the over.

  • September 10, 2023 15:05
    IND 11/0 in 2 overs

    Naseem Shah to Shubman Gill. CHANCE! Gill upper cuts a short ball and Shaheen Shah ptus a diving effort at third man but the ball lands just in front of him. One run taken. Movement in the air for Naseem. Sharma not taking any risk and shouldering arms on deliveries outside off. FOUR! Overpitched and Sharma lofts it over cover.

  • September 10, 2023 14:59
    IND 6/0 in 1 over

    Rohit Sharma to face Afridi. One slip in place. Let’s go folks! Grab your popcorns, take your seats. It is India vs Pakistan.

    An inswinger on the pads. Right on the money at 143 kmph. Sharma was able to flick it to square leg; dot ball. Defends next on the fourth stump line. Sharma shoulders arms on the third. The fourth shapes into Sharma and thuds onto the thigh pad. Sharma drives a full length ball but it is fielded at mid off. SIX! Afridi is again on the pads but errs in length. Sharma flicks it over deep square.

  • September 10, 2023 14:58
    IND 0/0

    Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill walk out to the square in the centre.

    It will be the usual for Pakistan with the new ball. Shaheen Shah Afridi marks his run up.

  • September 10, 2023 14:54
    The players take the field

    The two lineups walk out of the dugout for the national anthems.

  • September 10, 2023 14:47
    A rarity for an India vs Pakistan match

    The stands are yet to see a crowd fill up the seats. This is what Dhruva Prasad says:

  • September 10, 2023 14:38

    Yet another injury setback for Shreyas Iyer as he is ruled out of today’s game with a back spasm.

    IND vs PAK, Asia Cup 2023 Super 4: Shreyas Iyer ruled out due to back spasm

  • September 10, 2023 14:37
    India Playing Lineup

    Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj.

  • September 10, 2023 14:31

    Pakistan wins the toss and opts to bowl

    Babar Azam: Little bit moisture so look to exploit that. This is a high intensity match but we are playing match to match and do our best. We are playing with the same team.

    Rohit Sharma: We were looking to bat. Looks like a good pitch. There will be challenge up front. We want to put runs on the board. Every game from here is important for us but we need to focus on one match at a time. We have two changes. Bumrah is back. Shreyas Iyer misses out due to back spasm. KL Rahul comes in for him.

  • September 10, 2023 14:26
    Coming Up: TOSS

    We’re moments away from the toss of the coin.

  • September 10, 2023 14:25
    Pitch Report

    Sanjay Manjrekar: The sun is out. I do not see a cloud. The curator watered the pitch. We have a good looking pitch. Little more grass covering than last night, not green grass but grass. The captain who wins the toss should bat first.

    Waqar Younis: The pitch looks good. The ground staff has rolled the pitch. It is going to play nice. the spinners got plenty of purchase. The bowlers will have plenty of saying here due to the moisture underneath.

  • September 10, 2023 14:22
    Shardul Thakur getting in gear
  • September 10, 2023 14:22
    Rohit Sharma vs left-arm pacers

    The Indian skipper has been vulnerable against the inswinging delivery from the left-armers. Here is his record:

    Innings: 12 | Dismissals: 6 | Average: 22.8

  • September 10, 2023 14:19
    Virat Kohli vs left-arm pacers

    Shaheen Shah Afridi will again be the bowler to look out for India’s stalwart. Kohli has been dismissed four times in his last nine innings where he has faced a left-armer.

    Innings: 9 | Dismissals: 4 | Average: 21.8

  • September 10, 2023 14:12
    What’s going on in India’s pre-game practice?
  • September 10, 2023 14:10
    Milestones beckon Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma

    The Indian batting duo can reach milestones in their innings today.

    Virat Kohli needs 98 more to complete 13,000 runs in One-Day Internationals while Rohit Sharma is 78 away from 10,000 runs.

