Mother’s Day | I am indebted to her: Virender Sehwag

On international mother's day, Virender Sehwag says he learnt to be compassionate through the actions of his mother.

Virender Sehwag with his mother, Krishna, and his family.

Virender Sehwag learnt to be compassionate from his mother, Krishna, and continues to follow her teachings. “She encouraged me at every step. She insisted that I study but my cricket made her happy, too. I am indebted to her for she would rise before me and make parathas that would keep me going,” said Sehwag.

There is this story of how Sehwag would make her mother rise half an hour earlier than schedule and ask her to pack four extra parathas “for a colleague who could not bring any food and collapsed on the field from being hungry. My mother would pack eight parathas – four for me and four for my friend. She is a very caring.”


Krishna gifted Sehwag his first bat, made by a local carpenter. She never spanked her son and scolded him just once when he did not fare well at school. The only occasion when his “Bholi” caused her awesome worry was when he did not return home late ever past midnight. She waited outside in the dark before her darling son arrived a tired boy. Sehwag, after a match at the Feroz Shah Kotla, had pushed off to Faridabad to play in a floodlit contest.

One occasion when Sehwag caused her grief was when he came home with a bleeding head injury. Sahwag was promised a “new bat” by a cousin if he jumped from the first floor. All of six years, the adventurous kid, not to let the offer go waste, jumped. “My mother stood by me through all my hard days and is the reason what I am today.”

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