  • September 10, 2023 14:03
    IND vs PAK in Asia Cup

    Matches played: 14

    India won: 7

    Pakistan won: 5

    No Result: 2

  • September 10, 2023 14:01
    IND vs PAK Head to Head Record in ODIs

    Matches played: 133

    India won: 55

    Pakistan won: 73

    No Result: 5

  • September 10, 2023 13:57
    IND vs PAK Preview

    Throwdown specialist Nuwan Seneviratne has been the most sought-after member of the Indian back room over the last three days. He has been relentlessly trying all his angles and variations in an effort to release the ball in a fashion similar to a lanky Pakistan left-arm pacer.

    It’s understandable since Shaheen Shah Afridi has been the nemesis of the majority of top-order batters in international cricket over the last few years. India is not an exception, with Afridi having led the Pakistan pace trio during the abandoned Asia Cup preliminary stage clash last weekend.


  • September 10, 2023 13:54
    Warm ups begin

    The first bit of activity in the middle. The ground staff out and about around the pitch while the players too take a feel of the conditions. The game looks set to get off on time.

  • September 10, 2023 13:45
    Asia Cup Super 4 Points Table

    super 4 pts table.png

  • September 10, 2023 13:35
    Sportstar’s takeaways from India vs Pakistan group stage match

    Though the game was washed out due to inclement weather, there were plenty of learnings for India. Especially after its top order gave in against the pace trio of Pakistan.

    Here are Amol and Dhruva giving their take on the match.

  • September 10, 2023 13:32
    Rules for Reserve Day

    Wondering whether the game will restart again if it goes to the reserve day? Sportstar has you covered.

    Check the rules and playing conditions for the India vs Pakistan reserve day ​here​.

  • September 10, 2023 13:29
    Pakistan Starting Lineup

    In a rather surprising move, Pakistan released its playing 11 for the match today one day before the game. It shows how settled a side Pakistan is.

    Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Shadab Khan (vc), Fakhar Zaman, Imam-ul-Haq, Salman Ali Agha, Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Faheem Ashraf, Naseem Shah, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Haris Rauf

  • September 10, 2023 13:26
    Sportstar’s Dhruva Prasad from the ground
  • September 10, 2023 13:22
    India vs Pakistan Dream11 Prediction

    Wicketkeepers: Mohammad Rizwan

    Batters: Babar Azam, Virat Kohli, Fakhar Zaman

    All Rounders: Ravindra Jadeja, Hardik Pandya, Shadab Khan

    Bowlers: Jasprit Bumrah, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Haris Rauf, Kuldeep Yadav

    IND 5-6 PAK | Credits Left: 6

  • September 10, 2023 13:18
    A reserve day for India vs Pakistan

    A last minute addition was made to the schedule of Asia Cup 2023. For the sake of getting a result between India and Pakistan’s match today, the ACC added a reserve day on Monday. In case the match is suspended today due to bad weather, the play will continue on Monday. But was it really the only reason. Sportstar’s Amol Karhadkar breaks down the decision for you.

  • September 10, 2023 13:13
    Clear skies in Colombo

    Heartening pictures from the R Premadasa Stadium. There an abundant blue in the sky as we move closer to the match.

  • September 10, 2023 13:06

    Hello to one and all. With crossed fingers, we welcome you to the live coverage of what promises to be a thrilling India-Pakistan clash. But, and this a big but, for a second time this Asia Cup, the result of the game will be at the mercy of the weather.

    After the first game was called off due to bad weather in Kandy, the weather gods look in the mood to make another appearance in Colombo. The weather held up for Saturday’s game and by the looks of it, it should be fine for play to proceed today.

    You can follow the weather updates in Colombo live on Sportstar.

  • September 10, 2023 12:55

    What time will the IND vs PAK Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 match start?

    The India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match will start at 3:00 PM IST on Sunday, September 10.

    Where can I watch the IND vs PAK Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 match today?

    The India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match will be telecast live on the Star Sports network and will be streamed live on the Disney+ Hotstar app.

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